Oath Breaker, Heart Taker (Doc,Lisa pt2)

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“I entered the recovery room the evening of Lisa’s discharge. She was standing there, all ready to leave the dinghy clinic to go to her new home.

“Hey Doc” she said. I was always ‘Doc’ and she was always ‘Slut’ or some other name of that ilk.

I appraised her outfit, Blue Shirt strainibg to contain her perfect round L+ Breasts, legging riding up into her pantiless crotch to should the perfect camel toe, and finally knee high black “wedge” shoes. She was our perfect women, body modified to what we both wanted.

I walked up, slapped her across the face and said “You look the prefect slut!”
She grabbed my bulge and whispered back “I AM the perfect slut.”

I smiled and drew her close to kiss her lovely pouty lips, her amrs holding me closer as she ground her pussy on the hand between her legs. I felt her getting so wet that I struggled to control myself. “Not here, I have a suprised for you at home.” I told my sulky looking slut.

I tool Lisa to the Van that I had bought and opened the back. I side was a dog cage that I opened to show my additions. There was a sibian inside, and 4 manacles to tie her to. I quickly ripped the gusset of Sluts leggings and watched her mount the sex toy. I the manacled her arms and leggs so sge couldn’t move. “The machines wired into the accelerator” I told her “and luckily for you there is a long stretch we need to do on the freeway…”

I got in the front, and reved the engine a few times to make my point. “Oh God Doc! Is this the suprise” Slut crime out. “Nope” was my response and I drove home via the circuitous route I could find to keep that runber dick pounding her pussy for as long as possible. I pulled into my driveway at last and turned the car off. Going round the back of the van, I open the doors to a primal growling.

Slut was bathed in sweat and the floor was slopping with her cum. “You wonderful man” she growled through her panting “I never came so hard as I did on the journey home!” I smiled and unbuckled the restraints.

I lead her into the house and shut the door.
“OK slut. There is only one rule in this house. You are to please me, and that means do anything I want. In return I shall give you what you need. You are free to leave anytime.”
I turned to find her kneeling on the floor. “Yes Doc” she said before scooting forward to grab my cock.
“NO!” I told her and lead her to the couch. Sitting down I pointed at my cock.
Slut got the point and started sucking it woth earnest, the size of her tits meaning they were rubbing on the floor as she sucked my cock. I soon needed more and I laid hwr on the sofa, head over the arm, and started skull fucking her hard. From this angle.I could get deeper than we had ever done. “Fucking whore!” I told her slapping her face. Plunging my cock down her throat I held it there and ripped her shirt open. For the first ever time, I twisted the nipples of her new massive tits. The sensation caused her gag on the meat in her throat and I pulled out.
“GOD!” she gasped. That hurt more than ever. I think I came!

“Come with me.” I instructed and led her to the new “sex room” that had built. I led her to a set of stocks and she looked.around excitedly. Strapping her into the stocks, I went round behind her and lined my cock up with the gorgeous bald cunt of hers. “Oh Ive missed this” I said as I slipped my hard member into that drenched hole of hers. I slowly eased my cock out to the tip before ramming it back to the hilt. I fu ked her hard for several minutes until the combination of the deep throat and the fuckinv caused that tension in my balls. I could hear Slut whimper with every thrust and told her “im gonna cum”
“In me! In me!” She squealed with lust and i let the spunk fly, each squirt lining her tight little womb.
Pulling out I presented my cock to be cleaned and she did so eagerly. “Doc” she whispered “when these new tits bang like this, it is really sore, and then when they swing my pussy goes wild. Thank you.”
I just smiled and went round to her arse again. Gettinv some scissors and a spreadsr bar, I proceeded to cut off the leggings then spread her legs at shoulder width. Her wedge shos meant the with minimal adjustment O postitoned her with her arse and pussy on display. I then took down the leather belt from the wall.

Raising the belt high, I delivered a powerful overhand blow to her left buttock.

“Oh god…. Yes” the slut cried.

I put two more red marks on her left arsecheek before switching to the right. I listened to her whimper and beg for more, then reached between her legs. That cute little pussy of hers was soaking. I shoved a finger in “your a dirty whore aren’t you” I told her as I fingered that cunt

“Yes sir, yes I am, oh God punish me!”

“I shall punish this naughty twat” I told her and removing my finger put several swipes of the belt across her pussy.

