Out of Control Ch. 07

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Marcus pulled the ropes tighter on her wrists, not so tight as to leave marks, but tight enough that she couldn’t leave. He smiled down at her, knowing that when she awoke she’d be in for a surprise. The idea had come to him as he’d watched her sleep last night. For some reason when she was near, he didn’t get much sleep. He hadn’t wanted to wake her up, knowing that after the things they’d done, she’d needed her rest but he hadn’t been able to look away either. She was beautiful awake but there are always seemed to be something that was taken away from that. Maybe it was the fact that she opened her mouth and nothing but evil spewed forth, but what ever it was, it made her seem something less. Asleep however, he got a chance to see her just as God must have wanted. She’d lain with her head on his chest and he’d gotten a chance to see just how long her eyelashes were. They’d looked like goose feathers lying against her fair skin. He had wanted to stroke her face, feel that soft supple skin beneath his fingers but had known that she would have awoken. So he’d taken the time to fantasize and had been pleasantly surprised at the thoughts that had flown through his mind.

The first had been something that he had thought she’d like, so now, hours later, here he was, tying her to his monstrous four-poster bed. He’d always wondered why he’d gotten this gigantic bed, when he wasn’t the sort of person who usually liked them, but now he knew. He’d just been waiting to tie her to his bed. He had slipped from the bed, thankfully without waking her, and located some silk ties that he had hidden in his closet.

Now as he stood back and looked at the picture she made, he knew he’d made the right decision. He had gathered her arms together above her head and tied them together using the ties. The position made her breast rise and stand up like cantaloupes in a melon patch. He couldn’t wait to latch his mouth onto her sensitive nipples, but he didn’t want to do that just yet. He had plans that he needed to do first.

She looked like a captive from a barbarian movie. All she needed was a loincloth and she’d be an Amazon captured by a neighboring tribe. He of course would be the sultan of said tribe, so taken by her beauty that he had sent his best warriors out to grab her and bring her to him.

Marcus slowly shook his head, smiling. He’d obviously been spending too much time with her; some of her imagination had begun to rub off on him. Next thing you know he’d be writing a romance novel with her as the main character.

He watched as she slowly came awake to find that she was tied to his bed. He could see the confusion as it occurred to her that she couldn’t move her arms. He’d left her legs free, not wanting to rush things too much but that would be the next fantasy. He wanted her tied spread eagle to a bed.

“Daddy?” she asked huskily, sleep still heavy in her voice.

“Yes, baby?”

“What’s this? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, I just wanted to try something else. We did your fantasy yesterday. Today is mine. I wanted to see what you would look like tied to my bed, naked and ready for me. And now I do.”

She smiled at him but he could still see that she was confused. “But why are you dressed to go to work then?”

He chuckled. “”Cause I have to go into the office for a few hours.”

“But- what am I suppose to do while you’re gone?” Her nose crinkled as she moved her arms slightly, which he was happy to notice made her breast jiggle just right.

“Well, I figured you’d stay right where you are. I’m not going to be gone that long. I promise you that. I have a wonderful reason to hurry home today.” He smiled down at her as he approached the bed. He couldn’t resist running his hand up her stomach to palm one of her breasts.

She moaned, unable to hold anything back from him. “But wouldn’t you rather stay in bed with me?”

He grinned at the whiny tone that had entered her voice. To show her who was still in charge of things, he pinched her nipple between two fingers. Her breath left her in a rush. “Daddy!”

Marcus leaned in and kissed her on her nipple to ease the pain and she called his name again, this time for a different reason. “I need you,” she whispered huskily.

“I know you do. You love having your hands held above your head. I know that, I know you so I know what you want. Right now you want me to take my clothes off and join you in this bed, slide my cock throat deep into you and forget that I have other responsibilities.”

He didn’t ask if he was right cause they both knew that he was.

“I don’t mean to be in the center of attention.” She giggled at the way he arched his eyebrows. “Well, ok, maybe I do but its just-“

“You want all of me, just like I want all of you. But I only need to do some paper work for a few hours. I’ll be back before you miss me.”

“I already miss you,” she said with a petulant tone.

