Overheard Ch. 02

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Giant Toy

Grace Brazil

Living at home has its advantages. Like fucking your step-mother and getting great blow jobs. However as much as I loved being there with my mother and all the advantages of living at home when I got a chance to live free away from home I jumped at it.

An old friend of my fathers called me and offered me a job of sorts living at his warehouse and doing a few night time chores. It was a really nice three rooms place with access to the lunch room and cooking privileges. I’m not into cooking but I know a few girls that are.

I was still thinking this over and of course I was not worried about the proposed foursome with James’s lady friend. Her being nearly sixty was not a problem it was that I did not know if Mom was up to it. She had more or less just gained her sexual wings and was just learning to fly the lust filled skies. True; Mom had seemed more than willing to allow James and I to screw her together. Mom seemed also to enjoy oral sex like few women I’ve ever known. Also I did not know how Mom would receive the introduction of a cock up her behind. James seemed anxious to try this. I can not say I had not thought of it myself but James has a sizeable cock, some what larger than mine.

Mother had fixed a nice dinner and we ate enjoying a conversation that did not include a lot of sexual talk. I wanted to tell Mother I was going to move out so she would have the house all to herself but I found it hard to fit this subject into the conversation.

We had reached the end of the meal when Mom suggested we go to a movie so just the two of us could enjoy a nice night out. I happily agreed and we headed for down town.

The new movie plaza was located in between the mall and two of the more popular jazz lounges. The Old Lamp Lighter was a loud jazz joint popular with the younger crowd. The Mason House Grill was also a loud Jazz playing bar but for some reason an older crown seemed to frequent it.

We parked across the street and were about half way across the street heading toward the movie theater when a man called out to mother. A Mr. Buckwalter and his daughter joined us on the curb. Mr. Buckwalter had been friends with my father and class mates some forty years ago. He seemed a very pleasant man. Tall slim well dressed and cast an air of refinement about him.

His daughter was also tall, slim with proud highly mounted breasts and a face that was long, narrow and pretty. A wide mouth painted bright red with lips that sent a chill through me as she smiled. I felt my cock jump to attention and quiver. If she only knew now quickly she affected me.

Mr. Buckwalter, Orson, and his daughter Mattie suggested we have a drink at the Mason house before we go to the movie.

An hour later we still sat in a corner booth sipping Gin and Vodka. I had managed to slip between mother and Mattie.

Maybe it was rude but I turned my back on mother cutting Mattie and I off from the conversation at the other end of the booth. It was as if I had created a corner for just Mattie and I.

My arm had come to rest along the back of the booth and my leg was touching Mattie’s. From time to time I heard mother laugh and other muffled sounds from behind me.

Mother turned me and sweetly let me know we had missed the movie time and would I like to join Orson and Mattie at there home for a night cap.

I suggested mother ride with Orson and Mattie ride with me. This sounded like a good idea all around.

I held the car door open for Mattie and as she sat her beautiful rounded ass into the seat I very ungentlemanly grabbed her shoulder and pulled her face into my crotch.

As quick as a snake going after a mouse she grabbed my crotch and bit solidly down on my enlarged cock.

Mattie held my manhood in her teeth tightly. Yet she did not pull back or bit too deeply.

Very gingerly I cupped her head in my hand and almost imperceptibility I wiggled my hips back and forth. I felt her hot breath pass through the gabardine material warming my cock.

I let go of her head and she let go of my cock. How quickly we had reached a meeting of mind and body.

I followed Mr. Buckwalter’s car while Mattie massaged my ever hardening cock. By the time we pulled into a gated estate I was very close to exploding in my trousers.

I cut my lights and watched as Orson walked around to open the car door for mother. It was dim, very dim but I could easily see Mother’s dress was disarranged and a breast hastily put back in to place. Knowing how much Mother loved to feel a cock in her mouth I had to wonder if she may have given Orson a taste of what was to cum.

I took my time coming around to open the door for Mattie. Mom and Orson had disappeared into a side door so I stood there car door open, inner light on as I unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out for Mattie’s inspection.

