Office Submission Ch. 07

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Author’s note: Apologies for the long delay with this next installment. I kind of lost the interest in writing the stories after reading some of the negative comments.

However, I received some fantastic private messages and, honestly, you guys re-ignited the spark again. So, thank you to all those who have messaged me privately. You have prompted me to write again. There’s a lot of effort involved with writing these stories and it’s hard to hear negative comments but, I suppose, it comes with the territory.

I do hope you enjoy this next installment. I’m thinking there’s a second part to it. Maybe, you’ll see that too. Once again, thanks everyone for reading, supporting and enjoying these stories.

Jack slowly eased the bedroom door open. She was there. Sexy, naked and on the bed facing away from the door. She was on all fours with her pert arse up for Jack to notice first.

He froze. He stared.

She had a fake cock in her hand. Her slender fingers were wrapped tightly around its thick shaft as it hovered near the entrance to her pussy. She had the shaft firmly gripped between her fingers. Jack could see her breathing was heavy. He watched as she slowly eased the head of the fake cock into her pussy lips and she steadily pushed it deeper.

Jack’s mouth was dry as he watched. He heard her moan and watched as the thick cock head slid easily inside her pussy. She groaned again as it stretched her lips apart and found its way deep inside her. She let her head drop to the mattress which forced her perfect, tanned arse higher into the air. Jack gulped as her free hand stretched backwards towards her pussy. She slid the cock in and out as the fingers of her other hand found her clit. She moaned loudly from the attention. Her hips moved backwards and down to meet the thrust of the fake cock. She gently eased the shaft out out of her pussy and the rubber glistened from her wet juices. She stopped before the bulbous head slid out completely and then started to push it back in.

She began to speed up. Jack slowly shuffled forwards and placed his hand on his hard cock. He was so turned on. The floor creaked and her eyes suddenly opened, looking back at Jack.


He blushed. His cock pulsed.


The image started to fade.


Jack rolled onto his back and opened his eyes.

“JACK! Come on. We’re going to be late!”

Jack let his eyes adjust to the light and saw his girlfriend, Anna, staring down at him. She had just stepped out of the shower and the towel barely covered her own sexy, pert arse. He groaned as he realised he had been dreaming. His cock was rock hard,straining against the soft sheets of his bed.

Under the covers, he gripped his cock and squeezed. He had been having the same dream for a few nights now and he never ended up seeing the face of the woman on the bed. She had such a sexy body and was building towards an orgasm every time but he never once saw her face or managed to see her reach her climax. Every morning he woke with a huge erection and a desperate need to cum.

“Jack,” Anna insisted, “you’re not going to have time for a shower. Come on. Get out of bed.”

He watched her remove the towel and she stood naked in front of him. There were droplets of water on her soft, tanned skin and he stared at her erect nipples on her perfectly formed breasts. She turned away from him, faced the mirror bent over and began to dry her hair vigorously with the towel. He watched her arse as she bent over and her toned thighs tensed as she vigorously dried her hair. He saw the swell of her pussy lips peeking through her legs. His cock ached.

He lifted himself up and got out of bed and walked around behind her. He softly gripped her hips and placed his naked, hard cock against the cleft of Anna’s sexy naked arse. He moaned quietly as his shaft rested between her warm arse cheeks.

“Jack, stop.” Anna pushed back against his hard cock and playfully wiggled her arse. He pulled her in close and ground his cock up between her arse cheeks. The friction pulled the skin back on the head of his cock and he groaned as the pleasure ran through his shaft. He moved his hips back and then slowly thrust forward again.

She stood up then and dropped the towel onto the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled as her eyes met Jack’s in the reflection. He thrust back and forward again and groaned in her ear. He felt his balls begin to tingle.

“Later, Jack,” she whispered whilst looking directly at him in the mirror. “You know we don’t have time right now.” Anna moaned softly. She thrust her sexy arse back against his cock as he thrust forward again. He stared at her body in the mirror and snaked a hand up her toned waist and gently cupped one of her breasts. He softly grasped it, stroking the palm of his hand across her skin. His fingers moved over her erect nipple and she moaned loudly.

“Jack, you’re making me so wet,” she groaned, “feel.”

