Our Shared Bathroom Ch. 03

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(Author’s note: Originally I had posted a different story as chapter three. However, there was more I wanted to include before that chapter. If you have read this series before, what was chapter three is now four and below is a brand-new story for your reading “pleasure”.)


“Eight…nine…ten” I counted to myself and slowly eased the weights back down. I had gone down to the gym in the basement of our house to work out some frustrations from my job. I was just finishing up my leg lifts which were, by far, my least favorite exercise.

Jen was due to join me in probably just a few minutes. She and I normally would work out together twice a week when we had time. She was so focused in her soccer game that she had asked me to help her set up a weight program to build up her strength. So I guess I was her unofficial coach, and as such I was committed to making it to every game of hers I could.

I just sat down at the weight machine and began a shoulder press when Jen came down the stairs. She smiled over at me, pulling her hair up with a band. She walked over to beside where I was sitting to look at the weights and teased, “Fifty? What, are you tired today?”

Truth be told, I was. But what I told her was, “Hey, you gotta have endurance, not just brute strength.”

She smiled and raised an eyebrow and said, “Endurance for what? Me?”

That little punk! Two days ago she had come into my room, bare-chested, and we ended up on my bed with her letting me pump my dick against her butt. We got carried away and ended up having sex, but as soon as I got into her cunt, I blew and came inside her. We had both been really turned on and she had her orgasm with me, but she kept teasing me about how quick it was. As endearing as she was, she was my sister, and she knew just how to try to bug me.

“Whatever, twerp.” I said and kicked at her. She giggled and walked over to the stair climber.

I finished up my set and took it easy for a moment as I watched her program the machine. She started her workout and I continued to enjoy the sight of her tight butt working it’s way left and right as her legs moved. She was wearing tight, red shorts and a white tank top. I could easily see her black sports bra through the back. In fact, as I looked closely, I could even make out her panty lines where the fabric of her shorts stretched tight against her butt cheeks.

I realized I was cooling off too much, so I got up and went over to the mat next to her machine and picked up the jump rope that lay coiled on the corner. I swung it over my head from the back and began the routine of jumping the rope, alternating which foot I used, to get my heart rate up again. Jen and I worked out side by side, as normal, she on the machine and I next to her on the mat. After about five minutes, I was ready to go again and lay the rope down. I lowered myself to the floor and began a series of pushups. I heard Jen giggle above me.

“What?” I asked her, between gulps of air.

“Nothing.” she said, but then admitted, “I was thinking about the other night.”

“Yeah? What about”

She was quiet for a second, then I heard her clear her throat above me and say, “Just about how good it felt. I mean, to be with you like that.”

I stopped my pushups and rolled to my side to look up at her. Her face was more rosy and her hair had begun to cling to her forehead. I loved how messy her hair got when she worked out.

“Yeah?” I said, looking at her face. She was a little nervous but was being honest. “I felt that way too. You know, to be inside you.”

She smiled. “I liked having you inside me too. Like, we’ve always been so close, and then you were in me and it was like we were completely together, and I loved it.” She tossed a lock of hair from her forehead with a subtle twist of her head.

“Jen, that was sweet. Thanks.” I told her.

“Even if we were only together for like two minutes!” She exclaimed and laughed.

“You twerp!” I said, getting up quickly and landing a nice swat on her butt. She screamed happily in protest and swung a hand back to fend me off, but missed, and I got another swat in before she had a chance to stop me.

She quickly got down off the machine to protect her interests, twirling around to face me with a playful fire in her eyes.

“Whoa there, let’s put that energy into your workout, okay?!” I said, quickly taking on my role as her coach. She obeyed and went over to the weight machine, but not before delivering one good poke to my ribs.

She sat down on the seat and I connected the right amount for her to use and pulled the handles for the chest press forward for her to easily grab. She took hold, then began her reps as I stood in front and encouraged her. Really, it was more of a chance for me to check her out and we both knew it. While she was straining to complete a set, I got to watch her full breasts push together as she pushed her arms forward, then pull tighter to her body as she drew her arms back and to the sides of her body.

