Naughty Navy Wives Ch. 3

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The next day Juanita was all smiles as she moved around the house making beds and cleaning. I caught her looking at my body several times; finally she couldn’t stand it any longer. I was sitting alone on the verandah overlooking the ocean. She came up with a very mischievous grin on her face. “Last night I saw you making love to Sonora Libby in the garden. I did not mean to spy, but Senora Libby was making quite a bit of noises as you made love to her. You three were very beautiful in the moonlight.”

“I know, I saw you and your lady friend watching. Earlier we were walking in the garden and saw you and your lovely friend in the swing kissing and caressing. We did not mean to spy on you two either. You two were also very beautiful without your clothes. I guess this will be a secret between we ladies.” I said with a wink.

She beamed. “It is so very nice to have such lovely senoras here, who are also so very nice. You three are so very kind and friendly to Juanita. Some of the guests are not nice. Some come and bring their putas and drink, and are very mean. Once I had to call the policia to keep one from raping me. I am always, how you say, discrete?” She smiled coquettishly. I squeezed her arm and kissed her on her cheek. She turned and went back in the house, a grin from ear to ear.

Juanita made a wonderful lunch for us and we invited her to eat with us. She asked if we would like to take the boat and water ski. She would have to go with us, as the local law was strict about tourists taking powerboats out. She would pilot the boat and we could ski behind it. We all agreed. She said that she would also take us to the town where she grew up and if we wanted to shop, she knew all the merchants and would make sure that we got the best goods, and prices. We thought that it was a wonderful idea.

We set off in the boat and had a wonderful time. We took turns behind the boat and Juanita was very skilled at the wheel. We had our bikinis on and she had told us to bring dresses to cover us when we went shopping. We cruised down the coast and pulled into a beautiful small cove with a dock. We slipped into dress length cover-ups over our bikinis. It was only a short walk into the lovely village.

It was not one of the typical ‘tourist traps’, and Juanita seemed to know everyone, and everyone knew her. We went into many shops that sold local made goods and Juanita made sure we got only the best goods at the lowest price. She seemed to be kin to everyone and good-naturedly got the best prices for us. We had seen some of the same items in the stores in town earlier and knew we were really getting true bargains. We bought colorful skirts, blouses, native made shoes and I bought many colorful and rare shells at prices I could hardly believe. She took us to the market place and we bought local delicacies, tree ripened fruits that were the sweetest we’d ever eaten.

We insisted on buying Juanita a couple of lovely dresses and blouses, bringing tears to her eyes. We had dinner in a very clean and cozy Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort restaurant that was owned by an uncle. He insisted on preparing our dinner himself, and it consisted of local special seafood dishes. The dinner was superb, set off by wonderful drinks made from local rum.

By the time we finished dinner and returned to the boat, the sun had set, and we motored back to the hacienda by moonlight.It had been a wonderful day. Juanita thanked each of us profusely for the gifts we had given her.

The three of us wound up later in bed making love. We brought out our sex toys and took turns where two of us used them on the third. For the first time I had a strap-on dildo in my pussy, and a smaller one in my ass. Lying between two loving, soft women being fucked front and rear was really a new experience. I loved it!

Both dildos were as large as I could comfortably accommodate, and I was royally filled. They skillfully brought me to several intense climaxes. None of us had ever tried two men at once, and speculated if it would be better, as good, or not as good. We ended up with each of us being on the receiving end of the double stimulation, and all agreed it was a wonderful experience, particularly being made love to by two women who were skilled and accomplished lovers.

Later we all wound up in the huge sunken tub for a long soaking bath before we turned in to sleep. We slept all in one huge bed. We turned off the air conditioning, opened the screened windows and were lulled to sleep by the soft lapping of the waves on the beach just below, and the cool gentle ocean breeze blowing through the hacienda.

I awoke first, slipped out of bed, and was going to my room to slip on my bikini before going snorkeling. I planned on a little time in the water before the others got up. I moved down the hall and Juanita was already in the kitchen preparing food for us when we got up. She saw me standing nude in the hall and motioned me in. She handed me a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Her eyes took in my naked body as I unashamedly stood at the counter talking to her.

“I passed by the bedroom earlier. You three ladies were asleep. You are all so very beautiful.” She said, her eyes moving over and over my body.

I really would have liked to have made love to her, but with the AIDS/HIV scare, and not knowing her better, decided I should pass. I gave her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and left.

The water was delightful, the visibility superb. I had brought some cheese with me, and shrimp that I had shredded in a small plastic bag. I swam out over the reef and soon was surrounded by a cloud of hungry fish. The fish ate out of my hand, some greedy ones nipping my fingers in their haste to eat.

The water around me became a rainbow of beautiful fish. After the food ran out, they swam away, loosing interest. I swam down and collected several shells from around and under the living coral. I spotted large grouper, a long lean silver barracuda, and even an octopus shyly moving slowly on the corral. As I moved close, he moved off a little, and I watched fascinated as he seemed to shimmer all over, then change colors to blend exactly with the background.