“Th..th…thank you sir” she snivelled as her body twitched in climax.

I continued to beat her ass and pussy for another ten minutes till body were red and pruple and hot to the touch but felt that primal need in me. Walking round to her face I hissed “do you want this cock?”
She looked at me with that tear stained face, a massive grin spread across her lips, “more than ever!” She said with the same tone a kid say yes to sweets.
I put my cock on he lips. “This is all you have earned for now” I tormented her. I started wanking my cock onto her lips. “You can have my cum though”
Her disappointed look brightened a little as she realised I was teasing her and the mental pain caused her to climax again. Seeing those massive tities swing with the climax was too much and I plastered her face with cum.
Unlocking the stocks she fell from wobbly legs to clean my cock and I slapped her away hard. “You can have that after dinner” I laughed, then again when her belly rumbled.
We both sat down for a glorious meal and discussed our plans for the week. She was going to stay here as a sex object/ maid and I Ankara Escort had work. Tea was quickly over and we returned to our sex room, to the bed this time. “Do not speak until I’ve cum” I told her and she nodded.

Throwing my slut on the bed, I quickly stripped from my clothes as she di from hers,showing me that new body in all its beauty, her long legs, flatter belly and of course those L+ breasts that we met over. She hungrily looked at my cock and I smiled at her lust. I scooted up the bed to her and buried my face in her cleavage, my mouth going from one nipple to the other as I kissed and licked. I could hear her practically purring at the attention and kissed my way down to that plump, beautiful pussy of hers.

Flicking my tongue across her lips, I sucked on her clit, bringing it into my mouth, and sucking it more, causing her to writhe with pleasure. I probed her little cunt hole with my tongue, and returned to her clit. With every passing minute I gassed more of her excitement until she shuddered and moaned as she came. I smiled at her, my face covered in her cum, and saw the scratch marks on those massive tits. Scooting back up the bed, I placed her hands on my cock, and my teeth on her nipple, chewing and biting it with a roughness I never knew I could find pleasurable. Soon I felt her tugging my cock towards her twat, and feeling the same lust, I buried it in her. I started the strokes slowly and gently but I knew that’s was not what she wanted, her look alone said ‘I’m your slut, treat me like it’.
I’d made her wait long enough, I twisted her nipples to make her writhe in painful pleasure then rutted her like she was some animal on heat. I soon felt the pressure rise in my nuts, and ramming my cock home unleashed “gallons”of cum into her cunt! It felt so good to be enclosed within her, those massive tits pressing up against me.
“Oh god that was good” she said. “I wanted to scream and talk so many times,but thought you’d take your cock away. I truly am yours now.”
I smiled and her and kissed her deeply, “you are, and I am yours.”

We were both so tired we quickly drifted off to sleep, my head upon her bust, and her hands upon my crotch. She seemed desperate that if she let go it would run away! I slept well and awoke to hear the shower running the next morning.


I woke up next to my Doc and felt the urge to pee. My bladder hurt so much so I slipped out of the bed and into the bathroom, grabbing a pair of red lacy panties on the way as well as my phone.

I slipped the panties on, loving the taut feeling of my reshaped belly. Careful I mounted the toilet, one foot either side of the hole, and let the piss flow. As it trickled through the material of the panties I took photo after photo, as the material was soon soaked. I rubbed and enjoyed my tits and pulled on my nipples, taking more photos as I did so. I hit the video button as I slipped to the floor, pulling aside the soaking material I shoved two then three fingers into my bruised, well used cunt. “Im such a slut for you” I told my phone in a sultry voice, inviting the Doc to come and get me. I didnt want to wake my wonderful man, and shoved the piss soaked panties in my mouth to muffle my screams as my orgasm hit. I am such a slut, so horney to please my man! Hitting send I sent the pics and video to my Doc.

Coming down from my high I jumped into the shower. Slowly, starting from my feet I lathered up the sponge, masaging and washig every inch of my long legs and upto the dirty slutty pussy and my fuck toy ass. As i spread the suda over my gigantic tits that hung down to my belly, I started to feel an unusual tingle and pressure behind my nipples. They were sensitive to the touch in a wierdly comforting way. Rinsing off I stepped out of the shower and towered my self down, but the sensation in my breasts grew, and was starting to be uncomfortable. Now I like pain being inflicted on me by a dominate person, but I don’t like being in pain.

