Night Vision Goggles

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Balls Deep

Officer Tim Walanski slowed the car, circling the little dirt turnaround as he held his breath, horrified at the damage the dirt rode could be doing to his new Plymouth cruiser. He crashed through deep holes and bounced over huge, bolder-sized rocks. He was following a pair of dirt wheel tracks which crested a deserted hilltop next to a large housing area. The cruiser scraped through the dry, lifeless bushes as they scraped down the sides of the cruiser, clutching at the only signs of life in their dry, barren existence as if desperately seeking escape.
Officer Tim was not simply out sightseeing, he was Code-5, on assignment. A series of burglaries had taken place in the nearby housing area, and he was there on stakeout. He believed it was a token gesture to please the civilians. Burglary stakeout had a 100 to 1 shot of ever succeeding. The prowler had a million places to rob, but a cop could only watch one. A famous park burglar had gone nearly ten years before he was finally caught, and the authorities had staked out nearly every park on Earth.
Normally, such attention would not be given to a simple string of burglaries, except for the fact that his captain lived in the complex, and the residents were screaming for justice. Tim was there to provide it. Tim would rather be out on the highways, cruising along and enjoying the scenery, but Tim was a rookie and Tim did what he was told.
Tim was mad, and Tim was bored, but Tim liked being employed. He did not join the force to sit amid a jungle of tumble weeds and sage brush. He wanted action, high speed pursuits, take-downs, and investigations.
“This sucks,” Tim said as he turned off his engine. He sat there in silence, listening to the click of cooling metal, checking out his surroundings. They too sucked. He could see that a thousand teenagers had used the area to get high, get drunk, or get fucked. The area was littered with paper, bottles, and condoms. It was dirty and dusty, and it stank.
“This sucks,” he said again. He opened his thermos of coffee and poured the metal cup half full. He watched the condensation from the stopper drip on his pants, while he replaced the stopper and sipped his coffee. His shift had started at 5:00 o’clock pm. It was now 6:20 pm. He had to sit out in the sagebrush for at least five more hours, before he could head back to the station.
“Fucking shit,” he whispered, while digging an apple out of his briefcase. He punched up the latest info on his computer screen. Nothing had changed, the same perpetrators were being sought throughout the state, and his own burglaries simply ready “Under Investigation”. Yeah, he knew about their investigation. He WAS their investigation, he thought as he bit into the apple.
Tim suddenly remembered the large black plastic case he had been given. It came under the heading of special ops equipment. He slid the cup up on the dash, clamped the apple in his teeth and turned to pull the case out of the back seat. He turned the case so it faced him and opened it.
He had been in the Army for several years, and even though he had never used them, he recognized the night scope gleaming in the case before him. The black foam rubber in the case still smelled new. He pried the night vision scope out and turned it in wonder. Technically, it was day/night vision monoculars, he observed as he pulled the user’s guide from the case. It had it’s own 9 volt infrared light source and a simple on/off lever. It was idiot proof.
“Fucking A,” he said, taking the scope out and looking at it in wonder. He knew it was expensive, up to a thousand dollars, the last time he’d checked. He held it up to his eye, it was a normal scope in the daylight. Good, he didn’t have to worry about burning out the unit in bright lights, or his eyeball. Suddenly his day became infinitely brighter. He may be pulling shit duty, but at least he had a grown-up toy to play with. As he finished his apple, and sipped his coffee, he couldn’t wait for night to fall.

“Seven Delta Six, what’s your status?” the radio asked, destroying his daydream of pulling over a woman in a short skirt.
“Dispatch, this is Seven Delta Six, 10- 75, Code-5,” Tim said hurriedly, meaning he was on sight and staking out the area.
“10-4, Seven Delta Six, Captain Raleigh wishes to inform you that he will be 10-10 at this location. He doesn’t wish to disturb the perpetrator by arriving in a marked unit.”
“10-4, dispatch, I’ve got it covered. His family is in good hands,” Tim said, opening his sandwich.
“Dispatch out,” the radio said.
He turned it down and watched the lights blinking on in the nearby housing area, while he chewed his sandwich. Night was falling. A car pulled up behind him, stopped, then backed out of sight with great speed. Tim laughed, eating his sandwich. He doubted if they would have sex again for at least a week, after that scare. Suddenly he wondered if the car might have belonged to the perpetrator, rather than young lovers. What better place to hide your car during a robbery?
