Nigel’s Story Ch. 01

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My wife Sabrina and I first got interested in somewhat alternative lifestyles about 12 or 13 years ago although we hadn’t actually met at that time it was a case of parallel experience. I was 27. I was sharing a house in a little village just outside London with two women. I’ll call them Sarah and Helen, not their real names. Anyhow I used to take the opportunity of going home back to mum and dad’s at the weekend to get the washing done! It was after I arrived back on the Sunday morning that I noticed something was terribly wrong. You could have cut the air with a knife.

Before I go on I should explain a little about my flat mates.

Helen was a real tom boy. 22 years old, Short blonde hair and a large frame about 5’8” (1.78m) tall but not fat. She was healthy and strong in a ‘country girl’ sort of way, plain but not unattractive, a bit of a drinker and a smoker and always on the look out for a good time.

Sarah on the other hand was a little older perhaps 28 brunette slim attractive and quite sophisticated half German and had an off and on relationship with a German boyfriend from Dusseldorf who would visit every month or so.

What happened was this. Some time ago I had gone to my parents place and Helen had told Sarah that she was planning to visit her mum and wouldn’t be back until the morning. Sarah and Hans were alone in the house and after a half bottle of red wine Hans suggested that they retire to the bedroom to finish the bottle. It was winter and boy was that house cold!

Sarah said that it was too cold and the only way he would get her in there was to drag her screaming and kicking and tie her to the bed! Sarah told me later that she had never imagined he would take her literally and whilst she found it incredibly exciting she would never have suggested it in a million years if she had thought he would really do it.

Anyhow it wasn’t long before giggling and shivering more through excitement than cold Hans was tying Sarah spread eagled on the bouncy old bed in her room. Once naked he had tied her hands to the bedposts with her pantyhose and used the belts from two dressing gowns to tie her ankles. She remembers her legs being spread wide and being slightly embarrassed at being so wet and swollen with her clitoris poking up through her soft hair.

Hans had looked down at her and smiled. He buried his face between her legs and she instantly came as he licked and probed with his tongue and fingers. When he came up for air his face was soaked in Sarah’s juices and she eagerly licked them from his mouth as he thrust his member into her. I remember getting really excited myself as she unfolded her story to me. It was a good job I was sitting down or she would have seen a massive erection.

Hans’ staying power was short lived however and soon he came shooting his load all over her flat belly. Apparently they just lay there in the aftermath and dozed on and off until Sarah nudged him and asked that she be released.

At this point I will cut a long story short as it gets a little distasteful. Suffice to say that Hans had replenished his tanks and wasn’t satisfied with just a one off encounter. After he had come again he had laid back and gone to sleep leaving Sarah in her bonds covered in his seed from head to foot. It was at this point that she thought she had seen movement in her bedroom doorway, turned to look but there was nothing.

Hans and Sarah split up that morning – It was quite something apparently I wasn’t there thank goodness but Helen told me that she had quite literally thrown him out and all his belongings. That was six months before this weekend.

Apparently talking to Helen she had gone to her mum’s that weekend but had decided to come back to the house on the spur of the moment. She confessed to me that she had crept into the house late that night not wanting to wake up Sarah and Hans whom she was sure would have been hard at it all evening. As she walked past Sarah’s room she heard a bit of commotion and decided to jump in and surprise them for a giggle. When she poked her head around the corner she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had always thought that Bondage was some kind of deviant perversion and couldn’t believe that Sarah and Hans were proponents.

She couldn’t take her eyes off what was happening and try as she might she was unable to turn away even though they hadn’t seen her.

Apparently she had almost involuntarily moved her hands to her nipples under her jumper yes it was cold and yes they were very erect only to slowly caress and pinch them as the two lovers continued to perform. She realised that she really was enjoying watching as her heart fluttered with the excitement. She said that it had been in her early teens since she had last felt that way. She felt an urge to join in but knew that would have spelt disaster for their friendship. Instead she unclasped the belt from her 501’s and slowly and silently unbuttoned her fly.

Her mind was racing and she tried to convince herself that she was only getting Betturkey undressed so that she could go to bed.

