Neat N’ Naked 02: Brandi

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Authors Note:

This is the second of 26 installments of the adventures of the Neat N’ Naked ladies. They are all stand-alone stories so read them in any order you like.


This story contains adult content including ffm, lesbian sex, straight sex, and oral sex. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


“Neat N’ Naked…where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you?”

“Hello. My name’s Ark. I wanna hire a woman to help me out at home. I’ve read some Yelp reviews that… well, you see, I’ve had a girlfriend for almost 2 years. We haven’t done it. I have no experience and well, I don’t wanna disappoint her.” He waited for the woman on the other end to reply and hoped his girlfriend didn’t come home early. As he spoke to the receptionist, he looked in his full-length mirror. Staring back at him was a 30-year-old, Asian male with a buzz cut, black hair, and brown eyes.

“Hello, Ark, nice to speak with you. So you’re a virgin and want someone to teach you how to make sure you please your girlfriend. I think I can help. Tell me about your fantasy girl.”

“Y…Yes… I just want to make sure that when I have sex with her I’m not going to hurt her or mess up or anything…” Ark spoke, a bit unsure of it all. He paused and thought about the question. “She doesn’t have to be older than me, but not a great deal younger either… A MILF type woman, you know?” he said, thinking that if the woman was more of a MILF his girlfriend would not question him as much about it.

“I have the perfect person, at least I think she’s perfect for you. Let me send you her info…

Ark’s phone chimed and he saw he had a new message, tapping the icon the message opened, showing a photograph of a tall blonde woman with large ‘enhanced’ breasts. She had a pretty face and was very well toned. There was no doubt that she worked out, the flat toned stomach, showing a hint of a six-pack and thighs that could crack Brazil nuts left no doubt that she was into fitness. Below her picture, there were some details about the woman…

Name: Brandi

Age: 43

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 125lbs

Measurements: 34DD-25-36

Details: Brandi is a sex professional with a Ph.D. in sex therapy. She truly enjoys her work and has lectured at several colleges and has even released numerous films instructing inexperienced youth on how to pleasure their partner. She is a favorite of our clients rated 9.8.

Ark smiled, getting a bit hard looking at such a lovely woman. But he sighed, “She seems wonderful and is what I’m looking for, but she’s a blonde. I guess I should have said before, my girlfriend is a blonde and… well… do you have anyone else?”

Let’s see… someone like Brandi, but not blonde. Well here’s one you might like…

The phone chimed again and Ark looked down to see an Olive skinned brunette. She has a nice hourglass figure but was nowhere near as taut and toned as Brandi. Her tits were a lot bigger and she had a tat below and to the left of her belly button.

Name: Ava

Age: 37

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 106lbs

Measurements: 32DDD-24-35

Details: Ava is a sex professional working toward her degree. She has limited experience in teaching inexperienced couples. She has some experience working with younger couples to help them pleasure each other. Rated 9.3

Ark looked at the new photo sent to his phone and took a moment. She was beautiful but didn’t strike him as awe-inspiring as the first photo had. He sighed, knowing he was being difficult and knew this was also probably a problem he would have to deal with as well. But for now, he spoke and first he had to apologize to the woman on the other end of the phone.

“I’m sorry I’m being difficult. She’s beautiful, but something isn’t right. I’m probably just being too picky and I’m sorry. How about a Redhead? If you have one. I promise to pick from the ones you’ve sent me.

“I do have a redhead available, but I think she’s a bit younger than what you’re looking for.” The phone chimed once again and Ark saw the image appear on his screen.

She was a beautiful redhead with more freckles on her face than stars in the milky way. She was reclining on a lounge chair, barefoot, wearing a yellow dress that showed more than a hint of her cleavage and he thought he could just see a hint of her white panties. Her legs seemed to run for miles and they were smooth and sexy. She had a square jaw and soulful eyes. Her long flaming locks hung down past her shoulders and were tucked behind her ear on the right, giving her a very sexy and erotic look.

Name: Faye

Age: 27

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 110lbs

Measurements: 34C-28-36

Details: Faye was one of Brandi’s clients. Now she likes to teach others how to derive pleasure during intimate moments. Rated 8.7

Ark was silent for a moment as he looked at the pics and details of the 3 women. Brandi and Faye were both tied for who to pick. His brain was telling him a few things, but he was not thinking with his brain at the moment. After a moment he spoke up.

