On Holiday with My Parents Pt. 01

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Watch the ball!

“Watch the ball! Watch the ball!” encouraged my Dad as he and my Mother patted the small pink ball back and forth with the little wooden bats expertly. When it came my way I missed it totally, every time.

I was watching the ball, just not the one my Dad was referring to.

### ### ###

I wasn’t in the habit of going on holiday with my parents. That had stopped years ago. I went with my girlfriends, four of them to the clubbing spots of Europe. Sun, sea, sand and sex. Well not so much sand, that tended to get everywhere, but the sea was very welcome, especially on the way back to the hotel after a particularly heavy night of sexual indulgences. The cool, salty water cooled the a sore, well fucked cunt perfectly, ready for a good sleep and another night of delicious hedonism the following night.

I’ve been sexually active for a long time. Moved in with my boyfriend, with my parent’s blessing, before I finished full time education. A good fuck every night and a quickie every morning. It lasted two years.

We had a party to go to. He didn’t fancy it so sent me off on my own. Met a guy. He just stroked my bum, cool as you like. It felt good. He suggested we head for one of the bedrooms. I agreed. He closed the door, proceeded to take my short skirt and tiny panties off then told me to lay on the bed. I did and he went straight down on me! Even before I’d offered to blow him much less fuck him.

I was cummin in less that thirty seconds and he kept it up for over ten minutes. People came in to see what all the noise was about. I ignored them. They watched a while then wandered off, leaving the door open. We had an audience. I didn’t give a shit. We fucked, with an audience. I cared not, not even when I went down on him and made him hard again. We were in that bedroom for over an hour and received a massive round of applause when we eventually returned to the party.

He wasn’t available but my boyfriend still became my ex the following lunchtime when I returned to our flat. I was fair though. Eat my cunt or find someone else to suck your cock!

I don’t miss him.

I moved in with some girlfriends. I have Nigel’s number in my contacts. We have coffee now and again and, once in a while, a good old fashioned NSA sex session.

So, why was I on holiday with my parents, at my age?

My girlfriends and I had booked to go to Ayia Napa in Cyprus for our holidays. For those not based in Europe, that’s sex city for the late teens and early twenties. Let’s put it this way. Girls go there to get fucked and boys go there to get fucked. Nuff said. If a girl plans to wear undies when she goes out clubbing she’d better take plenty coz, sure as hell, she won’t remember where she, or somebody else, removed them the previous night.

So, we booked the holiday and looked forward to being excessively naughty for the entire holiday.

I only live about a mile from my parents. I went round for breakfast the Sunday morning following our making the booking. They weren’t early risers on Sundays.

“We’ve booked our holiday,” I announced as we sat down to brunch.

“That’s good dear,” replied my Mother, “anywhere nice?”

Have you noticed that when you say that you’re going on holiday somebody always asks if it’s ‘anywhere nice’? Like you’d book a holiday to a dump where it rains all the time, the food’s lousy, it’s bloody cold and the air pollution is over 100%.

“Yes Mum, I hope so. Aiya Napa, in Cyprus, y’know?” I replied with a grin.

“Yes Dear, I know,” chuckled my Mother, “just make sure you don’t drink too much. It’s nice to remember, when you wake up sometime the following day, that you had a really good time.”

“And it’s also nice to know the name of the guy beside you in the bed,” added my Dad.

“George!” remonstrated my Mum, “Sarah’s on the pill, it doesn’t matter.”

That wasn’t something I expected to hear from my Mother, even if it were true.

So, we’re all set to go. Sunscreen, Check. Condoms? Check. Lube? Check. Tiny bikini? Check. That was the Monday. On Tuesday the travel company went bust!! Tuesday evening Mum rang to see if we’d managed to make alternative arrangements. Nothing. No flights available, anywhere. Plenty of empty hotel rooms, probably but no means of getting there.

“Well, look,” she offered, “If you get desperate y’Dad says you’re very welcome to come with us. We leave Friday about 6pm. You just need to let us know by Friday morning, OK?”

### ### ###

So here I am, on holiday with my parents, on a nice sandy beach playing bat and ball.

With three of us driving Dad’s big Mercedes estate gobbled up the kilometers. I’d often teased him about having a big car for just the two of them. I wouldn’t any more. We arrived just after noon almost as fresh as when we’d left home. Our chalet was ready and waiting. Dad rented it out most of the high season but for the last week of the low season and the first of the high. Those were always reserved for Mum and Dad.

