Not a Moment Longer

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Not a Moment Longer


Tracey sat in the small room that served as the kitchen of her rented house and sipped on a glass of wine. She felt that she deserved it after recent events.

To have someone else live in her home as a lodger had been a way for her to make ends meet, she a single mother working long hours for some weeks, when there were staff absences and with a son, of eighteen going on nineteen, to support along with running a home as best as she could.

She had been persuaded to take in a lodger, a second-year student at Danny’s college where her boy was thriving. He had been sent there for two days a week by the firm he was apprenticed to and there were signs that her problems with him had drifted into the past.

Danny and Luke hung out after college, Luke being a full-time student and his parents living too far away to make the daily trek to and from college worth the hassle and expense.

‘It sure cuts into my day, spending so long on the bus, three stops and all…’ Luke had told her as the main reasons for bending his friend’s ear and seeing if there was any chance of him moving in, for the weeks of every term and no more.

She had heard the evident bitterness in his voice, and she had thought about it and then relented. She had finally agreed that Danny could tell his mate to move in with them in a week or so. She heard some days later that Luke was ‘chuffed to bits’ that she had agreed to his suggestion that the weekly rate was somewhat lower than other students had to pay for their places, ‘little more that squats, if you ask me.’

She knew that some landlords ripped people off and organised payments through a bank. She never pushed the issue, hadn’t asked, but the money came in every week, notes that Luke thrust into her hand or placed on a kitchen worktop, that room little more than a galley and with the three of them all huddled together at mealtimes. The boys didn’t always fill her in with the details of when they would be with her and a few heated words, directed more at Luke, than her Danny, had finally smoothed things over and cooled tempers.

‘I have my working day to get through, you know?’ she had ranted at them both,

Danny used to her flares of temper and Luke suitably chastened by her ticking off.

The spat settled things between them, and she warmed to Luke’s ways. Whatever he did away from her place, under her roof he worked hard at his studies and set her Danny an example. He helped about the place, cleaned his room and did his laundry at break times at College. The music wasn’t so loud and the three of them would often debate the merits of some band that was gaining popularity. To have Luke around made her feel included in her boy’s life, gave extra meaning to the hours she put in.

It had all become a distraction from her day-to-day cares.


Tracey heard his key in the front door and rushed out into the hallway. It was gone seven o’clock and supper had cooled.

‘Hi,’ Luke said in a low, hesitant voice on seeing the angry look on Tracey’s face. Strain and fatigue were to be seen etched on her slender face, her lank, dark, hair brushing her shoulders. She’d made no effort to smarten up as she usually did when they all sat down for the evening meal. He put his rucksack down at the foot of the stairs and shrugged off his windcheater before hanging it over the banister. He’d take it all to his room later.

‘Did you know that we’d be alone here tonight? Danny called me from college and said someone at his work had dropped out of a site visit, and stop over, and he’d been called in. He came back here to get some clothes and a washbag…’ Tracey glared challengingly at him. ‘Well?’

‘Well nothing! I’m not his minder and he didn’t tell me. I’ve been run ragged with my own college work…’ Luke stared her down and sighed. ‘I’m sorry, but it’s been one hell of day for me. It looks like it’s been the same for you…’

She nodded and flicked away at her hair. Her make-up was all but gone. She knew she was no beauty but had let herself go in how she had dressed for the evening after arriving home. ‘You’ve noticed that?’

‘Yeah, I did…and I have, I’m not blind or don’t care how it is for you,’ he answered in a nonchalant drawl. Luke followed her into the kitchen, and he soon saw that the table was set for two. He took in that she walked about in bare feet, her toenails varnished a cherry red. He’d seen it on her fingernails at weekends, not during the working day. ‘I’ve noticed a lot about you these last few weeks…ever since I’ve been here, as it happens.’

‘Don’t even think of going there!’

His tone had changed to one of concern and his look upon her overtly appraising. Luke had also moved to stand very close, his bulk dwarfing her and his admiring glance unmistakable. She’d put on some lounge pants and a loose sweatshirt. It had been one of those days, just as he had told her of his.

‘I just don’t like to see you angry, Tracey…’

She escort gaziantep bayan ilanları shrugged, meeting the drift of his eyes over her once more. ‘There’s nothing to be said or done about it now…’

‘I could help you prep supper….’