Suddenly the lights came on in 2-h. He was very familiar with that apartment, he had attended semi- formal functions in Captain Raleigh’s apartment before. There had been one wetting-down ceremony and a bachelor party for the desk sergeant. He also new and worshiped Mrs. Raleigh, aka Sadie, a 32 year old blonde that looked like a Valeric right out of Norse mythology. She was strong, slender, and physically perfect. He couldn’t help but lick his lips every time he saw her, which did not exactly endear him to the Captain, but did wonders for his wife’s ego.
Tim grabbed up the monocular and held it too his eye. She was untying her hair. She shook it out while looking out the window in his direction. Tim knew she couldn’t see him in the evening darkness, she was looking at the lights of the city, far beyond him. He turned and looked himself. Yes, it was a million dollar view at night, with several magnificently- lit freeways one bordering the Kern River and reflecting in it’s surface. Car lights lit the nearby roads like Christmas lights, red in one direction, white in the other. And beyond all this was the magnificent lights of Bakersfield. Bakersfield was splendid at night, with a million multi-colored lights shimmering in the residual desert heat.
Tim was distracted by headlights flashing on the scenery in his mirror. They were bouncing, shining up toward the sky as the auto weeded it’s way up the hill.
Was it a prowler, or a young couple looking for a make-out area? He couldn’t sit there wondering, he had a job to do.
Tim threw open his door, grabbed the monocular and pelted down the road toward the headlights. He ducked into the bushes, just as the headlights dropped, highlighting the area where he’d been running. Safely hidden in the brush, he brought the monocular up to his eye and focused in on the approaching vehicle. There was one occupant in the vehicle, a young white male of about 18 or 19. He thought this was suspicious until the car drew closer and he could make out the back of a female’s head, bobbing in his lap.
Tim giggled, waiting for the car to pull alongside his position. He knew the boy would see his cruiser and slam on the brakes in about 15 seconds. When it passed he had an excellent view of the girl giving him a blowjob. She was cute. He’d rather see her naked.
Suddenly the boy slammed on the brakes. Dirt and gravel flew as he slammed the car into reverse and sped down the dirt road in reverse. The girl’s head popped up when he went careening off the ridge of dirt bordering the dirt road. The car swerved back and forth until it backed out of sight.
“He didn’t like my cruiser,” Tim mumbled to himself. “Get a room,” he said a little louder. “I need an unmarked car,” he mumbled, deep in thought.
Tim suddenly remembered the snakes, broken glass, and garbage littering the area. Hopping out of the brush, he leaped into the dirt road, then trudged back to his cruiser. He paused next to the car and rested his elbows on the roof. He brought the monocular up to his eye and surveyed the Raleigh apartment. Sadie was nowhere in sight. There was a new metal starburst clock above the cream colored couch, he noticed. That hadn’t been there the last time he visited. He could see a bright lamp in the living room window, and the white wall of the dining room beyond. Sadie was nowhere around… wait a minute, he thought. He focused in on the balcony and found Sadie lifting the cover of a hottub. She was wearing a white towel around her body. Even as he saw this, she pulled it off and tossed it over the back of a white plastic chair. She stood naked and glorious for the world to see. Of course she would be in complete darkness and feel it was safe to walk nude on her own balcony. She didn’t expect a peeping Tim with a night vision scope.
He had a complete view of her glorious nudity as she walked up the steps of the hottub, and then back down inside. She sat, presenting him with only a view of her face and arms.
“You beautiful fucking bitch,” he groaned to himself. “You beautiful sweet fucking bitch.”
His cock was throbbing in his pants. He mashed it against the side of the cruiser, while he watched and waited for her to finish her bath and stand again. He knew it would be a long wait, but she was worth it.
Tim suddenly realized that he needed to take a piss. He laid down the monocular, turned and unzipped his pants. It took a moment for him to grow soft enough to piss. Once he did, the memory of her golden, glorious body made him hard almost immediately. He turned back to the car, reluctant to put his cock back into his pants. The metal was cold against his cock, as he leaned against the cruiser and picked up the monocular once more. He was just in time. Sadie was sitting on the edge of the hottub, drying the upper half of her body, while letting her feet kick in the warm water.
“It must be too hot,” he said in happy amazement. What fucking luck. He ogled gaziantep travesti her breasts as she went about her business. First she dried her hair, then she reached behind her and took a brush off a table. She sat brushing out her hair, looking toward the lights of Bakersfield.