Mattie gracefully and with style slowly swallowed gaziantep kızıl escort my cock up to the hilt. I slowly fucked her mouth not seeing it because I was so tall above the car roof but I could only see it in my minds eye as if it were under a spot light.

I tried to push her away as I came close to exploding. Mattie was not about to be deprived of my liquid delight after all she had worked for it.

I felt my cock swell and jerk forcing the salty fluid out like a fire hose spewing thick gobs of cum into her mouth again and again. Mattie’s mouth was like a vacuum swallowing every salty drop while milking my cock for more. After a few minutes my cock gave way to a some what lesser state. Mattie let it slip from her mouth.

We entered the house and Mattie led the way down a long hall to a room that was lit in low blue and red revolving lights. There was a large round bed in the center with small love seats and wide flat padded benches in a circle around the this very large bed.

Mattie took my hand pulling me to the darker side of the room. From our vantage we could see the spotlighted center of the round bed.

Mother was naked on her hands and knees with Orson slowly fucking her doggie style. Just the way Mother liked it. I had to watch as Orson slowly with draw a long thick cock only to push it well into Mother’s seemly endless cunt.

Mattie tightened her grip on my hand and said “Your mother is so beautiful and she seems to love Daddies fine hard cock. She is enjoying it can’t you see?”

I could see alright there was no doubt Mother was enjoying his enlarged cock. And it was even larger that James’s cock. I shuttered at the thought but I wanted to jump up on the bed and give my cock up for her to suck deep into her wanting mouth.

I said “Mattie you, your father. I… it seems some what strange.”

Mattie said “I think maybe you have had the pleasure of fucking your mother. Have you not?”

“Well, yes but she in not my biological mother. Alice is my step mother. We have… well we have yes.”

Mattie said “Be that as it may she is still someone you loved and respected long before you made love to her. It is no less incest as it is with Daddy and me. Your mother is a widow and Daddy is a widower. I found having sex with Daddy gave him a great deal of comfort and I surly found it both exciting and highly enjoyable. Shell we join them. I’m sure you would love to get close and let Mommy know you’re here for her.”

We did and I did get on my knees in front of Mother. She looked up smiled and opened her mouth. I watched as Mattie laid her head on my Mother’s ass letting Daddy pull free from the pussy and give his darling daughter a chance to suck his cock and taste Mother’s pussy juice.

This was something I had not expected yet quickly accepted this as a wonderful way to enjoy mother and our new friends.

I found myself coming to that point of no return again so I pulled out of my mother’s sweet mouth and got Mattie to lie on her back with me between her long legs. She felt good and I felt her wind up under me. She was going to do her best to help me climax in her choice pussy.

For me it was an experience like none other. I was feeling her pussy tighten around my cock and as I pumped into her, her pussy squeezed my cock drawing out every last drop. Never had I enjoyed a pussy so much. Mother was a wonderful fuck but Mattie’s working pussy was unbelievable. My eyes closed and I rolled off lying as if dead beside the love of the moment.

I did drop off as unlikely as that might be. When I woke Mother was on her back with Orson on his side with his cock in Mother from the side. One of her legs was up and over his hip and one between her legs. He was plainly planted deep into my mothers’ wanton pussy. Mattie was squatting over mother’s face with one leg out to the side. This gave mother a wide open pussy for her to enjoy and she really was enjoying licking Mattie’s pussy. I had not thought of mother ever licking another woman’s pussy but here she was licking and fingering Mattie in a wild hairy threesome.

I watched enjoying the sensation of it. I was a voyeur first class.

Orson came filling mother again as I was sure he had done already one of more times. Mattie climaxed and the three fell apart laughing and sharing the moment as only lovers can do.

We were washed up and dressed as Mother and I kissed our hosts good-bye. Mother said little on the way home. I did ask her if the enjoyed her old friend and his daughter.

Mom said she had and also told me Orson wanted to have her out on a date next week. A one on one I asked.

I showered again and joined Mother in the master bedroom. She hugged me and said “This was something totally new and she had found she really did enjoy Orson and she wanted to see him again. And yes a one on one would be gaziantep köle escort nice.”