‘Thanks, but it’s a bit late for that…’

‘Just trying to make it up to you…for something that’s not my fault.’ He watched as she knelt down and tugged open the glazed door of the small oven. She soon pulled out a tray. On it were two small meat pies and oven chips. Some frozen peas had already been microwaved. ‘Let me help you?’

‘Okay, thanks,’ she sighed and feeling him brush against her as he took the tray out of her trembling hands. Tracey was worried that she’d drop it. ‘I’ll get the plates…’

As she reached up for them from the shelf she felt the brush of his fingers to the naked skin of her hip.

‘You’re amazing, do you know that? I’ve seen how you run this place for us….and Danny’s told me how it’s been for you two from the very beginning…with no let up.’

‘We manage, as you can see…’ Tracey moved out of his way and soon spooned the food onto their plates. She had quelled the rush of errant longing the young man’s touch had so quickly aroused in her. He’d made a pass and she had pretended to make light of it. ‘Fill some glasses with water…’

‘Sure…I can do that.’ He heard the plates scrape on the scrubbed surface of the table, took in how she stepped over the chair’s sides and sat down. He met her wondering gaze for an instant before Tracey began to eat her meal. ‘I can take this up to my room…’

‘Just sit down, Luke,’ she answered, in exasperation, and closing her eyes for a moment, as if in relief that a moment she had wondered about was to be made real.

With the young man beside her all thoughts of sleeping alone had been pushed away. She needed company, wanted to feel a man’s touch to her body, better still to have him take her, ‘I’m always alone, always the one who needs to take responsibility. I’m so tired. I’m just so tired of being alone, Luke. Did Danny tell you that too…did he?’

‘No, but I thought it all through…put some of the details together. You don’t deserve any of it…’

Neither of them knew who made the first move, but they closed the space between, Luke leaning over and putting one arm bout Tracey’s shoulders and drawing her into a kiss. She put her arm about his neck to prolong their deepening open-mouthed claims upon each other.

‘I’m here for you,’ he murmured on meeting her startled look as his hands went under her top and she felt them on her skin.

‘It shouldn’t be happening…tis shouldn’t go on.’

‘But it is…and…and it will,’ he kissed.

She had felt his kisses to be like to first drops of rain after a prolonged drought; disbelief that it was happening raging against her desperate need for another’s touch. She felt Luke’s lips move over her mouth, the slip of his flickering tongue arousing a rush of crazy, wanton longing for a young guy whom she wanted to peg her. He rubbed his lips against her mouth, in a back-and-forth movement to soothe and excite. Her breathing became sharp, and she felt the frantic beat of her heart in her throat, the gnawing ache and wetness in her belly and where she longed for him to be taken.

‘What am I do about this?’ she said hoarsely and shoving back her chair, the plate she had taken off the table clattering on the worktop.

‘Live and love it out with me,’ he said moving behind her, his hands soon under her sweatshirt once more and tracing path over her skin. ‘So firm…and you’re naked under this.’

She lifted one arm to draw his head to her, squirmed as his hands cupped her small firm breasts and tweaked her nipples. One then traced a path under the hem of her lounge pants and pressed into her slit. Tracey pushed forward to meet these claims, knew that his fingers would soon be slicked with her juices.

‘My room…in my bed…it’s bigger!’ she cried out and broke free of his embrace and rushed to the stairs. His hands were again on her seeking to slow Tracey’s progress. Without hesitation he simply lifted the sweatshirt off her body and held her. ‘Oh God…this is crazy…what I’m doing!’

She turned to kiss him hungrily, tugged on his belt and soon knelt down as his jeans and briefs were pulled down and he stepped out of them. His hard penis leapt out towards her face, Tracey seeing his flat stomach and bush of hair at his groin. He was made so well. She shivered in anticipation and dismay at her wanton surrender to her raging instincts.

‘No secrets, now…Tracey!’ Her fingers and mouth were on him as he stood still and tugged off his T-shirt. ‘Undress…you must undress!’ he cried out even as she worked on him until he could bear it no longer. He pulled gently on her hair to make her stand up. Her hand were on his wrists as he pushed eskort gaziantep bayan her pants and nicks away, their questing hands urgently claiming skins, their snorted hungering kisses unrelenting.