Tim found himself trying to fuck the side of his police cruiser. He looked down to see his cock rubbing against the top of the crest. He was fucking the G in highway. Holding the monocular in his left hand, he began stroking his cock with the right. That was much better, he thought as he watched his captain’s wife. Her legs were closed and facing him, but at an angle. He wished that she would open them so he could see her blonde triangle of hair, and those sweet pussy lips. Of course she was being more than cooperative as it was. Then, as if by magic, she lifted her left leg and inspected her foot.
THERE IT WAS, GOLD! He had a clear, unobstructed view of her sweet pussy. Stroking is cock madly, he thanked his lucky stars. It took only a moment for his cock to warm, pulse, then explode. He turned away from the car and bent forward. His cock shot thick cum into the bushes and garbage beside his cruiser. He had added his own seed to that of a hundred previous visitors, he thought as he opened the door, reaching for the kleenex box. He realized his mistake immediately, as the dome light of the car, designed to be bright to help do paperwork inside, lit the lower half of his body, and the surrounding bushes. He gasped in horror and slammed the door. A quick check in the monocular, showed that Sadie was rushing back into her apartment.
“You stupid fuck,” he growled at himself. “You fucking moron,” he said, pulling the kleenex through the window. He wiped the end of his cock, then tossed the kleenex back inside. He was only a hundred yards from the apartments. She had certainly seen his penis, if not his face. He was dead.
Tim zipped his pants, tossed the monocular into the cruiser and sat, slamming the door behind him.
His pants were all sticky, with lubricant and cum. He was a mess. He was tempted to go home immediately for a change of clothes, but leaving his post was grounds for dismissal. He needed this job.
“You stupid fuck,” he said, pounding the steering wheel. He gasped and grabbed the cup of coffee before it could spill in his lap. A look of amazement crossed his face. He tipped the cup of cold coffee into his lap, then grabbed a handful of kleenex to wipe it off. A coffee spill could be explained, cum couldn’t. His pants were a mess now, wet, smelling of coffee and littered with kleenex fuzz, but he felt better about it. Now the cruiser smelled of coffee, which made him crave it. He refilled his cup and took a sip, then turned to look toward Sadie’s apartment.
Tim brought the monocular back up to his eye. He scanned the apartment complex first, legitimately looking for the prowler, then focused in on the Raleigh apartment. Sadie stood by the front window, very close to the lamp, with her back to Tim while she faced and spoke to a busty blonde woman in her early 30’s. She was a real babe. As he watched, Sadie stepped up to the busty blonde and took her in her arms. Tim’s eyes bugged out as the women met in a warm embrace, then kissed passionately. The monocular was so powerful that Tim could actually count the hairs on the back of Sadie’s head. It made him feel as if he was in the room with the girls. Once again, his cock sprang to attention.
Gasping for breath, Tim dropped the monocular into his lap and reached up to pull the plastic cover off the dome light. He pulled the bulb out and laid it on the passenger’s seat. Tim opened the door and climbed out, bringing the monocular with him. He rested his elbows on top of the car and watched, as the women withered and twisted in each other’s arms. Slowly, they backed toward the couch, below the big metal clock, and literally fell into it, with Sadie falling on top of the babe. She didn’t seem to mind, she held onto Sadie and swapped spit like there was no tomorrow. Each woman was withering like crazy. Suddenly, Sadie stood and began disrobing. The other woman did the same, still sitting on the couch.
Tim was gasping for breath, grinding his cock into the side of the car, while trying not to miss one little movement that the beautiful women made.
“Oh fucking beautiful,” he gasped. Suddenly he wanted to feel his cock in his hand. He dropped his right hand and unzipped his pants, while maintaining a hold on the monocular with his left. After a brief struggle, he had his cock out and began stroking it slowly. To his horrified amazement, the busty blonde opened her legs, resting one on the cushions of the couch, and the other on the arm, and beckoned Sadie forward. Sadie needed no urging. She slid forward and engulfed the sweet blonde pussy with an eager, open mouth. The woman’s face showed complete rapture.
Tim swore under his breath and pumped his cock in his hand. A strange noise brought him back to reality. He blinked and looked at the monocular, then realized that it was being illuminated by a pair of headlights. He was horrified to see a car pulling up behind his own. He spun away from the approaching car so his cock was hidden by his body. He couldn’t reach down and slip it back into his pants, or the person in the car would see. He waited in fear, hoping they would go away. They didn’t. The headlights went off just as the door opened and a man stepped out. His footsteps approached. Tim was now convinced that it was somebody from the force, and he was about to be caught and humiliated. It was his worst nightmare, coming true right before his eyes.