“Um.. yeah sorry… Um, do you happen to know much about Brandi and Faye? For example, what they’re like? I mean I’ve heard of Brandi, I think she lectured at my college, but I wasn’t in that class. Is she more textbook and those old sex-ed videos from high school health? And what about Faye? Does she teach like Brandi does?” Ark asked. The ratings had said a lot, yes, but that did not help him with picking a woman based on a number rather than how she would work with him.

“Let me read you a comment from a client with a similar request. That should help you decide. ‘Brandi is very hands-on with both the males and females. She spent hours teaching my man how to lick pussy, first hers, then mine. Then she taught me how to maximize my man’s pleasure by sucking his cock. Brandi is very loving and a lot of fun. She not only demonstrates the techniques, but she encourages hands-on exploration of her body and your partners. We learned so much from her.’ ”

“Now for Faye, ‘Faye is a bit detached and clinical. She treated us like students in a classroom instead of paying customers wanting to learn. She was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot, however, we both wish she had been a bit more relaxed and fun.’ Well, hun, I know who I’d pick,” the voice on the phone concluded.

Ark nodded, even though he knew the woman on the other end could not see him doing so. He took only a moment and then spoke up. “Let’s go with Brandi. She sounds like what I’m looking for, though I don’t know if my girlfriend will be here or not. I guess that can be her decision.” He felt a bit like he was cheating on her, but he also knew he wanted to make her happy and make her love him as much as he loved her. “So how much and how long do these things go on for?” Ark asked, as he got his credit card out and was getting ready to set it all up.

She went over the do’s and don’ts as well as the fees for Brandi, making sure that he understood.

“One last question before I pay, how will this transaction show up on my bill?” He didn’t want his girlfriend to find out about his salacious activity. Normally he didn’t keep anything from her and he already felt guilty, but he justified it by telling himself that ‘she deserved the best lover possible.’ “Also, will she clean up or.. ?” he asked, wanting to know, that if asked, why he hired someone to clean if he would have to hire someone else to make sure the place looked spotless.

“Our girls do clean. We have some clients who only want a naked woman to clean their house. The charge on your statement will be from ‘Maids on Call,’ nothing untoward. Is there anything else sir?” she asked politely.

“No.. I think that is it,” Ark said. He knew that his girlfriend would be busy most of the next week and so the appointment was set. The small 2 bedroom apartment he shared with his girlfriend had a small living room and a kitchen. They kept the space fairly neat, but a light dusting and some other touch-ups wouldn’t hurt.

Brandi was driving to her appointment with her new client. The top of her convertible was down and she was enjoying the early spring weather. She started to chuckle to herself recalling how insecure Ark had been. She thought it was kind of cute and endearing. Very few people knew that the service recorded all phone calls. The recordings were only used to ensure that the lady, or gentleman, hired, heard in the client’s own words, what they desired. The recording was securely deleted once the appropriate person listened to it. She was hoping that the girlfriend would show up. Brandi loved threesomes, but if not, a nice hard dick all to herself was not a bad way to spend a day. It certainly beats an office job.

Pulling up at the address she looked at her phone and realized she was a few minutes early. Sitting Escort Bayan in her car, she waited until the appointment time. She didn’t want to show up early and get the client into trouble like several girls had done over the last few months. The most recent email from the service stated, in no uncertain terms, ‘if the client says 10 am don’t arrive at 9:45.’ A sweet soulful music track started playing and Marvin Gaye’s rich baritone voice started singing…

Ah, baby, let’s get it on

Let’s love, baby

Let’s get it on, sugar…

Letting Brandi knew it was time. She took the last sip of her coffee and tossed the paper cup into the trash bag she kept in her car. She put up the top and locked the doors. Her feet were encased in bright red high heels with straps running up her calves. Her legs were bare and she was wearing a sleeveless red form-fitting sheath dress. Climbing up the steps to the front door, she pressed the buzzer for the client’s apartment.

For the last 20 minutes or so, Ark had been nervously pacing the floor of his apartment, to the point that you could see the trail he had followed. He was torn between canceling and running away to join the circus. For the 9,842nd time, he looked at the clock on the wall to see less than 40 seconds had passed since the last time he’d looked. ‘I gotta do something to take my mind off…today,’ he thought to himself. He sat on the couch and picked up the Game of Thrones coffee table book he bought last week. As soon as he’d opened it, he threw it down and stormed into the kitchen. He pulled open the fridge and looked inside.

