Oh, Granny Ch. 04 – Midnight Cravings

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Big Tits

Raj carefully inserted his dick into granny’s anus. ‘It is sort of tight,’ he thought to himself. He grabbed her shapely buttocks and pulled them apart gently.

“Apply some of that massage oil, dear. My anus might be a little tight to get into after all these years,” Granny said.

Raj obeyed and poured some of the oil over the area as well as over his dick, lubricating it. It could penetrate easily now.

Raj rammed his hard cock into his Grandma’s butt-crack. She almost cried with pain and pleasure, but Raj covered her mouth with his hand. “Shhh! Granddad will hear!” He said.

Granny calmed down. “How was I supposed to know you’d be such a strong horse,” She said smiling. “And it’s been so long since I’ve had a nice, big cock like that down my hole.”

He started off nice and slow, but as his penis got adjusted to her tight hole, he began to increase his speed and intensity.

Raj continued to drill the old woman’s rear for almost 15 mins. He watched, mesmerized as his granny’s butt-cheeks vibrated violently against his hips with every thrust. The old woman moaned with every push.

He placed his hands on either butt-cheek and slapped them again and again. Stroking her shapely rear side, his hands reached her back, then her hair. He drove one hand through her silky black mane, whilst keeping the other on her butt.

“Grandma,” he said. “I’ve always admired your hair…your soft, luscious hair,” he began to pound her ass with greater force, watching her hair bounce with kaynarca escort his thrusts.

“Do you, my child?” Grandma panted. “Oh, I’m flattered! I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist when it came to my hair. It defines me, it does,”

“It sure does, granny,” Raj said dreamily. “It makes you look so young!” He moaned as his dick propelled rapidly in and out of her anus.

“Your mother has beautiful hair too, child,” Granny said, pushing her huge butt in sync to her grandson’s pushes. “Black, straight and shiny,” she continued. “Do you ever admire it too?”

“Yes grandma.. mom’s hair is beautiful,” He said. He began to imagine his mother, wrapping her long, silky hair around his naked body and his cock hardened even more (if possible).

The boy and his grandmother were at their sexual acts for about an hour or so, when they lay exhausted.

The old woman lay face down, panting and satisfied. Her grandson lay on top of her resting his head on her back, his arms wrapped around her and cock still deep in her tight anus. He didn’t even bother taking it back out, despite cumming heavily into her ass. With his arms around her, he dug his fingers into her fatty breasts.

“They’re so big, grandma,” He said.

“Would you like to suck them, dear?” Grandma said smiling. “I doubt you’re mother would disapprove, after all I am your grandma. It is only fair if I get to breastfeed my grandson as well.”

“Oh yes granny! I’d love that!” Raj said excitedly. orhanlı escort The next moment, Raj lay on his back with his grandmother’s busty figure on top of him. He had one arm around her waist and with the other he held her droopy breast. He gently bit it in excitement.

“Aah!” She cried softly. “Careful, my child. It’s been so long since anyone but myself have handled these!”

Raj continued to suckle her breasts. This continued for another 10 minutes, before granny expressed her desire to suck her grandson’s dick once again.

Raj groaned in pleasure as the old woman’s lips clamped down upon his bellen. He placed a hand on the back of her head, driving it up and down on his cock. Feeling her silky hair, aroused his fetish again and he felt he was about to cum.

“Grandma,” He said. “I think I’m gonna cum,”

Grandma by now had recognised her grandson’s odd fetish for her beautifully kept hair. She smiled. She withdrew her wrinkled lips from his bulged cock.

“Cum in my hair, child,” She croaked. “Let granny give you a hair job,” With that, the old woman brushed her hair forward. Its strands caressed the tip of Raj’s penis. He savoured the feel of her luscious, black hair brushing against his dick.

Granny grabbed his cock suddenly, with a wrinkled hand. Raj observed that granny had taken off her wedding ring! Something she’d never done for as long as he knew her.

Wrapping her hair in coils around Raj’s dingus, she began to slide her hand tepeören escort up and down, forcefully.

The hair job made the 18year old feel as though he were in heaven. The feel of the silky coils wrapped around, their friction over his cock.. finally he couldn’t control it.

He came heavily. The jet of viscous semen spurted onto the old woman’s hair. He watched the off-white fluid run down her hair in drops, giving her gleaming black hair more contrast. Encouraged, he got up and began to spray the remaining cum onto her hair, her face, her breasts.

Grandma licked the semen off her lips. They agreed that they had enough for tonight and that they’d continue the next night.

Grandma dressed back up, and Raj put his shirt and trousers back on. Suddenly they froze. They heard the squeaking of the wheelchair… GRANDDAD! What on earth was he doing up at this time? A few moments later, they heard the sound of the flush. Granny sighed with relief. He’d gone for a loo break.

“Sugandha? Dear?” The old man called. “Where are you, are you not asleep yet?”

Grandma motioned Raj to keep quiet and unlatched the bedroom door. Opening it slightly, she said “yes dear? You’d called?”

“Oh! What are you doing? Why aren’t you asleep?” The old man asked rolling his wheelchair towards her. Granddad had switched on a dim light for the bathroom.

“Oh, it’s nothing.. I couldn’t sleep dear! Those pills don’t seem to work well. So I thought I’d tell dear Raj a bedtime story!” The old woman said. “You know, like old times!”

Granddad chuckled. “Oh well of course! Well, don’t be too long.. It’s already one!” The old man’s faith in her almost broke Granny’s heart but she thought of the smooth young body of Raj and his large cock and brushed the emotions aside.

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