Original Angels Ch. 35

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


The sun was starting to sink into the western sky as we finished our dinner on the patio. Melinda and Lucinda helped Trish to clear away the dishes and clean up in the kitchen.

Ralph was chatting with Carol about her wedding business. Teri and Tracy and I were listening and relating how helpful she had already been and how easy it was going for us as a family. It’s hard to believe that the wedding is just a few weeks away. I keep feeling like there’s more that I need to do. But I’ve got Carol handling all of the local details and I’ve been keeping the honeymoon trip as a surprise for everyone. My travel agent has been taking care of the arrangements and I’m getting anxious about telling everyone. But I know that the longer I can keep the secret, the more exciting it will be.

Teri got out of her chair and walked over behind Carol. She leaned down and hugged Carol from behind.

‘I’ve had a really good time working with you Carol on all of the plans. Thank you for making me feel important. I want to help make Mom and Rob’s wedding the coolest wedding ever!’

I glanced over at Teri’s cute little butt as she kept her arms wrapped around Carol. She looked so grown up and sexy. I could have put my face right in her ass and held it there all night. Teri’s skin is so soft and smooth and youthful. The contrast of age between Teri and Carol is striking, but their love and affection for each other is equally beautiful. Teri moved her hand down and fondled Carol’s nipple. Carol leaned her head back and they kissed. It was the kind of kiss that true lovers share. Their mouths were open and it was exciting to see the interaction of their tongues and the total willingness to do it all in front of the rest of us.

Ralph looked at me in amazement. He was still getting accustomed to how open we all are with each other.

‘Oh Teri. I love the taste of your kisses.’ Carol said. ‘But you’re making me horny. I think it might be time for you to open the present that I brought for you.’

Teri let go of Carol and stood up straight. ‘Can I really? Can I get it and open it now?’

‘Yes I think you should.’

Teri ran inside the house to retrieve the gift. Carol looked at me and then at Ralph and Tracy. She blushed and said quietly, ‘I think I really bought the present for me as much as for Teri.’ She smiled a mischievous grin.

In moments, Teri came bouncing back out of the house with her prize in hand. Trish and the twins were right behind her, having finished in the kitchen.

Trish commented, ‘It sure goes fast with these two girls helping, but I was tempted to take a little extra time in the bedroom with them!’

We all smirked at the thought and then turned our attention back to Teri and her package. She sat down next to Carol and eagerly tore open the paper wrapping. She opened the box that was inside and pulled out a plastic penis with a bunch of straps. I realized it was a strap on dildo.

The reaction around the table was initially quiet, but when Teri recognized what it was, she cried out with joy, and the rest of us cheered along with her. She shamelessly stood up and began to put it on. Carol reached over to assist her. But Teri made it clear that she could handle it herself.

Once she had it on and adjusted she grasped the penis in her fist and then looked around the table. ‘All right.’ She said. ‘Who wants it first?’

Carol raised her hand. ‘Why do you think I told you to go and get it? Just being here tonight has made me hot and horny, but when you hugged me Teri, I knew I had to have you soon!’

I looked over at Ralph again. His jaw was open and he was just staring, taking it all in. He was stunned at the frankness and open sexuality that he was witnessing. I know that I would have felt the same way had I not been living with it all for the past several months. I was quickly reminded how fortunate I am and just how much I really do love Trish and Teri and Tracy.

Carol stood up and took Teri’s hand. She looked around the patio and then pulled Teri down the steps to the trampoline. On the way she picked up a couple of towels. When they got to the tramp, Carol kissed Teri again and then climbed up onto the canvas. She spread out the towels and then laid on them with her legs spread open.

Of course, we were all watching with growing excitement. As Teri was mounting the trampoline and preparing to mount Carol, we began to get up from our chairs to get a closer look. I took Trish’s hand and we walked down the path to witness her daughter’s demonstration of her strap on technique. Tracy was close behind us and the twins had latched on to Ralph and escorted him at the tail end of our procession.

I felt my penis hardening as we walked slowly towards our front row position for the sex show. When we reached the tramp Teri was just inserting the dildo in Carol’s waiting pussy. I had a perfect view of Carol’s mature vagina and Teri’s hot young ass when she pushed it in. gaziantep yabancı escort Carol was wet and we heard a gushing sound as Teri began to pump the plastic penis into her lover.

