Over Fifty Housing Pt. 03

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This story, and all my stories, contains fictionalized characters from long ago memories and recent events of my life.

I am a 60+ year old bi woman. My stories are re-memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by natural inclination in most relationships, sometimes extremely submissive in sex. If you like kinky mature women I hope you will like my stories and please comment on what you liked and perhaps didn’t like to help me improve.


A story of older, well ok, mature women, Doris and Valerie, who found each other and discovered something about themselves they did not anticipate.

I very much expected that this story was complete but here is Doris with more to say.


Val and I believed we found, in each other, a way to meet hidden needs. I had spent my life being willingly submissive to my husband. My experience with my daughter where I took control and was dominant was a sign that I needed that in my life. (Dear reader, if you want to know more about my daughter read the earlier parts of OVER FIFTY HOUSING.)

Val had spent her life being ignored by her husband. Her experience in an affair while she was married and her experience with Doris told her that she needed to be submissive. She moved in for a while and I really thought we would live together.

I’m not sure what happened but after only a few months things cooled and she started spending more and more time at and sleeping in her own house. The sex stayed the same, passionate and erotic but the need to be together all the time faded and we each sought more and more “alone time.”


It’s been almost a year and Val is having an affair with a man in her theater group. Things have cooled between us. We now seldom get together and almost never end up in bed but our yoga classes continue so I see her every week. I never thought at my age that I would have become just a fling but I don’t really blame Val. I actually envy her and the sex she is having but worry that his wife will find out and the scandal will explode at Over Fifty Housing.

I have become more active in the community. In addition to the yoga classes I have started playing tennis again in the Over Fifty Tennis Club. I have met some nice people and I have actually had a few dates but all the men here seem to want to talk about is their deceased, or worse, ex-wives. There is this one man…but more about him later.

I am increasingly involved in the home owners association and was even offered a small paid job showing the model homes to prospective buyers. The job is fun. I get to meet new people and I feel that I can offer them the benefit of my experience downsizing and moving here.

I have helped enough buyers now to have met a number of widows, widowers and couples. Amazingly both men and women singles almost always hint about dating possibilities. If they are bold enough to ask directly it comes in two flavors, some, mostly men are looking for sex, women want romance and companionship and many don’t mind if it leads to sex. For a few I have foolishly offered to introduce them, to be a matchmaker.

My matchmaker hobby began when I met a man, a prospective buyer, and the subject of dating came up. He wanted to know if there were unattached women I could introduce him to. I somehow got brave enough, foolish enough, to tell him I could introduce him to women if he moved here. Just in conversation I asked what kind of person he was looking for. He hesitated and with a big smile he said, “A sexy one like you.”

Of course, knowing that was just flattery on his part, I played along and said, “You mean pretty?”

Again he hesitated and said, “Yes, I think you are very pretty but I want to be honest. I want a woman who is fun, sure pretty but still sexually active.”

This guy, Cliff, was funny and handsome so I played along. “I know several women who fit that description but first you will have to pass the test.”

He smiled, thought he knew what I was saying, and said, “I’ll be back for that test when I move.”

I quickly learned that like Cliff, older people tend to be blunt sometimes. One 55 year old very attractive woman, Lynn, a recent widow I helped relocate, came to see me at my office a month or two after she moved in. She wanted to talk. She had obvious had a few, maybe a few too many, glasses on wine to build up her nerve.

“Doris, I’ve had four dates since I moved here. There is no way to say this but the truth. Two didn’t even try. One tried but couldn’t get it hard. The last one just wanted me to give him oral sex. Don’t get me wrong, my husband loved blow jobs and I think I’m quite capable but I have needs too.”

Lynn was a glass of wine too far along to stop talking and continued, “My husband loved to be sucked. Doris, even when he got older and couldn’t get very hard he could still fill my mouth with his cum. I’m sorry Doris, I’m talking too much, saying way too much, being way too blunt.” Çankaya Rus Escort

She hesitated, “What I really wanted to ask is… I heard that you are kind of a matchmaker around here and I want to ask if you know any men you can fix me or up with?”