I swam back to shore and made my way back to the hacienda. I took the shells to the kitchen to put in the freezer to kill the ‘critters’ inside them. Later I could remove the contents. Juanita was almost finished preparing breakfast. Jan and Libby were up and I took a quick shower and joined them for a wonderful breakfast.

We asked Juanita if she would be our guide around the island. She was delighted. We packed a picnic lunch and with Juanita driving, took off for a tour of the island. The day went wonderfully. We visited the historical sights, forts, old plantations, and having Juanita along made it all the more interesting, as she wasn’t selling anything except her own island’s history. We had lunch on a deserted beach where she assured us we could go nude if we wished – we did. We swam gloriously nude in the warm water. We all enjoyed seeing Juanita’s beautiful nude body. Juanita, who swims like a fish, joined us. We had a delicious lunch and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

For the next few days we explored the island, swam, made love and lived the life of princesses, or queens. We took in a local festival where we all had a wonderful time thanks to Juanita. Four attractive women might have caused trouble from uninvited suitors, but Juanita knew the places we could safely go as well as the owners, and a quiet word from her turned more than one insistent unwanted suitor away.

We had one last evening of unbridled lovemaking before Mike arrived. The three of us pulled out all the stops, and got out all our ‘love toys’ and used them on each other till we were all completely satiated. In the huge tub we took a bottle of champagne and all got really wasted. It was a good thing his plane didn’t arrive till mid afternoon, it took us that long to return to feeling normal.

Jan and I let Libby meet Mike at the airport. We decided that Libby wouldn’t be able to join us for at least a day or two. Jan and I wore our sundresses so as not to stress out Mike too much. There was enough time to let him see us in our skimpy bikinis. The night before we’d decided how to get Mike to loosen up. Libby had told us he was pretty straight.

Mike turned out to be a very handsome, well built man, tall and muscular with a very good sense of humor, but a little shy. It took a little while, and a few drinks before he opened up. Juanita had made a very good dinner for us and by the end of the meal we were all good friends. We told Mike what we had been doing the week, of course leaving out all the deliciously naughty things we had done. He apologized over and over for not being able to come the first week. We accepted his apologies with grace, and winks aside when he wasn’t looking. Even Juanita had to turn her face to hide her smiles.

We sat on the verandah, drinks in hand overlooking the ocean and talked until Mike and Libby excused themselves.

“Well, to bed for those two.” Jan giggled.

“You bet, but not to sleep for a long time. I guess it’s been a dry spell for Mike, but not for Libby. God, after last night, we all could lay off sex for a week.” I laughed remembering the torrid lovemaking we’d had the night before.

“Speak for yourself, I still want to make love to you again.” Jan said leaning over and kissing me.

“Shameless Hussy! Don’t you ever get enough?” I asked in mock horror.

“Of you – never. Think of all the years of lovemaking we’ve missed.”

We finished our drinks and went down the hall. When we came even with the master bedroom, we couldn’t resist the urge to listen outside the door. We could clearly hear the slap of flesh on flesh and familiar cries of passion coming from Libby. We had to smother our giggles as Mike added his moans of pleasure to hers. We tiptoed away and went into Jan’s bedroom that was farthest from the master bedroom.

We undressed and slipped into bed. We made long slow love, taking our time. It was the first time since we’d been there that we’d had alone. We both loved having Libby with us, but we really liked to make love together. We brought each other to several climaxes before we drifted off to sleep.

The next day Libby was radiant and Mike was very relaxed around us. We all went around the island showing Mike all the places that Juanita had shown us. He loved it. He couldn’t keep his hands off of Libby, and we grinned at the lovebirds.

Back at the hacienda Jan and I had a talk. We decided that we should leave the lovebirds to themselves and we’d go back home by way of several of the islands. Libby didn’t want us to, but when we told her that we wanted her and Mike to have a second honeymoon she finally agreed. We three had made love together so many times that is seemed to make up for lost time between she and Jan.

We said our goodbyes to Juanita, and I saw a small tear in her eye when we finally hugged her and told her goodbye. At the airport Libby gave me a tight hug and kissed me lightly on the lips. She told me that she had really enjoyed meeting me and we would have to get together again, soon. I agreed. I wished I could have kissed her passionately, but her husband stood nearby. She and Jan hugged and kissed lightly, tears in their eyes. The plane lifted off smoothly and we headed for another of the lovely Caribbean islands.

We explored several of the islands, enjoying the sights and sounds. We made passionate love every day and night, and had a wonderful time together. Jan and I stayed for another week before we finally headed home.

We are still lovers, and are looking forward to our husbands return from overseas. From the indications we have had from them, they are really looking forward to having a foursome with both Jan and I together. I can hardly wait till they come back. Jan and I have been having a lot of fun practicing on each other. We have all those sexy toys, dildos, and other sexy things. Those two sailors are going to get a homecoming they will never forget. Never!

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