I hugged her to me and said “Have you forgotten James wants to bring over his friend next week.” Mother hugged me said she wanted to sleep alone tonight and no she had not forgotten and was looking forward to our making another new friend.

I lasted about five minutes in my own bed before I drifted off into an unsettled dreamland where every one was fucking everyone else and Mother was the center of everyone’s attention.

James called to confirm the time and asked if he could bring any thing.

Mother was high on laugher as she said to bring his lovely hard on and his lady friend too. Since our party with Orson and Mattie mother had changed in a way that she now radiated happiness and liveliness. She seemed to fine happiness in everything she did. Even every day house chores made her smile. I did not know what had happened to make her so happy but I was glad she felt this way. I had yet to tell her I was moving out. I would do so after our dinner and evening with James and his lady Ester.

It was all arranged we were going to meet James and Ester at the hotel for dinner, drinks and a dance or two then come back here for a night cap. Mother had made sure all the beds had clean sheets and we had a well stocked bar.

I had the crazy idea of asking Mattie to join us. But that would unset the balance. Two women and two men seemed like a nice way for mother to enjoy her first … opps; not the first but her second foursome.

I had talked to James and he agreed he would show Mother how much Ester enjoyed him fucking her in the ass and hopefully mother would accept his cock into her well rounded ass. I hoped that she would because I was willing to take sloppy seconds and would love every bit of it.

I had been thinking of fucking Mother in the ass for so long it was driving me nuts. Just the thought of watching my cock slide into and disappear up her ass gave me goose bumps all over. Just thinking of it my cock hurt with anticipation.

Ester turned out to be much different that I had believed. At sixty one she was lovely in face and figure. She was a little soft and round but still very attractive and so very sexy. I was taken by her full round breast that were a full forty four double D cup. They were pulled up and together showing a deep valley of cleavage. I wondered if she would like to have a cock fuck up between those fine tits and shoot cum on her bright round face. The moment I saw Ester I wanted to fuck her and watch her swallow my cock.

Mother allowed James to give her a long tongue kiss and a full groping of her ass as he closed his mouth on her. James was in rare form. I think he already had a few drinks. Coming up for air he said “Do we really have to go to dinner. Why can’t I eat you right here?”

I forced all into the hotel dinning room hoping to halt his sexy chatter. No; dice James was bound and determined to say what was on his mind. I grabbed him by the arm and told him to keep his voice down or we would walk. He looked at me as if he was about to cry but did lower his voice.

Before we were seated Mother and Ester made their way to the ladies room. It was some time before they returned and both seem to be happy and with a kind of regard for one another. It was as if they had a meeting of the minds and each saw the other as a needful payer in the up and coming event. I wondered if maybe mother had some how let Ester know she was willing to enjoy her in a special way. I felt it would happen.

The meal was good and the drinks were worth every cent. The band came in around ten o’clock and James whisk Mother off to the dance floor. I leaned close and told Ester I was taken by her beauty and thought she was a very attractive lady. I let her know I was looking forward to our night cap at the house.

She smiled and said “James told me about you boys introducing Alice to the many wonder of sex and the pleasure of group sex. I kind of like to watch some times and maybe we can share a moment together while James has his way with Alice.”

I came right out and said “I guess you know James wants to fuck mother in the ass. I do believe her ass is virgin. I’ve kind of had the same idea for a while but James want to be the first so I told him go for it.”

Ester said “He will be gentle and not hurt her. I’ll watch over her and make sure he’s careful.”

I said “I hope you’ll understand that I want sloppy seconds. I want to have a piece of you as well but I have this crazy idea that tonight is mother’s night.”

Easter smiled and hosted me with her drink as if to say “I fully understand and I’ll also take seconds.”

James was all over Mother as we packed it in and headed for the house. Ester rode with me and Mother drove as James was in no condition to drive. I was surprised we all made it gaziantep kumral escort back safely.

I helped James into the house and sat him in the den. Ester and Mom made drinks but James was out of it by the time the ladies came in with a tray of drinks.

I laughed and said “Sorry Ladies but it looks like your stuck with me as the entertainment.”