He chuckled. “I know and I’ll try to be back as soon kurtköy escort as I can. But,” he said pulling back from her to stand in the middle of the room, “while I’m gone I’ve set up a tape that I think you’re going to like. I want you to watch it and think about it. Can you do that?”

Amie sighed and agreed with him that she could. She noticed for the first time the TV sitting on a rolling table near the door. It was big enough and close enough that she would get a great view of whatever the video was. Marcus saw the look of confusion on her face and rushed to fill her in.

“I don’t keep a TV in the bedroom. You know my philosophy on that.” They’d had a decision not long after they first hooked up about having a TV in the bedroom. Marcus believe you only did three things in a bedroom: dress, sleep, and fuck. She hadn’t argued when he’d covered hers with a blanket cause he’d shown her just how much he liked to do the last one with her.

Marcus gave her one last kiss and headed to the door, stopping by the TV and VCR to press the play button. He took one last look at her, her body pulled tight by those silk ties of his, breasts lifted, curly pussy hair a brown pitstop on the road of her body.

He suddenly didn’t want to go, but he made himself walk out the door as quickly as he could, but not before he heard her sharp intake of breath at the view on the screen.

Marcus had not only broadcasted last night on the Internet, he’d also set up a video camera from a different view. He had known that he’d had a one in a lifetime chance to give her something that she probably didn’t even know she wanted. She would be able to watch as they fucked, get to be an observer like many never got to.

He left the apartment, locking his apartment tight. He headed to his car and once there, settled in the seat to head to work. Work could have waited for a while, hell, he could have done it first thing Monday morning, but the idea had been one that was too good to be pass up. He needed to leave the apartment, give her time to watch the show, and then he’d come back in when she was all ready for him. Just thinking about how wet she’d be made him want to jerk his cock right there in the middle of traffic. Thank God he at least had a little bit of self-control left.

The commute to work took less than 10 minutes and would have been less than that if some dickhead hadn’t tried to run over the car in front of him causing a traffic accident. After a lot of cursing and hand shaking, Marcus was able to get back into traffic and get to work. He grabbed his jacket off the seat behind him and headed in. He passed a few friends on the way in and paused to talk to them.

“Whatcha doing here on a Saturday, Jackson? I thought that’d why you took that cushy job in ‘net porn,” James, an old friend joked.

“Just had some paper work to do really quick. I’ll be out of here before ya know it.”

James shook his head. “You need to get a woman, man. She’d be able to keep your mind off the job, and on your cock.”

“I got one. She’s just a little tied up today,” he said with a straight face.

They finished talking and Marcus was able to make it to his desk. For while he sat there making reports and checking his notes for the cases that were still pending. About two hours after he got there an old partner, Nichols, interrupted him.

Nichols wasn’t like most cops in the precinct. She was a looker for one and for another, didn’t let any case get one over her. Last he heard she’d closed every case that had ever come across her desk but one. At 5’7 with shoulder length blonde hair, she could have been a model and had in fact done that for a while before joining the force. They’d had a month of coital bliss before he discovered she was just as much of a workaholic as he was and that he liked having someone to go home to. Which is why I’m with Amie Marie, now. There was nothing better than crawling into bed with her, pulling her full ass back against his cock, notching his chin into her neck and falling into dreamland. In fact-

“Are you listening, numb nuts?”

He shook himself back to the topic at hand. He would be home with her soon enough. “Yes I’m listening. You’re carrying on about some case, right?”

“Carrying on? What the fuck? Have I suddenly gotten whisked into a Margaret Mitchell book? Yeah I’m talking about this new case that just came across my desk. I was asking if you would take a look at the case file and see what you make of it. But all of a sudden you got a glazed look on your face, so never mind. I’ll get someone else to,” she snarled, moving to walk away.

“Wait, I’ll look at it but I won’t be able to get it back to you until Monday. I’m leaving for the weekend in about…’ he glanced at the clock on his desk, “15 minutes.”

“Hot date?” she said sarcastically.
“Yeah, I got someone tied to the bed at home. I don’t want to make her wait too long,” he said dryly, making her snort with laughter.

