Nikki and her Brother

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“I’m going to let your brother fuck me,” Diane said to me.

“What the fuck?” I said to her, astounded.

“Well I know he wants to. You’ve seen the way he hangs around whenever we’re practicing. I’ve seen him looking at me like he’s stripping my clothes off with his eyes. And you know what? It gets me hot!”

“Geez Di,” I responded, “even if you are going to let him do that to you, what makes you think I want to know about it?” I couldn’t believe that she’d even brought it up. Di and I were really good friends and I could tell from the way that she looked at my brother, not to mention the way she flirted and showed off when he was around that she was interested in him, but to have her announce that intention was more than I was ready for.

I cast my eye over Diana. She had long red hair that extended past her shoulders. She had an elfin look to her with high cheek bones and what I can only describe as squat lips that always reminded me of Angelina Jolie. Her lurid green eyes were studying me from beneath long, well cared for lashes as I looked her over. There was intelligence in those eyes, with a glint of mischief giving them life.

Her legs were long and thin, matching her lithe frame. I thought she was a bit too skinny myself, but there were plenty of guys who followed her with their eyes whenever she walked through the grounds at uni. As she stood there in her aerobics outfit, I couldn’t help but notice the way her mound protruded. Part of it was the fact that she was so skinny but whenever I noticed I couldn’t help but think that it stood out more than others. Again I made a mental note to check out more chicks next time we were competing. I always seemed to forget and only had myself as a comparison. Her breasts were the other feature that didn’t seem quite right on her frame. They were large c cups and stood out heaps on such a thin body. I know that my brother for one couldn’t keep his eyes off them. Especially when like now, she was wearing a crop top that was little more than a bra.

“Well, he’s your brother, I thought maybe you’d like the option to veto or something,” she replied.

“Now if I said no, would that really stop you or would you just go about it without me knowing?” I asked her, grinning, knowing her all too well. The blush that crossed her face was enough for me. “Heck, you know him, and if you’re prepared to put up with him and take that chance, I won’t get in your way. Just remember though, you still have to practice and we have a competition coming up.”

“I just said I’d let him fuck me, not that I wanted to date him,” she laughed. When I started to explode, she quickly let me know that she was kidding and promised that nothing would get in the way of our aerobics comp.

Just at that moment, my brother Ed came home and Di quickly turned on the music and got me practicing with her. I knew it was just so that she could be caught in the middle of her moves by him, but went along with it.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, Ed was there in the doorway, smiling and watching, clutching a drink in his hand. He was a year older than me and had been watching Di and I train since we’d taken up competitive aerobics two years ago.

“Nice perve?” I asked him as we finished our routine and grabbed our towels and drinks.

“Oh I’d give it fifty percent,” he said. I could see that Di looked a little disappointed at this comment.

“Only fifty?” I asked, “Why’s that, it was a pretty flawless routine.”

“Oh the routine was great,” he said, “but you asked if it was a good perve. And whilst Diane here was perfect, I have to give you a zero because you’re my sister.”

“Oh nice. You’re a bloke, can’t you at least give an objective opinion? Or are all your opinions on chicks dictated from down there,” I said, pointing at his crotch. As I pointed I looked and couldn’t help but note that he appeared to have an erection. And not a bad sized one either! I wanted to slap myself for even noticing.

As I looked back up to his face, I found him looking me over. It was quite bizarre and uncomfortable to be honest, his appraising me like that.

I am not as tall as Diane (who’s about 5′ 8″) standing about 5’5″and I’m built with more muscle than she is, which when we were together tended to give people the impression that I was a nuggetty little power house. The reality was that I was quite thin, just not overly thin. A couple of inches less height and small breasts (a cups) did nothing to change the appearance.

“Well if I have to be completely objective,” Ed advised, “I’ll lift it to ninety percent.”

“Good enough, I won’t interrogate you about the last ten percent,” I said before telling Di that we should go and get changed.

“You go ahead, I just need another drink,” she told me. I knew when I wasn’t wanted somewhere and headed off to my bedroom. I stripped off my exercise gear and headed into the shower, wondering how long Di would be and how much effect her sudden desire to bed my brother was going to interfere with our tuzla escort training.

