Our First Time Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I, Mohan aged 62, and my wife Puja aged 60 are first generation Indians settled in the US with an empty nest; and so it was the typical story of looking for adventure before time ran out after a rather sedate and dull married life. Our marriage, though a happy one by conventional standards, had lacked passion and we felt that we could perhaps spice it up a little bit by trying our luck at swinging. My wife as usual was not very sure but after we discussed this for several days she suddenly blurted out one day that ever since we had come to the US she had had fantasies about having sex with a big white male. On prodding further, she rather shamefacedly admitted that two persons she found very hot were Michael Cain and Sean Connery, not always in that order.

Although professionally very successful I was a typical nerd – not very generously endowed as far as my physical attributes are concerned, and so naturally felt a bit inadequate but was thankful that they didn’t involve people we knew since that would have really upset me. Luckily, she didn’t ask me about my fantasies, perhaps she was a bit embarrassed after blurting out her inner thoughts, as in my case these were about everyday people around us and had included, in the past, a fantasy about her mother as well. My mother-in-law had had Puja at the age of twenty and when we got married she was just forty-five and quite a looker. Whenever she embraced me and kissed me affectionately, I would be pressed against her soft and huge breasts and invariably got a hard on. Of course, I had dared not press my luck further though I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have succeeded if I had given it a try!

So we agreed to start exploring the possibilities and searched the net together to make up a shortlist of five sites offering special deals for seniors and called them up one by one to find out the rules of the house. We finally zeroed on to a site called Senior Swingers and met the Managers Nick and Rita – who were also the owners of the setup – in person. They were both around 65 and had a large penthouse which they used to bring swingers together. They had been at this for the last 10 years and did this just for fun, often joining groups if there were last minute cancellations. There was a membership fee of $20 a month and if a swinging party was organized, the charge was $100 for a night. You would get fresh linen and towels and buy or bring your food and drinks.

They ran a compatibility algorithm and took us through a detailed interview during which all four of us had to undress to check out our inhibition level.

They explained that different people had different expectations from swinging experiences and in order to make sure that nobody was disappointed, they tried to match profiles based on personal details so that everybody in the party would most likely get along with each other. They also said that though people often tried to swing with partners they know, friends or colleagues for instance, so that it would remain in a closed group; it usually didn’t work out very well since there was always a tendency to compare oneself with the person pairing with his or her partner, resulting in a friction among participants quite soon.

Puja scored a very low 3.5 on inhibition while I scored exactly the double, setting Nick thinking. He explained that sometimes some of his clients got cold feet at the last minute and that’s when Rita and he acted as standby in order not to disappoint the others. However, after going through her psychometric profile carefully his face lit up. He said that Puja was displaying a repressed sexual pattern and she would most likely go wild if her fantasies were to be ever fulfilled, which was to be taken over completely by a physically strong, dominating, white male. He said he knew the exact pair who would match with us, called a number right away and spoke to someone called Brenda. After disconnecting he shook my hand and congratulated me saying it was all set up for the coming weekend.

And that’s how we met our swinging partners at Nick and Rita’s penthouse the next week over a bottle of Champaign. The man was 68 and rather surprisingly named Sean! His wife Brenda was 65. The rules of the game were simple, we could choose to be all together in one room or move to separate rooms in pairs, anything that the couples engaged in would have to be by mutual consent and nobody was to force anything on his/her partner. Although I had fantasized about having sex with women other than my wife and somehow the idea of my wife having sex with another guy never failed to excite me in a perverse manner; now that it was about to happen, I wasn’t sure how it would affect me and couldn’t decide whether we should choose separate rooms or be in the same room together. Nick escort gaziantep bayan haberleri suggested the latter.

It had been his experience that although people sometimes wanted to avoid seeing their partner having sex with another person, they always wanted to know afterwards the details of the encounter. When they felt reluctant to ask their partner to narrate the details, the bottled up curiosity caused a huge emotional stress. On the other hand, if they asked and the partner felt shy about recounting the details – the size of penis of a new partner or whether anal sex had taken place, say – it created a friction as well. Even if the partner did describe what happened, oftentimes there were doubts that s/he was holding back or downplaying – misstating the size of the new partner’s penis for example. The other partner then tried prying out more details by asking questions, the answers to which might not be there, thus leading to mistrust among the participants. Building trust was a key factor in successful swinging and it was best if one saw things for oneself. It made a lot of sense to Puja and I so all four of us trouped into a huge room with two king-sized beds, and mirrors all around and closed the door behind us.

Sean was an extremely suave and gentlemanly character and what’s more, a veteran of this game which is why Nick had paired us with him and his wife, confident that he would be able to put my wife at ease. He was a big guy standing at 6′ 2″ and in excellent condition for his age with broad shoulders and muscular arms. My wife is 5′ 7″ – tall by Indian standards – but came just about level with his chin. He now moved over to her and gave her a big reassuring hug. My wife was still stiff and shy and Sean muzzled her in the neck and slowly put his right hand on her ass, rubbing it gently over her dress. To my utter surprise, I found that my wife was not only becoming slowly relaxed but warming up to the situation, letting go and resting her whole weight against his body. Sean then started gently squeezing her ass and slapping it lightly.

