Operation Pucks and Panties Pt. 01

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I grew up a hockey fan. I’ve always loved the sport, and I’ve always had a fetish interest in being a woman, as well as serving women. I’ve always wanted to dress like a woman (more specifically, I have a fetish interest in wearing women’s nail polish and wearing women’s underwear).

Everytime I buy the SI Swimsuit, issue I picture myself wearing those gorgeous bikinis.

For the first time, out of pure curiosity, I tried on a pair of panties. It was one of the greatest decisions of my life, and it can say without a doubt that it changed my life forever.

From the moment on, I knew that while those were the first pair of panties I had ever tried on, they certainly would not be my last.

The feel of the satin panties caressing tightly around my rock hard dick and my ass just make me feel so aroused.

The lace on the panties was so feminine.

The pink color of the panties immediately turned me on.

They just felt so much better than men’s underwear.

I felt so feminine too (in a sexy kind of way). I felt like this is who I’m supposed to be.

This is the story of how I bought my first (in store) pair of panties, and became a pantyboy for life.

I kept wearing panties, and I felt so dirty and horny in them.

Now back to the hockey.

One day last February, I decided to head to Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY to check out a hockey game. I had been to that arena before for college basketball. Before the college basketball game I had a bite to eat at the Atlantic Terminal Mall located just across the street from yalova escort Barclays Center. Inside the mall I noticed there was a Victoria’s Secret store.

I immediately got a tingling sensation inside my body. But at the time, I was there with a friend, and I also didn’t have the balls to walk into Victoria’s Secret by myself.

I was afraid what the women inside the store would think of a 25 year old guy walking into a Victoria’s Secret store all by himself, and shopping for panties for that matter. Moreover, I was afraid they would think I’m a panty perv.

That all changed when I went back to Brooklyn for a hockey game last February. The hockey game I went to ended fairly early during the day, so as I was leaving the arena I decided to walk over to the Atlantic Terminal Mall across the street. Once inside the mall I took a deep breath and decided to face my fears and walk into Victoria’s Secret for the first time ever (on my own). I had finally decided it was time to stop hiding my panty fetish love by buying them in person in store, rather than buying them online.

Once inside the store I was immediately grew nervous. I had no idea what size Victoria’s Secret panties I needed, or where in the store to look for the panties. A bunch of women shopping in the store gave me a bunch of weird looks. All I could do was focus on finding the right pair of panties for me and getting out of there as fast as possible. But I must say I felt so alive being in there, my heart was racing, and my dick was throbbing. It felt hard as a rock.

The entire store zonguldak escort was filled with panties and bras (2 of my favorite things). The perfume inside the store smelled so sexy and feminine. The store has pink all around it, my favorite color (and a very sexy color at that). And inside the store was music playing from Fifty Shades of Grey, my favorite movie.. I wanted one of the workers in the store to take me in the changing room and dress me in panties and bras. Unfortunately I wasn’t that daring though.

As I was searching through the drawers of panties, one woman gave me a particular dirty look. I responded by telling her that “I was there shopping for my girlfriend” (even though I had none). And luckily for me, it was reasonably close to Valentine’s Day. In the drawer I finally found a pair of gorgeous pink Dream Angels Cheekini panties, as well as a pretty white bikini panty pair. They were so sexy and even though they ended up being a couple of sizes small, I would feel so aroused wearing them.

Upon gathering my selection and reaching the cash register, I had to wait in line for what seemed like eternity. There was women in the store staring at me from all over. I didn’t care though, I am a pantyboy, and I was finally unafraid to show it no matter what people thought.

The lady at the cash register looked at me funny when I got up there and I once again and said “I’m shopping for my girlfriend.” As I left the store I showed the security guard my receipt, and just smiled to myself, and she smiled back.

I had finally done it! I zonguldak escort had gone into a Victoria’s Secret store for the first time on my own! I then immediately went down the escalator and into a shoe store to put my panties on.

The panties felt so sexy despite being a couple of sizes too small. On the subway ride home that night, I had a huge bulge in my pants from my rock hard dick in my panties. I noticed a bunch of people staring at me. Once again I didn’t care though, I felt so sensual. I felt like I had finally made it. After Hiding my panty fetish from the outside world, I had finally come out as a pantyboy.

My advice to any man who loves panties is to grow a pair, (no matter what size your dick is), and to face your fears by going into a Victoria’s Secret store, and start buying your panties in person. If you’re feeling extra horny tell the cashier “You’re there buying the panties for yourself.” It will help you immensely and make you feel that much sexier, and hornier.

Buying those panties in Victoria’s Secret changed my life forever. Thank you Victoria’s Secret for helping me realize my true purpose in life: To become a woman pleasing pantyboy sissy! I now shop for panties exclusively at Victoria’s Secret, and wear Victoria’s Secret panties 24/7 365!

I have a Victoria’s secret account and will soon own the angel card. I feel welcome at every Victoria’s Secret location in America! And every man should too!

I went back to the Atlantic Avenue location in Brooklyn for the 2nd time last December and made my 1st 5 panties for $27.50 purchase. It was the greatest purchase of my life. I will be blogging about that soon.

I am a pantyboy, and am working my way towards becoming a pantyboy sissy, who will be ready to serve women as they please.

Thank you Victoria’s Secret!


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