Dad and me unpacked while gaziantep jigolo escort Mum went to the site shop for the makings of a light lunch. Lunch then a shower to freshen up before hitting the beach. That’s when the holiday most decidedly changed from being a boring holiday with Mum and Dad to being a lot less boring and a lot more exciting.

We hit the beach, a distance of some five yards from the cabin door, walked down to the tide line and turned left, away from the crowd. Lots of people were walking the same way. I didn’t think a thing about it… Until we reached the post with a large wooden sign in four languages. ‘Clothing optional’ said the English text.

Mum stopped dead in her tracks and put her beach bag down on the sand. Dad put down his big, stuffed beach bag and unzipped her short summer dress. Mum wriggled her shoulders and the dress dropped to the sand. Without so much as a bye-your-leave she bent, picked it up and put it in her beach bag. Mum was stark naked. I gawped in amazement but Mum seemed totally oblivious. She bent down in front of Dad and yanked his shorts down. He stepped out of them and Mum added them to her bag. Dad was stark naked as well.

They’d both acted as if I wasn’t there. Didn’t even exist. Mum picked up her bag. Dad picked up his and they set off down the beach. I stood there for a moment in shock. Was I expected to strip naked? Loads of guys had seen me naked before, just before we fucked usually, but never a whole beach full! Plus women and families. My parents didn’t look back just plodded up the beach towards a reasonably clear spot. I slipped off my dress, put it in my bag, hesitated a moment before unfastening my bikini top and adding that to my bag. My bottoms stayed on. I wasn’t ready for full nudity, in public AND in front of my parents just then.

Mum was laying out the beach rug and Dad setting up the beach shelter when I got up to them. They turned and smiled at me.

“There,” said Mum, “that wasn’t so painful was it?” she grinned.

I looked at Mum in surprise, she had a fabulous figure, I’m supposed to say for her age here, there were no saggy tits. Her tummy was flat. No visible stretch marks and WOW! A totally smooth pussy and great legs. I was jealous.

Dad finished what he was doing and turned to greet me with just as big a smile.

“You look good, Baby Girl. You feel comfortable?” he grinned.

I grinned back happily.

“Not too uncomfortable rather than comfortable,” I answered, “a bit surprised though, you could have warned me or at least dropped a hint.” I chuckled.

Even as I was talking I was checking him out. Hey all girls check out the guys, don’t they? Maybe not their Fathers admittedly and probably not their naked Fathers but…

Dad is tall, just over six feet. Decent shoulders and a slim waist. He’s got an angular face, chiselled. A flat belly and certainly more than a hint of a six pack. He was fit! All that was pretty good looking Dad or not. It was his cock that caught me totally unprepared. Fuck! No guy that had got anywhere near me had a cock like the one my Dad was sporting. Totally flaccid, the thick, long sausage of pleasure just flopped down and dangled nonchalantly over a massive, full, ball sac. I gulped and dragged my eyes away before I soaked my little bikini bottoms and looked, in shock, at my Mother. She let out a soft, dirty chuckle and winked at me! Nothing was said.

“A bit of exercise to get the stiffness of the journey out of our muscles?” suggested Dad breaking the silence, “Helen, you want your usual yellow bat?”

He pulled three wooden paddle bats out of his bag and a small pink ball. He passed the yellow bat to Mum and offered a choice or the red or green to me.

“Choose your weapon,” he said suggestively.

I chose the red.

“Watch the ball!”

I was, well the ball sac swinging between my Father’s legs, and utterly missed the little pink projectile that Mum had expertly batted in my direction. It was perfectly placed I didn’t even have to move. If I’d been concentrating I couldn’t possibly have missed it. I wasn’t concentrating and my wild swipe missed by a country mile.

Mum laughed.

“You’ll get used to it,” she called across the few yards that separated us.

I wasn’t at all sure what she was suggesting I’d get used to. I looked over at her and mouthed ‘Sorry’ towards her with a guilty grin which made her laugh delightedly.

She looked incredible! Legs to die for parted nicely so she could move easily either way. Her smooth pussy nicely displayed, probably to tempt Dad’s eyes from the ball. Her full tits swung invitingly side to side as her hips swayed like a tennis star waiting to receive the serve. I made my mind up there and then. Batting the ball in the general direction of my Dad I told them to play with themselves, which got a laugh from Dad and a dirty laugh from Mum, while I got comfortable.

Without further ado I slid my bikini bottoms down and off while both gaziantep lezbiyen escort my parents watched me. Nonchalantly I threw them towards the beach rugs. They fell short and landed in the sand.