After continuing in this manner for a while he brought his left hand down from her shoulder and rested it on her buttock while his right hand now moved to her front and he started unbuttoning the blouse she was wearing. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any brassiere underneath and her milky white breasts spilled out, hanging out slightly but still quite voluptuous in the typical fashion of Indian women, the light brown nipples not yet in a state of arousal. My wife raised her hands above her head and allowed him to slide the blouse over her shoulder and pull it out through her arms.

Sean then started fondling her left breast with his right hand, pinching her nipples gently between his thumb and forefinger and I was surprised to see it slowly stiffen and as it swelled up, Sean increased the pressure on her breast and kept on increasing it, squeezing it harder each time. He had big athlete’s hands, calloused and strong and soon my wife started crying out in pain. Sean, in response lowered his lips on to hers and kissed her gently and to my surprise she soon quietened down and it seemed that she had actually started quite enjoying it although he was now squeezing her boobs even harder.

After a while he lowered his lips and on her left nipple and started sucking on it and flicking the nipple from time to time with his tongue. As the nipple slowly swelled up, he began to bite it with his front teeth, gently at first and then slowly increasing his bite strength so that after a while my wife began to make whimpering sounds. At this I thought that he was hurting her and wasn’t sure whether I should step in to stop him but Brenda seemed to have sensed what was going on in my mind and held my arm and pulled me back while at the same time pointing with her eyes to my wife who now had his arms curled around Sean’s neck. She had goosebumps all over her entire upper body and seemed to be enjoying herself thoroughly; and so I just stood there watching, fascinated by the sight.

After continuing in this manner for some time, Sean stuck his thumbs down Puja’s sides into the elastic bands of the skirt and the laced panties she was wearing below; and stretching them out sidewise pulled them down all at a time with a sudden jerk so that they lay in a heap at her feet; at the same time pulling her towards himself so that she had to step out of the clothes. My wife now stood completely naked in front of a stranger in my presence and rather strangely I somehow didn’t seem to be upset by it but felt rather excited and breathless instead.

Puja’s belly hung out a bit but was otherwise quite firm. Her pussy was darker escort gaziantep hikayeleri than the rest of her body, the color of café au lait; and shaped like a triangle with a straight slit that didn’t allow any look at the lips, running down in the middle. The mons veneris was rather prominent while the pubic hair on the surface was thinly spread – it was regularly trimmed by her. Her thighs and buttocks were a little loose and sagged a bit, but overall, from the way he rolled his gaze all over her and the twinkle in his eyes, it seemed that Sean found her pretty attractive and was looking eagerly forward to fucking her. While she stood naked like this she had her hands wrapped around Sean’s waist and he now slowly started pushing her towards the bed. Once she was at the edge he pushed her back against it and she collapsed at the knees, falling on the bed with her back resting on it, while the legs swung out over the side.

Sean now stood up and pulled his tee over his head after which he unbuckled his belt and took it out from the loops of the trousers. While I was wondering about the reason behind it, he unzipped his trousers and stepped out of them, thereafter pulling down his navy blue boxers and standing in front of my wife completely naked. He was a pro golfer and as I have said before pretty well built for his age with a firm body and strong legs. His penis, uncircumcised and a dark chocolate brown in color, was still not fully erect, hanging out softly and measuring perhaps 3 inches in length and ½ an inch thick. He had untrimmed brown pubic hair, not very dense but rather long. His scrotum was a polished bag of leather from inside of which his rather large testicles dangled prominently. Puja lapped him up with her eyes.

He got down on his knees before my wife and pushing her legs apart with his hands buried his face deep inside her pussy and kept nuzzling for a while making my wife squirm and mumble halfheartedly asking him to stop. But Sean kept pushing deeper inside her with his tongue through the slit in her cunt which stood like a closed door and soon got my wife so excited that she grabbed Sean by his hair and pulled his head deeper inside her.

At this, Sean brought his hands over to her pussy and pulling out the sides on both sides of the slit, exposed the folds and the clitoris which he now gently started flicking with his tongue. My wife now seemed to have shed all her inhibitions and suddenly threw her legs up and wrapped them around his neck and Sean now started sucking on her clitoris. It amazed me to see that she was quite enjoying it since she never allowed me to do that to her and said that she found it disgusting.

Now with Sean it seemed that there was no holding her back and she kept thrusting her ass up, pushing her pussy deeper into his lips. This being a completely new experience for her she seemed to have gone into a frenzy and kept thrusting more and more wildly into Sean’s face until she couldn’t hold out any more and climaxed violently, her whole body shivering as she orgasmed and kept gurgling in pleasure. After some time, she unwrapped her legs from across Sean’s neck and lay back in the bed with her eyes closed, beads of perspiration slowly appearing on her flushed face.