“Hi, are you waiting for somebody?” a friendly voice asked.
“Y… yeah,” he said in surprise.
“Well I didn’t expect this,” he said in a nasal voice. “What a pleasant surprise.”
“Huh?” Tim asked in confusion.
“My God, you really are waiting, aren’t you?” the man said, falling to his knees beside Tim. Before Tim could stop him, he spun Tim’s hips around and took his huge, throbbing cock into his mouth. Tim was horrified, amazed, then pleased. This was fucking fantastic, he thought as he watched the man’s mouth bobbing on his cock. The feeling of the hot mouth on his hard meat was incredible.
“My God,” Tim whispered, feeling his knees buckling. He leaned sideways, against the cruiser. He brought the monocular up to his eye and found Sadie and her friend. Her friend was now sitting on the arm of the couch, while Sadie lapped like hell in her sweet pussy. Tim gasped and swallowed convulsively. Between the wonderful show, and the fantastic, if surprising, blowjob, it was one incredible night. He couldn’t have planned it any better.
“Shit,” he gasped. The heat was building in his balls. They were churning with a liquid heat, building to a magnificent climax. Suddenly his balls convulsed and hot cum began spurting from his rigid penis. Humming happily, the man simply milked his cock with a hand, while sucking and drinking madly. His orgasm went on for a full minute, before he finally relaxed, shaking on weak knees and overworked legs.
The strange man simply sucked hard and continued to milk his cock, until it began to wilt in his mouth. The man sucked and pulled his lips off the end several times. Tim withered as the lips pulled over the head of his sensitive cock. The man smacked his lips, while fumbling with Tim’s trowsers. Before he knew what was happening, his pants and underwear were yanked down to his ankles.
“Hey, what the fuck?” he asked helplessly. He couldn’t move, his pants would trip him up if he did. He felt his fear rising as the man stepped in behind him. He was about to spin around and confront the man, when he felt a hand filled with cold cream touch the crack of his ass. He gasped and bent forward in automatic response at the sudden discomfort. A finger poked into his ass, then slid in and out lubricating it. The other hand went to Tim’s semi-soft cock, stopping the objections which sprang to his lips. He was ready for a second orgasm already. That sexy Raleigh bitch really had him turned on, and the strange gay dude was giving him just what he wanted.
“Oh shit,” he whispered. Things were completely out of control. He had gone from voyeur to victim in the space of a few, unbelievable minutes. He anticipated the first touch of the head of the man’s cock in his ass, and gasped in appreciation when it came. He hunched over, clutching at the top of his car, as the cock slid slowly, unstoppably up into his hot ass. He felt the man’s hips come up hard against his ass. His ass was very full and very hot. The hand milking his cock felt wonderful, but he wished for a pussy to fuck. Especially Mrs. Raleigh’s pussy. He focused his attention on the monocular, and found that Sadie was now sitting on the couch with her legs wide spread, being eaten by the busty babe. He moaned in desire.
“What are you looking at,” the man gasped, practically in his ear. He puffed loudly with each thrust of his hard cock up Tim’s ass.
“Two lesbians really going at it,” Tim said.
“My God, you know her?” Tim gasped.
“Of course I do, silly. She lives next to my apartment. Who’s she with?” he grunted.
“I don’t know,” Tim said, handing the monocular to the man over his shoulder. He paused for a moment with his cock fully inserted into Tim’s ass. He grunted slightly as he looked through the monocular.
“Wendy in 2T,” he said in an amused voice. “Wendy gives me more business than anyone on the face of this earth,” he laughed, resuming his pistoning stokes.
“How?” Tim grunted.
“Wendy is a lesbian, but she has a body to kill for. The guys get all turned on by that tease, and I take care of them. You can always count on The Sandman.”
“Me, The Sandman. Everybody knows me, this is my hill. Do you mean to tell me that I’m fucking a cop in the ass, and you weren’t here waiting for me?” he asked incredulously.
“I’ve never heard of you,” Tim grunted. He was about to have another orgasm. He glued his eye to the scope and watched Wendy give Sadie a good eating.
“My God, how strange,” the man giggled.
“I’m glad you came by,” Tim reluctantly admitted.
