Olivia: A Hidden Desire

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I remember when i joined the navy, it was one of the greatest days of my life. When i first got to my ship, i was somewhat surprised on how many sexy woman were on board.One of the sexiest was a woman was a technican named Olivia. She was among the most beautfial and unique woman that i had ever met. She grabbed my bags that i had brought on board and showed me to my berthing where i would be staying. There were many sexy woman on board but she had a different look about here. The more that i would see her the more i wanted her.

Olivia always knew she was hot, she had large puppy dog eyes you could swim in, she had white teeth and long brown hair, but perhaps her most notable feature was her large breasts. In the service you wear coveralls and part of the reasoning is to make you look for professional. however with her it was the first thing you saw and the coveralls did nothing to hide. there was a rumor was that even though who tits were big she had what is called monkey tits, where her nipples are very long. Weather or not that was true i would not find out till later.

One year i got a small gig at the mall playing a santa at mall. It was well paying and not really that bad. Just as i was finishing up i saw Olivia with a bunch of friends. Some where from the ship and some i had never seen before. One of her friends came over and asked if Göztepe Escort her and her friends could sit on my lap and if the could have a picture. I all too happily said “Yes”, they all gathered around and call it fate or luck or but Olivia was the one that sat on my lap. She did not reconise me, i smelt booze on her so i think she was drunk. I did not care, i felt her lips on my cheek and i was one to two inches from her breasts.

After this inident i never really saw too much of her after that, i would pass through the ship only glancing at her from time to time. Not many people were as luck as me that day, but of course i wanted more of her. The time that really put the drive in my desire for her was out on liberty. I was with a few friends and she walked in and my dick literally got hard. She was dressed in blue tight jeans and had a brown half top on. All you could see from any distance was her large tits and her massive cleveage. This was pure torture, so i went to the bathroom and i masturbated to a mental image of her. After it was over i relizsed that i never get sleep with her so i wanted to try one thing, to be something i never thought of doing, i was going to be a peeping tom.

I had a friend down in the female berthing who knew Olivia very well. she told me she knew Where Olivia lived and knew she was a frequent masturbator. Göztepe Escort Bayan How did she know, well she lived with her and saw some interesting things. She owed me a favor and said she would set something up. Well a few days later Olivia approached me and said she had talked to my friend. She told me that i could watch her masturbate and i could masturbate to her. That’s it, i took advantage of this oppurunity and went one step farther, i brought a small camera, i was going to capture this moment.

I met her at her house, my other friend was gone so we had the house to ourselves. i asked her why she wanted to do this and she said to me she likes this stuff, usually with woman however she was good friends with my friend and she trusted me. So i was excited and we were getting all set up. i place my little camera where she could not see it. She told me to sit down and i got into position in the chair.

The first thing she did was lay on the bed, she took out a pack of new ports and lite one up. She loves to smoke and masturbate at the same time. Then she at up with it hanging out of her mouth,she unbuttoned her her clothes and i saw this silky pink bra, well i lost control of my self, i got my dick out and went to town masturbating. Then her pants came off and i saw her pink panties. Then off came her panties and she began touching Escort Göztepe herself. I asked her if she would take her bra off and she did and the rumors were true.She did have long nipples but i did not care i got a full show.

As she was touching herself she began moaning, first it was soft then it got louder as i watched her finger her self. I slowly moved my hand up and down my dick, then she asked me to titty fuck her, i was surprised however i did not hesitate and i titty fucked the shit out of her. My dick between her large breasts and long nipples was more than in could handle and i busted my load all over her tits. Then she took her new port that was in her hand and put the tip on her breasts that was full of my jizz and smoked it. it was one of the greatest moments of my life. I cleaned up and she put her clothes back on. i grabbed my camera and left she said to me that was one time and one time only.I knew it was true.

I saw my one friend the next day and she asked if i had a good time. I said yes i did, she said she had fun too. She usually does not do things like that with men. I was very lucky to have this experience. I would see her on the ship on and off but nothing ever really came it. i looked at the footage i had taped. The whole session was 15 minutes but i got everything. I thought about putting on the internet but i needed to respect her privacy. This was for us and not anyone else. i still havve the tape and watch every once and a while. it is a reminder of a little fantasy of a woman named Olivia that finally came true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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