Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 07

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed and sought after!


Cynthia did indeed end up masturbating herself silly later that evening, rewatching the events from Nicholas’ apartment. From different angles. It was a heady feeling seeing how far she’d pushed him. Certainly he had been curious before she’d found him. She imagined that like most men, he would never have done anything, perhaps being mildly interested at best when horny. So she had used that horniness against him. The promise of sex with a woman for a virgin was too much to ignore, and she had used her appearance to devastating effect.

She had been somewhat surprised at how turned on she had gotten watching her nephew French kiss another man and marvelled at her restraint from getting off as Ben had pushed his dick into Nicholas. He had just looked so incredibly gay to her eyes then. She knew she couldn’t look at him the same as she had in the past after witnessing that. And eventually, other people would see him only as that. Once her third orgasm had subsided she pondered if she should stop. How she’d changed him already was enough, his life could still be relatively normal albeit somewhat more gay. With what she had in mind would make that an impossibility for him.

As she reviewed her plans, she couldn’t help but become aroused again. She had taken him this far, and she had never felt better. And while she did care about her nephew in a way, she simply cared far more for what she was turning him into. She wanted to see the reaction her sister had when she was introduced the new Nicholas. She wanted to see what would happen when the one month was up, more than anything else. That would be a day Nicholas would never forget, and she had a little more than two weeks to make it as memorable as she could.

Sadly, that evening, Nicholas simply showered and slept. She could hardly blame him after what had happened. Cynthia herself slept until late in the morning. Once she woke up, she bounced over to her computer, to see what Nicholas morning had been like. What she saw only confirmed her decision to continue converting her nephew into an extremely homosexual faggot.

Morning wood was definitely a problem for Nicholas. Cynthia was not the least bit disappointed that given permission to masturbate privately, he would opt for heterosexual porn. He had no idea that his aunt could see his screen let alone his entire apartment. For the past week and a half she had submerged him in nothing but gay sex. She used the shame and humiliation she forced on him as a club against his heterosexuality, to make him orgasm only to gay porn. She reminded him at every opportunity of the pleasure he was finding in it. She wanted him to understand why he felt that shame. And most importantly, she wanted him to never, ever, think of a possibility that he might have any kind of interest in women. Straight was not an option for him. Bisexual was not an option for him. He would have no choice at all, he would just be gay.

And it was her progress that she admired that morning as Nicholas masturbated. He was trying to cling to being a straight man, and that meant masturbating to straight porn. He went through several videos, of blowjobs and big tit bimbos fucking in all the normal positions. But timed passed, and he changed videos, but he was not cumming. Perhaps he was more interest in something else. Perhaps he needed to get off and had to get to school in time. And so, he turned to the gay porn. She watched him go to the search bar at his favorite porn site and type in “gay” and hit enter. The screen populated with images and titles for many clips of all types. Big dicks, anal sex, leather, BDSM, twinks, it was all there. He clicked on one, a young man swallowing some pole. She could see his hand moving faster as he jerked off, it only took him perhaps a minute. He sat there, breathing for a moment, then closed the browser.

She continued to watch, and her nephew did indeed keep the panties under the rest of his normal clothes. She slipped a couple of fingers inside her vagina, which was feeling sore from last night. Maybe Nicholas could stay hard for women still, but obviously something was different. He had spent a good half an hour with his straight porn, and it hadn’t produced the result he had wanted. But, some gay cocksucking and cum was flying out of him. A good sign for the future, and something new and real to humiliate him with. Her orgasm took her when she checked her phone and saw that Nicholas had texted her with a picture of the video he had watched. The power she had over him was intense, and what she would keep using it to do to him pushed her over the edge.

Nicholas masturbated four times in total that day, three of them with similar results. After school and before work Büyükesat Escort he snuck in a quick jerk off and only watched a couple of clips before switching to gay porn to get his release. After he was done at the coffee shop, he spent a good hour clicking on various clips of women giving blowjobs, being fucked in every position possible, and every variation he could find. He eventually did manage to reach orgasm. In Nicholas’ mind, it had just been a bit slower, but he had cum to a woman.