“Hey,” Di called out as she entered the bathroom that adjoined my bedroom.

“Hey yourself, I said, turning the water off and stepping out into the towel that she held out for me, “Thanks.”

“So, what have you cooked up with my brother?” I asked.

“Just a date, we’re going to the movies,” she said. I could tell from the look on her face though that she was more excited than she was letting on. I tried to be happy for her and although struggling, muttered some encouraging words.

I watched her as she stripped down whilst I towelled off. I wondered what it was about her that got my brother so worked up. I decided that it must be her tits as I watched them jiggle firmly as she moved about the bathroom. Her nipples were an extremely pale pink against her pale white flesh and I was surprised to see how far they were sticking out from the large areolae, a lot further than my own, which were quite small, neat little nipples.

I don’t normally sit around checking other girls out and it was only in the context of what my brother might like to look at that I found myself looking on this occasion. None-the-less, I was surprised at the reaction that my own body was having as I watched her step into the shower stall, noting that she had a thin strip of pubic hair the same colour as that on her head leading down to her lips.

Mine was brown, a different shade to the blonde hair on my head and I guess I’d not really thought that anyone would have hair of the same colour on their heads unless it was dark. To think that I was 18 and had never noticed that before. Weird.

A month later and we had just finished our competition. We didn’t win, but we did pretty good. Di had been seeing my brother since that previous encounter and I asked her if she thought her being in a relationship had contributed to our performance (or the fact that we hadn’t done better more importantly). That turned out to be a mistake. She was really pissed.

Some very fast-talking on my part soothed things over, but there was one little comment fired at me that stuck with me.

“Maybe if you got a cock in you, you wouldn’t be so obsessed with this all the time!” she had said to me. I was a virgin. I tried to forget that she’d said it, but I just couldn’t get past it. It really ate at me and as a result, our practices after that did start to suffer. It was partly because of the fight and the fact that it was taking time for us to really get over it and partly because she’d struck such a nerve with me. Every time I saw her, I was reminded of the fact that she was having sex and I wasn’t.

Another month passed and we were coming up to another competition. This time Di suggested that we go over the video of the last performance so that we could try and work out what we needed to perfect. I jumped at the chance and she went to get the tape. As we sat watching it, I could tell that our friendship was back to where we’d been before the performance that we were watching. Everything was gelling again, which was great.

Just as the tape came to the last phase of our performance, it went fuzzy and something else entirely came on the screen. I didn’t realise what it was at first, but Di squealed and tried to grab the remote off me. It was just a picture of a bedroom.

“What’s this?” I asked her, “Did you tape over our performance? You know we don’t do that.” I didn’t get much response as she just jumped on me and tried to take the remote. I giggled and held the remote away from her, watching the screen. Diane appeared within view of the camera and I laughed. She was wearing her old school uniform. It clearly still fitter her everywhere except the bust, which was being strained somewhat by the large breasts that she’d developed since we’d been there together. Diane renewed her efforts to get the remote whilst I just laughed and giggled as she rolled all over me in her attempts.

Then I noticed my brother walk into the camera shot. He was wearing a pair of slacks and a shirt with a tie and I froze as he advanced upon the school-dress clad Diane and started to say something to her. Diane seized the initiative and grabbed the remote from me, hitting the eject button.

“Um Di,” do I really want to know what’s on the rest of that tape?” I asked, her, flushed from my exertions at holding her off.

“No, you really do not.” She said, clearly blushing. The flush in her face extended right down her neck, “and probably to her tits I thought,” laughing to myself.

“Well, can you copy the bit of the tape I do want to see so that we can review it?” I asked her, still giggling.

“I think that’s an excellent idea Nikki,” she said very primly.

We arranged to meet again later in the week to have a final practice.

Over the time that Diane had been seeing my brother, I’d stopped once or twice to assess him objectively, just as I’d done with Diane when I wanted to work out what it was that he saw in pendik escort her. I was surprised when I did to realise that he was actually bloody good looking. There’d always been plenty of girls around and my friends had always commented, but I’d just hidden in my little ‘he’s my brother shell’ and told them they were deluded.