I massaged my sore breasts, and nipple and felt my fingers getting wet. Looking down, I saw milk leaking from my overgrown udders! What the fuck? I couldn’t get pregnant, I had the Doc remove my ovaries sos he could blast my cunt with cum quite happily!

A bit worried I went to the bathroom door, shower running and saw the Doc Awake.

“Doc, I have an issue.” I said, my voice slightly panicky at what was happening, my cunt betraying my body as I saw his gorgeous morning erection.


Wiping the sleep from my eyes I looked at slut. She was holding her massive tits, and gently massaging the aerolas. She looked worried, but there was a glistening between her legs.

Standing up I took her in my arms “Whats the problem?” I asked worried she was worried.
“Look Doc” she said and squeezed her nipples. A trickle of white fluid leaked out. “Why I am producing milk? It’s uncomfortable.”
I smiled at her lopsidedly. “Ah thought this might happen. See because of the amount of fat and slilican added to your tits, you body thinks it’s preganant… even without ovaries. Plus your taking estrogen suppliments and your body hasn’t balanced yet.”
“Oh.” She said then “uuuuugggghhh” as I grabbed her nipples and started to milk her.
“I do have a solution in place that is bith humiliating and degrading if you want it? Thought it mihht excite you?”
“Whhaaaat is… i…i…it?” She moaned as she ground her snatch on my rock hard cock.
“Ill show you later” I told her as I slipped my cock inside her, my mouth going to her breast and suckling like a baby.
Breaking my lips from her breast I shoved her against the wall and fucked her hard, my cock ramming in and out of her with built lust at this body that I had created. Like some bizzare xxx Dr Frankenstein flick. “Oh God… oh God… oh goooood!” She cried as she came on my cock, the iron like grip on my thick member making me cum deep inside her pussy.
As I came down from the high of orgasm, I felt Sincan Escort the need to piss and tried to pull out. Slut grabbed my arse, her legs wrapped round me. “Please don’t pull out.” She pleaded with desperation in her eyes.
“I need to piss!” I told her.
“Then go inside me, I want all of you in me right now, even that!”.
“You are such a fuckig dirty slut” I told her, and my half hard cock allowed me to let that piss flow.
“Ahhhhh” Lisa sighed and I felt her tighten her pussy around my cock to keep me inside her.
As the flow came to an end I felt my the tiredness in my legs and had to put my slut down. One hand up her cunt she waddled to the bathroom to shower again and I followed. Our washing was interupted however by the erotic nature of washing those massive tits and perfect arse.
Gettif out the shower I span her around, and taking some lube greased up her arsehole. “Mmmm fuck my arse” she told me, bending over the bath. so we didn’t have to do acrobatics whilst wet.
Her arsehole had always been to tight for my girth and I leaned to to whisper “Beg for it bitch, tell me you really want it.”
“Please Doc, fuck my arse, rip my shitter open with that massive cock. Teach me to be your anal slut. Aaaiieeee!”
I had pushed my cock past her little brown starfish “God sir, I think your ripping me in half”
“Thats just the tip” i growled
“Whh…whhat?” She cried as I pushed more in. I got about half way, and looked at her huge jugs hanging down. Leaning forward I grabbed her nipples and milked her like a cow into the sink until I felt her pussy shudder and her shitter relax. I plunged the rest of my cock in and fucked that arse hard. I heard her tits slapping on her thighs as they swung from the pounding and slapped her arse a few times. “Oh Doc… Oh doc! Fuck me, hurt me, degrade me, just never leave me!” She cried and I saw her hand between her legs, i presumed to play with her slick slut cunt, but then I felt her grabbed my balls and massage them. Soon I felt the familar tightness of cum building, and having and idea I pulled out ofbher pristine arse. Then slut dropped to tlher knees to get a faceful, but instead I wanked off into the milky sink. “Drink up slut” I told.her and she bent over lapping the milky cum like a cat.
“Your mind is so depraved” she said, milk all round her mouth. “I love you, Im not sure when I started to, but I love you.”
I was shocked to realise that despite it only being 3 weeks I loved her too. Not that head over heels “honeymoon” l9ve but a deep seat need to be the best I could or her. “I love you too.” I whispered and kissed her cummy, miky mouth deeply.
After the kiss I got dressed in Jeans and a T shirt shouting “when your cleaned up get dressed and come to breakfast.”


