Only Son Becomes Mom’s Best Lover – Part III

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It is now into the fifth month since that fateful night with mom. I couldn’t help but think whether both of us are just being wierd. Of course I wouldn’t classify me and mom with the paedophiles, the sexual sadists and masochists and other extreme perverts. To me they are either deranged or are carrying some still unidentified genes, the kind of which most of us have evolved out of. But still something must be wrong with us, I couldn’t help thinking. And I tried to find out why.

It is easy to accept as evolutionary natural that fathers fuck their daughters and older brothers fuck their younger sisters. Before the institution of marriage was well established and moral principles ingrained in our forefathers I am dead sure such incestuous relationships between fathers and daughters , and brothers and daughter were common. But to me this cannot explain sex between mothers and sons, especially younger sons. Or for that matter, thirty-two years old women teachers fucking the thirteen years old under their charge

However I have no doubt at all why I fucked my mom. Although I havve a good size cock I was physically unattractive to members of the opposite sex. I weighed a puny 130 pounds and has a face no woman would think was anywhere near sexy. (Once I even asked my mom whether I was a freak because from what I saw in the porns only big muscular men have big cocks. My mom assured me that as a nurse she had seen many small skiny men with huge cocks.) Now back to the question why I fucked my mom. The answer was simple. I couldn’t get myself laid often enough with other women. And among the three women I managed to fuck mom was the most attractive and the most sexy. (I confessed I had lied and embellished a little about my sex life in those two earlier stories.)

These thoughts passed through my mind as I watched mom do the vacuuming. Her good friends, the doctor and his wife had chosen to stay with their daughter in California for maybe six month to a year. They asked mom and I to move into their house as caretakers while they were away. It was a big house by any standard. It was now eleven o’clock in the morning and Mom had already vacuummed upstairs and was now doing the living room. She was a “sweater” and in this weather it wouldn’t take too long for her to be dripping in sweat. She had taken off her sweat-soaked blouse and shorts and was now completely naked. I know this routine of hers. Pretty soon she would finish her work and she would want me to join her in a shower or a bath and we would have sex. Saturday for her was the day of rest after a week at work and today, Sunday, was for sex.

Her body glistening with sweat was unbelievably sexy. And that intoxicating smell of sweat and “womanness” was just cock-stiffening. Now I understand why women in tight and gleaming leader, rubber or vinyl wears are so fuckingly sexy to men. As I looked mom bent down to lift up part of the carpet to vacuum under it and I could see her pubic Sex hikayeleri hair and her pussy. She has her back to me then. Since I told mom not to trim her pubic hair it has grown maybe half an inch longer. The patch was beginning to look like a dark brown bikini piece south of her sexy deep belly button. Wow! As she bent and stretched out her hand to vacuum under the table and chairs I could see her wet, glistening breasts shaking and swaying. As she exerted herself her butt and tummy trembled a little. Her face was now pink and her lips and nipples bright pink. She walked passed a window and as the sunlight caught the beads of sweat on her breasts and belly, butts and thights I felt like licking every inch of her body, and rubbing my cock all over her. I grabbed my cock and jerked a few times.

Now she stood on a chair to better vacuum the cornices and the ceiling. She now looked to me like the Goddess Venus on a pedestal. Her butt was no longer taut but it was gloriously big and her thighs were well curved and there was no gap between them. I move to admire her front. Even standing up her breasts did not sag that much and her belly was full and round and did not sag so that the dark bushy triangle above her pussy was fully visible and it instantly made my cock nodded in appreciation.

I ran my hands up and down her wet, glistening slippery thighs and calves. I kissed them, sucked the sweat off them and slightly bit into her soft bouncy bottom. I rubbed my face into her breasts and licked them. I took her nipples into my mouth, slowly sucking them and twirling my tongue around them. She was smiling all this time. She now stopped vacuuming and just stood there feeling the sexations all over her body. I bent on my knees and planted my mouth on her pubic. At this point she decided that this was it. She got down from the chair and lay on the carpet. She opened her thighs, raised her knees and exposed her pussy to me. Her pussy was now completely covered by her thick, damp love-thatch. She stared at my cock and she was flushed.

The sweat together with traces of her urine and the vaginal fluid now sent forth that distinctive smell which some men liken to the smell of salmon. I didn’t particularly like the smell of salmon. But the sight of the pussy made the smell sexy to me for the first time in my life. She asked me whether she should clean herself up for me. I said no. I laid down besides her and told her to climb on top of me for a ’69’ foreplay. She got on top of me and position herself so that I could play with her pussy while she suck on my cock.