Trish began to carefully climb up onto the trampoline. I stroked her ass as I pushed her gently onto the mat. While Teri was busy pleasing Carol, Trish shifted around and knelt over Carol’s face. Carol reached up and grasped Trish’s hips and pulled her down onto her mouth. Trish began to play with the gold ring on her clit while Carol jammed her tongue inside of Trish’s hole.

Ralph and I stood transfixed at the close up view we had of this hot sex scene. Tracy asked me to boost her up so she could get in behind her sister. As I pushed her up I placed my hand between her legs and felt the slick cum that was already leaking from her young cunt. Tracy crawled in behind her sister and started to play with her ass. Although she partially blocked our view of Carol’s cunt and the strap on thrusts, we now were looking right into Tracy’s backside and the ass hole stimulation that she was giving to Teri.

Trish was moaning with orgasmic pleasure and I felt a hand on my cock. The twins had knelt down in front of Ralph and me and then I felt the familiar warmth of a tongue and mouth on my hard dick. I put my hand down and held the soft hair on her head and guided the motion as she sucked me deep down her throat. I glanced at Ralph beside me and realized that he was getting the same treatment. I had no idea whether it was Lucinda or Melinda whose face was in my crotch, but it didn’t really matter.

Tracy now had her finger buried deep in Teri’s ass. I could hear Teri crying over Carol’s muffled sighs of delight. I leaned forward and could just get my tongue to touch Tracy’s ass hole. She squirmed and pressed back against my face. Ralph was groaning beside me as his Mexican mistress sucked him dry. The intensity of the sighs and moans increased and for the next few minutes there was a round of simultaneous orgasms. The springs of the trampoline were gently stretching as the tangled mass of naked flesh oozed with sweat and cum and gradually the bodies collapsed into a heap on the mat. I was the last to let go my load of cum and I felt the tip of my dick touching the back of my lover’s throat as she drained my tool.

When I was totally dry she released me from her lips and stood up to kiss me. I still didn’t know for sure which girl it was, but her kiss was warm and wet and I tasted the last bits of my cum in her mouth as our tongues danced together.

The girls on the trampoline had been reduced to heavy breathing and my Mexican cocksucker was the first to speak as our lips parted.

‘Oh Mr. Rob, Lucinda was right! She said I would like meeting you and Ms. Trish.’

I now knew it was Melinda who had been tasting my sex juice. Lucinda was now standing and embracing Ralph, having drained him in a similar fashion.

‘And Mr. Rob, you like my sister, no?’ she asked.

Trish laughed as she dismounted from Carol’s face. ‘When it comes to sex, my Rob only likes the best. I think you two qualify!’

Ralph reinforced the thought. ‘I guess maybe it’s OK that Sandi is out of town this week. Lucinda that was the best blow job I’ve ever had! And Rob, watching your family like this is the most incredible turn on I’ve ever known. Tracy you have the sweetest little ass I’ve ever seen. And Carol, I just wish that I could get married again so that I could have you plan my wedding.’

We all smiled and sighed together at Ralph’s comments. From the bottom of the pile of bodies in front of us I heard Carol say, ‘That could be arranged Ralph. And I’ll give you a courtesy discount. Does Sandi love you enough to marry you again? I do a lot of wedding renewal ceremonies.’

Ralph was silent for a moment. I think he was ready to commit to the idea, but just needed Sandi’s approval. ‘It’s a possibility.’ He said.

Teri had collapsed onto Carol’s chest and was quietly sucking her nipple. The new plastic cock was still inside of Carol’s gaping cunt.

‘Oh Teri,’ she sighed, ‘look what we started. And your sweet lips are liable to start it again! But I need a drink. Can we take a break?’

Slowly we all began to stir and separate from each other. I kissed Melinda again and then helped Trish get off of the tramp. She kissed me and we embraced while the others all got down, and then together, we all walked back up to the pool deck. We cleaned up the remaining glasses and dinnerware and went inside. Trish opened the refrigerator and took out several bottles of water to pass around. Then she retrieved a bowl of fresh strawberries. She placed it on the table and prepared a bowl of whipped topping to dip the berries. We all stood together around the table, naked, feeding each other fresh berries and whipped cream, laughing and carrying on in a delightful party atmosphere.

I wondered just how many other households could experience gaziantep genç escort the love and happiness that we all felt at that moment.

Teri had removed her strap on apparatus and was washing it in the kitchen sink. Lucinda and Melinda were standing beside her. The door bell rang and Tracy got up to answer it. She thought nothing of going to the door undressed. It could have been anybody. But we soon heard laughing and friendly sounds as Tracy returned to the kitchen with Joe and Rhonda and Tammi in tow.