He had a nicely defined jaw-line, gorgeous blue eyes (like me) and biceps and pecs to die for. He’d done gymnastics for years (our parents were big on us having sport in our lives) and hadn’t really stopped training. It obviously still paid off.

I even noted to myself one night as he left the dinner table that he had a cute, tight arse and completely shocked myself when one night I found myself wondering in bed what he would look like naked. I shuddered, thought of something else and went back to sleep.

A couple of days later, I was over at Diane’s house for another rehearsal and she handed me a tape from two that were lying on top of her pile of competition videos. “This is the edited version,” she advised, blushing. We went through our routine and happy, cleaned up before I could head home.

Whilst Diane was in the toilet, an impulse came over me. I checked the other video on top of the pile. Unlike all the other competition tapes, it was unmarked (as was the one she’d given me). I quickly switched them.

The whole way home in the car, I was all but shaking over what I’d done. I wondered if I even had the tape that I thought I had. Would I really watch it?

I admitted that I was curious to see what the two of them got up to. I wondered just how far the tape would go. That curiosity fought with the fact that it was my brother and best friend.

When I got home, I quickly said hello to everyone and then went to my room, shut the door and put the tape on. Our performance came on and I couldn’t believe how nervous I suddenly was. I fast-forwarded until I saw Diane standing there in her school uniform.

Ed entered the shot.

“Now Miss Hayes,” Ed said to her, “I need to talk to you about our school uniform policy.”

“Yes sir,” she said meekly.

“You know that the rules state that all girl’s skirts are to be at least one inch below the knee in summer and I can clearly see that yours is not.”

“Its an old one Sir, I spilt my breakfast this morning and it was all I had that wasn’t in the wash.”

“Never the less young lady, I think you clearly know that any transgression cannot go unpunished. I can’t have every student coming in here claiming to have spilt their cereal just so that they can try and attract boys!”

Diane nodded and I couldn’t help but think what a good job she was doing of acting the role of contrite student.

Ed pulled a chair into view and sat down on it. “Now come here and lay over my lap and take your punishment Miss Hayes,” he said. I giggled at the thought of the two of them playing out this scene.

Diane walked over to Ed and knelt down next to him, then leaned over his legs, her breasts crushed against his thighs. Ed had her adjust her position until her hands were on the floor and her bottom suspended in med air over his thighs. He had to stop to adjust a clearly erect cock in his pants at one stage. That made me curiously aware of just how sexual it all was and I found my body reacting to the scene.

Then Ed flipped her skirt up and revealed a white thong sitting snugly between her pale butt cheeks.

“My goodness, Miss Hayes, can you please state for me the underwear requirements of St Monica’s Girls’ School?”

“Um they have to be white?” she answered timidly.

“You know there’s more to it than that Miss Hayes, white, cotton and of a moderate bikini cut or boy leg! These are simply unacceptable. I am afraid that I must punish you miss Hayes. And remember, this hurts me more than it hurts you.” And with that, Ed slapped his hand across her bare arse cheeks. SLAP! I flinched at the power behind it and was stunned when a red hand print appeared on Diane’s but. She didn’t squeal though, she moaned!

SLAP! Another one on the other cheek. After a couple more, Diane spoke out. “Please sir, no more, I’ll do anything, but please stop hitting me or I won’t be able to sit down.”

“Anything miss Hayes? That’s quite an offer.”

“Anything sir.”

“Right well let’s test this little theory Miss Hayes. Stand up.” Diane stood up. I couldn’t believe how sexy she looked in that slutty school uniform. “Right, now remove the offending underwear please.” As I watched the video, Diane peeled the thong down from under her skirt, failing to give any glimpse of her pussy in the process.

“Now lift your skirt up for me Miss Hayes,” Ed instructed her. She was facing away from the camera and I didn’t see, but she gave Ed a nice long look at her pussy, holding her skirt up until Ed announced that that would do. For now.”

“Tell me Miss Hayes, are you a virgin?’ Ed asked her. Di nodded meekly in front of him. I giggled at this. Good role playing, if she aydınlı escort was a virgin, I was a millionaire! ” Have you ever seen a penis in the flesh?” She shook her head. “Well then, I have a treat for you.

