Neighbor Helps Young Mother

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Jen had just put three month Lucy to bed for her daytime sleep. She was surprised that Bert was back so quickly with the shopping when she heard the doorbell ring.

“Oh that is so kind of you to pick up those bits for me. Have you time for a cupper?”

“Time is one thing I have lots of now days. I might not have retired when I did if I had known that Kitty would leave us when she did. I would love to have a drink with you. Can I just pop to the loo?”

It wasn’t until she was putting the kettle on that with horror Jen realized that she had taken the enema kit out in the bathroom. It wasn’t a guilty secret but it was something she did not discuss with anyone, not even her husband.

Bert returned looking full of the joys of spring.

“Have you got problems dear? Looks like you were preparing to give yourself a little cleaning out. Nancy used to need an enema every now and then. Is it recreational or to clear a blockage?”

His matter of fact questions stunned Jen. She blushed like she could not remember doing for years.

“What do you mean recreational? I have just been a little bunged up and I thought it would ease things.”

“I am sure it will my dear. Would you like me to give you a hand? Nancy enjoyed an enema much more if I helped her.”

“You can’t do that even Ben doesn’t get involved with that.”

“Oh what a shame I am sure he would enjoy it if you gave him the chance.”

“It’s not me, he will not go near my bottom for anything. He finds the whole idea disgusting. I cannot believe I am telling you this it is so embarrassing.”

“Nancy enjoyed all types of enema. It was a great source of enjoyment to both of us.”

“What do you mean all types? Surely an enema is an enema.”

“She always said there were three types; clear out, erotic and punishment. She enjoyed them all with my help.”

“You used to punish her by giving her an enema? How or why did you do that?”

“It was more like role-play than real punishment most of the time. She liked to feel forced into it and they were always large volumes that she had to hold for long periods. She was always so receptive to a really large long enema. Enough of what we used to do. Let’s get you a nice soothing clear out. You will feel so much better afterwards.”

“I certainly need one but I could not let you see so exposed let alone be involved with pushing things into my bottom. It is so personal and sometimes a little, well a little arousing.”

“I am more than twice your age. You have nothing I haven’t seen before. If you don’t trust me that is a real shame. You only have to say stop at any time and I promise I will stop immediately. It would be a pleasure to help but only if you trust me completely.”

“I do trust you, you have been a great friend to us for years. I am not sure I can take the embarrassment but if you promise we can stop at any time maybe it would be nice to feel better.”

Bert was into the bathroom in seconds. He prepared a medium sized bag with plenty of liquid soap in it. He found two types of lube in the bathroom and carried everything through to the living room.

“You will be much more comfortable on your bed, let’s go and get you ready.”

Jen hesitated, a panic increasing her heartbeat even more from it’s elevated rate. She had to keep reminding herself this was not sexual. Was her pussy trying to suggest that she was in fact aroused? It was in a daze that Bert led her to the bedside. She knew she would have to remove her dress and her knickers but was not ready for him to remove them.

“Let me do that myself please.”

“Okay but remove all your clothes you will be much more comfortable and relaxed.”

“Why do I need to remove my bra? It will be the only thing left when I take my dress off. Terry says my boobs look swollen since giving birth to Lucy I don’t want you seeing them as they are.”

“They look wonderful but if you are uncomfortable then leave it on for the moment. There now kneel on the edge of the bed with your head down and your bottom up.”

She knew if she hesitated now she would never do it. She buried her head in her hands just like a child pretending they cannot be seen if they cannot see themselves. Bert was delighted at how big her bottom looked. Her legs were not wide apart but the peachy shape of her cheeks have him the most wonderfully clear view of dark anus and her plump slightly parted pussy lips.

What Bert was shocked by was the pungent almost sweet smell that assaulted his nose. He wondered if she was clean but soon realized that the smell was fresh. It was arousal. Trying to disguise it he lent forward and took a long deep breath in through his nose. He knew now he was going to enjoy himself.