“Ooooo!” exclaimed my Mum delightedly, “you’ll not want to be putting those back on any time soon.”

“Feel better?” asked my Dad clearly taking in my nakedness and liking what he saw, including my smooth cunt.

“Much,” I admitted, “never felt so over-dressed before.”

“You’re looking much better in that outfit as well, isn’t she George? You’ll have the boys queuing up to play games with you,” Mum observed wickedly.

For the following fifteen minutes we played bat and ball. My concentration improved rapidly as soon as I realised that when I returned the ball properly both my parents stretched and bent and twisted to hit it to the next player. Such freedom of movement was very liberating and the strangeness of being totally naked, on the beach, with my parents didn’t feel strange anymore. Quite the opposite, it felt perfectly natural.

Mum called a halt to our frolics with a simple;

“Right, better get some sunscreen on then we can take Sarah on a sight seeing tour.”

She smiled innocently but her voice was dripping with innuendo as she passed the sunscreen bottle to Dad.

“Would you mind DO’ing me George?” she requested, with that same innocent smile and innuendo laden voice.

Dad passed it straight to me;

“There y’go Baby Girl, instant promotion, Dollop Deliverer in chief!” declared Dad.

Mum slipped her hands under her hair on the back of her neck and lifted it all up out of the way. She widened her stance while swinging her elbows outwards. She looked magnificent! I could easily see how she’d managed to pull my Dad. If she looked that good now how good must she have looked when they were courting? With her arms as they were, high and wide, there was no sign of gravity affecting her nice, full, round tits. Her belly was flat and toned as were her parted legs.

“C’mon, Baby Girl, plenty of time to admire your Mum during the holiday. Right now you’re at risk of demotion to apprentice DD.”

Dragging my eyes away from my Mum I saw my Dad holding his hand out expecting a dollop.

“Not too much! Don’t want to drown her,” he laughed.

Dad rubbed his big hands gently together, spreading the dollop of jollop evenly over the palms of both hands and placed them tenderly on Mum’s neck. He started to massage the oil in lovingly while Mum relaxed and sighed contentedly. With Mum’s neck, cheeks and ears administered to he held out one hand and waited while I dolloped the jollop into the palm. He held out the other and started to massage Mum’s shoulders, upper arms, under her arms and along the underside of each arm. Running out of jollop he pushed his hands forward so I had to stand in front of Mum to apply the suitable amounts to Dad’s hands.

He cupped her magnificent breasts, one in each big hand and fondled them tenderly. Mum closed her eyes, sighed and rested her head back on his shoulder.

“Ohhh George, you naughty boy, don’t you dare stop,” she chided.

Dad didn’t stop. It was clear as the nose on your face that he had no intention of stopping for quite a while. My parents were making out, on a busy beach, right in front of my eyes! It looked wonderful. Dad held his hands out. I dispatched two more dollops of jollop and his hands returned to Mum’s breasts where he concentrated on her nipples and Mum sighed with contentment maybe a bit too loudly in a public place.

A quick glance around suggested nobody was particularly distressed by their activities although I was getting so turned on it was embarrassing. Should I get turned on watching my parents enjoying themselves? In a heartbeat I decided there was no real, solid reason why I shouldn’t and returned to watching and getting wetter and wetter at the top of my thighs.

Dad’s hands disentangled themselves from Mum’s naked body and thrust themselves forward again. I dolloped each palm and they returned to her breasts but not for long. They moved down to her flat, toned belly and started to massage the naked flesh between her smooth pussy and the underside of her beautiful breasts. Mum was having trouble standing still, so was I. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and their obvious shared pleasure.

Dad’s left hand stole downwards.

“Ohhh George, you shouldn’t,” moaned my Mother as Dad’s hand brushed slowly over her bald mons and between her pussy lips, “you’re a very bad boy!” she sighed as Dad took her clitty between finger and thumb and rubbed hard.

Mum squealed loudly and shuddered as her orgasm hit hard. Dad held her firm and didn’t stop until she’d completed her trip to heaven and back.

“George! That was very naughty of you. I’m a married woman y’know and you’re a married man. You should know better,” Mum scolded him a just a little too loudly.

I glanced around quickly. Only a couple of couples gaziantep masaj salonları were close enough to have heard and all four were giggling delightedly. Dad’s hands reappeared. I dolloped the jollop in each palm and his hands disappeared to reappear on her shoulders.