He had just leaned in to grab a yogurt when a loud metallic buzzing sound filled the apartment. He jumped at the unexpected noise, smacking his head on the appliance. Cursing himself, he walked over to the intercom, “Hello, Ah yes, 7th floor, Apartment G3,” Ark said, letting the annoyance in his voice come out. He buzzed her into the building, then got an ice pack from the freezer and put it on his head, hoping he wouldn’t get a knot from the impact.

Taking the elevator to the 7th floor, Brandi was grateful that the building wasn’t a walk up and had an elevator that worked. In these old buildings, more often than not, they didn’t. Walking down the hall, her heels click-clacked as she approached her client’s door. She came to a stop and lightly knocked on the door.

Ark heard the knock at the door as the throbbing in his head was dying down. He put the ice pack down and trudged to the door. Stopping at the door, he looked down at himself, belatedly thinking that his choice of clothing may not have been appropriate for meeting…her. An oversized tee, a pair of baggy cargo shorts, and barefoot. He was beginning to regret staying up most of the night finishing up his latest project. But he did finish it and now he had the day free for Brandi. Hearing a more insistent knock, he figured it was too late to do anything about his shortcomings and pulled open the door. As he opened his mouth to greet her, his jaw fell to the floor, his heart tried to burst from his chest and his eyes bulged. The small photo on his phone did not convey her presence or her real beauty.

Brandi watched the not unusual reaction and smiled at the younger man. She stood, waiting for him to speak as she watched him trying to gain control of his breathing and pulse. He swallowed hard and said, “Um… H..Hello, You m…m…mu…must be Brandi. I’m Ark. P…P…PL…PL…Please come in,” silently cursing his inability to speak normally. Stepping out of the doorway, he swept his arm in a grand gesture, inviting her in.

Brandi stepped through the door and looked around. The apartment had an open floor plan and so the living room and kitchen were the same. It worked out well in the small apartment though. There were three doors to her right when she walked in. The bathroom door was open, the other two were closed, she guessed that they were bedrooms. Turning to her client, she said, “Ark, that’s a unique name,” smiling at him and offering her hand. “Of course you know, I’m Brandi. LOVE what you’ve done with the place.”

“Y…Yes… Welcome, Brandi. It’s nice to meet you. My girlfriend and I straightened up yesterday, so there shouldn’t be much that needs… cleaning. As for the other…stuff… I’ll leave that to you,” he said shaking her hand, wondering if it was weird to be shaking hands with a woman who would be naked and having sex with him soon. He pushed the door closed and reluctantly let go of her hand.

“Ark is a nickname, everyone uses it. I don’t even think my girlfriend remembers my real name anymore. Changing the subject, not willing to discuss how he got the name, he asked, “W…w…w….wh…wh…where would you like to s…s…st…sta…start?”

She smiled at him and lightly put a hand on his upper arm. “Relax Ark, I’m a person, just like you. Take a deep breath and hold it. Now close your eyes. When I count down to one, exhale slowly and open your eyes when you’ve let out about half your breath. 5…4…3…2…1…exhale.”

Arks did as instructed and when he opened his eyes he felt more relaxed and secure. He smiled at her and said, “Thanks, that helped.”

“Good, now maybe you can talk to me without stuttering.”

Ark chuckled and Brandi asked, “So how long have you been with your girlfriend?”

“Next month will be two years. We’ve been living together for about 10 months.” Ark looked toward one of the closed bedroom doors before turning back to Brandi. “I know this is cheating, but I know she’s been with other guys by the way she talks about sex… I love her, it’s unbelievable how much I love her, and I don’t want to screw this up.”

“Ark, I’ve got to ask,” Brandi started, “You’re attractive and not socially inept, you’ve been on this fucked up ball of mud for three decades and you’ve been dating. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL A VIRGIN?” Her eyes were boring into his, almost as if they were trying to read his memories straight from his brain.

He shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t like talking about it,” he said looking at the floor. “I grew up in Chechnya. My parents were in a cult called Spiritual Skoptsy. They were an offshoot of a cult that practiced castration and mastectomy to remove ‘spiritual lust’. Our branch didn’t castrate but taught that sex was evil, dirty, and that lust would kill your body, mind, and spirit.”