He set the bag onto the stand that had been by the bedside. Squirting lube onto three fingers he gently started by circling the almost black crinkled skin of her anus. When he reached the very centre he kept the pressure so light it was almost tickling her. It Taksim escort took her a few seconds to realize that she was holding her breath. She could not remember anything being so erotic. This only increased as he let his middle finger penetrate very slightly.

He introduced and removed his finger this far a dozen times before adding more lube. Now this middle finger went deep into her bottom. His other fingers being below the middle finger brushed her pussy as he did this. With a cough she adjusted herself such that the contact on her pussy was increased. She hoped he didn’t understand why she had moved but he most certainly had.

She had thought that it would be like it was when she gave herself an enema. Now she knew it would not be. It was more like making love. She knew that she must stop it immediately. It was wrong to start with but now it was very wrong. Ben had not been near her for months as she had had complications during the birth. As they had not been able to have intercourse she had had nothing.

His finger was now finding every possible part of her it could reach. To her it felt surprisingly like having her pussy fingered. It was so nice that she had to actively stop herself from pushing back onto his finger. When he did withdraw his finger she sighed deeply before realizing how this would appear. If Bert had not realized before he now knew nothing was going to prevent him giving her the most erotic enema of her life.

He offered the enema nozzle up against the heart of her relaxed bottom. They both knew he wanted to see if she would push back and impale herself. She was desperate to do so but was too embarrassed to show that desperation. Taking pity on her he pushed it gently into her. Telling her he wanted to locate it comfortably he stroked it in and out an inch or two. If the air had been full of her aroma before now it was overwhelming to both of them.

“Now that the nozzle is comfortable let’s start getting you more relaxed. I will hold it in place while you turn on your back. That way you can fully relax and I can spread the water further up into you.”

“But if I turn over you will see, you will see all of me.”

“What do you think that I can see at the moment? It is the most wonderful view but you are still tense and I want you so relaxed you could fall asleep. Let’s remove that bra now it looks positively uncomfortable.”

“I am breastfeeding still and they feel quite full. You cannot see them in that condition.”

Not taking no for an answer he simply unclipped the front of the bra and slipped it off over her outstretched arms. She offered no resistance.

“They are beautiful my dear and so much better now they are not trapped in your bra. Are you ready for me to start the water flowing? My goodness I thought that the nozzle had leaked but it is you that is leaking. I am so glad that you are responding so positively. Are you always so easily aroused my dear?”

“Oh that is so embarrassing. I do not arouse very easily and I do not get very wet when I do. It has just been a long time, such a long long time. I have never been aroused by my bottom being, my bottom being touched like that. I feel so cheap I should not feel like this.”

“I would have been disappointed if you had not been aroused by what I have enjoyed doing to your gorgeous body. I have enjoyed the bottoms of a number of women and every one of them has responded in a similar way to you. None of them have looked as beautiful as you do with arousal in your eyes. Now relax lie back and enjoy yourself as I fill your bottom up with soapy water.”

He released the water so that it went into her very slowly. She could feel the trickle but it felt soothing and gentle. Although he knew there was no need at this stage he started massaging her just above the line of her sparse pubic hair pushing upwards past her bellybutton. He watched her pussy closely as he did this. Her pussy had been appearing very open with a wet redness. His massage pulled slightly closing the lips. He could make out quite a swelling where her clit was. As he massaged the clit started to peak out from behind its hood. Moving lower he applied greater pressure and the clit popped out of its protection.

Jen had long ago stopped fighting either Bert or the arousal. Nothing was being required of her. She had never known her body both relaxed and ragingly excited at the same time. Neither her nudity nor her arousal so clearly displayed to her old neighbor troubled her any more. Now it delighted her to be helpless and helplessly excited.

She had taken more than half of the bag before the first cramp hit her. Stopping the flow he massaged away the cramp. The heel of his palm was now almost touching her swollen clit and her hips were rolling around in an attempt to increase the stimulation. He was not sure how she would feel about having an orgasm and did not want her to do so at this point anyway.

