New, Old Roommate

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“Bye Janice,” I called behind me as I left the cafe, “enjoy your weekend!” I didn’t bother to wait for her reply and let the heavy door fall shut. The musty city air was unpleasant compared to the smooth roasted coffee aroma of the cafe. It was nearly eight-thirty, not an ideal time to get out of work on a Friday but at least there was no traffic getting home.

As soon as I got out of my car I checked my texts and voicemails. Nothing exciting except for a message from my landlord about my new roommate. I rolled my eyes, she never gave me much warning about when someone was moving in but I always put up with it. It’s only fair considering she never harasses me for rent or tacks on fees, even if it’s over a month late.

My last roommate stayed for one semester and I hardly ever saw her except for when she came out of her room to microwave some ramen or use the bathroom. She was one of those video-gamer shut-ins. I didn’t feel like meeting my new one right away so I grabbed one of my joints from my purse and walked around behind the building.

I lit up and read a book to decompress for a few minutes. Leaning my back against the building and closing my eyes, I let the gentle tingle of the high flood my body. My mind began to wander back to the night before when I missed the last train and didn’t have enough money to pay the taxi.

I was a horny from smoking and grinding on guys all night long at the club, so the idea came to mind pretty quickly. There were plenty of taxis along the main road so I searched for one with a lonely-looking guy. I lucked out in finding a scrawny, thin-haired caramel colored guy who looked to be in his early twenties. His shirt had “Magic the–” something written on it and there were large plush, oddly shaped dice hanging from the rear-view mirror.

I pulled my thin skirt up a bit before walking over and getting in the front. His name was Jeff and he had curly black hair and a lanky frame. I gave him my address and complimented his hair, making sure to lightly run my hands through it. He blushed and thanked me before taking off in a jerky haste.

I flirted with him a bit on the way and when we stopped in front of my place I gently placed my hand on his thigh, “So Jeff, I was wondering, theoretically, if I didn’t have enough money to pay the bill…” a bulge began to form in his pants as I slowly rubbed his leg and leaned closer, letting my nipple slip out a bit, “could I possibly pay you with…” I looked in his eyes, “…other services?”

I was surprised to find Jeff rather forward as he demanded that I get naked and suck his cock. I gladly did so and told him to spank me, hard. He degraded me and insulted me as I slurped up his cock, getting wetter with every slap on my ass. Eventually his cum exploded into my mouth and I drank it greedily.

A loud car horn coming from a street away ripped me from my daydream and I realized I was soaking wet and incredibly horny. I finished off my joint and went inside with the hopes of masturbating for a few hours. I unlocked the front door and rushed through the kitchen, colliding with my roommate as I came around a corner. I went flying back onto my large rump while he caught himself on the wall.

“I’m so–” As I looked up I first noticed the large bald patch on his head, then the sag of his skin around sivas escort his face. He looked like he was eighty years old. “…sorry.” I finished as he reached down to help me up.

“Not a problem honey, are you okay?” He asked.

“Oh, yeah I’m fine, sorry again. Are you my new roommate?” I noticed he was looking at my breasts which were easily seen through my thin white t-shirt. Thin shirts got me better tips at the cafe so that’s what I wore to work. Feeling confident, I straightened my back, allowing my chest to stick out a little more.

“Oh…uh, yeah, I hope that’s okay with you?” He looked apologetic.

“Yeah that’s fine.” I said before he shuffled over to the living room. I watched him sit on the couch and then had a sudden thought. I had seen a couple porn videos of old men fucking younger girls and wondered if it would be fun. I went into my room to change into a thin, skin-tight top and silky pajama shorts before joining him on the couch.

“Are you a student at the local college?” I asked him.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m coming back for the GED program they offer to old-farts like myself.” He laughed at his own joke before changing the channel.

I noticed him eyeing me again so I stood up and began cleaning the livingroom, making sure to give him good views of the merchandise as I bent over. “Sorry it’s such a mess, I didn’t know I was going to have company today.”

He answered hoarsely, “My ex-wife never cleaned so this is nothing in comparison.” I turned to see him trying to hide his erection. “In fact, she never did much for me.”

I came over and sat on the arm of the couch, right next to him, “That’s awful, I believe that in every relationship, both partners should try hard to please each other as much as they can.” His eyes were trained on my erect nipples. “Did she do that for you?”

He didn’t realize I had asked him a question at first, “Uh, did…did she try to…p-please me?” He seemed unsure of whether he should answer, “…no, not really. Plus it’s been years since we divorced.” His erection was now too large to hide so he let his arm sit on the arm rest, barely grazing my ass.

I scooted just enough so that his hand was fully touching me, sending hot, electric tingles throughout my rump and into my hot sex. I felt him slide his hand up, carefully running it along my back and then back down. My eyelids fluttered at the heat of his touch as I leaned forward, giving him more to work with. Whispering breathily I said, “That’s too bad,” and licked my lips.

He reached up with his other hand and gently pulled me closer, closing the gap between our lips. His were soft but his tongue was strong as it slipped its way into me, exploring my mouth. The area between my legs burned with desire as I slid onto his lap. I ran my hand along his chest and began grinding myself on him, savoring the feel of my wet heat against my silky shorts. I felt his cock grow even bigger as we moved against each other.

He groaned as I rubbed myself on him through our clothes. His hands explored my body, gently feeling my ass as he slid his warm hands up my back and under my shirt.

I felt his thumbs graze the sides of my chest lightly before his hands found their way to my lustrous and soft breasts. My nipples lit with passion when his fingers slid across them, rubbing them and teasing them, sending electric signals throughout. He stroked them with his thumbs, moving them in circles as his tongue continued to interlock with mine.

