Never Been Far Before

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Ava Addams

Class was over today. After dinner, I decided to head back to my dorm. I had finished the assigned homework earlier in the day and decided to play Cards Against Humanity with some of my dorm mates. There were six of us; Me, Bonnie, Katy, Joey, Mike, and my boyfriend, Peter.

Peter was judge and his card was; “during sex, I like to think about…” The pressure was on. I was in last place with only one stinking card. I had to win this. I was stuck between two cards “Not giving a shit about poor people” and “Dying.” The other cards I was saving for something better. I see Joey put down a card after ten seconds. Followed by Bonnie. Then Kate.

I really needed to think about this one. I study the two cards and try to figure out which would best represent him. Another card is put down. Shit, I gotta hurry it up. I blindly throw in one of the two cards as my entry.

As Peter was shuffling the entries, I pondered to myself; “what does Peter actually think about sex?” I started created these weird sexual personas for him from him being into BDSM, food sex, or something really out of the norm like a baby fetish. Okay, that one was totally not sexy. I know when I met him, we had this weird conversation on feet. But what else was he into?

I was a virgin, in college, so I was sexually deprived. For me, it was just fanfiction and masturbation. This was my third semester, while Peter was two semesters ahead. I also never had a serious relationship before, aside from this one. We have been together for about a year now and despite my virginity, we have been really physical. Lots of caresses, kisses, massages, cuddles. But nothing steamy.

Peter begins to read the cards selected. “Finger painting. My sex life. Another shitty new year. Two midgets shitting in a box. Having sex on top of a pizza. And not giving a shit about the third world.” A lot of those cards, were of course, better than mine. I can see he took out “My Sex Life” and “Having Sex on Top of a Pizza.” He probably thought that those were too obvious.

Then he finally comes to a conclusion; “Not Giving a Shit about the Third World.”

I slam my hand down on the black card, with competitive enthusiasm. “Finally.” I say.

“This is the last round for me then I’m going to bed.” Katy says.

“Me too.” Joey adds “I have class at 8 in the morning.”

“Alright, one more round.” Peter says, handing the box of cards to Mike.

“What ruined my last relationship?” Mike read.

I quickly placed, “Racism” as my entry.

I snuggle next to Peter and asks, “You tired yet?”

He kisses my head. “No.”

“I have a few movies we could watch.” I suggest quietly, twirling a strand of hair.

Great, that was my line of seduction. I’m such a temptress. However I did have a plan.

Peter places a card down and Mike begins to read the selection of white cards; “Racism, Teaching a Robot How to Love, Bukkake, Miley Cyrus at 50, White People, and My First Period.”

Mike holds up a card and claims the winner, “My First Period.” Peter, the one who was winning, of course won the card. The group went their separate ways after we had put all the cards back in the box.

Peter gets off the couch and tells me, “Let me just go to my room real quick. I wanna change into my night wear.” Perfect.

I begin to change clothes myself, though I decide to be a bit mischievous. I put on a long night shirt, that pressed gently on my skin. The hem just brushing against my thighs. Cool air went through the short baggy sleeves. The shirt was from a Muse concert that my father took me to about a year ago. It was too small for him, so he let me have it. The room was cold, but that only increased my arousal.

I jump on the bed and get the movie selection ready. I feel a twitch in between my legs and I begin to massage it with my index finger. I was already horny and we are not even in the same room. Peter comes in my room, without knocking, and I quickly remove my hand from the pleasure spot. Luckily, he doesn’t notice.

“So what movies have you picked out?” Peter asks, sitting the spot near me, since the bed fit both of us.

“Well, we have the selection of the Room, the Hobbit, Antichrist or Black Swan.” I tell him.

“I love Black Swan.” He tells me. “Really? I haven’t seen it.”

“Yeah it’s on Bahçelievler escort my top ten list.” Peter tells me. Then jokes “Though be warned, it’s kind of scary. You sure you can handle it?”

I cock my head at him with a smile on my face, “two of my favorite films are psychological horror. I’m pretty sure I can handle this.”

“I’m just playing, boo.” He tells me as he kisses the side of my neck.

Must resist the urge to masturbate.

“I know.” I say in a breathy voice. I try to come to my senses and open up the movie.

The movie began and I started to shiver. I would’ve just turned on the heater but I kept forgetting to tell maintenance that it was broken. Still shaking, I put my head in Peter’s lap. “Cold?” Peter asks.

“Yes, will you hold me?” I ask him.

He wraps his arms around me and says, “Of course, boo.”

I snuggle against him. The movie was pretty steamy and turned me on a little. And I’m not even turned on by lesbian sex. Once the movie was over, I got somewhat emotional. Then again, I nearly get emotional with every film I see.

I close my laptop and look at Peter with my innocent eye and ask shyly, “what was your first time like?”

He chuckles and asks, “Why you ask?”

“Just wondering.” I answer.

“Awkward but pleasant…I guess?” He says, trying to find the right words.

I become more curious. I press my body against him, so my boobs are on his chest. My nipples were hard and barely visible through the shirt. “How so?”

“Well both him and I were not very experienced and it became clumsy at first but we enjoyed it after sometime.” He says with a smile, like it was a fond memory at summer camp.

