One Night

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Ava Addams

My breath was coming in deep sighs and I shifted my hips. The warm, moist pumping motion was steady and constant, but the sensations varied between short, quick and hard and slow, long and deep. Throbbing, pumping, pulsating around my rock-hard erection. Eyes closed, it felt like I had been taking this feeling for forever, and I knew I couldn’t last for much longer.

“M-m!” mom disagreed when a powerful spurt of thick goo suddenly shot into her mouth. “M-m-mm-m!” complained my mother, who was on her knees. Her lips had been the warmth I had been feeling, although I had closed my eyes and tried to think about pretty Jenny Fisher rather than my mom. Constantly feeling my mother’s breasts against my legs had made that difficult, though, and I knew I hadn’t really been thinking about Jenny at the final moment.

Clearly mom had not been expecting me to shoot, especially not a long and weighty squirt like that, but she finally swallowed when she felt my fingers lightly caressing her. I was sitting on the edge of my bed. Mom was on her knees, and my hands were resting on her shoulders. Her breasts were heavy and hanging low, so she had pulled her bra down so it would still support them underneath instead of taking it off, but otherwise she was naked. The areolas and nipples were large, and I constantly found my gaze drifting towards them and then lower, at the dark bush between her legs.

I let mom swallow everything, stroking her neck as her head kept bouncing. It felt strangely comforting that she did that, I don’t know why. All of this was so strange and unexpected, but this had been my first orgasm with a woman, although I wasn’t so sure your own mom actually counted.

“You have to warn the girl about that,” mom said. Her hands were now resting on my thighs and I felt her naked breasts against my legs as she moved. “It’s only polite.”

“I’ll try to remember,” I said, thinking what a long way it had been until we ended up in this situation. I had felt really awkward for being a virgin at eighteen even though everyone except the girl-hunting jocks assured me it was fine. It had taken many comforting speeches and plenty of holding hands until I was ready to see mom naked, but tonight I had finally looked gaziantep grup escort my mother in the eyes and said that yes, I really wanted her to be my first. I knew I would be too nervous with anyone else, even if I could get Jenny Fisher, and I couldn’t. Mom had undressed then, and after a few awkward kisses she had kneeled down to calm me.

I almost would have wanted to thank Jenny. She was the one who had made this happen, even if she didn’t know it. She had always been my secret crush, the girl next door who had been my best friend as long as I could remember. It was just unfortunate I had fallen in love with her, and that was a feeling she didn’t share. The final insult had come when she had started dating the local bully Wes Thompson.

I had always felt comfortable talking to mom, so I shared these feelings with her. She listened attentively and tried to give comfort and advice. “You’ll find someone sooner or later,” she had said when I had come back from a date one night looking noticeably depressed. The thing was Alice had been quite agreeable, but I just couldn’t go all the way. Mostly because of my nerves, but that wasn’t the only reason.

“She just wasn’t the one, mom,” I had said. Mom had hugged me then, and she had felt warm and comfortable. What I hadn’t said then, but had already subconsciously been thinking was: “Why can’t you be the one, mom, even if just for one night?”

Eventually I had said it out loud. Nothing had happened until months later, but we had talked about it quite a few times. Mom had not thought the idea to be as weird as I had assumed. “It’s perfectly natural to feel like that, but it’s not something people actually do,” she had initially said.

Later in our close moments I had tried to awkwardly explain how important it would be for me. She had been understanding and nodding along as I spoke. “I’ll have to think about this and read some information,” she had said then.

Yet it had taken another month until she had said: “All right”. My eyes had widened and I had immediately become tense. “Not right now,” she had swiftly added. “Now that you know it’s going to happen, you have to get used güneyşehir escort to the idea.”

I knew she had been right. I would have been far too nervous right then. Then, eventually, when we had been talking again, she had looked me in the eyes and asked, holding my hand in hers: “Is tonight going to be the night?”

“Yes, mom, tonight,” I had said, trying to sound confident and not at all nervous. Mom had started slowly undressing us both, and when I watched her pull her blouse over her head and then her hands starting to move towards her bra, I found myself blinking rapidly as I understood what was really going to happen.

Right now mom was still on her knees and I could again feel her naked breasts as she hugged close, reminding me of how they were hanging, supported by the bra which had been pulled down.

“Are you ready for it? Do you really want to do it?” she asked for the final confirmation, looking me in the eyes.

“Yes, I know I can do it with you, mom,” I said. That was true. I felt surprisingly comfortable with mom being naked and close, and I realized I was getting hard again even if mom looked very different from the young women I secretly admired on the internet. My eyes were instinctively drawn towards her sagging breasts and the dark bush between her legs. I felt her nipples against me as she hugged me. “I really want you to be the one, mom,” I whispered into her ear.

“Try not to stress so much,” mom said, and then she continued instructing me, “I think it’s the best if we do it in the missionary position, so you’ll learn how to properly shoot it in. And don’t worry, you can do it.”

Mom lay back on the bed and propped her head on the pillow. When she opened her legs, my eyes were wide and blinking nervously, but I was also tense with excitement as my gaze kept alternating between the dark bushy opening between those pasty thighs and my mother’s friendly and familiar face.

Mom’s bush felt scruffy against my hand. It took a moment, but then I suddenly felt myself slipping in, and the feeling caused my breath to become agitated. Mom tried to offer comfort by keeping her legs wide open and lightly touching my hip with islahiye escort her fingers. I awkwardly tried to hug her, which brought her breasts in contact against me.

“You’re doing fine,” mom softly whispered into my ear. She was so nice and encouraging. I felt her hand at my side, offering the help and guidance I needed to proceed as my hips started to move. Soon we were holding hands and looking each other in the eyes. My mother’s legs were wide open and her breasts were bouncing in a gentle rhythm with my first thrusts into the hairy warmth. They were soft and jiggly and I could distinctly feel her nipples.

“M-hm. Yes,” my mother said as I started trying longer thrusts, all the way in and out. Her hands were lightly caressing my back. She was attentively looking at what I was doing, occasionally shifting her hips a little. Her legs were wide open, and her nipples had become very big, jutting from the large dark areolas. My pace quickened instinctively and I was naturally alternating between rapid and deep hip motions, guided by the warm shivers I could feel around me.

When I started groaning I felt mom move her ankles behind my thighs and her sensitive hands started comfortingly caressing my hips and back. Her maternal instincts were working as I started getting closer to the eventual end expected finish.

I looked at her, and our gazes connected and stayed locked until it finally happened. I shouted, “Oh God, mom! Oh G-n-nnnh…!” and instinctively closed them. My hips reacted naturally, thrusting all the way in as a long, powerful squirt shot into the womb, and I felt a twitch going through mom’s thighs. Her hips moved unexpectedly and I felt warm shudders around me as another long spurt was suddenly fired into mom, a hard thrust sending it deep into the womb where the spermatozoa started rushing towards their lovely goal. I held mom tightly as the pulsating spurts kept shooting into her. Her legs were around me offering closeness, and the motions of her hips which accompanied the ejaculations felt comforting.

After the last, lingering thrusts had sent everything into mom, I finally pulled out. Afterwards I could only caress my mother’s hips and belly as we were hugging each other, sharing loving gazes and little kisses.

“Thanks for being my first, mom,” I said.

Mom lightly kissed my cheek and whispered into my ear: “Sleep well, darling. Tomorrow is a new day.”

I knew she was right. There were good things in the world, and I would find them eventually. With that in mind I could drift peacefully into blessed and angelic sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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