‘Take me to bed!’ she cried out as he lifted her into his arms as if she were a doll. ‘Fill me with that prick of yours…fuck me…and fuck me hard!’

She demanded it as he carried her slowly up the stairs, her legs gripping his body, one of Luke’s hands on her buttock, the other and his fingers claiming her wet slit, opening the way to him. His stubble beard scraped lightly against his skin, and she loved the feeling of it.

Luke slipped his tongue over the seam of her lips once, twice, and then she opened them for him. He didn’t stick his tongue into her mouth, instead teasing her further by taking her bottom lip between his and pulling on it lightly. He sucked it suggestively into his mouth and slid his tongue over the smooth skin on the inside as he let it go.

‘Bring it to me…bring it to me, Luke!’ she yelled as his fingers worked in her. She finally lay back on the bed, her legs drawn up and his hungering look upon her met by those of her eyes and her outstretched hands.

She began to moan and writhe as Luke ate her out, offered lingering sucks to her pussy lips or pushed his tongue deep into her, his head held in her hands as she bucked her hips to meet his expert and searching ways. He kept changing the placement of his mouth and tongue, the angle of his head and licked his way slowly over her body until he kissed her, felt Tracy’s hands reach for his straining prick and rub her slit.

‘Yes…yes…now we fuck…now I want to fuck with you, Tracey!’ The use of coarse words went unnoticed.

She moaned her agreement as he slowly entered, stretched and eased her until he felt her to be quite ready. Luke advanced and retreated a few times, teasing her with an erotic display of what he wanted to do with her body. She whimpered and pushed her feet into the bed to change the angle of his movements, bucked her hips and tugged on him.

‘Go on!’

‘I’m trying!’ he gasped as her frenzied movements felt as if she’d tear his prick off him. The headboard tapped against the wall and their cries of effort and pleasure filled the darkened room.

A moment’s rush of reality came at her like the unstoppable tide of the sea. ‘Put on condom! Oh God….I should have asked that ages ago…put one on and do it now!’

It was going to be a long night.


Tracey felt that the time spent in his arms was all that mattered to her.

She had been taken out of her only too ordered world as far as that could have been said of a single mother who’d been claimed by an older man so many years ago. She had become pregnant and her world and plans for a future had fallen apart. She didn’t want to go through that with Luke, but she can’t get enough of his touches to her body, the tempest of emotions and the draining of her energy when they’re loving, and he tells her that she’s beautiful.

She doesn’t want soft words, for that’s all that they are, but she does want that driving prick of his and Luke’s ways defying his age. She feels truly blessed while she’s in his arms and the packet of condoms is gradually being used up. The glaring truth is that she needs to be diverted. Every time Luke pulls her to him and makes love to her, in his own hungry ways of it, she’s not alone in not quite believing that it’s happening. Loving with him makes her feel so alive.

‘You’ve gone quiet on me,’ he kisses.

‘I’m okay…just keep on loving me…I’ll tell you when to stop.’

‘As if…’

Luke leant over her, bearing his weight on his arms while he kissed her. He trailed his mouth down and she shifted uncomfortably when his mouth found one breast. He licked a little circle around the areola, taking his time to enjoy the puckered texture of her skin with the flickering tip of his tongue. He loved the feel of the little ridges and licked eagerly, arousing a quickening of her breaths. Her nipples were hard little nubs and he tugged at them, using only his teeth and lips, until she drew his head away. He licked over them instead, in broad, flat strokes of his tongue that made her gasp in dismay at what he could do so inventively. He even kissed the warm skin underneath them, pushed her breasts up to do so before they sagged down once more.

She wound her fingers through his hair, holding his face against her when he finally relented and sucked them into his mouth. They moaned together, a perfect duet of passion and desire as he suckled on her, alternating between long, hard tugs and teasing little sips, taking the occasional nibble just to delight her.

He kept her other nipple involved by playing with it in his fingers, mimicking the work of his mouth, but he was all about paying homage to them both, so he soon switched and repeated the whole process. escort gaziantep bayan By the time he was done with her breasts — for the moment — her nipples were a deep rosy pink that made him want to start all over again.

‘Where did you learn all of that?’ she groaned on seeing how her nipples glistened from his saliva. ‘You sure are proud of what you’ve done to me…again.’

