NorthShore Park Ch. 3

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Your head is swimming with all the new sensations. It’s been a while since you smoked pot, and your whole body relaxes into that smooth, tingly feeling. Your whole body, that is, except for your cock. It is hot… hard… literally aching. The fingers leave your mouth as your strain forward to find them. You do want those fingers back in your mouth, but what you really want is another cock. The experience at NorthShore was just too short and you want MORE…

That little groan escapes your throat… as you sense someone in front of you. You feel my hands on your face, stroking your hair… grabbing the back of your head and pulling your hair. You start to say “please, Jody”… but you feel something xslot in front of your mouth. I tell you “open”, and you hungrily comply. I push your head savagely forward and the cock rams into your mouth and hits the back of your throat before you can stop it…

You hear me say “now”, and the velvet is removed from your eyes. I’m right beside you, holding Rick’s cock for you as he pushes it in and out of your mouth. I’m holding your head, pulling your hair, pushing your head to meet the thrusts of Rick’s sweet cock. You are trying to remember what I had been teaching you about sucking cock… your tongue flicks the top of it, and Rick’s head leans back and he groans… you see how he reacts xslot Giriş to this, and you try to move his cock farther down your throat, but can’t. I stop your head from moving, and say “let a pro show you how it’s done”.

I pull your head off his dick, and go to work. You watch closely as I take it in… all the way in… my lips pushed up against the base of his cock. I deep-throat him until I feel him about to cum… then I pull off and masturbate him… pull your head next to mine, your mouth next to mine… as he cums and we both greedily take it in. (you realize then what I’m talking about when I say there is a difference about diabetic cocks…)

You look at me, your eyes xslot Güncel Giriş begging for more. I reach around behind you and untie your hands, and they immediately grab my head and push me down on your cock. You hit the back of my throat and hold me there… Rick says “now suck him, little bitch”… and he helps you to hold my hair out of the way… so everyone can see me at work. You are very close to cumming, and Rick stops me and says “not yet”.

It’s then that you remember that there was another person in the room. You look around for the first time since your blindfold was removed and see the room is candle-lit, and there is a small male figure over in the corner… watching. You think the figure is male… he is so lightly built and petite… He starts to walk toward us, and you discover that yes, this definitely is a man… with an enormous cock. I say “Bill, this is Terry. Do you think you can handle him?”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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