Trish’s eyes lit up as she recognized our friends.

‘I love dropping by your house. ‘ Said Joe in greeting, ‘Nobody ever has any clothes on. It’s such a warm and friendly place!’

Rhonda was giving Trish a kiss hello and then Trish introduced them to all of our friends. Joe couldn’t take his eyes off the remarkable Mexican twins.

‘I hope you don’t mind us dropping in unannounced like this.’ Rhonda said. ‘But we were out here near your house and we haven’t seen you in a while and we just thought we’d see if you were home. I hope we haven’t interrupted anything.’

‘Why Rhonda! You know you’re always welcome here.’ Trish answered. ‘We just finished supper and a little playtime and we’re enjoying a snack. Would you like some berries?’

Joe looked at me and Ralph and then at all of the women. ‘And just who, I mean what, have you guys been snacking on?’ he asked jokingly.

Teri turned around from the sink and held up her new toy. ‘Carol brought me this and everyone had to watch me use it for the first time!’ She said proudly. ‘Lucinda just told me that she’s always wanted to try one of these on a man, but I’m not sure if I want my penis to be in any man’s butt.’

We all broke out laughing at the irony and innocence of Teri’s statement. I flashed for a moment at just how it might feel to have Lucinda ramming one of those babies up my ass. The thought made my limp cock start to rise again.

‘So Teri do you think you could use that thing on me sometime?’ Rhonda inquired.

‘Sure!’ she answered right back. ‘Wanna do it now?’

Her eagerness was overwhelming.

‘Well maybe not this minute,’ Rhonda responded, ‘but would it be OK if we got undressed? It feels weird being the only people with clothes on.’

Again we all laughed as Joe and Rhonda began to strip off their clothes. Tammi went with Tracy back to her room, presumably to undress and share some girl talk. Ralph’s eyes were glued to Rhonda as she stripped in front of him. The opportunity to watch yet another pretty female disrobe is always such a thrill.

Rhonda rubbed the patch of pubic hair that was growing back over her pussy and looked at Trish. ‘I need to make an appointment for a fresh trim. Can you squeeze me in this week?’ she asked.

‘Call me tomorrow when I have my book and we’ll set a time.’ Trish told her. ‘I can always find a time for you.’ She winked at her affectionately.

Tracy and Tammi returned, undressed and giggling with teen age glee and mischief.

‘Rob?’ Tracy began, ‘Would you ever want to have Lucinda fuck you in the ass with a strap on?’

The bluntness of her question threw me for a moment. Then I recalled the stirrings in my groin at the thought of the act.

‘I might.’ I answered cautiously. I glanced at Ralph and Joe. They looked a bit uncomfortable.

Lucinda picked up on the idea. ‘Mr Rob? How about if I fuck you in the ass while you fuck my sister the same way? You know she likes it the same way I do.’

Now the proposal was getting more appealing. I looked around and saw smiles creeping across everyone’s faces.

‘Now wait a minute.’ I held up my hands, ‘I need to know what Trish thinks about this.’ I was hoping she might put a stop to it.

Instead she closed the deal by asking, ‘Who wants to watch?’

Everyone raised their hands! Now it was for sure. I was committed to putting on a show for the entire crowd. It was going to be me in a sandwich between Melinda, face down on the bottom, and Lucinda driving a plastic cock into my ass.

I took a long drink and emptied my bottle of water. ‘I have to go pee first.’ I told them all. I put the bottle down and headed for my bedroom. As I was standing over the toilet, draining myself, Trish came up behind me.

‘Are you going to be OK?’ she asked. ‘I know you enjoy anal stimulation, but is it OK that I put you on the spot with all of these people?’ She put her hand on my cock and helped me shake the last few drops into the water. My cock began to grow again at her touch.

‘I might need your magic touch to get me hard enough for Melinda’s ass.’ I told her.

‘Oh don’t you worry.’ She replied. ‘I have an idea how everyone can have a hand in that!’ She smiled an evil grin and then kissed me.

‘I love you Trish so much I have trouble finding words enough to express it to you.’ I told her.

‘I love you, Rob, more than anything in the whole world. Let’s go play!’

When gaziantep gerçek resimli escort we walked back out towards the living room, people were sitting down and chatting. Lucinda and Melinda were laughing and talking with Tracy and Tammi on the floor. Tracy had set out some of our large lounging floor pillows and they were resting against them. Joe and Ralph were engaged in a conversation with Rhonda and Carol and Teri. Teri was still holding her strap on dildo. Carol was explaining how she and Teri had first done it at Carol’s house on their recent overnight together.