There is a moment of silence. I straddle him with my legs and kiss him passionately. When I pull away, I tell him seductively, “I want you to lick my pussy.”

He smirks and says, “you have gotten mischievous, haven’t you?”

I blush and tell him, “Peter, please, I want you to be my first. Please lick me, please? I wanna know what it feels like.”

He shakes his head and says, “I don’t wanna hurt you.”

I roll my eye and say, “Not all girls have hymens, you know?”

He strokes my hair and says, “No, I mean emotionally.”

My expression changes from horny to concerned. “Why? We’ve been together for awhile, I think it is time we do this.” I plead. “I’m a big girl, I’m ready. Please, Peter, please.” I stare at him with my “kitty” look, twiddling my fingers in a shy, innocent manner.

“Fine.” He says as he kisses me on the lips. “But you can also tell me when to stop, okay?” I nod as he pinned me to the bed.

He reaches under my nightshirt to remove my white panties. The cool air made me gasp as it pressed against my lips. I was already a little wet and the juxtaposition between warm and cold only added to my sensation. He looks at my slightly grassy mound with delight.

He fingers around my pubic hair as I twitch, squirm and coo with pleasure. His lips roughly meet mine and I wrap my arms around his neck. Our tongues intertwined, his finger wraps around a small clump of stringy pubic hair. He breaks the kiss and leans down, between my legs and gives me a long lick. I shriek at this electrifying sensation. More licks and I can barely withstand my own breathy moans.

“Like it when I do this to you?” Peter asks in between licks.

I grab his long obsidian colored hair tightly and wail out, “Oh yes, Peter.” More licks. Occasionally he’ll add a finger or two along with it. I grip tighter to my lover and hiss as the sensations increases. I can feel liquid seep out of my heat.

Peter laps up the come from my thigh. “How did it feel?” He asks in a confident tone.

“Heavenly.” I say, pulling in for another kiss.

I take off Peter’s Judas Priest shirt and feel his abs. He is slightly hairy around the breast area, but not like a grassland. His arms are muscular while his abs are slightly fit. Not really buff, but not pudgy either.

My hands then fumble with his pants. “Can I taste you?” I ask, innocently. I put my finger to my lip in a coy fashion, adding to my sex appeal.

“Damn, Kayla, you’re so sexy when you do that.” Peter tells me, biting the crook of my neck.

When he is done, he takes off his boxers and sits on the Bahçelievler escort bayan bed. He is already erect. I get on the floor, on my knees and begin to stroke the foreign organ. I had a younger brother and of course I saw him naked. But a 3 year old’s dick is a lot different than a 25 year old’s. I’ve also seen and read a few hentai and the details (if they were uncensored or at least lightly censored) made cocks look unattractive, like a sausage. Peter, on the other hand, was smooth with a few veins. However they weren’t exaggerated like the men in hentai.

I slowly grab the base of his length and start to suckle on the tip. It tastes fleshy and awkward but the nymphomaniac in my head is having fun. He lets out a sigh of pleasure and grips my brown hair. Once I’m used to the tip, I take a bit more in. I can hear myself slurping, but not an elegant slurp like I do with tea. This sounded more vulgar, yet pleasant at the same time. I ignore the sounds that I make, and focus on my lover’s pleasure. He is enjoying it, I know he is. I take some of it out and swirl my tongue around the tip. I can tell he is close because he is bucking his hips. One last slurp and he comes. I swallow some of his come, while some of it falls on the floor. I blush.

“Sorry, couldn’t take it all in.”

He strokes my hair, “it is okay, babe, you did your best. We’ll clean it up later. Now show me your tits.” I smile and take off my shirt, revealing my modestly medium sized bosom.

I sit on his knee, facing him as he massages my breast. I arch my back as he fondles me. I wrap my arms around him. He rolls me over, so I’m now laying on the bed, with him on top of me. He passionately kisses me, while continue to feel me up. His lips then trail down my neck and to my nipples; biting and sucking on it. I gasp and cry with pleasure.

One more kiss and I can feel his length on my thigh. My hormones are racing. I can’t take it anymore. When he pulls away I say, “Peter, what you do to me, makes me go crazy.”

He cocks his head in a sexy manner and asks, “How so?”

I bite the lobe of his ear then whisper, “ever since the time we started dating, I’ve been fantasizing about you. I’ve waited for you. I want you inside me, now.”

Peter chuckles in a teasing manner. “Not yet.” He says.

“Why not? I’m soaking wet and you’re hard as hell. Lets fuck.” I argue.

“No, I meant something I wanna see. Something I can watch and enjoy.” He smiles his sexy smile.

I know what he means but I know he loves my innocence. “You mean you want me to…?”

He nods and encourages, “Yeah, baby. Touch yourself. I want so see you in your manic sexy state.”

I tell him, “grab my vibrator, it’s in the top drawer of my desk.”

He gets off with me and gives me a smug luck. “You have a viberator? Naughty girl.” He teases. I blush and hide my face in between my covers. I knew he would never believe the “it was a gift” excuse.