She inserted her hand down the front of her panties and gasped as she felt the, by now, very wet and slippery tract between her legs. She turned away and rested her back against the wall as she heard Sarah let out a muffled scream and beg for Hans to stop. She had a shuddering climax, which made her knees buckle and went to bed to leave the lovers to their games.

That night she hardly slept at all and her little pink friend was worked overtime. I recall her saying that she normally lost interest after the first climax but that night once was not enough as she repeatedly forced her vibrator to do her bidding. It was also the first time she had inserted her friend in her anus in a rabid attempt to satisfy her lust.

The following morning she was up a little later than Hans and Sarah which was just as well as there were plenty of fireworks.

With Hans out of the way the two girls became very close friends although there was never any suggestion of a physical relationship. On the weekend I was away that had all changed.

What had happened was this. The imagery of Sarah and Hans had become one of Helen’s favourite fantasies and she had taken a decision to live out her fantasy. Now whether that was with a boy friend or Sarah I am not quite sure and talking to Helen I don’t think she was either.

That weekend it was a lazy summer evening and the girls had had a BBQ in the garden together with the content of a bottle of PIMMs and a bottle of white wine. They had chatted and giggled and talked of some of their awful boyfriends! Clearing the dishes into the kitchen Helen had suggested they open bottle of red and watch a video. Sarah agreed and said that Hans had brought one from Germany which she thought might be a sex romp X rated and why didn’t they watch that. Helen had joked that they might have to go and get a couple of studs to satisfy their lust if they felt horny. What they weren’t prepared for was a totally explicit tape. I saw the tape and it was extreme! R rated movie. Sarah was about to turn it off but Helen had said to leave it on and started joking about the actor’s performances.

The girls had giggled until the point where the scene had shifted to a light Bondage situation. Helen had watched Sarah’s face as the actress was restrained and gang banged by four men. Her eyes had drifted way from the screen but kept going back as she continued to fidget restlessly.

Helen giggled and broke the silence she said that she had had a boy friend that had wanted to try that but she had been so embarrassed that she had said no. She said that she really wouldn’t know where to start. She asked Sarah if she had ever tried anything like that herself.

To her astonishment she said she had but things had got a little out of hand and that’s when Hans had been booted out. Now it was Helen’s turn to fidget as she realised just how soaking her panties were under her dress from watching the video and talking to Sarah about her real life experience.

She wondered if Sarah was as wet as she was. In truth Sarah had been doing her pelvic floor exercises ever since the video had come on and had come quietly just before the bondage scene. She remembers thinking I wonder if Helen noticed.

Helen took the bit between her teeth and suggested that Sarah show her how she had been restrained. Sarah said that she would have to be a lot drunker than that before she would do any such thing. At which point Helen lent over and filled up her glass.

“Well” said Sarah “it seems as if I have no option but this time I’m keeping my clothes on.. come on” she said and led the way to her bedroom.

Helen had assumed it would be her who was to be tied up but Sarah had got on the bed and slipped her pantyhose off and handed them to Helen. She couldn’t help but notice the wet slippery patch at the crotch.

Sarah spread her arms and told Helen to tie each wrist to each corner of the bed. Helen was a willing student and tied Sarah’s wrists so firmly that the skin pinched around them. “That’s tight enough” she had said.

Sarah told me later that she had never been with another girl before and she had certainly not expected this to progress to this stage but that this was the first time she had been tied up since that fateful night with Hans. She was incredibly aroused when without warning Helen had taken hold of her ankles and spread her legs to either corner of the bed and tied them expertly so that she was spread eagled wearing a light summer skirt and white cotton blouse.

Helen bent forward and on the pretence of checking Sarah’s ties made sure to brush against Sarah’s erect nipples as she moved back away. Sarah was not wearing a bra and her excitement was very plain to see as her breasts heaved and fluttered as she breathed in. She remembers closing her eyes thinking oh what the hell and listening to Helen remarking on what a bad girl Betturkey Giriş she was to wet her panties with so much cum. This was ridiculous she thought here I am on the brink of another orgasm and she hasn’t even touched me yet. She gave herself over to her feelings and soon there was that tell tale intense wave of pleasure pounding ion her loins.

