New Beauty in the Office Pt. 02

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This story is based off true events. The identity of the characters has been changed for protection. This is a continuation of the first part which events recently took place last week of July. Please stay patient, I do not have an editor. If you have suggestions on how this story should go, please leave comments and I will discuss with my co-worker.


Communication between Stella and I have slowed down over the last few weeks. With me not really knowing what was going on with her, I reached out to Stella letting her know that I was concerned and making sure she was alright. I saw my message being read, but with no reply.

After over a week without any communication, and being avoided in the office, my concern level was at an all-time high. Multiple text has been sent and now they were not even being read anymore. I felt like I was about to get reported for harassment. I thought my job was almost in jeopardy.

The following week, I had to take a trip out to Chicago for work. My client received some samples but not all of them. I had to call Stella to get them shipped to me, but she did not answer her phone. I sent an email out to my entire team and Stella answered back stating she will have the samples shipped to my hotel overnight.

Stella and I have had the conversation of her shipping her panties when I was out of town so I figured she may ship me some panties since we’ve talked about this before and that she had my hotel address. The next day when the shipment arrived, I tore the box open like a little kid on Christmas morning almost breaking the samples hoping to see Stella’s scented panties for me to inhale. I was instantly saddened when the box was empty, and the entire rest of that day seemed to drag.

That Friday evening after the meeting with my client was complete, I went to the airport to fly back to Louisiana. I waited at the airport for 8 hours, but the weather was so bad they canceled my flight. I had to get a 35-minute taxi ride since all the hotels by the airport was already booked by other passengers with canceled flights. While in my hotel, I could only think about Stella.

When I got home Saturday morning, I went to the park for my weekend run to stay in shape. Stella was still running through my mind. I was in my feelings because we came from talking throughout the day to not talking at all. I decided to give it one last text with all of my eggs in the basket.

I text Stella “I am unsure what’s going on with you but its driving me crazy how we came to be like this. I really like you a lot, but I am feeling hurt that you ended what we have without any closure. Please be truthful with me the way I am with you and tell me the truth.”

A few hours later, I received a message from Stella stating, “I apologize for ignoring you lately, I have been going through some personal things that I can’t discuss. Please give me some time to sort things out and I will get back to you.”

I replied, “Is there anything I can do to help? I am sorry for being selfish, but I really enjoy you in my life.”

The message was read with no response.

I decided to give her some space and let her handle her personal business. A few days have passed when I finally heard back from Stella. Stella seemed to now be in better spirits and more talkative. Hearing from Stella made me smile from ear Escort Bayan to ear. I told Stella that while we were not talking, I decided to write about our experiences together and told her I was at a stopping point.

Stella asked, “Can I read it.”

I answered, “it’s a little on the erotic side.”

Stella replied, “Perfect.”

I emailed her the first part of the story. About an hour later, Stella text me, “when are we going to continue this story. You’re very good and it got me all hot and bothered reading it.”

I stated, “It’s all on you. The story is based off what we go through.”

Seconds later, I received a picture of her bare breast. I was out of disbelief. Her breast were ten times more perfect than I have ever imagine. I knew they were on the larger side but never thought they were perfect. Stella had the most tear drop breast. Her medium size areolas were bright pink, and her nipples were hard as if she was turned on.

I tried to reply but was speechless. I could feel the blood rush from my head straight to my semi erect penis. The only thing I could say was, “damn your beautiful boobs are huge.” Since Stella had such a petite frame, it was mind blowing to see how perfect they were.

Stella said, “glad you like them. Tomorrow will be even better for you. I am very flattered that you want something intimate from me like my panties. I am very turned on knowing that we share some of the same interest. I too have an underwear fetish, but it is getting late, so I’ll leave you to ponder on that thought. Good night.”

Since the messenger app that we use deletes the message after its been seen, I decided to run to the restroom and send her a video of my jacking off to your breast. As I got off the bed, I dropped my phone which caused the app the close and me losing the picture. I was irate but decided to try to go to sleep to make the next day come by faster, but I couldn’t fall asleep and had a boner all night.

The morning finally came around and I was excited to get to work. When Stella walked, she smiled and gave me a quick nod and said, “good morning.” I am sure I had the biggest smile on my face as I said, “good morning” back. Stella was wearing some tight jeans and I could make out that she was wearing a thong. Every time she walked by; I damn near broke my neck trying to see if she took her thong off yet.

The day seem to drag since I was so excited. With an hour left in the day, I texted, “is it still going to happen” and sent her a picture of a zip lock bag. She replied “I know your not just joking with me now. I am setting it up now and saw her walking by. As soon as she walked by, my boss walked by and wanted to chit chat because he was bored. I was beginning to get frustrated since Stella walked by and saw him there talking to me.

Stella text me and said, “there is a small problem that she was embarrassed about.”

I asked, “what’s wrong?”

She replied, “I’m not on my period right now but I noticed that I spotted in these in the past. They have been washed but unsure if you still want them.”

I said, “Fuck yeah, that’s not going to stop me.”

Once he finally walked off, Stella came by with an envelope and handed it to me in one motion and kept walking. It reminded me of a movie where they make a drug exchange. I quickly placed Bayan Escort the envelope in my backpack out of site. Seconds later, my desk became the hangout spot. There were about 5 of my co-workers including my boss all gathered around my desk. I am sure when Stella walked by, she wanted to make sure I had my gift put up. Stella came and sat down in the middle of all of us and since I have a spare chair at my desk, I moved my backpack from the chair and allowed her to sit down as she looked nervous.

