Nina’s New Suit

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Tiring somewhat of our usual games, I have bought you a new toy to play in. It is a latex catsuit, with some added features. This one, you can’t get out of. First, after liberally dusting your body and the interior of the catsuit with powder, You begin to put it on, with my help. Your hair is pulled into a ponytail, and drawn through the opening in the back of the headpiece. The headpiece is a hood that leaves your eyes, nostrils and mouth free to peek through, I lace the hood down so that it is drawn tightly over your features, accentuating them, for I love them so much, and then the collar is buckled in back and locked. Next, I help you one foot at a time to wiggle into the feet of the suit, smoothing out any bubbles that appear all the way up to your crotch, the arms and the rest of the suit are dangling in front of you. We repeat the process with your hands and arms.

The front of the suit now lies against the front of your body, I draw it around you, asking you to bend over, so that I may squeeze your breasts through the reinforced rings, that will compress and at the same time, make them look more prominent. There are reinforcements at the ends too, and using my hands, I tease your nipples out of the holes in the center of the reinforcements. Now I lace the back tightly, drawing it to a close, overlapping one side over the other so that you are completely enclosed. I place your wrists in cuffs in front of you, and raise your arms over your head so that you are stretched out nice and tight, your toes barely touching the floor. I begin to polish the black rubber, removing any traces of the powder, and bringing it to a jet luster. For some reason, you begin to wiggle a lot during this process, settling yourself further into the suit, as I massage every Escort Bayan inch of your body as I polish carefully. As your body warms, the exposed parts seem cold, making your nipples stand out, and your cunt to protrude from the opening at the crotch, also reinforced, along with the ring that surrounds your tiny puckered ass. In some respects if feels like you are exposed in a hospital gown, but only your most private parts and openings are exposed.

I insert a Hard rubber ring gag into your mouth, tightening it at the back of your encased head, and insert an inflatable gag, which I proceed to pump up until your cheeks bulge on either side of the strap to the ring gag. I remove the pump, and set it aside. Now I have a further delight for you, a heavily boned latex corset, which I place around your waist. I draw the laces in slowly, and your breathing becomes much faster and shorter. Finally, placing my knee at your back, I draw the corset closed, reducing your waist by 6 inches from its normal state, and slip the locking straps into place.

Something is hitting your knees as you dangle from the ceiling, I lower you so that you are on your toes, and spread your legs apart, and draw the crotch strap from the corset into place, inserting two smallish plugs into your vagina and asshole respectively. The front one doesn’t seem to require much lubrication, you having taken care of that, but I liberally coat the back one with KY jelly to ease it into place. The strap is brought on up to the back of the corset, looped through a ring there, and locked, holding the plugs in place. I retrieve the pump from the gag in your mouth from the table, and attach it to the valve on the plug in your ass, and give it a couple of squeezes, increasing the Bayan Escort plugs’ diameter and length, and then to the same to the one in front. You are squeezed from all sides now, externally and internally. The pump is again removed and placed on the table.

You dread the next accessory, for you know that you will be forced to walk in them to wherever I will secure you ultimately. A pair of ballet-heeled ankle boots with a reinforcing rubber locking straps at the ankle. I draw them onto each foot, carefully lacing them tightly, and then the straps are stretched and locked in place. I release the rope holding you stretched, and slowly lower you so that you are allowed to kneel. The plugs move, and you give a muffled yelp and quiver within your rubber prison. Your arms feel leaden, so that when I release them from the cuffs, you offer no resistance when I place them at your back. With all the other sensations, you have not noticed that there are two flaps that are loose at the back of your corset for its entire length from a point just opposite your imprisoned breasts with the hardened nipples, on your back all the way down to the accentuated curve of your ass. I place your arms centering them on your spine, and draw the flaps closed over your arms, leaving only your hands free, as I lace you into the attached single glove, drawing your elbows together. You are panting now from the exertions of being bent and laced, so I carefully lift you up until you are once again balanced on your obscene heels, and I help you over to your new residence. It is only about ten feet, but the plugs and the heels make it feel like a 20-mile forced march.

It is an ordinary looking chair, with a leather sling to support your back, but it has a trapdoor Escort in the bottom, which is lowered. I seat you on the chair, strap your legs above and below the knees, and at the ankles just above the boot locks. Then I draw a strap through your ankle strap, and run it up to a ring on the bottom of your single glove, securely binding you to the chair. I add a Strap above and below your breasts for safety’s sake and now you are secure for the evening. Now to attend to those swollen nipples, I place clear rubber cups over them, and attach the pump to each in turn, drawing them deeply into the recess of the cups. The pump is removed, and used for a couple of shots to your plugs and one to your gag.

Finally finished, I reach under the seat of the chair, and close the trap door, trapping the industrial strength vibrator between you most private parts, and turn it on low, slip a rubber blind fold over your eyes and leave the room. Stealing back in later, I attach a tube to the gag, which will allow a drip of water in to prevent you from becoming dehydrated. You jump as I caress your breast, and shudder through an orgasm. Although I have only been gone for about 15 minutes, If there were such a thing as an orgasometer connected to you it would have registered at least three by now. I make as if I am leaving again, and quietly going to the other side of the room, seat myself in a comfortable chair, where I have the controls to the vibrator handy, and watch as you shudder through another series of orgasms.

After about two hours of this, I can take no more, and I go back over to you, deflate your gag, remove it and violently fuck your mouth until I cum, flooding your mouth and throat. You pass out from the orgasm this brings, and I release you from the chair and carry you to our bedroom, where I lovingly remove your bindings, and peel the suit from you, relishing the smell that assaults my nose as your crotch is freed. I kiss you awake, cuff you to the bed and fuck you to one last orgasm before we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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