“Yeah aydıntepe escort right and I’ve got Brad Pitt chained in my basement,” he smirked at her, “Anyway just a take a look at it and get back to me as soon as possible.” She turned to leave. “Oh and thanks, Jackson. I appreciate it. Maybe we could get together some….”

She left the rest unsaid and he felt the need to tell her that he was seeing someone. She smiled and nodded, “Yeah the chick tied to the bed. Gotcha. Thanks again.”

Nichols left the case folder lying on his desk and he grabbed it right before snatching his jacket up. He almost ran out the office. It was weird, this morning he’d thought he’d be able to at least last a few hours without seeing her, but more and more the look of her body offered up to him was entering his mind.

Whereas this morning the time on the road had seemed small, now he was gripping the wheel, screaming at the cars in front of him. He couldn’t wait, his cock was already growing and he needed to be there with her.

Finally after what seemed like a ten-hour drive, but was actually only about 15 minutes, he pulled into his parking space. He didn’t even have the car in park before he was opening the door, so ready to feel her body beneath his own. Marcus rushed from his parking space to the front of the building. The building man, Merv, was reading a magazine but when he saw Marcus he put it down and said hello. This was normal for him. He loved to talk, and normally Marcus would give the older gentleman a few minutes but not today. He passed him without stopping, waving at the man letting him know that he didn’t have the time to chat. He made it to the elevators, jabbed the button and then continued to jab it until the medal box arrived. It’s a proven fact the more you push the button, the faster the elevator will get there, he thought.

The elevator seemed to take forever and when the doors finally opened he lurched from it almost knocking over his neighbor, June, who was trying to get on.

At 85 she was one of the older people who lived in the building who had adopted him when he’d moved in. She brought him casseroles to eat, told him stories about her ungrateful grandchildren, and kept an eye on his place when he had to work long hours. Normally he would stop and talk to her, just like he did with Merv, but he barely spared her a glance today. That is until he noticed that she was speaking to him.

“-cat is ok cause I heard some weird noises coming from your apartment earlier. I thought about going in and checking but I didn’t want to bother anything.” She looked up at him curiously, her eyes seeming larger behind her coke-bottle thick glasses.

“Uh,” he stammered, “what kinda noises, June?”

She chuckled and said, “Well, truthfully it sounded like a cat in heat. I knew it couldn’t be yours though because you have a male cat, right?”

He nodded, trying to not blush. Just what kind of noises had Amie been making? “I’ll check it out. Chuck probably got his tail stuck or something like that.”

She smiled and got on the elevator that had begun to squeal from being open so long. He waited until the doors closed before he turned and went into the apartment. Unable to wait, he began to take his clothes off as soon as he passed the couch in the living room. As he walked he dropped the clothing behind him, leaving behind breadcrumbs made of cotton.

He stopped at the opening of the bedroom and gazed at the sight before him. She was just like he’d left her, expect her legs were wide open and he could see from there that she was very wet. Her eyes were glued to the television set in front of her. He watched as she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and bit down. Her ass was wiggling on the bed and as he watched she seemed to be moving her body to the movements that he knew were on the screen.

When the hell is he gonna get home, I thought to myself as I watched me slid up and down on his cock for what seemed like the hundredth time. It wasn’t bad enough that I had to watch this all by myself, he had to set the damn thing on loop so I had to watch it over and over again. After the second time, I’d tried to look somewhere else. No easy feat when your arms are tied tightly near your head. Plus I still could hear the sounds and it wasn’t long before I was watching again.

A sound alerted me to his presence and I jerked my eyes to him. He was naked! I like it when he’s naked. I smiled at him and he smiled back before walking over to the bed.

“Did you miss me, little one?” His voice had that husky tone that I loved, the one that told me that I wouldn’t be walking straight for while.

“Nope,” I said. I didn’t want to seem desperate even if I was.

He frowned down at me. “You didn’t?”

“Sure didn’t.”

“Really? So the wetness that is between your thighs right now doesn’t have anything to do with me, huh?” he caroled.

“Nope. Its cause I’m watching a hot video. I would get wet tuzla içmeler escort for any kind of video,” I tried to act nonchalant as I tried not to stare at the large cock bobbing up and down in front of my face. My mouth began to water.