She opened her eyes to see Helen standing not 12 inches from her head totally naked. She noticed how smoothly shaven her vagina was and the tell tale trickle of moisture on the inside of her thigh, Her hands were moving slowly but deliberately over her huge clitoris which was wet and angry as she raised one foot on to the bed.

In her other hand was a large pink vibrator which she moved to work over her clitoris and insert all the way up in her vagina. Sarah was transfixed. She had never before had her face so close to another women’s vagina let alone watched her inserting a vibrator.

When Helen asked if she would like a closer look she thought she should say no but instead she kept silent. She asked me later if that was supposed to mean yes. I thought it might.

Helen moved smoothly to position herself above Sarah’s face and slowly brought her wet and swollen mound down. Sarah tried to turn away but Helen’s thighs made sure her head was still. She had felt the slightly cooler lips of Helen’s labia tough her lips and resolved to keep her mouth firmly closed but as soon as the weight of Helen’s pelvis was brought to bear there was a flood of juices across her chin and down her neck. She gasped for air and instantly her mouth was engulfed by the sweet fragrant taste of Helen’s labia. Instinctively she tried to turn away and then almost by way of fighting back from her hopeless position she pushed her head forward and bit at Helen’s swollen clitoris. Helen moaned and pressed down even harder into Sarah’s mouth. Letting her tongue thrust inside she felt the rhythmic contraction of Helen’s orgasm as she came.

Sarah felt a burning desire to clasp her hand between her legs and bring herself to orgasm but it was not to be. Her bonds held her tightly and all she could do is writhe trying unsuccessfully to rub her thighs together in search of some relief.

Helen eased herself off Sarah’s face and stepped back to look at her handiwork. Sarah’s face was soaked, her hair matted and her lips raw. Her eyes remained closed as she mouthed the words “Bitch”.

Sarah lifted Helen’s skirt and saw the wet matted hair between her thighs and a large clitoris poking up through it. “That will never do” she had said as she disappeared to the bathroom only to return with a razor and cream.

Sarah lifted her head and saw what was about to happen. Oh god she had said as she had fallen back onto the bed. Something insider her said stop but something else more powerful had wanted Helen to shave her pussy clean.

Sarah lifted up her pelvis almost welcoming the sharp razor as the first few strokes laid her bare. Helen wasn’t finished yet and made sure that there were no stragglers anywhere around her vagina or anus. Sarah can remember thinking that there was hardly any need to use shaving cream her juices were all that was needed.

Helen finished and knelt down between Sarah’s knees to examine her handiwork. Sarah could feel Helen’s hot breath on her naked mound and thrust her pelvis toward Helen’s lips.

Helen needed no second invitation and sank her face in with a vengeance and violence that shocked Sarah to the core. It was as though she was trying to suck the very life out of her.

Sarah screamed and ground her teeth as the waves of an orgasm shocked through her body. She gasped as Helen thrust her pink vibrator deep inside her. Slowly the intensity subsided but Helen hadn’t finished.

What happened next is not to everyone’s taste and was largely responsible for the atmosphere I walked into when I returned from my parents that Sunday.

Helen had got totally engrossed in pleasuring Sarah to the extent that she had failed to understand the difference between stop and STOP!. Had their love making session stopped at this point there would have been little said or done but Helen had crossed the boundary. She had forced her finger into Sarah’s anus and tried unsuccessfully, to push in her vibrator. Sarah had been hurt and was sore and upset. It was now up to me to try to build the bridges and get these two to make friends again.

Boy it took time I can tell you. Eventually I managed to get the both of them sitting around the kitchen table and said that we were going to have a frank open discussion about what had happened without any recrimination or blame and sort out just where we were to go from here.

I seemed to take on the role of sage and expert, not that I was, although I had managed to get some literature on the subject that suggested that the reason things had gone wrong was because they hadn’t agreed on a safe word which is used to completely stop all proceedings.

When Betturkey Güncel Giriş I asked them if they had found the experience pleasurable and after some discussion they said that they had been driven wild by it, I suggested that it really hadn’t done anyone any harm and they shouldn’t feel guilty or bad about it.