Brandi’s eyes widened, shocked that shit like that still occurred in the 21st century.

“When my parents died, I was 22. There was a girl in our commune who helped me deal with their death, cooking for me, washing my clothes, and whatnot. We eventually fell in love, planned to escape, and make our way in the world. I got out, she didn’t. I tried to go back to get her, and…well, you really can’t go home again,” he said bitterly, fighting back tears.

Brandi wrapped her arms around him and pulled him to her, as the tears flowed. “I had no interest in love or sex. I was numb on the inside. Eventually, I got a job working on freighters. I did that for a while and saved all my money, never going ashore, unless I was required too. I hated the dirty work on the decks and standing late-night watches on the bridge or as a lookout.”

He pulled away from Brandi, not sure why he was telling her all this, and headed into the kitchen for a drink, “You want a drink? I have cola, water, coffee, Russian Imperial Stout, and some kind of juice if I can find it.”

Brandi watched as he walked away from her. She followed at a short distance behind and said softly, “it’s too early for booze, but the juice is fine, unless it’s prune, then water.”

Ark pulled a bottle of Cran-Apple juice out of the fridge and poured two glasses. Downing half his glass, he refilled it and put it away.

“What was her name?” Brandi asked. As she moved closer to him.


“To Kseniya,” Brandi said, holding up her glass in a toast.

Ark looked at her in shock and silently held up his glass.

She drained the whole thing in one long gulp then threw the glass like a baseball pitcher. The glass exploded when it impacted the wall.

Ark looked at her in shock. “This way it can never be used for a lesser toast,” she told him. He nodded silently and hurled his glass at the wall.

Brandi grabbed the broom and dustpan next to the fridge, swept up the shards, and dumped them in the trash. Putting the tools back she sat down at the counter and just looked at Ark.

“So where was I”

“Late night watches.”

“I saw that the cooks worked hard, but didn’t ever stand watch or do the other shit that deck apes did. I began to study cooking and volunteered to help in the galley until I was promoted to cooks assistant. I had a real talent for it, cooking and baking. I still hated being at sea and eventually jumped ship in Bulgaria, bribing a government minion to make me a citizen. I lived in the EU for a few years, floating around, working in Ankara Escort upscale restaurants, and learning my trade. Soon, I tired of the outrageous taxes, astronomical rental fees, and intolerant attitudes toward foreigners. So I started looking for jobs outside the EU and eventually I was hired to work in a restaurant in the US. Eventually, my citizenship application was approved and I became naturalized. One day I was sitting in a cafe and this beautiful lady sat at the table next to me. I couldn’t stop looking at her. For some reason she noticed me and instead of being creeped out, she talked to me. One thing led to another and two years passed.”

He shrugged his shoulders, his eyes downcast.

Brandi rested her hand on his and said “Ark, I had no idea. I’m so sorry you went through all that growing up, but in my opinion, you need to tell her everything. Hiding your past will only create trouble for you in the future. I mean, she’s already dated you for two years without sex. Most girls today would have given up within six dates. She’s waited for TWO FUCKING YEARS! I think I can safely say that SHE IS THAT FUCKING INTO YOU!”

“I’m here for you, whatever you want to do. Just ask,” she paused.

Ark looked up at her and said, “I don’t know! Tell me what to do.”

“If I were you,” she continued, “I wouldn’t keep secrets from someone who I loved that much and who loved me the same, but what you tell her or don’t tell her is between you and your conscience. I’m not a priest or a therapist, I can’t help you with this. I’m here to clean up your apartment and maybe teach you a thing or two. It’s time I got started, so is there a place I can get ready for work, or… do you want to…. watch as I…change?”

Ark stared into space for a moment, thinking about what Brandi had said. He absent-mindedly gestured to the bathroom, still lost in thought. He didn’t think about watching Brandi take off her clothes, internally debating having Liz join him with Brandi. It boiled down to, he knew nothing and she was fairly well experienced, maybe even a bit wilder and kinkier than other women, according to his coworkers and how they talked about their lovers.

Brandi stood up, “I’ll be right back.” She kissed her finger and put it on his lips, before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

Ark watched Brandi’s hips sway as she strutted to the bathroom and closed the door. He stood up, moved over to the gray couch in the living room, and waited. He was thankful for the baggy shorts. He wondered how she would teach him, a fleshlight or pocket pussy maybe. He idly wondered if he would have to get naked or did she have some kind of cover-up to protect his modesty? He wondered where she kept her teaching aids. All she had was a small purse, come to think of it, where were her cleaning supplies? he wondered.