When she karataş escort was done with that, I pulled the bar lower for her to grab and she spread her hands to grab onto the ends and began pulling the weights down toward her chest. She had to arch her back on this one, so again, I got to enjoy myself by watching my sister working up a sweat, her muscles tight and firm, and again, her breasts prominently displayed and straining against her sports bra.

Eventually I left her to jump rope for a few more minutes to get my heart rate up so I could finish off my exercise with some of our free weights. I grinned over at her as she began her leg lifts. She smiled in, between gulps of air, then looked back down to focus on her lifting. I began some bicep curls and continued on in my routine.

Eventually she finished up on the machine and came over to join me. I had a weight in each hand and was lifting them with straight arms from the sides of my thighs and out, spreading my arms wide and lifting the weights to shoulder height. She smiled at me as she came over, then turned around, right in front of me, to pick up a dumbbell on the floor. Her cute butt was only about a foot and a half away from my groin and I couldn’t help but grin at her when she stood up and smiled mischievously at me over her shoulder.

She began her own exercises and we worked out side by side for a few more minutes until I finished my sets and began to stretch out and cool down.

“Well, I’d going to head up for a shower.” I said. I pulled my shirt off and wiped the sweat off of my forehead before tossing it over my shoulder.

“Hey, that’s not fair!” she said, “Why do you always grab the shower first when we work out?”

“Because you’re always late for your workout, wuss.” I replied.

“well, not this time!” she said with a grin, then threw her weights down and rushed past me to the stairs. With a shout I clamored after her, grabbing at her waist as I followed her up the stairs. She screamed and laughed and got out into the hallway upstairs and raced thru the living room toward the stairs to the second floor. I was in close pursuit and finally grabbed a handful of her shirt and pulled her backward. I almost made it by her and was on the stairs when I felt her hands on my waist and suddenly she had pulled the back of my shorts and briefs down, exposing my butt. I shouted and she laughed and ran past as I regained my decency. She didn’t make it far though, because I caught her at the top of the stairs and tackled her to the carpet.

She was laughing and gasping and I grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it up her back until I could grab the back of her bra. She screamed when she felt me grab the strap, and I pulled one of her hands behind her back and looped her bra strap around her wrist so that her arm was stuck. I stood up and walked a few steps forward, laughing as I watched her struggling to get loose. She got up to her knees, then reached back with her free hand under her shirt and I saw her arm come free. She glared at me with a determined glimmer in her eye and I jogged down the hallway and into my room.

I was determined to make it into the shower first. In just seconds I had thrown off my t-shirt, shorts and socks and made it into the bathroom. However, just as I was closing my door, Jen’s opened and she tore into the bathroom with a big, mischievous grin. She had also stripped down to just her thong, so I was distracted for a second to see her naked breasts hanging there, freely in my view. Her dark, red thong covered her pubic triangle tightly. I had never seen her this close to being completely naked.

She left me little time to think about it though as she sprinted for the shower and ducked in one side of the shower curtain just as I made it in the other. Fortunately for me, I was at the end with the faucet and intended to turn it on and declare myself the winner, but she dug her shoulder unto my ribs and shoved her hand in between mine and the knob. The water came on and splashed around our feet as we fought to get the plunger up to start the shower. I had got my hand on it first, but she was holding it down with hers and trying to get her other hand under mine.

“Mark, wait!” She exclaimed, giggling. “You’re going to soak our underwear!”

Trying to ignore the naked breast she had against my arm, I said, “Oh well, let me know what second place is like!”. With that I stuck my other hand under her slick armpit and tickled her. She squealed and jumped back and I yanked the plunger up. Cold water began streaming out of the showerhead, drenching us both. Jen yelped as the water hit her and she retreated to the end of the tub where only her legs were getting wet. Her nipples were now hardened nubs and she was quick to put an arm across her breasts to keep them warm.

“Looks like I win.” I said.

She raised her eyebrow and said, “I think this looks like a tie.” She held back a shiver as I adjusted the water and it grew warmer.

“Okay,” I conceded, karkamış escort “It’s a tie then. So who gets to use the shower?

She grinned. “What, are you afraid to share the shower with your little sister?”

I looked at her standing there, her dark hair clinging to her shoulders, arm wrapped around her bulging chest, tight stomach and nearly naked pussy.