‘I’ve been with girls since I was fifteen,’ he grinned as if proud of his ways, ‘and I love to see and feel your reaction.’ He seemed to take a primitive pleasure from seeing her renewed state of arousal. He’s nineteen to her thirty-eight, but he has a depth and maturity beyond his years, and he’s not selfish. He’s learned that about making love to women too, or going with her has opened the door to new experiences. ‘I want to kiss you here, again, now…’

Tracey tenses for a moment as his fingers brush over her neatly trimmed bush, his touches moving over her mound before he bends his head to kiss her there, tasted the soft skin with his lips. Her gaps of surprise and movement of her hips off the bed to meet these claims no deterrent. He’s been there before and with her.

He rubbed her hip on the side furthest away from him and stroked his hand around and under her thigh. He moved his body in between her legs and hoisted her knees over his shoulders, slowly slipping his moist tongue tip along her thighs until resting in his favourite spot, pressing into her and slowing. He could breathe in her

excitement, and he reached for his prick, painfully hard and the tip brushing her slit in slow teasing slips.

‘Oh yes…yesss,’ she groaned, her breaths hitching in her throat as he entered, the condom slicked on by them both moments before, Tracey’s hips rising and failing as she took him into her. He knew that she would buck her hips and drag on him soon enough. Tracey moaned as she forced her pussy to take him to the base of his shaft and, in quick, corkscrew movements of her hips, the tip of his penis pressed deeper inside her.

‘Tracey! That’s unreal…that feels unreal!’ She was making him plumb and rub her in a certain way that made her gasp out loud; to screw her eyes tightly shut and to gyrate her hips furiously against him.

‘Just go on…do it for me…with me!’ she urged, her arms around his neck and clinging to him and seeking to do things her way.

They each struggled to seize control, their claims exciting them further and soon the intensity of their lovemaking spiralled out of their control, each driven on by their needs and what they wanted from the acts performed on each other.

Tracey hissed in her efforts, he growled, and her walls tightened around him as she plumbed her body with his engorged prick, the ferocious clamp of her hands on his buttocks setting the pace and angle of his drives into her.

‘Go on…go on!’ she panted, his movements fast and sure, Luke’s control defying what she believed he would want, the rush to satisfy his lust for her and another shuddering orgasm, shared or otherwise.

‘Do I…do I?’ he gasped, his breaths of effort searing her skin.

She knew the inevitable was near. She let go of his hair, her hands and feet grabbing and digging in as she looked for a way to meet his rampaging claims. All she could do was arch her back and cry out in relief as she grabbed onto the headboard and fucked him back. She clutched it tightly. Jake did wonderful things inside her. She had shut her eyes in pleasure; saw what they were doing play out behind her eyelids and felt her heart pounding in her chest, his belly muscles tightening as she felt that her orgasm would wreck her for its intensity.


‘Me too! Me too! You’ll break me!’ she cried out, stifling her yelping cries of fulfilment against his throat, Luke’s chest, his questing lips before they settled on her trembling breasts. He tugged on them and let her breasts fall back.

They shuddered in their shared orgasm, the searing rushes she would be feeling all contained in that condom that she had stretched over his length. She wanted no accidents, and certainly not with Luke. She felt the tremors of fulfilment course through her body, from her toes, her belly, where he was kept, and into her chest then throat.

‘You wonder…that was wild.’

She heard his words of dismay and looked up and into his face, stroked Luke’s clammy skin and pushed a hand between their bodies and touched herself. She had felt herself falling; the thoughts of what she had sought of him, and the sensations he had aroused, so overwhelming that she felt it had risked ruining her errant pleasure.

She had wanted to be taken out of ordered ways. She had succeeded but at what cost?

‘Are you okay…that was wild, Tracey.’

‘You’ve told me already…’

She closed her eyes as he withdrew from her. Moments of distraction had been shared and she was breathing as if she had been pulled from the water and saved from drowning. There was no future in this, with him, and she’d have to put an end to it before he became hooked on her, and she dependent upon him.

‘Say something,’ she heard him ask, his voice sounding distant as she felt herself drifting into sleep and that a shattering orgasm, one of many through their times together, had brought on her.

Tracey threaded her fingers with his and held his hand to her belly.

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