This was the first time I felt her weight on my body and it just made the sex that much more intimate and intense. Her glorious round butt somehow looked a lot bigger when it is inches from my face. I first stuck two fingers into her cunt to lubricate them and then pushed them into her arsehole and at the same time I also pushed my thumb into her cunt. So it was a three Sikiş hikayeleri finger-fuck. After she started to moan I took my fingers out and started to tongue and lick her. After about ten minutes of sucking and tonguing her love juice started to ooze more profusely and she moved her body. Because she was slippery from her profuse sweating she could shift her body left and right, up and down. As such we got full bodied rubbing and stimulation. Besides sucking the cock she also dragged her teeth along the long shaft of the cock and repeatedly bit softly into my cock. There was no pain but the feeling on the shaft got more sharp. I don’t know about mom but I could take only that much of exquisite sexual tension on my cock. I needed relief badly. I didn’t ask mom if she was ready like I used to. I told her to let go of my cock and I pushed her off me. She rolled to the bed and laid on her back. I mounted her and started to hard fuck her with the kind of violence I had not experienced before. Maybe mom was surprised too by this unusual violence on my part but without doubt she was up to it.

“Yes sony boy. Si…..Si…..Si……Fuck mommy hard, harder, harder. Mommy likes it. Si……Si………”. Mom, as usual clenched her teeth and sucked in air through her teeth, making that typical hissing.

I pressed my chest to her breasts. I then put my right arm under her neck thus giving her neck some support. I began fucking her with speed and some violence. She now added some loud moaning to her hissing. As I banged into her pussy I could hear a squeegy sound coming out of her cunt as she was dripping with cunt juice and sweat. Her slippery and sweaty body made it easier for me to ride her like a jockey.

Mom started to close her legs around my waist and squeezed. I found that this was impeding my thrust into her pussy somewhat. My chest was at this point pressed to her breasts. To make the movement even freer, I raise myself up from her breast. Even though I was not strong I managed to lift her thick thighs against her chest. I held her in this position and fucked with speed and violence the way I never did before. Then mom’s hissing suddenly stopped, she raised her head off the carpet. She then bent her head forward and sank her nails into my arms, After what seemed like a few seconds her limbs stiffen and she let out a long “Ah….” and went into spasm. Her head then fell back onto the carpet and she shut her eyes and breathed big breaths.

“Good Boy, you know what mummy wants. That was good, son. I never thought you are strong enough to do that”.

I wasn’t paying attention to what mom was saying. I could feel her vagina going through a series of contractions. I kept pumping another twenty to thirty thrust before exploding into her. I think without her vaginal contractions I might even take longer to climax because her vagina was extremely wet and was too slippery to give my cock enough traction and stimulation. Erotik hikaye I got off mom and started to lick the sweat off her face, her breasts, her belly, and her thighs.

“Are you OK son? This is the biggest orgasm you gave me this far. What is different this time?” Mom asked

“I don’t know. Maybe it was the trick you did with your teeth. I never got this violent with the other girls before.” I said. Actually I wasn’t like those great stud in the porns at all. I seldom go longer than ten minutes and often I had to bring my girls to orgasm by licking and tongue-fucking them. We rested for a while and both of us got into the bath together. We washed each other in silence until I spoke up.

“To be honest mom, I didn’t get that much fucking at all. Since my two black girls left town all I got were occasional fucking from the one widow and another woman in her forties. You are the best of them all. You don’t mind if I don’t tell you who they are?” I said as I rubbed her pubic har and her pussy. She was lying in the bath with her back to me.

“Not at all. You really think I am better? Anyway, any woman would be lucky to be fucked by you. At your age you lack stamina but you do have a big cock. And that is a big plus. Mom wouldn’t lie to you, right? Few men had ever fucked mom the way you did just now. Of course I wouldn’t expect every fucking with you to be just like that.” mom said smiling

“I am still wondering, mom. Why do you fuck me? Do other moms like to fuck their sons too?” I asked.

“The simple answer is NO, they don’t! That first fuck we had was an accident. I never once thought of fucking you before that night. Well, after that first fuck, I sort of crossed the line. As far as I am concerned I continue to fuck you because it is convenient and you do gave me nice orgasms. To be honest son, I much prefer to fuck other men. Men who are older and bigger. It is funny but they seem to bring me to orgasm with less actual fucking. I gussed it must be the psychological part of sex, then”. I could tell mom was honest with me. So, perhaps I could say that mom was not the same as the thirty-ish school teacher who fucked her fourteen year old student because she confessed to have fallen in love with the kid and she said she preferred fucking him to more matured men? I put this question to mom.

“I don’t know about other women. None of my friends show any preference for young boys or their sons. I have discreetly put this question to them since I started fucking you. But son, fucking you is great. If you want you can fuck mom any time, and I love you to. But I am still going to find myself a husband. And if I find a good fucker out there I’ll be blessed. Your Dad was a good fucker while it lasted.”. She held my finger to tickle her pussy and chuckled.

I think I have at least the answer to one question. Both mom and I were not true wierdos in the psychological sense. We fucked each other because it was convenient and because we satisfied each other as good fuckers. We would choose to fuck other people if we had better choices. We were just immoral, we broke the moral taboo. That was all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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