“Well,” he replied also a little too loudly, “next time you see your husband tell him, from me, that he’s a very lucky man, that he shouldn’t let you out of his sight And…” Dad paused for effect, “you’ve got a great pair of tits!”

“Why thank you George, I appreciate you appreciating them and I’ll tell my husband what you said and that you’ve been able to enjoy not just my tits but his daughter’s also,” again just a little too loudly, “He’s a silly Daddy, isn’t he Darling?” this last directly to me.

“Yes Mummy, a very silly Daddy,” I responded enthusiastically playing along and without even thinking about or registering exactly what my Mother had just said.

Dad’s right hand appeared from lower down. He was kneeling behind my Mum and obviously about to start applying sunscreen to her legs. Excitement over for a while, I thought sadly. I really didn’t know my parents very well at all! Dad’s right hand started to apply the jollop to her right hip while his left hand appeared between her legs, high up on her thigh, very high up. Mum opened her stance a little and sighed contentedly again. Her eyes closed and her head went back. Reaching out with her right hand she rested it on my shoulder.

“Be a good girl and just stay there for a minute or two, will you?” she sighed happily.

I glanced down. Dad was clearly fingering Mum. From the position of his hand and the sudden jerking movements Mum was making I guessed that his thumb was buried deep in her pussy, rubbing on her G spot while his fingers terrorised her clitty. Fuck! Just the sight of it made me wish it were my cunt my Father was playing with. Mum finished trembling as Dad finished doing her outer leg. His left hand appeared demanding a dollop. I made sure Mum was stable and supplied the necessary. Dad applied sunscreen to Mum’s inner thigh and lower leg while Mum stood and sighed contentedly.

Dad’s left hand appeared from between Mum’s legs. I supplied the dollop and watched, spellbound, as Dad’s right hand went straight to Mum’s cunt, his thumb pressed in and his fingers wrapped around her clitty.

“Don’t move just yet,” sighed Mum as she reached out for a supportive shoulder to hang on to.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were on a public beach, that she was obviously being watched by others or that her Daughter was aiding and abetting her but my Mother came very hard, noisily and quickly that time. She just seemed to collapse into my arms and hang around my neck while Dad finished her off.

“Would you like Dad to do you now, Dear?” asked Mum once she’d recovered enough to stand unaided.

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked as my heart skipped a beat.

“Not at all Dear, no point in us three being here if we can’t enjoy ourselves together now, is there?”

I didn’t answer in case she changed her mind. Passing the bottle of sunscreen to my Mother I stood straight in front of my Dad, put my hands behind my neck to lift my hair out of the way and swung my elbows out wide. Dad clearly liked what he saw. His face lit up with the most wonderful smile.

“Turn around, Baby Girl,” he instructed.

Mum applied a small dollop of jollop onto the palm of his hand, he rubbed his hands together then his hands were on my neck, tenderly caressing my soft, receptive flesh. I didn’t even try to stifle the moan of pleasure as his hands began to explore my naked body. Neck, shoulders and under my upper arms. I tingled as my Father’s gentle hands caressed my soft, pliant flesh. His hands reached out either side of my naked body. I braced myself as Mum dolloped a large dollop of jollop onto each of Dad’s big hands, he was about to fondle my full, aching for his touch, breasts.

He cupped them tenderly, one in each of his big hands as if weighing them. Fingers brushed across my nipples and I closed my eyes and sighed softly. He wasn’t simply applying sunscreen to prevent his Baby Girl getting sunburnt, my big, handsome Father was fondling my breasts, caressing them, playing with them, stroking and teasing them, in exactly the same way that he had enjoyed my Mother’s breasts only scant minutes earlier. I was in heaven. I leaned back against his smooth, naked body and sighed contentedly utterly oblivious to my being in a public place and my Mother standing only inches away from me.

Dad moved his head forward to rest in on my shoulders, inches from my ear.

“Feel good, Baby Girl?” he asked softly.

“Ummm,” was the best I could manage as I rubbed my bare bum against his naked body. His delicious, long, fat, flaccid cock dangled carelessly between my bum cheeks. I wanted more, much more and sighed with delight. I wanted his hands on my breasts forever but also his fingers between my legs. I widened my stance blatantly. I heard my Mother laugh.

“Is Daddy making you feel wanton, Baby Girl,” she teased, “he is very, very good with his hands and his …”

She stopped abruptly. I opened my eyes expectantly his…? My Mother winked at me and grinned a devilish grin. Was she offering my Daddy’s cock? I smiled. She smiled back and I knew that she was. I blew her a kiss which she returned followed by a silent;

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