Oral Intent

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Tabitha was excited about taking the wilderness survival course. She had signed up with her girlfriend, Kim, and they planned to share a tent. The weekend was supposed to be warm during the days but there had been frost warnings all week, so they were prepared for a few chilly nights. They both knew a couple of the other people taking the course.

One guy in particular, for whom Tabitha had the hots, was going. So was a guy with whom Kim had already been a few times. Kim had warned Tabitha that, if things got hot for them, she might sneak out to his tent one night. Tabitha said that she was o.k. with it and didn’t mind sleeping alone, even though she was insanely jealous. She was a very horny 18 year old, who masturbated at least once a day, sometimes twice. She had had a few chances to lose her virginity, but had chosen to wait. The guys weren’t special and she wasn’t going to give her “cherry” to just anyone! So, she was very envious of Kim. Kim was an experienced girl and had shared every encounter with Tabitha. After Kim described her sexual escapades, Tabitha often went home and masturbated, imagining herself in Kim’s place.

Finally, Friday arrived. They had packed warm clothes and sturdy hiking boots, warm sleeping bags and a good, warm little tent. They all met at the school to catch a bus that would take them to the national campground. Tabitha’s eyes quickly scanned the small group of people already waiting. Her heart skipped a few beats as she spied “him” in the crowd. Rex was ruggedly dressed and looked very hot. He stood a little apart from everyone else. She knew that he was on the shy side and that it took some warming up to get him to talk. Once he did, though, she had always found him intelligent, funny and very down to earth. Their eyes met and his face turned a bright red, his green eyes showing up even more against the red. He smiled shyly at her and nodded his head. She smiled back, suddenly shy herself. Then, the survival leader started talking and their silent communication was halted.

She found herself sitting next to him on the bus as Kim sat with her latest conquest. Their thighs and shoulders bumping against each other as the bus rumbled along, she had trouble concentrating. They talked the whole way to the park, discovering that they had a lot in common. He was so easy to talk with and she found herself feeling completely at ease with him.

Once at the camp, they all got very busy pitching tents and setting up their camp. Rex ended up sharing a tent with Ryan, Kim’s guy. A blazing, hot bonfire was started and the team designated to cook that night’s meal got to work. It turned out that Rex and Tabitha were on the same team. They were porno izle on clean up duty that night and they worked well together, picking up their conversation from earlier. It sure made their time go faster. The temperature had dropped considerably by sunset and everyone scurried into their tents to put on warmer clothes.

Kim and Tabitha met in their tent. Kim was flushed and whispered that she and Ryan were getting along really well and would Tabitha mind if Ryan’s tentmate bunked in with her that night? Tabitha blushed and stammered that she guessed it was fine with her. Having Rex in her tent, sleeping beside her, was going to be torture. How in the hell was she supposed to sleep with the guy of her present fantasies laying right next to her??

The fire had died down and one of the guys poured water over the blazing hot coals. Kim and Ryan had disappeared hours before. Rex retrieved his sleeping bag and gear and brought put them to Tabitha’s tent. He was embarrassed about the whole thing and had apologized to her for invading her space. She assured him that it was o.k. He spread his sleeping bag, right next to hers.

“Damn, that’s close!” She thought to herself.

She got into the tent first, and stripped off her outer layers, leaving on the layers closest to her skin. It was so cold that she could see her breath.

She crawled into her sleeping bag, wondering where Rex was. Still chilled, she snuggled down into her bag. There was a tentative clearing of the throat at the tent door. Rex asked if it was o.k. to come in. She said it was. He crawled into the tent and awkwardly stood there. She told him she had just left her long johns and turtleneck on. He quickly stripped out of his outerwear and was in his sleeping bag before she could avert her eyes!

They started talking about the day’s events and the next day’s schedule. It was going to be a lot of fun. The topics turned around to boyfriends and girlfriends, dating. Then they started talking about sex. It turned out that both of them were still virgins. They talked about various friends and kids in school who advertised the loss of their virginity. They both laughed and agreed that when it happened for them, there would not be any announcements made. They talked about oral sex and that they both were very interested in reading and watching porn dealing with oral. They talked a bit more, about dreams and aspirations, both of them getting sleepier by the minute, when she realized that Rex had fallen asleep.

She was really horny by this time with all the talk about sex. She thought about all the things they had talked about and decided, right then and there, that she couldn’t waste such amatör porno an opportunity with Rex lying right there beside her. She quietly slid out of her sleeping bag. Shit, was it cold! She crept over to where Rex was sleeping and gingerly tugged on the zipper of his sleeping bag. He didn’t stir. She pulled the zipper down far enough to start to wiggle in beside him.