Daringly, I said, “Well I’m not going to shower with my underwear on.”

She shrugged and said, “Okay, neither will I.”

We looked at each other, a little nervously. We’d never seen each other naked before.

“Okay, um, we’ll share the shower.” I said, absently.

There was a moments hesitation as we looked at each other, both feeling kind of guilty, but way too excited to care much. She looked away first and turned a little to face the shower curtain. I turned toward the wall, and we gave each other a little privacy. I slid my soaking wet briefs down to my feet and picked them up, the water spraying my back. I reached back over my shoulder and pushed around the curtain and dropped them to the floor.

I turned back to face the wall and saw Jen out of the corner of my eye, straightening up and turning her head towards me. Slowly I turned to face my sister, now completely naked. Our eyes met and I suddenly felt a little dizzy as I realized she was naked too. She tried a smile, but it faltered in her nervousness. We both wanted to look down, so I said, “Go ahead.” to give her permission.

She turned her eyes away and looked down and I did the same. My gaze flitted to her bare breasts, her nipples still darker and hard with beads of water clinging to them like dew. But what I really wanted to see was farther down and soon my gaze traveled between her legs.

It is kind of a little adventure to see a girl’s pubic hair for the first time. Jen’s bush was beautiful and caught me by surprise. Her hair was dark brown and had a gentle curl to it. Her hair was trimmed a little from the sides, but otherwise was relatively intact. As my eyes dug deeper, I looked even farther down and could make out the cleft between her legs where the fold of her cunt began. Taken as a whole, she looked awesome. Firm, long legs, joined in the center by her clever bush, tight abs surrounding her bellybutton, her breasts full and pert, nipples pointing at attention under her rounded shoulders capped with the wet strings of her dark hair. I looked back up at her face and appreciated her fully now, seeing my sister’s womanhood in it’s glory.

Her eyes lifted from my crotch and met mine, and for the first time in a few minutes we both smiled at each other.

“This is so weird!” Jen exclaimed. “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” she said.

I had no idea what to say, but I sure did agree with her!

“I keep wanting to cover myself up.” she said, smiling, and making a point of keeping her hands at her sides.

I chuckled. “You think you’re having trouble? I’m trying not to point straight up at the ceiling!” I admitted.

We both laughed at that, and Jen eyed my dick to see if she could tell.

She shrugged and said, “I’m okay with it, Bro, if it makes you more comfortable.”

“Are you sure?” I asked, already feeling the blood rushing down.

She nodded, a little nervously, but trying to look like she was cool with it. So I took in a breath, let myself gaze at her bare nipples, and felt my cock swell up and begin to stiffen. It really only took a moment and I was at full-mast, completely stiff and pointing straight up.

Jen just stood there, staring at it for a few moments. Finally, a bashful smile broke out across her face and she looked up at me with a little bit of a blush in her cheeks. I just grinned back.

“Well, come on and get into the water. I’ve been hogging it up this whole time.” I said. She stepped forward and we both turned sideways so we could get past each other to trade places. Her back was facing me as she stepped over and I tried to give her room, but my dick brushed against her butt and she let out a little giggle.

Now I stood in the end away from the water and watched Jen stand under the jets from the showerhead, allowing the water to pour over her face and chest and stomach as she combed her fingers through her dark hair. My dick throbbed as I watched her buttocks flex as she rocked from one foot to the other and as the sides of her breasts peeked out from under her arms. She turned around to let the water cascade through her hair and wiped the water from her eyes to smile at me again. I got a good, long look at my sister’s tits and tried as hard as I could to memorize her little pussy down below.

“Does it feel weird to you, to see me like this?” Jen asked quietly, reaching her hands back to continue combing her hair out in the water.

“Yeah, it really is weird. I feel like we shouldn’t be in here together.” I answered.

“Me too.” she said. “I feel naughty, letting you see…you know…my pussy.”

I couldn’t help kilis escort but grin when she said that. She smiled too, knowing she had just said that word for the first time.

“Yeah, me too. But I have to admit that I don’t mind you looking at my dick.” I said. She grinned bashfully and looked down at it again.

Reaching over to the shelf and grabbing her shampoo, she asked, “Isn’t that uncomfortable? How do you walk with that?”