While Puja lay exhausted on the bed, Sean climbed on to the bed and straddled her in a kneeling position with his weight resting on his knees, placed his penis between her breasts and pulling them together started rubbing his penis between them slowly rolling his foreskin back from the head as he slowly got harder but never fully. After a while, he took his penis out from in between Puja’s breasts, it was now firmer, and tried to push it penis in her mouth which was slightly open and through which she kept on sighing after all the exertions. Puja had her eyes closed as she relaxed after the orgasm and jumped up with a start when she found the tip of Sean’s penis about ½ an inch inside her mouth and hurriedly withdrew her mouth away from it.

But Sean seemed to be a master persuader and kept whispering in her ears even while she kept shaking her head in refusal and soon he had again positioned himself as before and pulled his foreskin back, exposing the red glistening mound of his penis which he now held in front of Puja’s lips but didn’t try to push inside her mouth. Puja very reluctantly started flicking the head of Sean’s penis with her tongue. She was a bit slow and tentative in the beginning but it seemed that she didn’t find the taste of his juices altogether disagreeable and soon started rolling her tongue around the head in the manner one licks an ice-lolly; throwing coy glances at him as if seeking his approval which he readily gave by nodding escort gaziantep bayan ilanları his head and looking at her mischievously. And then without warning he pushed almost half the length of his penis inside her mouth and started thrusting with his buttocks in the manner of a mouth fuck. Puja however, didn’t seem to mind this time and happily gobbled it up, sucking on it and biting it playfully making Sean cry out when the bites became strong while Puja giggled in fun.

Sean’s penis slowly swelled up inside Puja’s mouth as she sucked on it and soon she started to gag with his penis filling up her mouth and reaching down to her throat, choking her in the process. At this he slowly pulled his penis out of her mouth and moved up his testicles to Puja’s mouth and she started chewing on it every once in a while, giving them a sharp bite which made Sean wince in pain. Soon Sean’s testicles were covered in Puja’s saliva and he got up from the straddling position, and moved to her side.

He turned her around making her lie on her stomach and pulled her ass up indicating that he wanted to fuck her doggy style. Puja too could make this out easily and got on her all fours resting her weight on her elbows and knees. Sean snuggled up behind her standing and after experimenting with pushing his cock in to her caught hold of the inside of her thighs and spread them apart, pushing her knees away from each other and spreading out her ankles with his knees. Puja was now completely opened out to receive him with her ass lifted up, her back straight, and her breasts swinging slightly.

Sean now stood behind Puja, bent down over her back, caught her breasts in his hands and started squeezing them, all the while nuzzling her in the neck and murmuring, “You like it baby? You want big man Sean to do you doggy style?” and other sweet nothings; and Puja responding with a content purring sound of “Mm.” After some time he stood up and caught Puja by her buttocks and then started rubbing his hands on them very gently, and then all of a sudden he gave her a stinging slap on her right cheek and she yelled out in pain; after which Sean sunk his face into her left cheek and bit into it none too gently once again making Puja yelp in pain.

When Sean finally stood up I could see the red imprint of his palm on Puja’s right buttock and deep bite marks of his teeth on her left. To my surprise however, he didn’t stop here but picked up the belt which he had earlier taken out and folding it in two started lashing her on the buttocks with it. This soon left red welts on the milky white skin of Puja but she didn’t seem to mind and it looked as if she was rather enjoying it. I now knew why he had taken the belt out of the loops of his trousers.

Sean was now fully erect – he was well hung, about 6 ½ inches long and 1 ½ inches in diameter. He rested his left hand Puja’s left buttock and slowly pushed in his penis into her cunt with his right. It seemed that her pussy was a little tight and Sean was having difficulty in entering her. After trying to push in a few times, he took his penis out and covered his fore and middle finger with a large amount of saliva and slowly inserted the fingers into her pussy stretching it out by spreading his fingers sidewise. After some time both the fingers slipped up to their full lengths deep inside her.

He then took his fingers out and taking his penis in his right hand once more, guided it inside Puja’s cunt, pushing it in a bit at first, before withdrawing it a little and pushing it in a bit farther the next time he thrust; till he was all the way in and then holding my wife’s buttocks on both the sides with his hands started pounding her rhythmically. His scrotum which was hanging out like a bag slapped against the inside of her thighs as he thrust and my wife responded by thrusting her buttocks backwards into him.

Excited by her response, Sean took his right hand off her buttocks and grabbed her hair with that, pulling her head up so that her back shaped into a reverse arch and continued pumping her in that position. In less than a minute he started thrusting faster and faster and in about another fifteen or twenty seconds his body suddenly stiffened and he stood still for a while and then let out a groan. I could make out that he was ejaculating inside Puja but she had been post-menopausal for quite some time and the doctors had told us that there was no risk of pregnancy.

After standing there in that manner for a couple of minutes he went limp and slowly withdraw his penis from my wife’s pussy, it was now drooping and had shrunk to about three inches in size, glistening with his sperm and Puja’s juice; the foreskin slowly rolled out and covered the tip. My wife was still in the doggy position and I saw Sean’s sticky sperm slowly oozing out from her pussy and trickling down her thighs. Sean gave her light slap on her buttocks and pushed down on it to indicate that he was done. Puja flopped on to the bed and turned on her side and Sean then climbed in to the bed with her; after which they lay there together holding each other in their arms, utterly exhausted by the great sex that they had just had.

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