Perhaps that is why before bed, Nicholas smoked a joint before masturbating. That time however, he went directly to gay porn. In his mind perhaps he was justified. He had cum to a woman earlier, and he was confident of it. So what if he liked men as well, it didn’t mean he didn’t like women. She watched her nephew’s screen with glee. He searched for things like “Gay sex” and “faggot” and came back with loads of homosexual videos to watch. Blowjobs, lots of anal sex, ball worship and eating ass. Nicholas had kept his panties on and was squeezing himself through them. She wished he could see how he looked at that moment. He went ahead and had a second joint as well, relaxing back in his chair as he watched a particularly active facefucking session.

With his inhibitions somewhat shed she continued to watch in fascination as the videos became increasingly gayer. The men were of all ages and shapes, as much as one can find in porn. Big huge muscular men and twinks, dad bods and models, and everything in between. Cynthia imagined it was his way of trying to replicate his experience last night. Perhaps she’d show him one day. She watched his final orgasm of the day be deposited into his panties. Nicholas cleaned himself up and went to bed. He had sent her a text and evidence every time. Sure, he had ignored her rule, but it was expected. She was more than content with her progress. His choices of masturbation material were gayer and she was going to eventually bring him to a place where gay was the default and it would know no bounds of depravity.

Nicholas continued his jerking off the next day, Saturday. Mostly, in his panties. A little bit of straight porn then lots of gay porn until he jerked himself empty. While some of his day was spent doing normal things, he jerked off five times that day. The final time had been the most interesting, as he had searched postings on Craigslist, seeing what was available, before quickly closing them. The real thing was still new and frightening to him, and porn was safer. At some point he had awkwardly tried to insert a finger into his ass, but he could only get so far and quickly gave up, but clearly he wanted to try the sensation again.

Cynthia had not spent her time completely idle. She was going to make certain that he got a very full homosexual education, and he was going to keep having the real thing. And, one of her clients also happened to be a sissy faggot. Slightly older than her nephew at 26. James saw her on a monthly basis to receive barely a tenth of the attention and focus Nicholas was receiving, and once she shared her scenario but not her goal, he had been more than happy to play a role in it. James was Caucasian and only a couple of inches taller than Nicholas. He had dark black hair, very straight down to his shoulders, a couple of piercings in his right ear and one in his lip. He was razor thin, hairless and similarly endowed to Nicholas with an incredible bubble butt and gayer than the day was long. Not as gay as her nephew would end up, there were few like that.

She texted him to come over to her place tomorrow evening at seven, that she had a male friend she wanted him to meet. Nicholas instantly understood what she meant, she wanted him to have sex with another man. He had gotten hard and masturbated and orgasmed to a woman just yesterday. Therefore he wasn’t gay. And he couldn’t deny that he had enjoyed his encounter with Ben. He had tried to replicate the sensation by sticking a finger in his ass, but it just wasn’t the same. He got hard just wondering what his aunt had in store for him tomorrow.

That Sunday was agonizingly slow for Nicholas. He masturbated half-heartedly, surfed the net, and did homework all while wondering what was going to happen tonight. Nicholas personally chose to wear a pair of lacy purple panties for the occasion. He made his way to his aunt’s house early and waited for seven to come. He did notice a car that wasn’t hers was also parked out front.

His heart was in his throat, wondering what was coming as she buzzed him in. He entered and was instantly greeted by the smell of marijuana in the air. His aunt was lounging on a couch, a glass in hand. He could see the back of James head. She waved him over “C’mon Nicky, come meet my friend.” Nicholas walked around the couch, looking at James. He was wearing baggier jeans and a plain white t-shirt that barely covered his stomach. His face was thin with prominent Beşevler Escort cheek bones and a soft nose. It looked like had never had any facial hair of any kind and his lips were thin, with a piercing in the bottom lip. There was something effeminate about him, soft. His eyes were blue and slightly red from the weed, and his cheeks seemed flushed.

Cynthia made introductions, pointing for Nicholas to sit next to James on the loveseat. It was smaller, and they were thigh to thigh. She passed him a bong, nodding at him “Go ahead, you need to catch up to us!” Nicholas fumbled with the device a moment, taking a lengthy hit. His aunt spoke up “So, I wanted you to meet Jamie here. He’s a very gay young man, just like you. With one small exception: He’s not repressed. Isn’t that right?” she asked.