I thought for a moment and took a chance and asked, “Lynn, I might, let me work on it. Would you like to meet women as well?”

She was genuinely surprised I think. She replied, “A woman? You mean as a friend?”

I was honest while trying to appear somewhat detached, a true “matchmaker. “Yes, a friend and maybe more, someone who will give you what you need.” I continued, “I know women here who prefer other women, I’m just asking.”

She looked a bit confused, “Doris, I never…”

I interrupted her and asked, “You’ve never what? Had sex with a woman or never even considered it?”

She thought for a moment and said, “Doris, I was married for 35 years. I have three children and five grandchildren.” Then she hesitated. She began again, “Doris, I should not be talking about this but…”

She stopped talking and I could sense she was trying to decide if she should continue but she did, “About fifteen years ago I had a very very close woman friend and we tested the limits I guess, so yes, I have actually done more than think about it.”

Lynn suddenly touched my hand and said, “Doris, I’m trusting you to let me tell you what happened, I have wanted to tell someone for a long time but please promise you will never repeat it.”

I nodded my head Yes, but without waiting for a verbal reply she continued. “Our husbands were playing golf and we were just killing time, watching a movie.” She added, “We had a few glasses of wine and Joanne was sitting right next to me on my couch. I remember she was holding my hand. It was a romantic movie, and I liked that she was holding my hand, it felt warm, secure. Then she stood to get us another glass of wine and she leaned in and kissed me. Just a gentle kiss barely touching my lips, I did not resist but touched her face. Later feeling guilty, I thought that I had encouraged her by touching her face.”

Lynn told me she never knew who really initiated what happened but that initial light kiss became another deeper, more passionate, kiss and they were both willing participants. Eventually they ended up on the bed holding each other and touching each other through their clothing. She said her friend put her hand in Lynn’s shorts, touched her and fingered her. It ended quickly when they heard a car in the driveway.

Lynn told me that she and her friend Joanne didn’t initially talk about it but several weeks later they were alone together again and her friend brought it up. She asked if Lynn liked what happened. That simple question led them to a kiss and back to bed, this time naked in each other’s arms. She admitted that what did happen, mostly touching and kissing, was wonderful, warm soft and gentle, but again it ended too quickly when they were interrupted. It never happened again. She never knew why but neither of them tried again.

“So Doris, the answer to your question is simple. I would be ok with meeting women and starting out as friends and I might be open to more if it happens.”

I smiled and asked her, “Lynn, do you ever wear you hair down?”

She just smiled and said, “What? We are taking about sex and you want to know about my hair?” She laughed.

I just looked at her and commented, “I love the color of your hair but I have only seen it up. Is it very long?”

Lynn smiled and replied, “Yes it’s very long, down to below my waist. My hubby liked it down when we made love.”

I smiled and told her, “I thought it might be long, you are a beautiful woman.”

Lynn smiled. “Doris, are you suggesting…?”

I stopped her and said, “I’m asking you to have dinner with me and talk some more, that’s all.”

Lynn smiled a great big happy smile and said. “Tell the truth! Are you trying to get me to let my hair down for you?”

I touched her hand and asked, “Tomorrow night, my house at 7:00. If you like Italian, I make a great lasagne, you bring a salad, I’ll buy us a bottle.” “Sound good to you?”

Lynn arrived at just a little before 7:00. She did not look like the oh so reserved ‘business suit’ Lynn I met when she first moved in or even the woman who was in my office just the day before. She is about 5 foot 3 inches, I am taller. She was wearing a white silk top that allowed her nipples to reveal that she was braless. Her top ended above her tight black Spanx pants revealing a ribbon of bare skin and a long floral scroll tattoo on her lower back. Those oh so tight pants barely hid wider than expected hips and a lovely obvious curve to her butt. She also wore tall red heels. Her graying blond hair was in a long braid that hung on her back almost to her waist.

As I poured her a glass of wine she noticed I was barefoot and asked if she could Keçiören Rus Escort join me. She didn’t wait for an answer but kicked off those heels. Her toe nails were red and accentuated the dark olive Italian skin tone of her ankles and feet.