“Yes, I can tell.” The Sandman said, holding Tim’s hips with both hands and intensifying his attack.
“Oh fuck,” he gasped. “Oh… oh fuck,” he said again, then stiffened. His hot cum began spurting up Tim’s willing ass. He could feel the heat building where the cum collected. It felt wonderful. The Sandman jerked and gasped behind him, until finally falling silent. He relaxed against Tim’s back. Tim reached down and grabbed his own cock, while maintaining his view of Sadie and Wendy in the monocular. Wendy had each of Sadie’s feet in her hands and was holding them up in the air, while she ate out her ass. Tim began stroking madly, then felt his hand slapped away.
“That’s my job, lawman, hands off,” The Sandman said with a giggle. He grabbed Tim’s box of kleenex and wiped them both clean, then tossed the kleenex into the bushes, adding to the already cluttered scenery.
Tim held the monocular in both hands, ogling the view in the apartment, while The Sandman pushed his way around in front of Tim’s naked body. The Sandman sat on the doorsill and took Tim’s cock into his hands. He moved his mouth forward and engulfed Tim’s rigid cock.
Tim let out a squealing sigh of pent-up emotions. He almost came in The Sandman’s mouth at first contact, but he clenched his balls to postpone it for as long as possible.
The Sandman began deepthroating Tim’s cock, clear up to his pubic hair. Tim reached down with his left hand and held The Sandman’s head, with his cock fully inserted. The Sandman sucked diligently, letting is throat muscles milk Tim’s cock, while his mouth remained unmoving around the base.
“Oh,” Tim moaned. He wanted to fill The Sandman’s mouth with spunk so bad, but he also wanted a colossal orgasm. Torn between the two emotions, he helplessly watched Wendy shake her head while biting Sadie’s pussy. She pulled at Sadie’s pussy lips and let them snap back. Sadie withered, clutching at Wendy’s head, pulling her into her wet sex.
Tim switched views, focusing in on Wendy’s sweet, blonde pussy. She was a natural blonde, Tim noticed, and her pussy was very wet, glistening in the lamplight.
Tim felt the first warnings of an impending orgasm. He switched views to Wendy’s beautiful face in Sadie’s sweet pussy. With his eyes glued to the heavenly view, he felt the heat building in his balls to an intolerable level. He shivered and gasped, taking in several shuddering breaths, before moaning ever louder. His voice rose to an embarrassing squeal of excitement, as his cock began pumping thick cream into The Sandman’s waiting mouth. The Sandman drank eagerly, while Tim shuddered and gasped, clutching the roof of his car in desperation. Swearing under his breath, he looked down and watched The Sandman enthusiastically drinking his offering. His hand stoked Tim’s balls, milking them for more cum. His lips were open wide to accommodate Tim’s large cock, his cheeks were indented as he sucked strongly, milking Tim’s long member for sweet cream. All too quickly, it was over.
Tim wilted against the top of his car. He stood shuddering and gasping, while the strength returned to his body.
The Sandman sucked the head of his cock twice more, milking it of the last drops of cum which collected on the head, then he reluctantly raised Tim’s pants and underwear, carefully sliding them back into place.
“That was wonderful,” The Sandman said softly. “I hope you don’t regret it.”
“I don’t,” Tim admitted. “But I’m not gay.”
“You don’t have to be gay, to enjoy a good dick sucking. That’s what keeps me in business.”
“Who are you,” Tim gasped.
“I am Rich, but they call me The Sandman, because I can put anybody to sleep, I suppose. Or maybe it’s because I patrol this sand hill each night, looking for pleasure. You really didn’t know about me.”
“Hell no, but maybe my buddies did,” Tim said, thinking quickly. Maybe the whole thing was a setup. No, Sadie wouldn’t go for something like that, she was strictly upper-class.
“You like Sadie?” The Sandman said, as if reading his thoughts.
“Hell yes, but I’m supposed to be here looking for a prowler.”
“I can help with that. I’ve seen him. He’s the manager, apartment 1-A. I’ve caught him at it and confronted him. He’s promised not to do it again.”
“Well he lied. The apartments are being hit almost once a week.”
“Stick around for a night or two, but move to where you can see his apartment. He uses his pass key, takes what he wants, them jimmies a window on the way out to make it look like an outsider.”
“Thanks,” Tim said in appreciation.
“No problem. I can introduce you to Sadie, if you like. We are kindred spirits.”