Jack used his other hand Başakşehir escort bayan to stroke down her tanned skin. He placed his hand over her pussy and allowed his middle finger to slide along her slit. He gently stroked up and along to her clit. He teased along her wet pussy lips and gently pressed against her clit. Anna gasped and her hips thrust forward involuntarily. He slipped his finger down and then up inside her pussy. Because she was so wet, it eased gently into her pussy. He felt her lips tighten around his finger as it snaked it deeper into her pussy.

“Ohhh, Jack,” she pleaded, “stop now.” He slid his finger out and then slowly back in, stroking the roof of her pussy.

She gasped. “Please…ssssttop.”

Anna suddenly moved forward and away from Jack. He thrust his hips forward again into the empty space, frustrated.

Anna moved round to the side of him. He could hear her breathing had become harder.

“It’s going to be so good later,” she whispered in his ear. She reached down and tightly gripped his hard shaft in her hand. Jack gasped and stared at his reflection. “I’m going to use this cock to help me cum really hard later. Then,” she paused and pumped her hand up and down his erect shaft whilst she spoke, “then, I’ll let you cum,” she gripped tighter and the head of his cock bulged as she pulled the skin down, “wherever you want.” She giggled as she pulled her hand away.

Jack looked down at his fully erect cock. Pre-cum had gathered at the tip and was starting to dribble down his hard shaft. He moaned, frustrated. Jack looked in the mirror again and saw Anna pulling her white thong up over her toned thighs. She slipped her slender feet into her black high heels and stood up. She was so incredibly sexy. She was also smiling; she knew he was watching and it made her feel good. Jack could not wait for later now. He sighed. Turned towards the shower and stepped in. He was starting to wonder whether his hard cock would be present all day, obvious for all to see. The cold water hit his body and he sighed again.

Jack had eventually arrived at work only around ten minutes late. He passed his assistant and she handed him the information and correspondence for the day. He sat down, switched on the computer and looked through the diary for the day. It was Thursday so there was the directors’ meeting and he had four client calls to make before the end of the day. There was the IAT report to complete and a telephone meeting with the New York branch. But, as he looked down at the calendar, he noticed a one hour slot had been booked out between four and five o’clock. Jack frowned as he tried to think exactly what that meeting was for. Suddenly, his computer pinged as it completed its log in process.

An email.

Jack opened it and his eyes widened. It was from Zoey:

Hi Jack,

I know it’s been a while since the American merger visit but I’ve been heavily involved with the finalisation of the details and I think we’re nearly at the climax.

Thanks for agreeing to meet me later to discuss the final finances. I know how busy you are but I promise it’ll be quick.

I’ve attached the report for you to look through beforehand.

See you at 4:00 pm.


Jack smiled as he re-read the email again. He felt his erection start to grow as he thought back to the times he had spent with Zoey. He hadn’t realised that the meeting involved her. He knew she often wore pencil skirts and high heels and his cock grew when he thought of her sexy arse and legs. He thought about the times that they had been together and, with his cock now fully erect, he knew he had to think professionally. He shifted in his seat and moved his hard cock to the left of his tight trousers. He smiled and opened up the next email. His mind wandered to the night he watched Zoey masturbate on the hotel bed. How she had begged to see him cum and how he had cum hard all over her face. He suddenly felt really aroused and the need to touch himself suddenly overwhelmed him.

He hit reply:

Hi Zoey,

Great to hear from you.

Congratulations on the success of the merger. I know its going well, thanks to all of your hard work.

I hadn’t forgotten about our meeting and I’ve pencilled in an hour so, I’m hoping, it won’t be over too quickly!

Speak soon,


Jack hit send and felt the strain of his cock in his tight trousers. He sighed and tried to focus on something else. He stared out of the window and began to realise that it was going to be a long day. He watched as light flakes of snow slowly started to drop onto the ground.

Almost instantly, the computer pinged a notification for him.

An email.

A response from Zoey:

Glad you haven’t forgotten.

We can be very thorough, if needs be. I’ll leave it up to you how fast though. Either nice, slow and thorough or quick and fast.

Your choice!


Jack smiled and rubbed the head Escort Bayrampaşa of his cock through his trousers. He was so turned on today. He needed to focus. Jack closed the email down and picked up the phone to call the first of his clients today.