James took a shot of something, a clear liquid in a glass before answering “It is. I like men.” He paused for a moment “A lot.” He laughed.

Nicholas was looking at James, knowing where this would lead. Perhaps he didn’t know in what form, but he was going to have sex with this guy. He found himself excited at the thought, wondering what they’d do. A rush of shame filled him as he realized he was looking over a man and getting turned on.

Cynthia motioned with her glass at James, “Go ahead, show him. That’s not all you have in common though.” And James nodded. He stood up slowly, unbuckling his belt, tugging his jeans down and awkwardly stepping out of them. Nicholas took another hit off the bong as he stared at James in a pair of frilly red panties with hearts sewn in them. There was just a small bump where his penis was hiding behind the fabric. James sat back down, using his hands to cover his crotch.

“He’s a sissy just like you. He knows he couldn’t please a woman if he tried. But he could please men. He could be a hole to stick their cocks into, their little faggot boy fantasy. He practiced lots of toys privately and liked sticking vibrators in his ass. Then what happened, Jamie?” she asked inquisitively, knowing the answer she had told him to respond with.

James fiddled with his crotch, but spoke clearly “Well… Uh… When I started liking things in my ass… I knew that I needed men. And I… started to look at them differently. I check out a guy’s crotch before his face. And they became so hot to me. Now I love everything about guys.” He finished, pursing his lips. He had sat back down, and Nicholas could feel some slight tremors coming from James.

“That’s right! He found out he was a full blown faggot. Since then, he’s had some fun times with lots of men. He’s going to be your boyfriend tonight, Nicky.” Cynthia said.

“B-Boyfriend?” Nicholas stuttered. He couldn’t help but look at James’ panties and then his face. He wondered what his skin would feel like.

“Yes. I’m sure Ben would make a fine boyfriend, but then I thought perhaps someone your own age. Someone a little more like you. For tonight, you can experience all the fun things young gay lovers do. Would you like that, nephew?”

Nicholas and James looked at each other. James smiled and Nicholas found himself smiling back. James didn’t look anything like any of the other men he had done things with, and he was skinnier than most girls, but between his arousal and the weed he was able to admit there was something attractive about James. Not to mention that he was in panties as well. “I guess I’d like that.” Nicholas answered, carefully.

James let out what can only be described as a high pitched squeal while his aunt laughed and smiled. James flipped over and straddled Nicholas, placed his hands on Nicholas’ cheeks and planted his lips firmly against Nicholas’. Nicholas was not expecting things to move forward so quickly and stiffened for a moment, trying to relax. Nicholas could feel James rubbing his panty-clad ass into his crotch and felt an urge to thrust with his hips. James lips were soft and suddenly Nicholas found his tongue pushing against James lips. He let his tongue trace the ring, then slipped between James’ lips. James shook slightly, and sucked on Nicholas’ tongue slowly, pulling back and smiling at him.

James leaned back, pulling off his shirt to reveal that he was completely hairless everywhere visible so far. Not even under his arms. He had almost no muscular definition. Nicholas stared down between James’ thighs, feeling curiosity and shame. He had a naked man straddling him, almost naked, and he had French kissed him. It was different than with Ben… softer. James pulled Nicholas’ shirt over his head, and started to suck on his nipples. Nicholas tilted his head back for a moment. He had masturbated to straight porn just the other day. He wanted to sleep with his aunt. It wasn’t really gay since he was really just bisexual. Maybe part of him liked the way his aunt treated him. He should listen to her, think of it as fun. A game. That would be over eventually, so why not have fun Cebeci Escort now? The thought that having sex with a man was “fun” to him now filled him with self-loathing as James kissed up his chest, then his neck before nibbling on Nicholas’ lips.

Cynthia watched on with glee. While the two of them were busy taking their shirts off, Cynthia got up, moving around behind their couch. “Isn’t this nice, Nicky? Are you going to make a habit out of sticking your tongue in other men’s mouths?” she asked as Nicholas broke a kiss, running his hands along James’ chest. “That’s ok. Jamie here does that and a lot more. He’s a full blown queer. I think the two of you have a lot in common.”