As we talked Lynn very quickly got to the point and asked if I was a lesbian. She was so bluntly honest that she was easy to talk to. She told me that she heard that Val and I were an “item.”

I had not heard that expression in a long time so I looked at her and said, “an item?” “Lynn you need the whole story.” I explained that I had spent my entire adult life happily with one man and had been with only one woman before I got married and that was when I first finished college. She looked confused and asked what that had to do with Val.

As our meal cooked we sat in my kitchen and talked. I explained that long ago before I was married my work took me to a conference where I was sharing a room with a woman my age, a colleague. This was two years after college. The short version of the story has the hotel made a mistake and gave us a single king room instead of two queen beds. We thought nothing of it. Two adult women in a bed big enough for four people…what could go wrong? What could go wrong was an understatement because it did not include the influence of alcohol. In the end we would have been fine with one twin bed. She was experienced and I was not but from the first kiss I knew it was something I wanted. I guess it was really then that I realized I was bisexual.

I told Lynn that the one experience did not make me a lesbian and I eventually married a great guy, had children and led a very normal life until…

Lynn urged me on, “Until what? Don’t stop now! What happened?”

(Dear reader, I took the following from an earlier story.)

I was hesitant to answer. Her question brought back memories of a time I am not proud of. In the end I told her the truth.

“It only a few years ago when a year after my husband passed my middle child, a daughter, caught me looking at another woman in a coffee shop. The woman looked like my colleague from years before and it brought back memories. My daughter asked me if I was checking the woman out. I answered, Of course not. Don’t be silly. Well maybe, what about it?”

My daughter then asked, “Mom, tell the truth, have you ever?”

I continued, “this conversation was awkward because my daughter is a lesbian and came out in high school. She could tell…can they all tell?”

“I lied a little and told my daughter, no I have not, the opportunity never presented itself, and to tell you the truth I do not know what I would have done if it did.”

There was more, “She just smiled and said, “I knew it, you have thought about it!”

“When we got home and sometime later she asked me if I would like to try the ‘soft side’ of sex with a woman if it were possible?”

“Inside I was screaming yes but I simply said that it was never going to happen, there is no one interested in me that way.”

“She came very close to me and said in a very soft voice, Mom, I’m standing right here.”

“Lynn, we should never have but we did. She put her face, her lips, inches from mine and waited. I was weak, surrendered and initiated the first kiss. As her lips parted I slid my tongue between them and not long after, into her mouth. I was the aggressor.”

“We were alone in the house and I pushed her into the master bedroom and kissed every part of her body as we removed each other’s clothing. I pushed her back onto the bed and put my hands behind her knees as I pushed her legs up and apart. I was licking her as I had learned to be licked by my husband. She was very wet and her musk was incredibly erotic. I don’t think she had ever shaved or trimmed but I found her clit and licked and sucked it as John had sucked mine. I don’t know how long it went on but I felt her pull me up along side her and she pushed my leg up and she was licking me. It did not end until we had both had an orgasm.”

“Laying side by side in each other’s arms we agreed it would never, could never, happen again and it didn’t. The thing I remember most is looking at her naked and seeing myself at twenty. It was wrong but it was so overwhelmingly erotic. My daughter is every bit as talented orally as my husband! I must admit that my second experience with the ‘soft side’ of sex was an eye opener.”

“Lynn, I moved into Over Fifty and met Val. I didn’t go looking for it, it just happened. It also didn’t last and we don’t see each other anymore.”

Lynn smiled and thanked me for telling her my story.

She thought before speaking again, “Doris I think that I was not honest with you or myself. Sure I really would like to meet a nice man but what I really need is a roommate, someone to live with me full time.” She then told me there was a reason why she approached me to help her find a man and given my story she wanted to share her experience, Etimesgut Rus Escort her problem.

