Night Shift

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I am a clerk at a local gas station. I have that job fore about a decade. I drag my thirty five year old body to work on five, sometimes six days a week. But I always go to work when it is dark outside. I work graveyard, I work the night shift only, because it is my thing to do. I love to work when it is dark outside. I love the silence of the night, and yes, I like the people that show up too.

And no, I haven’t said goodbye to sunlight: After my shift I often go out, into the sun, some hiking, some chilling, enjoying the quiet of the morning, while everyone else drags their sleep drunken bodies into work. I love my ultra night owl lifestyle, but finding a partner that shares it with you, is a very tough thing to do.

My shift starts at about nine thirty in the evening, and it ends around six thirty in the morning. When I arrive at work, I make a round around the compound, to check out if everything is alright. Then I take over the cash register from a coworker, then I end my coworkers tend to have some chit chat, then they leave. They leave and leave me alone in the dark.

The first two, three hours of my shift are the boring ones. Next to no customers show up. And if someone shows up, they mostly ask to buy some beer, they ask for some booze, but our shop isn’t allowed to sell that stuff anymore, because it got out of hand in the past, and the brother of our major owns the two local night clubs, and the local brothel.

After doing mostly nothing but restocking the shelves in the shop for about two hours, the first customers, the first regulars show up. Due the fact that from about one in the morning to six in the morning the gas station is the only open place in town — except the nightclubs and the whorehouse — everyone that works at night and needs something, or wants a fresh cup of coffee, comes to me, comes into the gas station shop.

So the local police officers are regulars, yes coffee and donuts, some security guards pop in for some chit chat and some warm beverage, our local paramedics show up when they are not busy driving around wounded people, the employees of the night club drop in to buy some cigarettes, and from time to time, she shows up.

She is around my age. She works in the brothel. No, she is no sex worker, at least not anymore. She takes care of mixing the drinks, she takes care of preparing snakes, she takes care of getting Beşevler Rus Escort some customers some smokes and to certain degree, she runs the place. She is the second in command. The one who takes care of everything.

I love it when she shows up. Because despite the fact that she is not satisfying the horny urges of some horny customers anymore, she still is dressed to impress. She looks gorgeous. She caught my eye the first time she showed up a few years ago. And yes, she gives me raging boners too.

But as soon as she is around, I loose it. I turn into an overly nervous wreck that is barely able to take her money and give her back the change. Fuck it, I hate it when it happens. And some of the regulars in the shop making fun of it, making fun of me, isn’t making it easier for me. But the regulars, at least some of them, also tried to build me up, they tried to encourage me to talk with her.

One day, I think it was a Sunday night, I was alone in the gas station, she showed up. I could see her walking down the road on one of our CCTV cameras. The moment I realized that she was showing up, my heart rate went up. I got nervous. But I tried to focus, I tried to keep my shit together.

Then she came into the shop. The sliding door opened up automatically, then she came in. She took some stuff out of the shelves, yes, I was staring at her, then she came over to the counter to pay. My trembling hands took her money and handed her the change back.

Inside me, a battle was going on. Say something. Ask her if she likes some coffee. Or if the she wants to meet up after work, the watch a sunrise. Say anything. Do it now. And it worked. I was able to force myself to open my mouth. All that came out was: “Do you like coffee?”

A smile appeared on her beautiful face: “Yes, I do like coffee.”

Now I was stuck, for a few incredible long seconds: Answer her. Now. And fuck yeah, I pulled the stunt: “Do you want to drink a coffee with me?”

The smile on her face got even bigger: “I’d love too, but I have to go back to work. Tomorrow, same place, same time?”

A huge smile appeared on my face. I was nothing but relieved that she said yes. I just nodded with my head: “Yes, totally fine with me. See you tomorrow.”

She wished me a good night and then she left. She went back Cebeci Rus Escort to work, I went back to work. From the moment she left the shop, it was an ordinary night shift again.

