Open Mic Night Ch. 02

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So, here I was, my cock was still buried deep inside Kendra’s pussy. She wiggled her hips and squeezed her pussy around my cock.

“Please! Please fuck me!!” she moaned. She reached out and ran one hand over my chest as she rubbed her clit with the other hand. I didn’t have anything to do until the bar closed and I hadn’t come yet so I decided to go with it.

“I’ll fuck you”, I said smiling, “If you give me head for 5… I mean 10 minutes.”

“Mmmmm, can’t you just keep fucking me??” she moaned, complaining.

I slowly began to slide my cock out of her wet pussy. The first few inches came out quickly before the thick meaty middle part stretched her again. She moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Fuck! That feels so good!” her eyes snapped back open, she looked me dead in the eye. “Push it back in and fuck me!”

I kept pulling it out until there was only the head left inside her. She looked down to see nearly the whole length of meat outside her pussy. She rubbed her clit and looked at me pleading.

“No! Fuck meeee!!” She slapped at my chest again but I was too far away now.

“10 minutes of head and I’ll fuck you after, how about that?” I offered.

“You’ll come in 10 minutes! Put it in!!” she was getting a little bratty so I needed to show her who was boss.

“Ok, you want it back in? Here you go!” I slammed the whole length of my cock in to her tight little cunt in one go. Right to the balls.

Her eyes nearly popped out of her head! She let all the air out of her and rolled up into a ball. Both hands flying to protect her damaged cunt. I pulled out of her with a pop.

“Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! That fucking hurt, you dick!” she winced, her eyes flashing defiance.

“Hey, you wanted my cock, I gave you my cock!” I have to admit, I was feeling a little smug. I stood up, towering over her. My cock casting a long shadow across her. “Now, 10 minutes of a blowjob and I’ll fuck you again.”

“I’m not sucking that horse cock after that, you’ve got to be kidding me!”

I took her hand gently away from her pussy and helped her sit up. She was pouting.

“I only did that because you didn’t do what I asked. Ok? Do as I say and I’ll treat you like a princess and give you a good fuck whenever you want. Is that ok, sweetie?” I cupped her face and bent down so my face was close to hers.

She nodded, meekly.

“Ok, good girl. Now, Betturkey you’re gonna give me a nice slow blowjob, aren’t you?” I said. She nodded again. “Good girl.” She smiled a little. I took her by the hand and helped her stand. I took her place on the couch and spread my legs. She kneeled between them, my cock huge in comparison.

She took the shaft in two hands and started licking the head. I lay my head back and closed my eyes. A long slow blowjob from a cutie pie was just heaven. Though I needed to be careful I didn’t blow my load. I wanted to save that for Mandy later on.

I was enjoying the attention Kendra was giving me and I started to feel a bit guilty for what went on just before. I tried to make her feel better.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice,” I said as she was running her tongue around the edge of my cock head. She looked up at me and I saw her smile slightly. She sped up and moved to take the whole cock head in her mouth. She opened wide and guided me in to her mouth with both hands.

She drooled over it, letting is slip and slide down my shaft, over her fingers. It felt warm and slidey.

“Man, that feels good!” I said. She looked up again and started bobbing her head up and down on me. “Yeah, just like that.” She moved one hand from my shaft down to my balls. Kendra tried to speak but my cock muffled her, causing the two of us to laugh.

“What was that?!” I asked as she disengaged from my meat. She sat back on her feet and stroked my cock with one hand while fondling my heavy balls.

“Your balls are full! I want to empty them!” Kendra said, a wicked smile on her face. “Get your cum all over my face and tits before swallowing your load.” I was not expecting her to say that! It was hot!

“Oh no, if I come I’ll need to wait before I can fuck you again! I wanna keep fucking you!” She started licking the underside of my cock as I was talking. Fuck, that felt good! “I tell you what, if I can make you come five times, I’ll let you make me come. How does that sound?” I thought those were pretty generous terms.

“And if I make you come before I come five more times, then… you’re my sex slave for a week?”

“Ok! Deal!” She stuck out her hand to shake and I shook it. “Hang on, five more times?!” I said, surprised. She was the one being smug now! She’d tricked me into getting an extra orgasm. “Let me lick that pussy Betturkey Giriş of yours!”