After several minutes, Brandy walked out of the bathroom, “So, should I start in the kitchen?” she asked, standing there, her breasts quivering from the last few steps she’d taken. Her left hand was resting on her naked hip, her right leg slightly bent and forward of her left one. She just stood there letting him ogle her body.

Ark was at a loss for words. He had only seen Liz naked a few times, mostly when she was getting in and out of the shower. Of course, he watched porn, but nothing compared to having a beautiful, naked, woman standing in your home, letting your eyes drink in every curve, bump, freckle, and birthmark on her body. Ark stared at her for a long time, letting his eyes dance over her body. “Um… Yeah… Start wherever you want..” Ark said as he watched her move, watched the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed, showing it all to him. He could not help but get hard but thankfully he did not think she could see his hard-on from this angle. He had moved to the living room and had been sitting on the couch. He was looking over the back of the couch, over his shoulder almost, toward Brandi.

Brandi headed into the kitchen, grabbed a sponge, ran it under some water, and began to wipe down all the flat surfaces in the kitchen. Everything was pretty clean already, all that was needed was a light dusting.

Ark grabbed the remote and tried to concentrate on watching some dumb game-show while Brandi moved around, touching up the apartment. Ark’s attention was drawn to Brandi, he watched her muscles flex and shift every time she moved and loved how erect her nipples were and he even thought he saw a bit of dew glistening between her legs when the light caught her body just right. All too soon Ark’s stomach growled, reminding him it was time to have lunch.

“So um… Miss Brandi, do you want something for lunch? I can order something or I have some leftover Tarator Soup we can share”

“Well I do like my protein,” she said with a smile. “A nice thick juicy piece of meat would go down great,” she said, licking her lips at him.

“Y… Yeah sounds good… Um let me get the menus and we can pick something.” He slowly stood and walked to the kitchen, his eyes never leaving her nude form for longer than it takes to blink. Doing his best to hide his hard-on while walking past her. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking of her like he was, she was a professional, a teacher. Granted, she was a naked, sexy, woman who happened to teach sex, but, Liz was the one who had asked him out, who had kissed him first, who had asked him to live with her and who had pretty much kept the relationship going. He had no idea what flirting was, or when it was happening…

“Do you have any Chinese menus in there?” she asked. “I would love to have cream of Sum Yung Gui for lunch,” she said, pressing her tits into his back, wondering if he was dense or shy.

A light bulb lit up over Ark’s head. He froze in place as he finally caught on to what was happening. He took a step forward, turned, and looked at Brandi. He tilted his head like a dog, “Um… Is that a woman’s way of saying she wants sex?” Ark asked, thinking he was reading more into her comments than was there.

She smiled at him. “I guess being subtle isn’t smart when you’re dealing with someone who was sheltered from the big horny world for most of his life.” She reached down and grabbed his dick as her hand started to stroke it through his pants, “Is this obvious enough?”

Ark gasped and nodded to Brandi, he looked at her and sighed as her hand slid up and down the shaft through his silk-like shorts. Feeling her strong grasp of his member he could only stand there under her control, he did not know what to do and so he hoped she would lead him, teach him. He was hers to teach now.

“Touch me, caress my body, let your fingers explore me freely,” she instructed her soon to be lover, as her free hand glided slowly over her breasts and down her flat stomach and just grazing her clit.

With some hesitation, Ark reached out with his right hand and cupped Brandi’s breast. Feeling the warm orb of flesh made his cock twitch in her hand. The silk-like shorts and boxers doing nothing to hide the heat in her hand.

“That’s better,” she said, smiling. “Don’t be afraid to squeeze, most women like it a bit rough. We aren’t made of porcelain. Show us that you’re a man.” she told him as she slid her hand inside his shorts and grabbed his dick. “Just remember to follow her lead. If she wants it harder, she’ll move into you, if it’s too hard, she’ll move away or tell you to stop.”

Ark shivered as Brandi’s hand slid down into his shorts and she grasped his hardness. Feeling her warm hand holding his thick cock, he couldn’t help but squeeze the breast in his hand. The head of his cock was so slick with pre-cum that Brandi couldn’t help but notice it as she became the first woman to touch him. Instinctively he brought his other hand up slowly and cupped her other breast.