Helen said that she was sorry for forcing anal sex onto Sarah when she wasn’t ready for it and Sarah agreed that that was OK but said that the last time she had had the experience it had been with Hans the night before she threw him out. Apparently it was slightly less than consensual then and being tied down and having Helen try to push the vibrator up her arse was too close a reminder although she admitted quite liking the little finger.

I felt that things were settling down quite well when Sarah said that she thought Helen needed to be punished for her behaviour.

When I asked her what she had in mind she said that this time it should be Helen that should be tied down and fucked remorselessly by both of us. Now I was beginning to have a problem of my own as my penis was threatening to burst out of my trousers. I laughed and said now that’s not a bad idea. Sarah was laughing as well but Helen wasn’t.

“Well” said Helen “if you are going to, you had better start now” as she stood up and walked through to Sarah’s bedroom glancing backward over her shoulder as she went with a small grin across her face.

Sarah stood up and looked at me I stood and saw her gaze fall down to my crotch. “Promise me one thing” she said, “I want you to come deep in my pussy not hers”. “I don’t think that will be a problem” I joked. “I mean it” she said, “it’s important”.

We got to her room and found Helen waiting for us she had picked up not one but two vibrators, which she was brandishing like swords across her chest. “Well” she said “now just what do you intend to do?” “Safe words first” I said “Pavement” said Helen “Right” we agreed.

Sarah took the vibrators from Helen and held them against her mound. This was going too fast I thought. She lifted them up to her lips and staring her in the eyes she parted her lips and one by one tasted and sucked the tools of pleasure and pain. Helen lent forward as she watched Sarah’s soft lips and tongue play with the toys she used in the privacy of her own room at night.

Sarah threw the tools down on the bed and grasped Helen’s blouse and tore it apart revealing her small firm breasts and pushed it off her shoulders. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were pink and erect even the areoles were raised. Sarah grasped the nipples between her fingers and thumbs and squeezed tightly. Helen let out a whimper and her knees buckled as she tried to sit on the bed but Sarah held her up and made her stand upright her arms held at her side by the blouse that had been pulled down. Sarah was clearly playing for keeps and was about to reek her revenge.

“That hurts!” said Helen. I was waiting for the safe word but it never came.

Get undressed and lay on the bed commanded Sarah. Helen dutifully obeyed and as she slowly peeled off her clothes Sarah moved in front of me and placed her hands on my trousers over my swollen groin. I felt her explore its shape and size running her fingers down to aching my scrotum.

“Remember your promise.” she said.

Helen was on the bed and I was astonished to see peeking between her fingers a perfectly smooth shaven pussy between her legs.

“Matt, spread her arms and tie them to the bed head” said Sarah “I want to watch this.” With some effort I forced Helen’s hands above her head and tied them one by one to the bed head exposing her pussy for all to see.

“Now her ankles.” said Sarah. She stood watching me struggle with the cords from her dressing gown, legs slightly apart gently rubbing herself between her legs and caressing her breasts.

Having successfully tied her ankles I stood back to see Helen writhing, her clitoris swollen and wet. Sarah moved to the side of the bed and beckoned me to come closer I walked toward her and felt her hand move swiftly to my fly. My cock was out in an instant glistening with my own juices. She knelt before me and squeezed my cock from the base up until a little bead of juice appeared on the top. This was too much!

She took her thumb and swirled it around my glans playing with the glistening moisture and driving me almost to the brink of orgasm. She looked at Helen and asked her how she would feel about having this member shoved up her arse. Helen remained silent and I couldn’t help but think of what Sarah had said earlier. Did that mean yes?

Sarah lent forward and sucked the whole of my cock into her mouth grasping my balls tightly as she did. The shock of her grasp was the only thing that prevented me from shooting my load instantly down her throat.

As Sarah withdrew she stood up and we slowly got undressed in front of each other. I had never seen either of them naked Sarah’s breasts were beautifully shaped, not large but had a perfect tan large areoles and doorstops for nipples!

Standing at the base of the bed She turned her back toward me and place her hands around my cock forcing it toward her pussy from behind as she bent forward and placed her head between Helen’s legs.

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