“I married when I was quite young and a virgin. Until what I’m about to tell you happened I had only had sex with my husband. Not long into our marriage sex became masturbation for each of us nothing more. There never was passion. We had three boys and two married and one is still single. Only one of my sons lives near the home I moved out of to come here. After my husband died my son who lived nearby, a lawyer, spent time with me to deal with insurance claims and other estate issues. With all my kids gone I lived alone.”

“I came home one afternoon feeling sorry for myself and filled the tub, put on some music and with a glass of wine climbed into the tub for a long hot soak. When I was washing myself I perhaps lingered too long between my legs because I very easily moved into a long very satisfying time pleasing myself. I closed my eyes just enjoying the feeling of my fingers on and in my puss and my hands on my breasts.”

“Doris, I feel emboldened in telling you this because you told me your story. No can ever learn of this, Ok?”

I don’t know why when people are about to tell you something they shouldn’t be telling you they feel obligated to swear you to secrecy but I said “Of course, go ahead.”

She continued, “I was so close, I knew that I could bring the orgasm to the surface by pinching my nipples, I did and I exploded. I have never been quiet in sex and as the orgasm swept over me I was my usual self and screamed.”

Lynn hesitated. She stopped talking and looked at me with her eyes pleading for me to let her finish revealing this secret. I looked at her and said, “It’s Ok, whatever it is I will not judge you, you can tell me.”

She continued, “Right after I screamed, even before I could come down from my orgasm, I heard a noise. I open my eyes and my son was in the bathroom watching me. He turned and without a word left the room. I quickly got out of the tub, dried myself as best I could, threw on my robe and went after him. I don’t know what I was thinking, I panicked. He was in the living room sitting on the couch. Now, he is an adult and no explanation or discussion should have been necessary but… He apologized for not letting me know he was coming over. Then still in panic mode I foolishly asked him what he had seen. I knew of course that he had seen everything. He replied that it was nothing, everyone does it. I was stupid or I was looking for something but I wouldn’t let it go and sat down next to him and asked him to tell me what he saw. He didn’t say anything but I noticed where he was looking and saw that the front of robe had opened as I sat down and he was looking directly at my breasts.”

She continued, “Doris, I don’t know what happened to me but when he put his hand on my breast I lost it. I was touching the front of his shorts and he was pulling them off and then his cock was in my mouth and then we were on the floor and he was inside me. All the time I was urging him on. I told him not to cum in me but rather in my mouth and he did. I remember the look on his face when I swallowed what he had just left there. Like you we agreed it could never happen again but it did only two days later and he kept coming over.”

“Doris, I moved here to stop it.”

The meal was ready so I stood up took her hand and said, “let’s eat and work out a plan.”

As we ate we…of course talked.

Lynn asked me again about Val, “When you were with Val and your daughter was it like being with your husband? Being with my son was very much like my husband but with the passion I had been denied all those years.”

I answered her as best I could. “I’m not sure how to answer that question. For me because I am equally attracted to both men and women it is emotionally very much the same but physically different. Being with a woman is the soft side of sex.

Lynn asked, “Why do you think did it ended between you and Val?”

The answer to that question was simple, “She found someone she wanted to be with more than me.”

We had finished dinner and after cleaning up we sat side by side in the living room on the couch.

As we talked Lynn asked me about my marriage, was I happy, was the sex good? Lots of questions. It soon became clear that what she really wanted to do was tell me about her marriage, her career and her hopes for the future.

I learned a lot. Lynn was a nurse and worked almost her whole married life. Her husband, she said, moved from job to job after college and his whole life, never really happy with any one career. Consequently he never really advanced or made serious money. He did have great life insurance from his last job and left her very well off but she always resented somewhat that her earnings paid for everything, their house, their IRA’s, college tuition for the children, everything.

In their last years together she said that just to spite him and boost her self esteem she spent a fortune on plastic surgery, her breasts, her butt, her belly, even her calf’s and neck only to hide it all by dressing very conservatively. She told me that this was the first time in forever she dared go braless.

It was clear, to me at least, that Lynn was looking for an escape. An escape from her life alone but right now an escape from her son. I could only really help her with one of those.

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