I was on cloud 9 with happiness. My Doc loved me! Plus I know knew why I was leaking and the milkig the Doc gave me eased the soreness of my tits.. though I hoped he made them sore again soon!

I licked the milk from my lips and winced as I walked into the bedroom. His cock really had tore up my arse, but now I was his analwhore and that pleased us both. Next issue… what to wear… stroking my bald pussy I knew it would be no panties. There was no dress code but I liked to be the slut I am. Pulling on some stockings, I attached them to the belt around my naked arse, and followed them by a short denim skirt. Next was a elasticated boob tube style top, that allowed all to be seen with showing anything. Lastly I tied my hair up into a ponytail so my man could pull it, and contol me by my hair. I flashed myself my pussy in the mirror and said “God I love being a slut!” Before heading down to breakfast.

Breakfast was fairly uneventful. Pleasent chatting and some food. However my Doc then showed me the locked door in the sexroom…


Leading my slut into my special room, I switched on the lights. She gasped as the lights illuminated one single object in the room. It was a set of stocks like before, but this one had large loops for her titties. “Why is this locked away?” She asked.
I pointed to the hoses on the floor. “Do you want to see?”
She was so excited she was practically dancing! Leading her by the boob tube, I yanked it down roughly to expose her tits and the slut let out a moan of pleasure at the treatment. I strapped her legs in place, then her body at 45 degree so her tits hung down. I strapped those gargantuan funbags into their braces and last strapped up her arms out to her sides. “Oh god, im completely helpless!” She cried!
I smiled and brought up 2 hoses. She gasps as she saw the ends as milking teats like used in dairy farms. Turnig on the suction I attached first the left then the right.
“Oh…oh god. Oh goooood!” My slut cried as the milker sucked her left tit then her right. Slowly a trickle, then a stream of milk was pulled from her tits.
“You look so hot” i told her, “but are you humiliated? I told you id give you physical and mental pain. On a scale of 1 to 5?”
“Oh… oh god… this is making me so turned on!”
“Answer the question”
“Sorry Doc” she said with teary eyes. “About a 3.”
“Hmmm..” I said and went to a draw. Coming back I showed her my new possessions. In one hand was a headband with little black and white ears, in the other was a buttplug with a Cows tail. “As you can see, when I strap you in you will be my little moomoo cow. Understand?”
“Ye…” SLAP
“Cows go moo. Understand?”
“Moooooo” she said then giggled “Ouch!”
I had flicked the tail at her massive tit. “Hmmm. Makes a good whip too!” I used the tail a few times on the back of her legs, leaving nice red lines.
“What does a cow say?”
“Moo” she said sarcastically “ahhhh”
I had hit her again.
“Moooooooo” she said with more gusto, I whipped up her skirt and gave her arse a good spanking, until her body shudderd with a pain induced orgasm. “Oh gooo… mooooo” she moaned seeing the look on my eyes.
Lubing the tail I pushed Escort Bayan it into her arse and put her ears on.
“You look so fucking hot!” I told her and pulled out my Polaroid. I took a few snaps of her trussed up and showed her each one. Approval was shown by a Moo, disapproval by silence. The girl caught on fast!
By now I was rock solid and slid round behind her, the soft thwump thwump of the milkers accenutated by her occasional gasps and twitches at the sensation of being mercilessly milked.
“Oh god” she sighed as I put my cock into her slippery pussy, dark and puffy from the punishment it had taken in the last 24 hours.
“Do you want my cock?” I asked.
“Yes sir fuck me sir, im tour slut sir”
“Wrong answer” I said pulling my cock out.
“Mooooooo! Moo moo!” She screamed desperate to have my cock in her.
I slammed my cock in, causing the pumps to wiggle on her nipples amd I felt that velvet tunnel grip my cock hard. I gave her a few more thrusts before pulling out my cock.
She glanced over her shoulder with longing, and I could resist. I fucked that pussy hard until I came deep inside her bald scrumptious twat. Falling to my knees, I dived into that cunt, eating my oven cum from her, causing her to orgasm again, this time the multie assualt of my tongue and the machine making her squirt all over my face, my shirt was completely soaked with her cum.
“Mmmmm” I told her as I stood in front of her.
Running a finger through the girl cum on my face I placed it on my lips. With hunger born of lust she sucked my finger into her mouth, her tongue running over the finger getting every single bit of cum. Sure if id let her she would have licked my face clean too!