As he restarted the water flow again he Taksim escort bayan moved well up her body and stoked her firm boobs avoiding her huge erect nipples. Her sigh was deep and sounded heart felt.

“How the fuck did you learn to do this to a woman. I don’t know whether to sleep, to shit, to beg you to fuck me, or just explode into orgasm. I think I could manage a number of them at the same time. I must tell you to stop; I wish I was strong enough to tell you to stop. I must not have an orgasm that would be so wrong. “

“I am not going to stop. Whether you chose to have an orgasm or not is up to you. Now, you have more soapy water to take before you can release it all and be filled more fully again to rinse you out. You seem to be responding very well to a full bottom.”

“I can only describe it as having your bottom filled by a massive prick which then fucks you way too gently. I wouldn’t know as no prick has ever been in my bottom but I hope it does feel this good.”

Bert gave both her boobs a parting squeeze and a trace of milk appeared on each nipple.

“Now I want you to hold the water for five minutes before you go to the loo. Do not push the water out but relax and allow nature to take over. It will take a couple of minutes before you are ready to be refilled. When you are I am going to stretch your insides. To help you hold such a big enema I am going to get my nozzle from home while you empty yourself.”

He resumed his stomach massage until five minutes was up. She went to the bathroom and he went home to find his nozzle. When they both resumed in her bedroom she looked quite different.

“Boy that feels so much better I feel completely empty. I feel sorry that I don’t need another enema.”

“Trust me you need to get the soap out of you bottom or you will get very uncomfortable. I am going to wash it out with a lovely large volume enema with just a little additive that will sooth and relax you. Trust me Nancy loved me to add just a little.”

When he brought the bag in she panicked, as it looked so big. He kept the nozzle out of view for as long as possible. When she asked about it he said that there were two balloons that could be inflated. One inside her bottom and the other outside. The effect was to seal her tight so that no water would escape. He promised to give her a much smaller volume than Nancy used to enjoy.

He settled her on her back as before but this time lubricated her in this position. In this way he was able to watch her reactions to his fingering of her bottom. He did lubricate her but they both knew this was as much about stimulating her as it was lubricating her. In this position when he brought the finger buried in her bottom up towards her pussy it felt every bit as good as any fingering of her pussy.

He knew that she was seconds away from orgasm. He wanted to force her to orgasm, he wanted her to fight against it but he wanted to bring her when her bottom was full. It was with great reluctance that he withdrew his finger. The nozzle slipped in with ease. He inflated the internal balloon first, bringing a gasp from Jen. The inflation of the second sealed her completely with little reaction. The flow of the water was much quicker this time. He stopped it to massage the water much higher inside her being careful not to arouse her too directly. Even as she lay on her back she was beginning to look pregnant and he was now massaging a rock hard stomach.

She was now uncomfortably full. Lifting her head she was shocked to see her stomach but even more shocked to see her clit looking like a thumb sticking out of her swollen pussy. Even though he had not been close to her clit or pussy and had left her nipples well alone she felt on the verge of a huge orgasm.

“No more, no more I cannot take it you will split me open.”

“You can take more but I will stop for the moment. Nancy could take at least a pint more than you have inside you right now.”

It was true but he said it to try and challenge her competitive spirit. Nancy never experienced any orgasm as strong as those experienced when she painfully over full. He would hold her on the edge for minutes challenging her to hold the water until her need to orgasm won through. Could Jen experience the same? Her arousal was crystal clear but he did not know how her orgasms were triggered.

“I cannot take any, no more I will explode.”

He was not sure what she was calling for but decided that her clit was irresistible. Lying between her legs he flicked the huge angry looking clit with his tongue. Her protestations were now almost demented and made no sense. After a short break he flicked his tongue out again. More complaints but no clearer message.

He wanted to try and put the last of the water deep inside her and knew that if she came he would have to stop. As he reluctantly gave her clit a last flick with his tongue he lent back and took the whole scene in. He could not remember a sexier Escort taksim site. It was the desperate need in her eyes that was the sexiest thing. As he turned the water back on her look changed to one of pleading.