As it was five minutes to closing time, everyone went back to their desk to shut down their computers and pack up to leave. As Stella walked by, she gave me a sinister grin and walked out of the office.

As I got in my truck, I couldn’t even wait to pull out of the parking lot. My penis was already hard. I ripped open the envelope open and saw the panties were in a zip lock bag. I decided to get out of the parking lot since my co-workers were still leaving the office. I decided to leave and hit the highway.

As the panties laid in my lap, I couldn’t fight the urge. As I was at the stop light, I ripped open the zip lock bag and saw the Pink (Victoria secret brand) tag. The thong had a dark gray lace band and had a lime green with black zebra pattern on them with a small green bow in the front. As I took the panties out of the bag, they were not use to what I was used to seeing in a thong. After reading the tag, it was a V string style.

Since my office as at one of the busiest intersections, I found the crotch of the panties and notice they were still damp and thought she must have been turned on when she took them off. I placed the crotch to my nose and smelt her sweet musk which put me in a bliss of enjoyment. Since my penis was pressed against my slacks, I was on the verge of cumming and had to try and control myself. As I was deeply inhaling the panties, I felt someone staring at me a looked over to see a mid-aged lady looking at me with a frown on her face. I couldn’t do anything but chuckle and move up a bit so the lady couldn’t see me anymore.

As traffic started to move, I decided to put the panties down and concentrate on driving. Once I got on the highway, there was a car wreck which caused the traffic to slow down again. Since the panties were still in sight, I decided to send Stella a video of me inhaling the panties and showing her how hard I was in my slacks. Since you could tell the spotting marks were very faded, I sent Stella another video of me licking the crotch area.

Stella replied saying, “that’s hot” with heart eye emoji’s and one with a tongue out. “I’m not use to attractive guys like yourself showing me sexual interest which fulfills my desires.” I felt myself starting to pre-cum after reading that.

Once I got home, I received a call from my stepfather asking if I could come help him fix his truck, so I went over to help. After being over there for a few hours, it was finally time to go home. When I got home, I went straight to the shower to get the sweat off from me. As soon as I got out the shower, I went straight to bed.

Around 1 am, I woke up noticing that I was humping the bed with a full hard on and had felt wetness in my boxers. I felt like I had climaxed and went to the restroom to check. Once I pulled my boxers down, I saw thick white cum in my pubic hair. Escort I cleaned it all off but noticed my hard-on was still hard and throbbing. I went to my office and went straight to my backpack and grabbed the panties out. I went back to the restroom and began to jack off in the sink to avoid the major clean up. As I was jacking off to Stella’s musk scent, lost control and began shooting spurts of cum in the sink. It felt so good I started getting weak in the knees which caused me to wobble and made me shoot the biggest spurt of cum on the mirror and on the chrome faucet. After falling out of ecstasy, I felt a funny sensation from my penis, like my hole had ripped from cumming so hard but it went away after a few seconds.

What I thought would be a quick clean up ended up being 5 minutes of cleaning. Once I finished cleaning, I grabbed a new pair of boxers and got back in the bed. Two hours later, I was forced awake by my throbbing penis. He found his way free through the hole in my boxers. Since I enjoyed the climax that already taken place, I knew what exactly to do and went straight to the panties.

This time I got a towel and laid on the floor, so I won’t almost fall again. As I was jacking off and inhaling her sweet musk, I decided to suck on the back part of the crotch. I could now taste her sweet and salty nectar. As I mentally pictured Stella’s sexy body, I instantly came nearly giving myself a facial. The cum shot all the way up to my beard. I cleaned the cum off my stomach, chest and out of my belly button and went to the restroom to see the damage on my face. I saw a nice glob of cum still in my beard hair and a little wet mark as it dripped off my neck. I cleaned the cum out of my beard and off my neck and went back to bed and went to sleep.

When my alarm woke me up at 5, I got up to take a shower. After I started the shower and pulled down my boxers, I felt my penis twitch. I already knew what he wanted. I went back to the panties and decided to suck on the middle portion of the crotch. This time I went straight to the toilet to avoid any clean up. Once I felt my knees starting to wobble, I left the panties in my mouth and held on the towel rack as I aim my penis towards the toilet. This time it was one long shot and the rest just oozed out into the toilet bowl. I have now come four times within the last 5 hours.

After getting to work, I was excited to tell Stella about my night, but she was running around the entire time and we did not have time to speak privately. I text her, “you won’t believe how my night went”. I did not hear back from Stella. Since the office was very quiet and all my work was done, I spoke to my boss and asked, “can I leave early” and he said, “bye”. To make it up to Stella, I decided to go to the mall and get her a gift card from Victoria Secret to replace the ones that she gave me. I text Stella, “Do you want me to buy you some new ones or get you a gift card. After an hour, Stella replied, “do not buy anything, they’re a gift.” I was about to buy the gift card anyway but felt she may get upset if I did something against her will and didn’t want to mess up a good thing.

Stella reach out to me and said, “I feel bad giving you spotting panties and will make it up to you.”

I replied, “how about you line up the panties that look the best on you and let me pick the ones I want.”

Stella replied, “I will send it to you in a bit. Next time, I would love to see a video of what you do with my panties.”

I said, “Will do.”

Stella said, “don’t think we are done, there’s a lot more to come for you.”

To be continued…

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