“I know her, she is my captain’s wife.”
“Oh yeah, Captain Raleigh the Chippie. I know him.”
“I need to go,” Tim said uncomfortably.
“I know. It’s always the same,” The Sandman said as he made his way toward his own car. “Always the bridesmaid…” he howled as the door closed behind him.
Tim laughed and climbed into his own car.
“This is Seven Delta Six, I will be 10-10 at my home 20” he spoke into the microphone.
“10-4, Seven Delta Six,” the dispatcher said briskly.
Tim turned his cruiser around and headed for home. It was nearly 11:00 pm, nobody would see him enter his own apartment, with his uniform in such horrible condition. Thank God, Tim thought as he reached the main road and turned south.

Tim made a slight change to his previous orders. He decided to ask Sadie if he could stake out the manager’s office from her apartment. He tactfully decided not to let the captain in on this little secret. Tim stood waiting uncomfortably at the front door, until Sadie opened it, standing in the lighted doorway in a transparent flowing lace gown, and matching white bra and panties, clearly visible underneath. She was breathtaking.
“Hi, Mrs. Ral…”
“Tim, come in,” she said happily. “The captain told me you’d be in the area,” she said, looking out her back window toward the hill.”
“He told you?” Tim gasped.
“Why yes, he told me yesterday,” she said with a sly grin. “He told me to watch what I take off, and where I do it. I did watch, didn’t I?” she laughed. “Is that the night vision goggles he spoke of?”
“My God,” Tim gasped, thinking of all the implications. She knew he had been out on the hill, and she knew about the monocular.
“Yes,” he said, swallowing convulsively. The show she put on had been for his benefit, Tim thought wildly. What a sexy little bitch! He didn’t get her anything.
“Richard, my next door neighbor, told me. He also told me about your interest in me. I’m flattered. I’m almost old enough to be your mother,” she giggled.
“Never,” Tim gasped, looking over her slender, perfect body. She giggled again and looked down at her own body. She shook her head as if he’d been a naughty boy. She opened the fridge and handed him a beer. He drank half of it before he remembered that he wasn’t supposed too. As Sadie when back to the refrigerator and stood before the bright light from the interior, she wiggled her ass slightly, while choosing a flavor of yogurt. Tim was sweating now. His cock was as hard as a rock.
“Oh, did you want some?” she asked, first looking at the yogurt, then her own body.
“Oh yeah,” he said in hunger.
“What flavor?”
“Blonde,” he said, finishing off his bottle of beer. She giggled lightly and strode up to him. Her chiffon material flowed around her like wings. Suddenly, he was confronted by the object of his desires. There she stood, with her legs spread, her panties showing through the thin material, only inches before his knees.
Tim slammed the bottle down on the table and slid out of the chair. He sat on the floor, facing her delectable pussy. She took one step forward, forcing him back against the chair, and pressing her pussy against his face. He fought his way beneath the flimsy material and pressed his face against her crotch. He inhaled with a moan of desire.
“You like the little show I put on for you?” she whispered, now eating her yogurt in seeming unconcern.
“Oh yeah,” he growled. He grabbed her white panties and pulled them down. She had to lift one foot so he could pull them off. He mashed them into his hand and pressed them against his nose. Only afterwards did he look up at her delicious pussy.
“Yogurt is good for a pussy,” Sadie whispered. She opened her legs more and filled her pussy lips with a spoonful of yogurt. Tim watched it beginning to drip. He threw his mouth forward, opened it wide, and engulfed her tiny, almost lipless pussy. He was surprised that it fit entirely into his mouth. He liked that. He also liked the strawberry flavored yogurt, which he sucked from her delicious pussy.
“More?” Sadie asked brightly.
He nodded wordlessly. She parted the material of her gown and opened the lips of her pussy. She mashed the heaping spoonful of yogurt into her womanhood before it could slide off the spoon. Tim leaped forward and pressed his mouth against her pussy. He used his tongue to slide the yogurt around in her slit, before cleaning it back out again with sucking lips and a busy tongue.
This time Sadie reacted. She hunched slightly forward and moaned, as his tongue probed her cunt. Tim’s face was tipped back to reach her pussy. She lifted one foot and put it on the chair, behind his head. Suddenly her entire pussy was open for him. He hummed happily, while licking and sucking the thin-lipped pussy before him. It was a very sexy pussy, with just a small tuft of hair high above it, and completely hairless everywhere else. It was clean, beautiful, and delicious. Tim couldn’t believe his luck. He couldn’t believe he was actually eating one of he most beautiful pussies in the world, and that pussy belonged to his boss.