He opens my drawer and takes out a golden bullet vibrerator. He sees that I’m shy and he kisses my forehead and says, “You’re so cute when you’re skittish.”

He hands the device to me and I turn it on the lightest mode because I still am timid. I put it in my pussy and begin to gasp. I can tell he is enjoying this show. He gives himself a handjob as he is watching me. “Turn the vibrations on harder, babe.” Peter says seductively.

I do so and my gasp become moans. I cannot sit still as Peter is grabbing, stroking and spanking himself. He finally comes but I haven’t yet. He puts his hand on top of mine and turns the viberator on the highest setting, setting an instant orgasm. I close my eye and my breathing becomes more intense as my juices trail along the bed.

Peter lays the vibretaor next to me and grinds his hard, throbbing dick against my soaked entrance. “Peter don’t tease me. I want you inside me.” I beg.

“But, baby I enjoy teasing you.” He mocks.

“Is this how you treated your other partners, or are am I just special?” I ask.

“I’ve done some pretty kinky shit, Kayla. I have driven them to madness because how badly they wanted to be penetrated.” He continues to grind.

“Stop teasing me.” I whine.

He puts his finger on his chin, in a thinking position and says, “Hm, what else could I do to you? Escort bahçelievler Oh decisions, decisions.” I continue to look desperate.

He gets off me and I mutter, “sick fuck.” He smiles sadistically at that statement. He notices a feathery pen of mine, which my grandmother had given me and picks it up. I know where he is going, but for my first time? Really?

He reaches down to my feet and says, “stay still.” Shit, I can’t. I’m super ticklish. He wanders the feather up and down my feet, from the heels to in between the toes. I explode with laughter. He then runs the feather up my leg and into my sopping wet cavern. I couldn’t stop. I was so ticklish. He sits on me, so I can’t move my lower half as he continues to tickle torture me.

In between laughs and moans, I ask, “what will it take for you to stick you dick in me?”

“Only if you say the magic words.” He teases in a sing song voice.

He notices my bewilderment and says, “Oh you don’t know the magic words?” No answer, just laughs. “Then you shall not know until I make you come.” More strokes and wiggles of the feather and I’m withering against Peter’s strong body.

The tickle torture continues for about another minute until I finally come. He then does the dick tease again and says, “now tell me what you want.”

“You, Peter.” I plead.

“Have you been a good girl?”

Ugh, more teasing. “I dunno, have I? I just want your dick.” I answer.

“No, you’ve been naughty. Very naughty.” I whine. He gets up and says, “I forgot a condom and he puts on his pants despite his large erection.” Of course he did. After all he wasn’t expecting me to seduce him.

I roll over and watch him exit my room as I grind against my pillow, hoping to reach another orgasm. Of course, it is probably not as good as my first cock. He returns a few moments later and takes off his pants again and puts on the condom. I barely get a chance to roll over because he was already on my back.

“No, not my ass!” I whimper.

He giggles and asks, “Why? I haven’t pleasured here yet.”

“I’m serious Peter, I have hemorrhoids and this is gonna fucking hurt.” I argue.

He notices that innocent look in my eye and kisses my shoulder. “Of course babe, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.

He gives me the chance to roll over this time. He slowly puts himself in. I close my eyes and throw my head back with pleasure…only to find out he only put the tip in. Bastard.

“Peter, I want all of you inside me.” I cry.

He kisses my head as he continues to thrust. “I know baby, but you’re gonna have to say the magic words.

“But I don’t know the magic words.” I complain.

He sticks a finger in my ass, letting me cry out obscenities both from the pain and pleasure. Both the tip of his cock and his finger is thrusting inside of me. The pain and pleasure was driving me insane.. “Please, Peter, I’ve been a good girl.” I tell him. After all I did pleasure him and I let him see me masturbate, TWICE.

All of a sudden, I feel the whole thing inside me. “The word was please.” He tells me, with a chuckle. Really? My eye roll back and I cannot contain my moans. I hear someone in the hallway.


“Keep your voice down, boo.” He whispers as he keeps thrusting into me.

“I can’t.” I say, breathly. He sits me up, so he is thrusting while I’m sitting on his dick as he presses his lips against mine. Ecstasy is running through my body, but at least he is able to keep me quiet.

“Whats going on in there?” Asked the RA from outside the room in a concerned but assertive manner.

“Just watching a movie in here.” Peter calls, covering my mouth with his hand.

“Well can you keep it down? Its after midnight, people are sleeping.” The RA says.

“I understand.” Peter replies. Peter plants his mouth on mine again. Finally I had reached orgasm. He isn’t finished, so he continues pounding inside me. It doesn’t matter anyway, it only makes the effects of an orgasm more powerful.

We are unable to breathe, so we pull away. Luckily he finishes on time and smacks my ass. I fall on to the bed and he climbs on top of me, twirling a strand of my hair. “How did you enjoy yourself?”

“Very much, Peter.” I say pulling the covers around my small body.

“Good, because I have some more things in store for you the next time we find ourselves in this situation.” He turns off the light and plants another kiss on my head and says, “Get some sleep.”

One of my ultimate goals have been accomplished. However one thing that was stuck on my mind is what did he want to do to me the next time?

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