“That’s it. Don’t be afraid,” she encouraged him as she started to smear his fluid on his shaft. “Remember, as fun as they are, there are other parts of a woman beside her breasts.”

Ark squeezed a few more times, nodded and moved his hands slowly down from her breasts, over her flat belly, and stopped for a moment. He slowly slid his right hand down to cup her crotch. “L… Like this?” he asked her, looking down to make sure he was cupping her as he pressed his palm against her body.

“Relax, just do what comes naturally,” she answered. “You know more than you think you do.” Brandy said as he stepped closer to her so that her nipples were within easy sucking distance from his mouth.

Looking at her breasts as she stepped closer to him he took a moment to think before bending his head down a bit and licking at her right nipple. Lapping at it awkwardly before sucking on it softly, his right hand still cupping her crotch, he rubbed his palm against her clit, feeling the small nub of flesh against his hand.

“The clit is very sensitive. You have to be careful,” she instructed. “Some women like it pulled, sucked, and Ankara Escort Bayan pinched. Others like it gently rubbed and caressed. Start slow and light, like a feather, then slowly add more pressure and speed. Watch her reactions and you’ll be able to tell what she likes without her telling you.”

Ark almost jumped at her words, he stopped licking and sucking on her nipple so he could look down. He had stopped moving his hand and now watched carefully as he made a circular motion with his palm, watching how Brandi reacted to it.

“Umm,” she moaned softly, to encourage him.

Ark watched and listened as she moaned a little. He hoped that was a good moan as he continued to circle his palm against her clit. He then took his index and middle fingers and rubbed her lips as he continued to use his palm. “D… Do you like that?” he asked her as he watched for clues and continued to play with her clit.

“That’s good Ark, very good. Now why don’t we get these clothes off of you and see what’s going on,” she said, squeezing his cock.

Ark swallowed nervously, feeling self-conscious about his body. It was obvious that Brandi was a regular at the gym and he had a slight belly. He also wondered if his cock was big enough to satisfy a woman. When he’d seen the cocks in porn movies he had watched, he measured himself and found that he was only 7” long and 2” thick, far smaller than most of the men in porn. Taking a deep breath, he took a step back from her as her hand squeezed him as it pulled free of her grip. Ark took his shirt off and dropped it to the floor, he then undid his shorts and let gravity take them down them as he lowered his underwear. He stood there naked, in front of Brandi, hanging his head in shame.

“Very nice,” Brandi said loudly, smiling in approval. She stepped close to him and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue pushed past his lips and into his mouth. She started to make out with the young stud, slowly stroking his cock, making sure it was nice and hard. When he pulled back to get some air, she sank to her knees, her nipples burning a trail down his chest and over his stomach until they brushed over his cock, making it jump. Once she was on her knees, she looked up into his eyes and said, “Long, hard, thick and juicy, just how I like them,” and took the glans of the thick shaft into her mouth. She started to flick the meatus with her tongue as her hand started to caress his balls.

Ark could see a smear of pre-cum on Brandi’s tits from when they rubbed against his cock. Ark gasped when her mouth moved to work, his hands balling into fists now. He had been hard watching her clean and would not last long under a skilled woman’s attention, but he did his best to hold on as long as he could. Feeling her warm hands on his balls made him shut his eyes as his toes began to tingle.

She slid her head forward slowly, taking him into her mouth inch by inch, her tongue massaging the shaft as it disappeared between her lips.

Ark shivered again, the tingling sensation was working it’s way up his legs, past his knees as Brandi took his cock into her mouth. He felt ready to explode but wanted to hold out as long as he could. His cock twitched as her tongue worked him and his eyes, transfixed on his shaft as it disappeared between her lips until her nose was pressing into his groin. He stood on shaky legs as she began to pull back and then slide forward again. He desperately wanted to hold back, if only to see what she would do next. The rest of the world was gone, there was nothing but her mouth surrounding his cock.

Brandy let his cock slip from her lips. “Do you like that?” she asked, stroking it lightly. “Does my mouth feel good? Where would you like to cum? In my mouth or on my tits?” she asked, her eyes staring into his.

“Y… Your mouth…” he begged, hoping he wouldn’t explode before that wonderfully perfect mouth was wrapped around him again.

She took him, balls deep, and started to hum the song, ‘Like A Virgin’ as she massaged his ball sack.