Not only was she a natural blonde, but she was skinny with a perfect body, and had the creamy complexion of a 15 year old. Tim rubbed his hands up and down her legs, while feasting on her moist slit. He moaned, licked and sucked, while breathing harshly through a nose filled with sweet pussy juice and yogurt.
Sadie was the hottest woman he’d ever known. She began moaning intensely. Holding his face tightly into her pussy, she rode it gently while moaning ever-louder. Sadie screamed lightly and stiffened, then hunched her spasming cunt against his eager mouth. She came time after time, while he eagerly sucked her pussy beneath her. She sighed and rubbed her breasts, then reluctantly backed away and dropped her foot to the floor. Tim briefly followed the retreating pussy with his mouth, then let it escape.
“Wonderful,” Sadie gasped. “Not as good as a woman could do, but wonderful all the same.”
Tim moaned and pushed his cock down into his pants with the heel of his hand. He was so horny, he could die.
“I imagine the same applies to Richard,” she said with a sly smile.
“Don’t tease,” he complained.
“I’m not. Follow me into the living room,” she whispered. Tim followed her to the same couch, and the same area where Sadie had been eaten by Wendy, just 15 hours before. He looked at the spot in wonder, while Sadie sat on the couch, pulled him close and undid his trousers.
Tim watched, shaking and gasping for breath. She seemed calm, but her trembling hands betrayed her anxiousness. She too was excited, probably because of the danger, the excitement of fucking one of her husbands men, right in his own living room.
“I want to sink that shaft into your sweet pussy,” he moaned. “I watched you yesterday and fantasized about it, while Richard was sucking my dick.”
“Did you?” she asked in sudden interest. “I was thinking about you out in the dark, while she ate my pussy. It was quite a turn-on.”
Sadie slid his pants down. He stepped out of them as her hands went to his cock. She inspected it in great interest, then tentatively put her lips over the head. She sucked lightly, causing a great deal of pain and pleasure, in his passion-filled loins. He wanted to cum, right now in her mouth, but he also wanted to feel his cock penetrating her hot pussy. He wanted to feel her clutching pussy, clear up to the roots of his penis.
She bobbed on his cock with more assurance. As ridiculous as it seemed, Tim suspected that she had never sucked a dick before. The signs were there, her uncertainty, her tentative movements and experimentation. But how could that be? She was married and she was a goddess.
“Uhm,” she said as Tim’s cock filled her happy mouth. She looked up at him with her startling blue eyes and he almost came on the spot. He moaned and pushed her away. He saw the look of disappointment.
“I want to fuck you, fuck you hard,” he hissed, holding her mouth away from his cock. She stopped trying to recapture it, and sat back on the couch.
“You never did that before, did you?” he asked.
“No. It was wonderful, just like I knew it would be, the softness and the man smell. It’s wonderful.”
“But how? You’re married!” Tim gasped.
“We moved here so Cliff… my husband, could be close to Richard.”
Tim thought about this for a moment, then his eyes opened in sudden understanding.
“I’m not exactly straight myself,” she whispered, but everybody is so afraid of my husband, I couldn’t get laid if I had a millon dollar bill tied around my neck,” she said in frustration. “I wanted to get fucked so badly, but I’ve been doing the lesbian thing, until tonight.”
“You will now,” Tim said, advancing on her. She smiled and rolled over until she rested on her knees. She let the upper half of her body relax on the couch, then turned to watch him approach. He bent to lick her pussy and ass, for a moment, then crawled up behind her. He cried out in excitement as his hard cock entered the buttery soft lips of her pussy, stretched them wide, then thrust it’s way up inside her steaming hot quivering womanhood. She sighed and closed her eyes, laying her face against the material of the cushion and biting her lips.
Tim pushed the flowing material out of the way and began pistoning away at her upturned pussy. She was hot, sexy, and beautiful. She was all any man… or woman, could want.
Tim held her small, boyish ass cheeks in his hands and rubbed them while fucking like crazy. His balls were hot and churning. Her pussy was even hotter and dripping with fluid. He slid easily in and out of her pussy. His hand explored her ass, back and ribs, while his cock maintained it’s plunging attack on her ass.