Trish stopped me in the kitchen and held up a moist wipe for me. I turned around and allowed her to wipe my anal area clean. I pondered the thought of what I was about to do. Then we proceeded into the living room to join the others.

Melinda got up and approached me. ‘My sister told me how much she loved having your cock in her ass. I’ve been wanting to feel it there too, ever since she told me. You can be as rough as you want. That’s how I like it.’ She smiled and kissed me. Then she turned and kissed Trish. I was getting turned on just watching how sexy their kiss was.

Lucinda stood up and walked over to Teri. Teri looked up and handed her the strappy dildo. Lucinda carefully stepped into it and adjusted the fit. I looked over at her and the size of the phallus. For the first time I realized that it was probably ten inches long and much larger in girth than my own. I wondered what she might use as a lubricant before she put it inside me. That question was soon answered when Trish spoke up.

‘OK everybody, I think we need a little foreplay to get Rob all warmed up. Does anyone have any ideas how we can get some juices flowing?’

Rhonda stepped forward. ‘My juices are always flowing. Lucinda you can grease that baby up inside of me. Come over here honey.’

Lucinda stepped over to Rhonda and they started to kiss. Rhonda held the penis and stroked it along her vaginal lips. Then she sat back down, pulling Lucinda down with her and together they sunk the plastic penis into her hole. Tracy and Tammi went to work on Melinda. Tammi was kissing her while Tracy was busy licking and fingering her pussy and asshole. Carol stepped in front of me and we smiled and then kissed each other. She grasped my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. I felt a finger probing my ass and realized it was Trish. It was slick and wet and slid in quickly. I spread my legs slightly as she worked her finger around.

Teri went and sat with Joe and Ralph who were watching quietly from the sofa. I think they were starting to warm up to the whole thing. Gradually the quiet kisses and slurping sounds changed to sighs and moans.

Tracy had two fingers in Melinda’s ass and she was pumping them rapidly. ‘Rob, I think Melinda is ready for you.’ She told me between her kisses and licks. Carol led me over to where they were. Melinda was lying face down with a large pillow under her belly. Her ass was pointed right at me and I noticed that Tracy had really worked her up. Carol leaned down and took my cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping it in a nasty way. When she released me from her lips I was slick with her spit. She pulled me downward. I fell to my knees and allowed Carol to guide my dick into Melinda’s ass.

She was tight, but wet and ready. Her smooth anal sheath felt warm and soft as I slid into her butt. She let out a quiet cry and then a long soft ‘ahh’ as I penetrated her dark hole.

I was just getting into a slow pumping rhythm when I felt a pair of hands spreading my cheeks. I was tempted to turn and see who it was, but I knew it didn’t matter. I was about to become the target for whoever it was who was behind me, and I decided to just relax and accept whatever was coming. I felt warm breath and then a wet tongue licking and pressing at my anal opening. I was somewhat relaxed from Trish’s fingering anyhow and the warm tip of someone’s tongue felt good and relaxed me even more.

Then there was a bit of commotion at my backside. I felt someone kneeling between my legs and then the unmistakable feeling of a hard dick pressing on my ass hole. A pair of hands held my hips and the cock slipped inside my butt. I felt stretched to the max although it was only in about an inch.

‘Ow! Ohh. Oooo.’ I said as I began to relax. Lucinda was trying to be gentle and I felt her slowly rotating the dildo before she pushed it in deeper. I recalled what Melinda had said to me about wanting it rough, but I dared not move too much for fear of hurting myself.

‘Oh!’ I cried out as Lucinda rammed her cock another inch or so into my ass. At the same time I felt my dick harden to a new level as I penetrated Melinda even deeper. I opened my eyes to see Rhonda squatting in front of Melinda and sliding down to allow her to lick her hot wet cunt. I looked around and saw Trish over on the couch with Teri and Ralph and Joe. Carol was still kneeling beside me and encouraging Lucinda as she worked her penis further into my ass. It felt like she was all the way in but with each thrust she pushed it even deeper.

Ralph and Joe were stroking their dicks with a little assistance from Trish and Teri. Rhonda motioned for them to join her on the floor.

‘C’mon guys. I want you to cum on me over here. Let me suck on those fat dicks while Melinda sucks on my clit. Oh yeah girl! That’s the spot! Mmm.’

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