I broke the kiss just long enough to lean back and tear off my shirt, exposing my breasts to this man I had just met. He reached forward and pulled me in as his tongue reached for my nipples. His tongue flicked over one and I let out a light groan. My pussy pulsed with desire and pleasure as I continued to rub myself against him. The feel of his tongue against my nipples felt amazing, I never wanted him to stop. I was so wet I could feel my juices drip down my thighs and through my shorts onto him. Every movement I made ignited a fire in me as I pressed myself harder and harder into him, nearly shaking with the blissful tingle of my sex down below.

To my chagrin he pulled away from my breasts and began to unbuckle his belt. Realizing what he wanted I stood up and let my silky shorts drop to the floor, exposing myself entirely to him. Enjoying the way his eyes lit up at the sight of my curvaceous body I turned around, swaying my hips and slowly making my way back to him. When I was within arms reach, he grabbed my ass and squeezed, sending electricity from his fingertips into me.

At this point my pussy was throbbing with desire and I didn’t think I could wait anymore. I reached down, grabbing and stroking his huge, thick cock as I brought myself closer. As the tip of his dick touched my wet slit, I let out a loud moan and began rubbing it along me, from my pussy up to my clit and back down.

I felt him grab my hips and force me down. The tip pressed at my opening, sending a burning desire through me, causing me to exclaim with pleasure. It pushed easily further and I moaned as it slowly spread me apart. With every inch that entered me, I felt myself lose a part of my consciousness to the incredible pleasure that was amplified by the high. He pushed until his balls pressed against my smooth ass and I could feel his twitching cock touching every inch of my vagina. It felt so good to have such an enormous dick in me that for a second all I could do was sit there. Soon I lifted myself, enjoying the feeling of his cock slipping out of me, pulling on me as we both moaned with the motion. I moved slowly at first, down and then back up, almost overwhelmed by the feeling of his shaft moving in and out of me.

We were both moaning and thrusting into each other, trying my push his cock in as far as we could until it wouldn’t go any further. With each thrust I could feel more and more pleasure fill me, my body, and every inch of my soaking wet sex. I was nearly drowning in it, unable to even remember where I was or who I was with. All I knew was the pleasure of the dick pounding me until minutes later I felt something change in me and all of that pleasure burst into an ocean of ecstasy and white light. I closed my eyes and leaned back into him as I huffed and let the light fade away. I was breathing heavy and when i opened my eyes, my vision was a little blurred as I realized I had squirted all over the floor and was resting against him.

“Get up and bend over the arm.” He breathed into my ear. “I’m not done.”

Still a little dazed, I did as he said. He came up behind me and slipped his huge cock back into me, causing me to cry out.

He fucked and slapped and bit me as his cock pounded my pussy into oblivion. Every thrust of his cock into me felt better than the last and I wanted more and more. I angled myself so the tip of his cock would slam against my g-spot with every thrust. I felt a second orgasm coming at the same time he began saying “Oh god, I’m going to cum. Of fuck, oh fuck! Oh shit here it comes!” He moaned loudly as he thrust his pulsing cock into me and pumped load after load of semen deep into my vagina. He huffed as he stepped back, pulling himself out. I watched as an enormous stream of white, fluffy cum dripped out of me.

I sighed and flopped onto the couch.

He smiled.

“Your cock is amazing, old man, but I don’t know if you can keep up with me.” I smiled and began rubbing my clit, already wanting more.

He flashed a toothy smile as he stroked his cock and walked closer. He picked up my legs and brought himself closer, teasing me with his eyes.

“Do you want this?” He asked as I looked at his still erect cock.

“Yes.” I moaned, gyrating my hips in anticipation.

“How badly do you want my cock?” He smirked.

“So bad. I want it so bad, please, just put it in me.” I could feel the tingle of desire pulse through me.

“If you want it that bad, you have to call me Daddy.” His demeanor seemed to become more stoic and rough. “You have to beg your Daddy to please you.” I could see his cock getting even harder, if that was possible.

I saw the need flash in his eyes, the need to be called Daddy, to dominate me. “Please Daddy, please.” With each word I spoke, I got more into it, “Please Daddy, won’t you help your little girl?” I slid my fingers down and rubbed my clit, “I need my Daddy to teach me how to feel good. Can you do that for me Daddy?” I pleaded him with my voice and my eyes, feeling myself really get into the role.

“Yes baby, oh god, Daddy is going to fucking destroy you.” He positioned himself and shoved his cock into me with a force I didn’t even think he could muster

He pounded me over and over again as I shouted “Yes, Daddy! Oh god!” squirming as I felt every inch of his cock fill me. I thrust my hips into him, savoring the feeling of his cock slamming against me. I could feel the pleasure build up. I began whimpering in ecstasy, getting louder each time as an orgasm began to hit me. I let out a long, loud moan as my body pulsed with pure bliss.

He didn’t stop and continued to pound me, telling me I was a dirty little girl and Daddy needed to teach me a lesson. An hour later I could see pleasure contort his face as an orgasm built up. He leaned into me and shouted loudly as he released an enormous blast of cum inside me. It was so strong I could feel it shooting into me, filling me everywhere. It seeped out around his cock as he came until he collapsed on top of me. We laid there in an enormous puddle of cum that had formed beneath us, unable to do anything but breathe.

Eventually he stood, examining his work. I spread my legs, playing with my cum-covered pussy and giving a good view.

He smirked, “I think we are going to get along just fine.”

I returned the smile.

“You would definitely like my friends.” He said.

I raised my eyebrows, “I guess I’ll have to meet them to make that decision.”

“Oh, you will.” He said as he slowly left the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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