I grinned at her. “Well, yeah, it’s tough to walk around when it’s like this. Especially in jeans. But usually I’d calm down if I needed to.” I told her.

She ran the shampoo through her hair and began rubbing it in and working the lather through. “It’s so strange that we’ve had sex together but this is the first time I’ve seen you naked before.”

Again, I smiled at her. “Jen, it’s okay. Just relax.”

I stepped closer. “Here, turn around and let me do that.” I said. She obeyed and turned to face the water, letting it splash on her chest as I reached up and sank my finders into her soapy hair. I put my fingers on the top of her head and kneaded them through her hair to her scalp and gently massaged her from the front of her head to the back. I moved my fingers forward to the sides of her head and massaged her scalp from her temples down to the nape of her neck. Then I worked more on her hair, combing my fingers through it, working it over until the top of her head was fully lathered. I ran my fingers down through her hair and continued working the shampoo in.

Suddenly, Jen leaned back a little and put her hand on my hip.

I felt her fingers kneading the flesh of my hip and continued to lather up her lush, full hair. I was down to her shoulder blades now, my fingers deep in a handful of her hair and suds. I tried to focus on completing my task when Jen leaned back even more and pushed her butt back against my hard dick. The suds from her hair had been running down her back and my penis slid right in between her cheeks with little effort on both our part. I felt her put her other hand on my other hip and since I couldn’t easily hold onto her hair, I set my soapy hands on her shoulders and gently squeezed her muscles there.

My sister moaned, feeling me massage her, and I felt her buttocks tighten around my cock. She arched her back and drew her butt up a few inches, then slid it back down, allowing my shaft to travel between her cheeks.

By this time, I was just as turned on as I could possibly be. I really didn’t feel like continuing to be teased like this, so I slid my hands down her arms and lifted them, guiding her to reach forward and put them on the wall. She took the hint and leaned forward, ducking her head down so the water splashed across her back as she put her hands against the wall. I slid my hands down her sides and grasped her waist. Jen didn’t bother waiting and spread her legs apart.

Now with my sister under more of my control, I began to take charge and slid my dick down her butt crack and back up. I pumped up and down for a few moments, then pulled down lower to feel more of her body than her crack. I held myself tight as I slid down and felt the hair on my balls tickle a little as it began to touch the soft hair in her cunt. I pressed my balls against her more firmly and heard her moan softly. I figured that was a good sign, so I began to slide myself against her body again, working my balls into her fleshy cunt. I slid them up and down, pushed them against her and rubbed them over her cunt and enjoyed feeling her pushing back with her hips.

“Hey Mark…” Jen said.

“Ungh, yeah?” I grunted.

She was panting. “Do you know where your dick is touching me?” she asked.

To be honest, I was enjoying rubbing my balls through her cunt so much that I hadn’t been paying attention.

Not waiting for me to answer, she said, “You’re rubbing it on my…other hole.”

I slowed my pace. “Oh, sorry…do you want me to stop?” I asked.

She waited a moment, then answered, “No, it’s okay. I just didn’t want you to get grossed out that you’re touching me there.”

“Oh, okay.” I said. I continued rubbing myself against her and now began to recognize what my dick was feeling. While I was grinding my balls against her cunt, the shaft of my dick was pressed firmly against Jen’s anus. It didn’t feel bad, it was just a spot where her crack dipped in and became a little rougher over her hole.

It was a strange sensation, now that I knew what I was doing. I continued to rub my balls against her pussy, but began to press my shaft against her more firmly. I dragged the head of my cock over the entrance and pressed until it dipped slightly in, then continued sliding it further up her crack.

“I guess you don’t mind.” Jen said, breathlessly.

“No, it feels kind of good. I don’t mind it if you don’t.” I said.

She grunted, feeling the head of my cock press against her again. “I don’t mind.” she said.

I continued stimulating myself against her anus. I would slide my shaft down her crack, press my balls against her cunt, then push forward with the tip of my cock until I felt her hole underneath and would press down again, pushing the tip of my cock against her muscle, then slide back up her crack a few inches. I did that a half dozen times until Jen suddenly bent further down and stuck her butt up a little more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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