“So I guess you don’t want this huh?” He teased, sliding his hand down his stomach to grasp his hard cock in his hand. Slowly as I watched he slid his hand to the tip and then back up again. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my throat.

He heard me and laughed. He skimmed his hand down his cock on last time before turning away. He watched as I lowered my cunt onto his cock for a few seconds and then turned back. “I came home for lunch. I was really hungry.”

The comment kind of threw me and I didn’t know what to say. I just smiled at him. I wasn’t hungry for food. I wanted that giant cock he kept teasing me with but if he wanted something to eat I guess I could wait.

The look in his eyes was fierce as I told him just that. “Oh I was thinking I’d eat what’s been laid in front of me.”

That said he moved onto the bed to kneel between my legs. I moved them farther apart to give him room. “But daddy-” That was as far as I got before he drove into my cunt. At the first touch of his lips, I gasped. We had never really done this. Once or twice he’d kiss me there but usually I was able to get him to come back up. Its not that I don’t think I’d like it, it’s just that it’s not something that I have much practice with.

He looked up at me as he pressed a kiss to my clit. I knew that his face was going to be covered with juices but when he popped back up for a quick breath, I gasped. He looked at me in question.

“You’re covered in my cum.”


“I just hadn’t realized there would be that much. I mean I know I gush but you aren’t even in me.”


“What?” He returned his head to my thighs and began to rub his nose up and down against my hard clit.

“I’m not in you yet. Believe me this is only a appetizer of what I’m gonna make you do later.”

I couldn’t even laugh at his cockiness cause he suddenly stuck his tongue into my cunt. I cried out and arched my body into his mouth. I looked down at him and loved the way he looked with his dark head between my lily-white thighs. He seemed to take sips of me, delaying full contact, but building up to something spectacular that I somehow knew would be better than anything I’d had from him before.

He teased me for what seemed like hours, sliding his tongue in and out, up and down, always making sure to bypass my clit. It wasn’t long before I was yelling.


He looked up at me with a question in his eyes without taking his tongue out of me.

“I need you to fuck me.” There was so much more that I could say but that was the long and short of it. I needed him inside me like I never had before.

He simply shook his head, causing me to arch into him harder. The teasing continued. He would build me up and then stop when he saw how close I was getting. I cried my frustration to the sky, calling him every name I could think of. He would simply stop and smile up at me before telling me what a good little girl I was being.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and even though he stopped just short of my orgasm, I came anyway. I filled his face with my cum juice, screaming that I loved him without knowing what I was saying. I couldn’t have stopped those words anymore than I could have stopped my cunt from contracting.

He looked at me in surprise for a few seconds as I came to. As I closed my mouth, my words came back to me. I’d told him I loved him. I’d just put the death nail into the coffin of our relationship. This was were he’d take a step back and say he had something else to do, would I mind leaving.

However Marcus surprised me by doing none of that. He slithered up my body, his face shining from my orgasm to perch above me. He looked down at me for a few minutes and then leaned in to kiss me lightly on the lips. I was craving any kind of touch from him so I tried to cling to him by lips alone. He was the first to pull back of course.

“You love me?” His voice was rough.

I couldn’t even talk so I just nodded. I could feel the embarrassment rising to my face, causing me to blush all over. He watch as it flowed across my face and down onto my chest. He followed it and pulled my nipple into his mouth, razing it with his sharp teeth. I gasped and pressed myself into his mouth.

As I tried to keep my breathing normal I felt his cock poking me. I looked up into his face as he rose above me. He leaned in and latched onto my mouth and then suddenly he was inside me. I groaned against his lips, bowing into his body. He started a rhythm that was just what I needed, fast and hard. He grabbed my legs, pulling them up until the encircled his hips. .

“I’ve never made love before,” he said as his lips separated from mine. “I think I’m gonna like this.” He drove into me over and over again. Soon it seemed as if he was fucking an unnamed source in his head and I wasn’t there. It was almost as if he’d turned into a beast. I couldn’t stop myself from responding to his thrusts but my heart cried with every lunge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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