She gasped and withered beneath him. She thrust her pussy back to meet him, in time with his own thrusts. He bent until he could reach her small hanging breasts. Even with her ass under such a brutal attack, her breasts were so firm that they barely moved. Once again he realized that she was perfect.
“Oh fuck me, Tim, fuck me good,” she moaned beneath him. He realized that she had remembered his name. That was very flattering. Of course what she was giving him now was far more flattering than recognition. Her sweet pussy was very juicy. His entire pelvis and balls was coated with her slick juice.
“Oh yes,” she whined, screwing up her face in passion until it was nearly unrecognizable. He slapped the flesh of his hips, against the compact cheeks of her ass.
His cock was hot now, very hot. He could feel the head glowing, deep inside her. His balls were filling with a liquid fire that warned of an impending orgasm. Her own moans told him that she was even closer. Even as he noticed this she stiffened then screamed, bucking against his hips, and stiff meat inside her. She rotated her ass against his cock, skewering her pussy on the long fleshy rod and adding to the intensity of her orgasm. In a moment she collapsed onto the couch, gasping for breath.
“I’m going to cum,” Tim murmured, pumping away even faster. She suddenly bounced up off the couch, turned and pushed him away. Tim nearly screamed in horror, but she did not plan on leaving him hanging. She wanted to suck him to an orgasm. She pushed him back on the floor and straddled his legs. Dropping the upper half of her body, she leaned forward, grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth. She sucked for only a moment, before the explosion of cum filled it. She sucked eagerly, looking up at his passion-twisted face. She smiled happily as she sucked and drank, milking his cock for the precious fluids within. He withered helplessly while her mouth robbed him of his seed. It grunting and twitching he shot cum into her mouth, then he jerked impotently and stopped, to the disappointment of them both. She started to suck and bob on his cock again, but he squealed and pushed her away from his sensitive member.
“Stop,” he begged with his hand on her forehead. She gave him an evil smile, licked the head of his cock, then stood and allowed him off the floor.
“That was as good as I expected it to be,” she said, licking a smear of cum from her hand.
“My God, you are so perfect,” he said with a forlorned expression on his face.
“That’s not exactly what I expected you to say, but it’s close enough. A simple “you are the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” or “you taste delicious as a container for strawberry yogurt,” would suffice too.”
“Oh, they all apply,” Tim quickly agreed.
“You are so sweet,” she said enthusiastically.
“So are you. I had better get to work, or I’ll never catch that guy,” Tim said reluctantly.
“Clean up in the bathroom. I will be out in the hot tub. Yell if you need anything,” she said, leering as she passed. “Or just come on out and slide into something,” she said, wiggling her ass on the way through the sliding glass doors. Tim moaned and covered his face. How could he be so stupid! He had just fucked the captain’s wife, and he was still in the house, while she was on the back porch naked. Few men fucked a cop’s wife, because cops carried guns. Even other cops weren’t stupid enough to do that, except for him.
“Buddy, you had better show up so I can get the fuck out of here,” he mumbled as he washed his cock and pulled on his pants. Tim only waited for four hours before the masked prowler came out of the manager’s office and slid around to the back of the building. Tim stood watching the doors of the apartments, so he immediately saw the manager approach apartment number 1G and enter stealthily. Tim gave a silent cry of triumph, as he laid the night vision monocular onto the table and started for the door. Sadie appeared at that moment in the arch between the kitchen and the living room. She paused, rubbing her eyes in the bright light. Her perfect tits filled out the transparent material, creating an insatiable desire in Tim the moment he saw them. Her sweet pussy showed with each step she took. Her long tanned legs, took turns sliding through the opening in her lace gown.
Tim came to a screeching halt with his hand on the door knob. His first impulse was to slam through the door and arrest the perpetrator. But his brain told him he would be stupid to mess up such a golden opportunity. As he licked his lips and surveyed Sadie’s nearly naked body, he slowly released the knob and stood with his hands at his sides. Other men merely fantasized about having a woman like Sadie. He was living it.
“Were you going somewhere?” Sadie asked in obvious disappointment.
“I… no, nowhere at all.” Tim said, falling back into the kitchen chair to watch the delicious naked blonde prance through the kitchen. “I have a feeling it will be a long, long time before I catch this guy,” he said with a smile.
Sadie came over to him and straddled his legs. She sat on his lap and pulled him into a passionate kiss.
“Good,” she sighed, resting her forehead on his shoulder.

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