Nicholas’ erection was straining his panties, and he still had his pants on. He couldn’t help but look at James’ face which was very flustered, with a deep blush. Nicholas let his hands explore the rest of James’ body, he could feel the heat from his skin and how soft he was everywhere he touched. James slid down Nicholas’ legs until he was on the floor. He expertly unbuckled Nicholas, tugging down his jeans around his ankles.

“Oh my god! Your panties are so cute!” James exclaimed. Nicholas cringed slightly as James ran his hands up his thighs, pushing Nicholas’ legs apart before burying his face into his panty covered penis. This was new to him as well, having someone’s face near his genitals. A male someone. It was as if he knew he should be doing this with a girl, but his body didn’t care. Nicholas relaxed into the couch as James nuzzled in between his legs.

“Alright, alright you homos.” Cynthia chided them, “It looks like you two need a room. Jamie, you’re an old hand at all this stuff, but could you make sure my nephew gets the full faggot experience? You two can hump away and do all the gay things you want, as long as you want.” They paused, looking at her, “Go on. You can use my bedroom.” She motioned for them to follow, which they did, though Nicholas almost tripped stepping out of his pants around his ankles. She let them enter ahead of her, looking at their obvious erections covered by their panties. “Nice silk sheets for you two sissies. Enjoy emptying each other’s balls.” She said, closing the door behind her.

She quickly made her way over to her computer in her home office, making sure the volume was off and the door was locked as she accessed the cameras in her bedroom. She had given James instructions to make sure her nephew would have a very pleasant and gay sex filled evening. Which wasn’t exactly hard work for James, who loved pleasing men. She watched as they removed each other’s panties, short and stub like dicks poking out in front of them. James was similar in size to Nicholas’ and just as hairless.

With Nicholas’ penis in his hand, he tugged him over to the bed, “Baby, let’s suck each other’s dick, ok? Yours looks so cute and I just want to suck on it!” James said. Nicholas agreed, crawling onto the bed. James followed suite, so they were lined up head to toe. With a little bit of adjusting, the two of them soon had their faces glued to the others penis. At the moment, Nicholas wasn’t confused: he was loving having his penis sucked on. He had never felt anything like it. He’d suck dick to get his sucked, he thought. And, in fact he was. He didn’t know what pussy was like, but this was the third dick in his mouth and he liked it. He wanted to suck off James better than he was being sucked off. A new wave of shame rushed through him as he realized he wanted to be good at sucking on cock.

Cynthia watcher her nephew intently. James had been this way for years, but for her nephew, this had just been a couple of weeks. She began idly playing with herself as she watched them sixty-nine. They were both so small that they barely moved their necks, but you could see their cheeks sink in every time they sucked. Her nephew was becoming more and more gay by the day, and eventually he wouldn’t be able to deny it. But, for now, she needed him to seek pleasure from men. Not just the ass fuckings and brutal, ego destroying humiliation, but also for fun and companionship and positive reinforcement. She wanted to keep him horny, humiliated and perpetually confused about his sexuality for the time being. His thoughts would be focused around cocks and balls, feelings of desire and inferiority. Men would go from being just people to being possible sexual or romantic partners in his mind.

They soon filled each other’s mouth with cum, and it appeared not a drop was spilled. James made sure to suck her nephew clean before kissing his penis and pouncing out of bed. James went out and grabbed the bong, closing the door behind him and hopping back into bed with Nicholas. They each took several hits as they casually played with the others penis. James explained that he had always “known his place.” Girls were desirable, but he had very little luck in that department. Probably because he kept letting men fuck him.

The half lay back, with their backs propped up by pillows, and as James casually masturbated Nicholas, he explained “I’ve always been horny. But my dick got so hard when I let men use me. I wanted to suck on their dicks, and I wanted to feel them fill my ass with their cocks.” Nicholas penis pulsed in James hand, “Oh, you like that too? I like it. I love it. I’m a sissy faggot for men to use.”

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