“No you can’t there is no room for any more. Please no more I can’t take it.”

He knew she was at her limit and wanted her to enjoy the experience. There was little or no water left in the bag when he closed the valve.

“There no more all you have to do is hold it for 15 minutes. Nancy always said that if she could relax this was the best bit. The trick was not to fight your body.”

“There is no way I can last 15 minutes it is like being 10 months pregnant. The pressure is from just below my boobs right down to my pussy.”

“A little bit of distraction could help you to relax. Your clit is impressively hard and swollen. I will just tickle behind the head, is it as sensitive as it looks?”

“No don’t touch me I am so aroused it would take nothing to tip me over. The idea of an orgasm is really frightening I am so full. Even if it wasn’t it is just not right I could not face Ben if you saw my first orgasm in months.”

“Okay I will not touch you but you have to go the full 15 minutes. I will help you through those minutes and if you are anything like Nancy you are very likely to orgasm. We often played a game where I challenged her to hold off her orgasm as long as possible. She said that the feeling of failing was always outweighed by the strength of her delayed orgasm. Would you like to take the challenge on if I promise not to touch you?”

“If you promise not to touch me I am sure I can stop myself cumming and save it for later with my husband.”

She tensed when he held one of the pumps. Her sigh was one of relief when he released the pressure in the balloon a little. She was amazed at how her whole innards felt the relief. It was short lived as he added more air with a single squeeze. It felt like she had been punched in the stomach. All the fluids in her body shifted and this was repeated when he repeated the release and injection.

“You promised not to touch me, stop it, stop it, stop it. It not only hurts but I am too close, much to close to cumming. I must stop myself I can fight it. Oh no I think it is too late, it has gone too far.”

Bert expected her to cum straight away but her eyes glazed over and she started muttering something about controlling it. It took another ten long seconds before she lost the struggle. The first wave started in her distended stomach and built until it exploded in her clit. Her moans were almost screams as each painful wave moved through her body. She pleaded for it to stop time and time again. Her body was now convulsing every second or so. Bert was sure that it was ecstasy not agony that he was watching. Her body appeared to be fucking an invisible lover with passion and abandon.

“That looked a wonderful orgasm. A beautiful woman in the throws of a stunning orgasm is the best thing a man can watch. Pure perfection.”

He supported Jen to the bathroom and released the two balloons. He was tempted to stay and watch but thought that it might be a step too far for Jen. It was ten minutes before a still naked Jen re-appeared the biggest smile on her face.

“That is amazing I have never felt so empty. I am slightly light headed, very relaxed and surprisingly still excited. You did all that for me and you are still fully clothed. You have just given an orgasm I will never forget. I think the pure terror I felt just before I came was the final element to make it the most stunning violent and satisfying one ever. I know I shouldn’t but I owe you the offer of some relief, you must be very wound up.”

“Yes I have not been as excited and for as long for many years but you have given me the experience of a lifetime. I cannot ask you for anything more.”

“You don’t need to ask me. I would love to experience anal sex and it will never happen with Ben. My bottom feels perfectly prepared to receive a cock, would you please provide a cock?”

“How could any man turn down such a beautiful request? I would be honored to enjoy taking your anal virginity. You have the must perfect peachy bottom.”

They discussed the possible positions but both wanted to be able to see each other throughout and agreed missionary would be nice. Jen insisted on taking Bert’s clothes off. She was delighted to see he was fully erect and while a good size not a monster. For the third time Bert thoroughly lubricated her bottom telling her how perfect her body was.

Jen was always oversensitive after having an orgasm but was determined to try and get aroused again. Her bottom was completely relaxed and she was not worried about the penetration hurting. Bert knew that the additive he had included in her second enema would relax the muscles around her sphincter.

She studied his face as he pushed his prick firmly into her tight bottom. She wanted to give him the pleasure he had given her earlier. Much to her surprise his prick felt not only comfortable but it hit spots that had her pussy getting wet again. She hadn’t noticed that her clit was still erect after her orgasm and that she had a pleasant warm sexual charge throughout her body.

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