Panties, Green

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It was late Friday, almost quitting time. The week had dragged on like a bad movie rerun. Everything seemed to go wrong with the transition to the new computer system. On Monday, orders were lost and never printed in the warehouse. Tuesday, they printed but with the wrong addresses and were shipped to wrong customers. Wednesday was an all night affair correcting the mistakes of Tuesday. The experts came in on Thursday, and after another late night dinner at the office everything seemed to be running smoothly Friday Morning. Finally, Roger could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At thirty-five years old, he was experienced in all the various roles his co-workers filled, but had lost track of some of the details involved. It was a good re-learning experience for him as manager. He always learned more working side by side with another co-worker than he did when he just delegated things to be done. As he sat in his office chair, he smiled to himself remembering how much he had learned from his favorite co-worker, Aunt Sallie, over the last year. He hoped she would be done with her work soon. He looked at his phone knowing the little green Intercom light would illuminate when she was done.

Aunt Sallie had been with the company 10 years longer than Roger. She had helped him get his job when he had graduated from college. For a woman in her early forties, he had always noted how attractive she was. He didn’t really know her that well. But he had one never forgettable memory of Aunt Sallie when he was growing up. He was only 13 at the time, barely into puberty but aware of the pleasure his dick would feel whenever it got hard and he rubbed it.

One weekend Roger’s parents had chosen to stay overnight at Aunt Sallie’s house. Roger was given a place to sleep beside his Aunt and Uncle on a small fold out cot in their bedroom. In the morning, he had been awoken by noise but pretended to be asleep. He tried to open his eyes very slowly into a tiny slit with the idea that he could see out, but would somehow look still like his eyes were closed. It didn’t work out too good, because as soon as he could see out, he saw Aunt Sallie sitting partially up in bed and looking at him. She was topless. Her breasts were the first real breasts Roger had ever seen and his eyes popped open wide on instinct.

She saw he was awake, and the little tent his dick made with the blanket. Roger was afraid she would get mad, but she just smiled back at him and didn’t say a word. Roger knew, the memory of that moment would never disappear from his memories.

Sallie was the second wife of his late Uncle George and had only been married two years before Uncle George had passed away from an unfortunate losing battle with pneumonia. He was in college those years and never really saw her except at a few reunions. Her office was further down the carpeted hallway from his door. He rarely had much interaction with her. Whenever he saw her, they had always exchanged smiles and passed little anecdotes about the weekend or family. She had never re-married. Roger was sure she would some day, but she told him she just wasn’t interested in men for the time being. Still, he didn’t totally believe her. He followed her motions whenever she walked within view. She was a very attractive woman. Her breasts were particularly nicely shaped and perky. She appeared to have very large nipples that peaked right where they tapered the most. From behind, her waist tapered nicely to her smooth rounding hips. She usually wore heels that were thin and quite high which helped accentuate the pout of her ass. The view of her ass had given Roger several stiff cocks in the past. Sallie always seemed cheerful and sincere yet whenever he spoke to her and looked in her eyes, Roger felt a deeper warmth and attractive mysteriousness. It was like she wanted to open up and tell him more but she held back. One time, she told him to call her “Sallie” at work, not “Aunt Sallie”. She felt “Aunt” made her feel like an old maid.

About a year ago, Roger began thinking about Sallie more and more. He was divorced himself and lived with his son, which didn’t give him much time for dating or meeting women outside of work. Roger fondly remembered the day a year ago, when he was just finishing up work and saw a light on down the hall. It was Sallie’s office. Everyone else was gone already and Roger figured Sallie had left the light on and gone home. When he got to her office he stepped inside the doorway to find the light switch. He wasn’t prepared for the incredible surprise of seeing Sallie stretched out on her office couch sleeping. She was sound asleep. The clock hand on the wall emitted more sound than Sallie did. But it wasn’t just the sight of her sleeping that made Roger stop dead in his tracks and his own breath to quicken. Somehow during her sleep, Sallie had twisted so her dress had ridden completely up to her waist. Even more delightfully for Roger, her legs had spread gaziantep manken escort open wider giving him a clear view of her long legs and upper thighs as they joined into soft green panties.

The sight of her almost spread-eagled made his pants begin to stir and his cock begin an impulsive eager stretch. He couldn’t move. His gaze was frozen on her panties as he visually traced over them. He noticed a little darker green stitching just to the left of her panty Valley, but couldn’t read it. It was so feminine and so sexy. She looked so vulnerable and sensuous to him. His mouth began to water and he swallowed. His pants were now fully protruding in front and he slowly moved his hand to straighten his hardness for comfort.

Unsure what to do, Roger knew he didn’t want to disturb her. But he couldn’t resist moving a little closer to get a better view of the green stitching. He edged forward taking two cautious steps closer. As he did, his heartbeat raced. Closer and closer he gently stepped until he was above her, only an arms length from her outstretched body and directly above her sexy panties. Now that he was closer, the soft cotton green panties did little to hide the darker patch of silky hair beneath. He could even see a few tiny hairs that had worked through the thin fabric edge. And the stitching was easy to read now. In delicate feminine cursive style it clearly read “Friday”. Roger knew he couldn’t wake her or it would be an uncomfortable moment for the both of them. He also knew it could cost him his job if she caught him lingering over her.