After a long morning and a quick working lunch, Jack looked out of the window again and saw the snow falling heavier now. It had already formed a thick blanket on the ground and Jack stared down at the car park. He noticed that quite a few of the cars had already disappeared and some people were leaving now to beat the weather.

After checking the weather report, he buzzed his assistant and insisted she leave early because of the snow. She travelled by train to get to work so it made sense for her to leave before the weather got any worse. He thought he should cancel the meeting with Zoey and, after finishing the report, get home early himself. He opened the IAT report and continued to scour through the data and statistics in front of him.

An hour later, Jack received another email. His eyes widened as he opened it. It was from the HR manager:

URGENT: FAO all employees

Due to the declining inclement weather, the building will be closed early today (17:00).

It is recommended that all employees continue their work at home. Please travel safely and await instructions overnight as to whether the building will be open.

Kind regards,

Jane Rowley-Green

Human Resources Director

Jack smiled. He knew Jane. She was a stuck up, thin-faced busybody who loved the feeling of what very little power the company allowed her. He looked again outside and watched as more people were now leaving. The cars were now almost fully covered. He wasn’t looking forward to scraping snow from the windows.

He looked down at the report. It was nearly finished. He would go home straight after this, he thought.

It was around an hour later when Jack heard footsteps moving along the hardwood floor towards his desk. He looked up at the time then and realised it was just after four o’clock. Zoey! He had completely forgotten to cancel the meeting.

He heard her open the door and walk around the corner of his office to his desk. He saw her and his eyes instantly widened.

She was wearing knee – high black, leather stiletto boots. They were snug fitting and cut just short of her knees. The tip of the black leather pointed sharply in the direction of Jack and a stiletto heel propped her whole body upwards and forwards. His cock instantly reacted.

His eyes swiftly moved up her body and he noticed she wore sheer, black tights or suspenders. She had a tight, black skirt that was cut around a hand width above her knees. He noticed the outline of her thighs as she walked. His mind instantly flashed back to the time when he saw her naked and the soft, smooth skin of the her naked flesh. His cock continued to stretch and grow in his tight trousers.

He watched as her breasts softly swayed as she walked. She wore a navy blue blouse with a button undone at the top. It was fairly tight fitting and nipped in around her narrow waist.

He looked up at her face. She was very pretty. He hadn’t forgotten her pretty face. She was older than Jack but still had a young look about her. She had big, pretty, brown eyes that complimented her dark, shoulder length hair. It was tied back to accentuate her pretty features: her prominent cheek bones and full, red lips. Jack had masturbated and cum all over her face in the hotel at the conference. She had wanted to watch his cock as she came and he had orgasmed over her pretty face and neck. He had gripped his hard cock and watched as her own orgasm caused her body to quiver. He had let his hot cum spray over her skin. She had smiled as she felt it dribble on her lips and that had pushed her over the edge with her fingers buried inside her pussy. His cock grew fully erect in his trousers. He shifted in his seat.

“Mr Fraser,” she smiled as she crossed to him, “thanks for meeting.”

He stood and moved around his desk towards her. They lightly hugged and her smell filled his nostrils and the room. It was a fresh, delicate smell that brought back memories of being next to her naked body. He felt her shoulders against his chest and for a brief second he contemplated pulling her in tighter.

He didn’t. His cock was straining against his trousers. She was absolutely intoxicating.

“This weather is awful, isn’t it?” Zoey pulled away as she spoke and a strand of her fine hair fell across her beautiful face.

He nooded in agreement. “I’m sorry,” Jack said as he beckoned towards the two leather sofas facing each other, separated by a small, black, glass coffee table. “I meant to call and cancel because of the snow. Time just got the better of me. Sorry.”

Zoey sat down and Jack moved to the sofa opposite her. He watched her sit and he looked down and caught a flash of her cleavage as she lowered herself down.

“Don’t Beşiktaş escort worry,” she continued, “I know the building is closing soon, so we can leave it. I know you still have to drive home to Anna.” Zoey smiled quickly and her wide eyes looked up at him from her seat. His cock was aching. “How is she, anyway?” Zoey enquired lightly.