He awoke with a start and she put a finger to his lips and whispered, “Shhhhhhh! Move over!”

He moved over to the far edge of his sleeping bag. She slid in beside him, gasping as she felt his bare legs against her hand. Her hand crept up his leg, to discover that he was only wearing briefs. She smiled to herself. This would make her mission, oh, so much easier. She shivered from the cold and awkwardly zipped up the sleeping bag again. It was a tight fit with the two of them inside his bed. The combined heat from their bodies started to warm things up quickly.

She felt the bulge of his cock against her hip and could feel her pussy juices begin to flow down her inner thighs. She turned to him and their noses bumped. She started to giggle. Her lips searched for his and she tentatively kissed him. He pressed back and she took that as being a step in the right direction. Her tongue parted his lips and darted inside his mouth. He groaned and gave her a quick taste of his tongue. The next pass, their lips parted and both their tongues bumped and twisted against each other. She thought she was going to orgasm right then and there. He was an awesome kisser! And that tongue of his!!! She could hardly wait to feel it deep inside her pussy.

He pressed his hips against hers. She could feel his cock, fully engorged now, hard and steely against her hip. Her hand slid down to his flat, hairy stomach. He groaned again against her lips. Her hand slid to the front of his briefs. His cock twitched and writhed beneath her hand, like a caged animal trying to get free. She loved the feel of him and stroked his cock through his briefs. He was huge!

She could not wrap her hand around his cock and he was longer than her hand, from her wrist to the tip of her middle finger, by at least an inch. She found herself salivating, anxious to taste her first cock! Their hands kneaded and stroked and tantalized and tortured each other. Finally she couldn’t take it any longer. She ducked her head inside the sleeping bag and slid down until she was kneeling over him, her mouth level with his pulsating cock. She unleashed his cock from the confines of its cage and at last, held his magnificent tool in her hand. She couldn’t see a damn thing, but instinctively, her lips were drawn to his warm, silky anal porno cock. She deeply inhaled the musky scent of him, the aroma making her juices flow copiously down the insides of her thighs. Her tongue made a slow lick around the head of his cock. Something wet and sticky and slick and sweet tasting covered her tongue.

“Yummy!” She thought as she greedily licked it up. “This must be that precum they talk about.”

She heard a muffled groan and his hips bucked toward her eager lips. Her tongue eagerly began to lick his shaft, her hand cradling his balls against the root of his cock.

“Suck my cock Tabitha. Please take it into your mouth,” he huskily whispered.

She swallowed his cock with one gulp, surprising not only him, but herself, too! She loved how he tasted, a bit salty and sweet at the same time. She loved how his cock felt in her mouth, as if it had a life of its own. It twitched and bobbed and pulsated. It was soft and hard at the same time, silky and velvety. It was fantastic!! She slid her mouth up and down his shaft, like she’d seen in the movies. Above her, Rex was making unintelligible sounds, his hips thrusting against her mouth. His balls suddenly became firm and she sensed a change in his mood. She thought that he was about to cumm. She was going to experience her first taste of hot, gooey jism! She had heard horror stories about guy’s spunk tasting gross. She didn’t have time to wonder any further, as his hips bucked beneath her.

His cock became even harder and he grunted that he was about to cumm. That he was going to fill her mouth with his cumm. He grabbed her head between his hands and pushed his cock deeper in her mouth. Her throat opened and she felt his cock deep in her mouth. She could feel the sperm boil in his loins as it erupted. She felt the first spray of sperm hit the back of her throat. She eagerly swallowed as the next stream hit her tonsils. His cock kept pumping sperm into her eager, sucking mouth. He writhed beneath her, hands pulling her hair as his cock spilled into her throat.

She didn’t think he was ever going to empty his balls, but he did. He was panting heavily, his cock quickly deflating. She continued to suckle him, gently licking his cock and balls. She kissed his cock and slid back up beside him. She grinned at him and told him that she loved sucking him and could she please be his cocksucker? He shook his head in amazement and told that it was unfuckingbelievable!! He said that she could be his cocksucker whenever she wanted!

She hugged him and told him that he had better like it, because he was going to have a hard time getting her lips away from his beautiful cock. As they held each other, she felt his cock twitch between them. They laughed and he said that his cock was giving his affirmative vote as well! As they kissed to seal their deal, his cock poked and prodded her stomach. She knew what she wanted next and eagerly grabbed his cock!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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