As I watched, Ed stood and took off the slacks that he was wearing until he was standing with his erection (which I noted was a very nice size) pointing at the ceiling. Then he sat back on the chair.

“Kneel before me Miss Hayes.” Diane knelt before my brother and he spread his legs, glancing at the camera for once, trying to make sure that she was in shot. He then proceeded to ‘teach’ Di to stroke his cock.

After a couple of minutes, he told her that she had brought him to a point where she needed to be sure to finish the job and that that was what her mouth was for. Diane looked at him innocently and he instructed her on how she was to take his penis into her mouth and work it up and down, sucking on it and licking it with her tongue until he was finished.

“When will I know you’re finished?” Diane asked and I laughed out loud.

“Oh you will know Miss Hayes, I’ll shoot cum into your mouth. When you’ve swallowed it all and cleaned me up, you’ll be done.” Diane nodded and lowered her mouth over my brother’s cock.

I watched, mesmerised as my best friend’s mouth descended over and over again down over the length of my brother’s cock. When he came, Diane plunged her mouth down over it and sucked and swallowed until he stopped pulsing.

“Very good Miss Hayes,” he said afterwards. “Now, that takes care of the panty violation. I think next week you’ll have to come back so we can deal with that indecent skirt. But I’ll have to confiscate these,” he added, holding up her thong. Until then, to remind you that you have violated this rule, you’ll wear no panties to school. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir,” she answered. I heard a knock on my door and nearly freaked out. I finally found the stop button on the remote and stood up to answer it. I was stunned when I did stand to realise that my panties were soaked!

“You in there Nikki?” I heard my brother say.

“Yeah, hang on,’ I said and went to find out what he wanted.

“Dinner’s ready,” he said as I opened the door to face him. “Are you alright? You look flushed,” he said.

“Yeah, I’m fine I said, blushing. Tell Mum I’ll be there in a sec.

Later that night, when I thought that everyone was asleep, I decided to watch some more of the video, now very curious as to how far it went.

As it played, it became apparent that Ed and Diane were now pretending that a week had passed. She had arranged her clothing again.

“Come in Miss Hayes,” my brother said, sitting on the chair in the room. The door opened and Diane came in, closing the door behind her.

“Lift your skirt for me Miss Hayes, I need to ensure you met the conditions of our last appointment.”

Diane lifted her skirt and revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I found myself staring intently at the sight of my best friend’s pussy. She had a thin strip of cropped red pubic hair on her mound that led to her slit, which appeared devoid of hair.

“Very good Miss Hayes, maybe you can learn to follow instructions and rules after all. Now, I think its time for the punishment for your skirt violation. I don’t think you girls quite understand the effect it has on a man when you prance around looking so slutty, so I am going to show you. Come and kneel before me Miss Hayes and suck on my cock like last week.”

Ed dropped his pants to reveal his erect cock again and Diane knelt on the floor in front of him before taking it in his mouth and sucking up and down on it.

I was unashamedly horny by now and found my fingers stroking my pussy through my panties as I watched Diane suck my brother’s cock.

“Very good Miss Hayes, now to show you what happens when young girls over excite boys. Stand up and put your hands on the back of the chair. Diane stood up and did as she was told and Ed moved in behind her, his erection pointing skywards. He lifted her skirt and turned her so that her butt was facing the camera. I loved the view of her pussy peeking from between her tight buttocks. Ed obviously did too because he moved the camera so that it had nice close up.

Ed used his fingers to start touching Diane, telling her the whole time that when girls put themselves on display, they had to expect that people would want to see, touch and try the merchandise. Then he told her she was going to find out what that meant as he pushed a finger into her wet hole.

“Oh Sir,” Diane moaned as his finger slid back and forth in her pussy.

“Now Miss Hayes, they tell me this hurts a bit the first time, but you can consider that the punishment for dress code violation.” Ed stood behind Diane and pushed the head of his cock against her slick pussy lips. I could see Diane shift her feet to spread her legs wider and she called out in mock surprise as Ed slid is cock home within her pussy.

Ed jostled their position until the view clearly showed his cock sliding into her pussy, back and forth, her juices shimmering in the room’s light on his shaft. I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and slid my finger over my own slit, running it through the moisture then pushing it inside my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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