Jack sat opposite her and his eyes flashed to Zoey’s legs. She had sat with her legs crossed and her short skirt had ridden up to reveal the side of her shapely thigh. “She’s good, thanks,” his eyes travelled up her body, lingered over her lips and then focused on her sexy eyes. “She’s been working hard, we both have.” The material of his trousers pulled his solid cock tightly against his body. He longed to just touch it. “How’s Ian?” he asked.

Zoey’s face slightly reddened. She had obviously thought about their naked time too. “He’s still away…a lot. He’s away now actually. Until next week. Nothing has changed really.”

Jack remembered how she had explained how frustrated she was at home and how she regularly masturbated because her husband, Ian, was always working away. Jack’s mind flashed back to the detail she went into that night and how it had led to the two of them being so aroused. He looked again down at her legs and boots. Her leg moved slightly. She was so sexy, he thought. She shifted in her seat as he realised his gaze had lingered a little too long.

“Listen,” Jack started, “we can leave this for another day, if you want. The weather is getting worse. Nobody wants to be stuck in this place, do they?”

“Good idea,” she smiled, “let’s reschedule.”

There was a hint of disappointment in her voice and Jack got up. Once again, he looked down her blouse and saw more of her cleavage. His cock was rock hard right now, straining against his trousers. He suddenly became aware it might be prominent.

She looked up at him from down on the sofa. She had very sexy brown eyes. Her eyes flashed away from his face and, for a split-second, strayed to his crotch.

Smiling, she lifted herself up and her scent filled Jack’s head once again. She looked directly into his eyes and sighed loudly. He watched as her breasts heaved as she breathed in.

“I’ll walk down with you,” Jack politely offered.


He moved round and collected his coat. The rest of his work belongings could stay here until tomorrow. Unconsciously, he draped his coat over his crotch and deftly squeezed the head of his cock. It pulsed from the attention.

“I can help clear your car too,” Jack commented.

“I walk,” Zoey stated. “I live just around the corner and walk in to work. It’s handy for me. Thanks though.” She lifted her coat and bag from the coat stand and pushed her arms through the tight holes.

Jack smiled, motioned towards the door and, together, they made their way through his office and down the corridor towards the lift. Handily, it was already at his floor.

They both stepped in. “I bet we’re one of the last few left in the building,” Jack commented as they entered the lift. They both stopped and turned to face the doors as they smoothly slid shut.

“Think of all the post-it notes we could steal,” Zoey joked.

Jack smiled and the lift started slowly descending down to the main lobby. Zoey moved towards the back of the lift and stood next to him. They were both facing the doors. He could feel her arm resting against his. It suddenly felt very quiet in the lift and there was a silent tension. Jack’s cock was really aching for some attention and his eyes flashed across to where Zoey stood. She was smiling to herself whilst looking carefully at the lift doors. At that moment, she moved a whisp of hair from her pretty face and delicately fingered it behind her ear. Her smile grew wider as she realised Jack was watching her. Jack turned his head back to the lift doors.

He needed to cum. Hard. When he got home, he would masturbate and use oil. It wouldn’t take long. He didn’t care. He had to cum. He would cum whilst thinking of Zoey. His cock bulged as he slowly exhaled.

Suddenly, the lift jolted to a halt and Jack glanced across at Zoey. His eyes flashed down at her breasts as they moved from the sudden force of the lift. He smiled. “After you,” he softly said.

Zoey turned towards the open lift doors and Jack stared down at her full sexy arse. It was a pert and a round peach shape. The material of her skirt pulled tight across her sexy arse as she walked. Jack stared hard as she moved. His cock strained. He wanted to place two hands on her hips, pull her against him and grind out an orgasm then and there. He continued to stare as she clicked lightly on her small heels towards the doors.

They both smiled at the security porter at the desk. He waved them away and pressed a button to unlock the main doors.

Fortunately, for Jack, his car wasn’t too far away from the main reception doors. A perk of working in a managerial position. It wasn’t right next to the building but certainly closer than a lot of others. They stepped outside and the cold hit Jack instantly. He pointed in the direction of his car and stopped. The snow was falling heavily still. They both stared. The snow had half buried Jack’s car. The wheel, lights and bumper of his car were no longer visible because of the snow.

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