Ester came and sat down next to me. Mom said “Jeff do you think you can handle two horny old women?”

I smiled and said “I may die trying but I’ll give it my best try.”

Ester excused herself and left Mom and I alone in the master Bedroom. I dropped my clothing as did Mom. I got the feeling this was going to be my night more so than dear mother’s.

Ester looked at us naked waiting for her on the bed. She rose to the occasion and stood at the foot of the bed and slowly stripped one article at a time. Letting both of us relish her charms. Ester was a true blonde with the thinnest of hair shading her little mound. Her large tits swung free and hung down but not too much for there size and her age. She was plump with still a fine round figure and great legs. She shook her shoulders letting us see her tits bounce and swing.

Mom patted the bed between us. Ester came and found a warm spot between us.

I gathered up a tit and started to suck on the stiff nipple. I reached down to rub her pussy and found mother already had a hand there. I put my hand over mother’s and pressed mothers’ fingers into the wet split. I said “Why don’t you girls give one another a kiss and see what happens.”

Mother rose up and leaned over kissing Ester full on the mouth. I watched for a few moments and edged Mother over so she was kneeling between Ester’s legs.

I got up on my knees behind mother and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy. Mother seemed to get wetter and the more I rubbed my cock along her pussy also the more she moaned and licked Ester.

Grabbing Mother by the hips I aimed my cock at her rose hole and pushed. Mother resisted and that was okay. I rubbed my slippery cock over her tight little ass. Poking at her sweet ass a few times more before I felt her relax. I watched my cock kind of flatten a little before if popped passed the outer ring and slipped into my darling mother’s cherry ass. Mother showed no signs of feeling uncomfortable so I pressed on. One push at a time. Draw back and push draw back and push a little deeper. I heard a moan come from Alice’s’ lips and it was not a sound of pain or hurt. I felt she was enjoying it. Slowly I worked in and out, in and out. Each time I went deeper feeling her take my cock up her ass willingly and wanting it. I watched as my cock was up to the hair and was not visible any more. My cock was fully planted in Alice’s ass. I fucking screamed and busted a nut.

I had fucked a few asses before this and a few more since but none were or ever will be so loving and endearing as the first time I shot off into the ass of some one I love and cared for so very deeply. She was only my step mother that is true but still she was the only mother I had ever known and fucking her in the ass was the ultimate in sharing my love for her and the lustful incest for me.

Mother had kept her head all through the ass fucking. Alice licked Ester to a climax and Ester had screamed her joy and pleasure while giving Mother a mouth full of sweetness.

My cock slipped from Alice’s ass and I fell over as if shot. I was spent but I still knew I had more work to do. Wiggling up between the two lovely ladies I offer my semi-limp dick for either or both to suck and bring it back to life.

Over the next two hours I lived up to my station in this party. I fucked Ester and found her to be a very warm and quick to respond with another climax that shook the room. I fucked Ester faster and quickly brought her off twice and yet not getting off again my self.

Cock in hand I spread Mother’s legs and drive in deep and fast I was a fucking mad man. Mother squealed with joy as I shot a load in her sweet pussy. Mother rolled over gasping for her breath as Ester pushed her tongue into her pussy licking away my thick sweet cum.

I was so hard and it looked as if I was going to stay hard for the rest of my life. The words “for tomorrow I die.” Came to mind.

I managed to get Ester up on her knees and aimed my cock at her well fucked ass. James had told me Ester loved to have her ass fucked hard and so with out much foreplay I pushed hard and fucked like crazy.

Ester wiggled and cried out as she gave up another earth shaking climax. Mother saw what I was doing and got so excited she climax at the same time as Ester and I. Three cohorts in lustful serenade screamed together.

James slept until morning. I send him home alone as I had driven Ester home during the night.

Alice and I had a hearty breakfast and agreed it had been a wonderful night and a strange but most enjoyable lustful night. I suggest we take the day too relax and regain out strength. I for one needed a day to do nothing but rest and think about what was coming next.

It was well into the evening when Alice came into my room slipped under the sheets handing me a jar of Vaseline and said “Try this.”

Grace Brazil … Until later my dear readers.

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