I stood and pulled on the milking teats, the suction keeping them attached to the gigantic melons. “Moooo” she cried at the sensation of having her nipples and aerola pulled on in this way.
“Slutty cow” I whispered in her ear.
“Moo moo” she replied in a silky whisper that reached into the depths of my lust.
I switched the machine off and looked at my watch. Time flies when you havenfun they say, it indeed seemed to have done. It was already quarter past 2! I unstrapped my slut from the device, and went to the milking reservoir.

“Look at all the milk!” I exclaimed, startled at the 1/2 pint there was in the bucket.
“Moo?” Sout said teasingly. “That is alot, but the way to collect it is so hot!”
“Well I had a plan if you wanna take part. Opening a cupboard opposite the milking device I showed her a TV. “Every morning I will strap you in and go to work. The machine will milk you until I cine home from lunch, and you can watch TV”
Stroking my cock she sulkily said “what if i need… pleasing”
I pulled out the dildo that connects to my phone. “Ill put this in with a delay”
“And i expect mooing!” I said slapping her ass.
“Yes sir” she said still stroking my semi hard cock. I slapped her hands away as my belly rumbled.
“Food first!”

We ate a simple lunch before I took the slut back to the sex room. “What next?” I muttered to myself.
“Whats this?” Lisa called, standing next to an upright piece of MDF with 2 holes cut into it, and manacles on the back.
“Let me show you!”
Walking my slut round to the manacles i strapped her arms and legs into a star shape, then with some manhandling stuff her large titties through the holes. “Mmmmm thats nice” she moaned at the rough treatment of her slutty bust.
Lastly I put her head into the mask that covered all but her mouth to protect her face and attached her neck brace.
“Try to move” I told her. She tried but was completly immobile. “I cant move a muscle, im at your mercy!” She said gleefully.

“I designed this device so that I could punish your titties for my eventual downfall!” I proclaimed with melodrama.
Going to the side if the pannel, i tightened the nooses her tits were in, the rope binding them at the base of each titty. Soon they were engorged and veiny from the restriction. “Oh Doc! It hurts, I love it! Mmmm more!” She cried.

Quietly I picked up some toys to play with her tits, the mask making her blind to my intentions. Walking behind her, I felt her gorgeous arse, white and round, running my finger over the little bud of her arsehole “ugggh” she moaned trying to impalebher arse on my finger. I spanked her arse hard. “No!”.
I heard her sigh in disappointment as I returned to her titties. Taking my flogger I brought it down hard on her left tit. “Aeeeii!” She screamed “more sir!”
Counting to 10 I fligged her right tit, then after a count of 5 her left. Both times she asked for more. This time I ciunted ti twenty then attached a special nipple clamp. Looking like a cork screw, when twisted it pulled the nipple out. One twist “Oh god it hurts! Please more”. Tqo twists, now her nipple was out a good inch “More!” I saw her body shudder.
“Did you cum?” I demanded.
“Ye….y…yes sir!” She moaned.
I flogged her tits some more, mixing up the timings so she couldn’t brace herself. “You. Little. Slut!” I said with each hit. “You. Fucking. Whore!” and her only reaponse to this abuse was “MORE!”
As I felt my arms tiring, I left her there, sagging slightly. “More… please more. Treat me like the whore I am. More. More pain. Pleeeeease!” She begged.
Comming back after a few mjnutes I threw the ice cold water over her now sensitive tit. She screamed in shock, theb screamed “Thank you doc. Thank you!”

Looking at the clock it was getting past midnight. Where did the day go?? Letting my slut down, we showered lovingly washing each other before retiring to bed. “Today was brilliant!” my slut told me.
“Yes. However, there is one last thing. A treat for being a good slut.” Grabbing the lube I pulled her on top of me. She went to line me up with her soping cunt but I shook my head.
“Oh….” she sighed as she pushed my cock into her arse. “This is a treat!”
Slowly we made love like this until I felt my cock at the point of bursting. “Im about to cum, quick shove me in your cunt” I yelled and she jumped to obey, sighing as my warm cum coated her womb.
We curled up afterwards our last words before sleep “I love you”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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