“Nuh uh uh!” she said, waving my own cock at my like it was a finger. “10 minutes of head were what you ordered and by my watch, we’ve got seven minutes left!” Oh she was smirking properly now!

I had to survive seven minutes of head from a woman who clearly knew her way around a big cock before I could even start to make her cum?! I was in deep shit! I gripped on to the couch and tried to think of things that wouldn’t make me cum but Kendra was just so good!

She had my cock head back in her mouth and bobbing up and down. I think she was getting as much as she could in her mouth cos I could feel her back teeth scraping the sides of my cock. She had one hand on my shaft and the other back on my balls. She then moved her hand from there towards my asshole.

She squirmed a finger towards my cheeks which tickled me like nobody’s business!

“Hey!” I said, laughing. She popped my cock out and laughed.

“You don’t like ass play?!” she asked coyly, still laughing at me.

“Not when there’s a competition going on!” I said. She stuck her tongue out at me, gave my slit a quick lick and went back to sucking my cock. It felt so good. “How longs left? I should have timed this with my phone!”

Kendra was back to licking my cock and rubbing it against her face.

“Oh David, it’s so big and hard!” Was she trying to get me with dirty talk. I didn’t know what to do, all I could think of was how good Kendra’s blowjob skills were and the image of Mandy’s huge tits kept popping in to my head.

She took me back in her mouth and started throating me, taking nearly half of my cock in her mouth and using both hands to stroke the shaft. Fuck!! I was getting close! She was gonna make me come and I’d have to be her sex slave! She was able to take my cock in her cunt and nearly all of it in her mouth. This chick was obviously a freak! I loved the sensation but didn’t want to come just yet!

I could feel the pressure of the orgasm building. My balls tightened and the veins on my cock stood out further. I could feel Kendra hum as she blew me. She could sense I was close as well. Victory was nearly hers.

But that’s when Mandy opened the door.

Thank fuck!

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Mandy said, she seemed kinda pissed that she was missing out but she was still looking great. Kendra took my cock from her mouth and wiped her mouth. Pre-cum was streaming from my cock. I really had been close to losing.

“We have a competition going on” Kendra said, smiling up at the busty older woman.

“Oh yeah?” Mandy said, sitting on the arm of the couch beside me. Her chest very close to my face. I was staring at them when she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes.

“If I come before I make Kendra come five times, I’m her sex slave for a week.” I said, nervous but glad I was backing away from the orgasm cliff. This seemed to pique Mandy’s interest.

“Oh really?!” Mandy asked, raising an eyebrow, “Can I get in on the action?”

“Sure!” Kendra piped up straight away. She stood up and backed away from my rock hard cock. She walked over to Mandy and gave her a hug. “How do you want to do this? Whoever makes him come before he gives us five orgasms wins?”

Mandy let her eyes roam all over my body, my shoulders, chest and abs before looking at my cock.

“Yeah, I think I like the idea of five orgasms!” Mandy looked at Kendra. “And if you want to give me one or two, I wouldn’t mind that either!”

With that, Kendra broke the hug and backed off a little before diving face first into Mandy’s cleavage and motorboating her. Mandy threw her head back and laughed in delight. Kendra lifted her head from the sea of cleavage and smiled.

“Deal!” she said, ecstatic. The two women embraced and started kissing passionately. I was unattended so I just watched the scene unfold and stroked myself. I was still surprisingly hard!

The super curvy and fully clothed woman kissing and hugging the slender and fully naked woman and odd but erotic sight. It was Mandy’s turn to break the kiss and she turned to face me.

“So, back to my place?” she said, smiling.

Because we were all a little buzzed, we got an Uber back to Mandy’s place. I sat up beside the driver and Mandy and Kendra were in the back, going crazy, hands all over the place. Kendra’s hands so small against Mandy’s huge tits. The driver looked at me, a bit shocked by the show the two hotties were putting on. I smiled and nodded.

“I know, man. Crazy!” I said as we pulled up to Mandy’s place. The two women didn’t even notice we had arrived until I made a very obvious cough. They stopped making out and straightened their clothes but they weren’t embarrassed at all. In fact, Mandy leaned over and gave the driver a clear view of her ample cleavage and winked at him. When he regained his composure I gave him a decent tip but I think he preferred the show! “Five for five?” I said, getting out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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