The next night, she showed up again. We had some coffee together. I struggled to get a conversation going. By the looks of it, she fought the same battle. But luckily there were two police officers in the shop at the same time. Drinking some coffee. And the jumped in, they helped out the two of us. They made us all laugh, and boom, the ice was broken. We had a conversation up and running. And we had something to talk about.

From now on she showed up every second day. It went that way for about a month. The other regulars stopped joking, the began to encourage me: “Go and get her. She seems to be into you.”

I followed their advice. I asked her for a date. Not an ordinary one, I asked her to go out with me, to grab a few drinks and watch the sunrise after our shift. She said yes. And a few days later it happened. Yes, I left work earlier. Nearly every work mate owes me at least one favor.

We were cuddling beneath a blanked waiting for the sun go up. Being that close to each other felt nothing but great. My body touching her body, awesome. We talked about something, we looked each other in the eyes and then it happened. We looked each other in the eyes, we kissed for the first time. I had butterflies in my belly.

That first kiss was followed by many more. It turned into passionate kissing soon after. Our hands began explore each others bodies. More and more tension was building up. Our moaning was filling the air. Then she unzipped my pants and got my rock hard dick out.

At first she stroke him, one of her hands went up and down my rock hard dick. It felt nothing but good. Now my moaning was filling the air. She kept on kissing me. I kept on kissing her.

Then she stopped. I was disappointed, maybe a little bit angry. But a smile appeared on her face: “Let’s head to my place. To keep on going.”

I nodded with my head, and about two seconds later my dick was in my pants again and I was standing on my feet, ready to head to her place. She took her time with standing, up. She looked at me, again, with a huge smile on her damn beautiful face: “We are in no hurry, aren’t we?”

She was playing Kolej Rus Escort with me a little bit. She was teasing me. She loves doing that kind of things. But then we headed to her place. We were holding hands for the first time. Yes, we had fallen for each other.

At her place, she told me to get comfortable. She would be with me soon. She just needed to refresh herself a little bit. I killed the time by looking around at her decent sized apartment. No, I wasn’t opening any drawers or anything, I just checked the stuff that was standing around, I checked the things that were hanging on her walls. And I must admit, I liked what I as seeing.

About thirty minutes later she came back. Wearing some damn hot lingerie. She was looking nothing but hot. She gave me one of the hardest boners I ever had. Without thinking to much I began to undress myself. Then some inner animal took over: I grabbed her, I dragged her into her bedroom, there I threw her on her bed and passionate kissing set in.

But she stopped again. This time she was really nervous. She asked me one question: “You know about me, don’t you? Are you here because of it or not? And please be honest.”

And she got an honest answer: “Yes, I know that you are trans. And nope, I am not here because of it. I am here because you caught my eye, and well, I think I have just have fallen for you.”

A huge smile appeared on her face. Passionate kissing set in again. Our hands were on each others bodies again. More and more tension built up. We wanted each other. She made me lay down on my back.

She got out of her panties. Then she lubed up my rock hard dick. Moments later my dick was sliding in and out of her ass hole. She rode me hard. She likes it that way. She took me balls deep. She was moaning out loud. We were moaning out loud. It felt nothing but good.

My hands were on her gorgeous boobs all the time. My fingers were playing with her hard nipples as she was bouncing up and down my rock hard dick. Her limp dick, her balls were bouncing in the rhythm too.

I came closer and closer with every thrust she gave me. She came closer too. Her hands began to hold onto me. Just a few more thrusts left. And then one more thrust. Boom, my balls dumped their load into her. She came a few seconds later. Her legs were shaking, her sweat covered body was trembling.

She collapsed onto me. She needed some time to regain her breath. When she was back again, she looked me in the eyes again. We smiled at each other. We kissed each other. We cuddled for some time. Then we went put one our underwear again and headed into her kitchen, to have some dinner, in the middle of the morning. Yes, our day night rhythm was really off back then. And well, it still is today.

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