Ark’s hands couldn’t help but move to her head and hold her as deep as he could on his cock. “I’m… gonna….” is all he got out before under her skilled hands and mouth he shot his first load deep into the back of her throat. His cock jerked as it unloaded his cum deep into her throat as his hands gripped her head firmly. His hips bucking as he emptied himself into her mouth.

She drained him dry and sucked up every last drop of cum from his cock. Once she had finished drinking his cum, she stood up and kissed him, her tongue pushing a small amount of his cum into his mouth.

Ark sighed when she released his cock from her mouth. As soon as she’d kissed him his cock started to get hard again, and it took him a second to realize that the viscous, salty, fluid she was sharing with him was his cum. A draft of cool air blew over his cock, making it jump and grow a bit harder.

“How was that lover?” she whispered as she pulled back from the kiss and bit his lower lip.

Ark had never cum before and he took a moment to catch his breath as he looked at Brandi. “Is th… is it… like that every time with a woman?” he asked, not sure what else to do or say. He just stood there enjoying the feeling of being drained so well.

She smiled sweetly. “Not every time. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s not as good. But even the ones that aren’t as good are still pretty good,” she told him. Taking his hand, she led him to the couch and sat down, patting the seat next to her. “How good it is, depends on your mood, the skill of your partner, how long it’s been since the last one, and other factors.”

“Now, would you like to learn how to please a woman?” she asked, spreading her legs open, her pink insides easily visible to him.

He sat down never taking his eyes off her, drinking in every square inch of her nude form as his ears guzzled her words. His mind was still processing everything that had happened. He realized that he had a lot more to learn and wanted to learn it all.

Realizing he had once again missed her not so subtle hint, she took his hand, gently pulled him off the couch, and nudged him so that he was kneeling between her legs. “So, go ahead and try,” she said, sliding herself to the edge of the couch and moving her legs so that her pussy looked as though it was winking at him.

Ark looked at her pussy and then slowly looked up at Brandi’s face. He then slowly moved his face closer and kissed her pussy, softly, before licking her pussy from bottom to top very slowly, tasting her fluids.

“Good boy,” she praised him. “Start nice and gentle. Make sure your partner is ready before you start to feast on her. Just like in restaurants, an appetizer before the entree,” she said, caressing his head.

Ark continued to lap slowly at Brandi’s pussy. As he tasted her, he explored her smooth, shaven, pussy lips over and over again, committing every crease and flap of skin to memory. His tongue slowly increased the pressure and soon pushed past her lips into the sweet cavern beyond.

“Umm that’s nice,” she moaned, leaning back, closing her eyes and started to rub her breasts as he explored her folds.

Ark kept slowly licking as he gently pushed in, deeper and deeper, opening her folds to taste her nectar from the source. Ark put his hands on her thighs and pushed her legs wider in an effort that would allow him to penetrate her as deep as possible.

“Now imagine if your girlfriend was here, the stuff I could teach both of you. I bet she would love knowing you care so much about her pleasure that you hired someone to teach you how to make sure she gets taken care of,” Brandy said, smiling at the young man exploring her pussy.

“But she’s had sex before. Could you teach her anything?” he asked, still looking a bit confused, but his dick had grown fully erect at the thought of Brandi and Liz intertwined in each other’s legs.

“You’re a chef, does that mean that no one can teach you anything about cooking? I bet that every fry cook, who owns a greasy spoon, knows a trick or two that he could teach you. No ones above learning. There are a lot of people who have sex and don’t have a clue how much better it could be with just a little knowledge. Trust me, I think that she’ll thank you for being so thoughtful.” Brandy said, rubbing his head. “Now be a good boy and tell her to come home, you have a surprise for her.”

“I… can’t.. she’s still at work… I don’t think I’m ready please her.” Ark looked a bit down, he had learned a lot, but he didn’t think he would be ready to make Liz happy before she got home.

“How long are you here for? I mean most of the cleaning is taken care of…” Ark said, looking around and then back to Brandi.

“Oh honey, I’m here until you’re ready to step up to the plate with her. So text her and tell her to come straight here after work.”

Ark got up and found his phone on the computer where he did his work. He texted her and then returned to sit next to Brandi on the couch. A short time passed, the phone chimed and Ark showed Brandi the reply.

OMW got off early can’t wait to see the surprise.

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