Still, he lusted the view of her wondrous green panties. He got an idea and slowly extracted himself back out of her office. Returning to his desk, he found the digital camera he had inside and went back to Sallie’s office. Once again, he carefully tiptoed up to within an arms length and framed her panties within his camera. He dared only take one picture for fear of the click waking her and quickly traced back his steps and out of her office. He put the camera in his briefcase and sat down at his desk. His erection was straining tightly inside his pants and just one firm stroke over it with his hand, told him he was so turned on, he had better stop. He let his hand linger over the erection in his pants, then picked up the phone, and dialed Sallie’s extension. He could hear the phone ring both in the phone headset, and from down the hall. It rang and rang maybe a dozen times before Sallie’s sleepy voice came over the line. “Hello?”

“Oh ah, Sallie are you still here?” Roger asked kindly,” I saw a light on down the hall and thought I’d check before leaving.”

“Oh that’s sweet Roger. Thank you, I must have dozed off a little, I do need to be going myself”. Just hearing her soft voice made Roger’s erection throb, and he squeezed down the shaft.

“Okay. Well good night Sallie. Have a good weekend.”

“You too Roger. Good night”.

About a month went by, and Roger still had the picture of Sallie’s soft green panties on his computer at home. Many a night had passed after that Roger had gotten out Sallies panty picture. It always brought the same reaction, an instant hard-on. He had never ending fantasies about Sallie and her green panties. Many times Roger had taken out his cock and slid his hand up and down the head and shaft. Sometimes he imagined Sallie was watching him and it excited her to slide her own hand inside her panties with him. Sometimes he imagined it was Sallie’s hand stroking him and he was stroking her wet pussy. Sometimes he imagined her mouth taking him inside. Her lips and tongue caressing his cock head. Roger imagined dribbling from his cock little continual drops of his precum over her wet full red lips. Almost always though, he saw the darker green “Friday” stitching being pushed aside and his cock sliding inside the leg opening of her panties. He envisioned his shaft sinking into her warm wet welcoming depths. He saw his mouth locked to her mouth. He dreamed of their tongues dancing and darting in each other’s mouths.

He imagined the sexy feeling as he urgently cupped of one of his hands over her naked breast and the other under her bottom. They would rock back and forth stroking each other until they couldn’t prolong the playful and dripping juices down their legs.

Then one night he and Sallie were working late together on a big presentation. It had taken until midnight. Sallie had worn a wonderful perfume that kept Roger swooning whenever he caught a whiff all night. More than once, he had stolen a sideways glance at Sallies Blouse and caught a glimpse of her lacy bra through an opening in her buttons. Most of the work was tedious and as the night grew late helpers dwindled home. Eventually Roger and Sallie were the only people left in the warehouse. They still had about an hour of work left when Sallie ducked away for gaziantep masaj yapan escort a few minutes. When she came back, she had a bottle of wine and two glasses. Roger was pleasantly surprised and eagerly opened the bottle pouring them each a glass. They continued to sip wine and work on the presentation. At some point Roger glanced over at Sallie and almost did a double take as he noticed one of the buttons on her blouse had come undone at the top. He had a great view of her lacy bra and the creamy curve of her breast. He tried not to stare, but his pants began to stir a little. He remembered her panties. His loins started heating up and he poured another glass of wine.

“Me too, Roger.” said Sallie. She lifted her glass for Roger to refill. As he poured the glass, she quickly drank it back and Roger had a front on view of the deep cleavage of her breasts outlined by the thin lacy bra. Her bra was green. The same soft green he remembered from her panties. Sallie sensed Roger getting quiet. She noticed the slight shadow appearing on his face as his normally clean shaved face gave way. A little roughness was very sexy to her. She always secretly loved the feel of a little 5 o’clock beard rubbing gently over her nipples and between her thighs. She wondered what Roger’s slight stubble on his chin might feel like on her sensitive nipples.

She knew he was attracted to her. She could see how his eyes tried to look away whenever she turned and caught him looking down her blouse. Looking where she had eased the button open while getting the wine. When he looked away, she had time to look down at his pants front. She could tell he was expanding. She could see the strain in his jeans.

Sallie thought to herself, “I wonder how hard he is? I wonder if the top of his cock is leaking a little wetness? I wonder if he will grow more?” She could feel the wetness inside her panties beginning. She downed her glass of wine for courage and with her back to Roger, deftly undid another button. Now the middle of her bra was clearly visible. She took a breath and turned to Roger. “Refill Roger?”

“That was fast.” Roger said as he reached for the bottle to pour. When he turned to face Sallie his eyes immediately captured her additional exposure. “Wow” he said.

Sallie giggled a little. “What do you mean, Wow?” she giggled again, watching his eyes transfixed to her breasts. Roger was speechless and the wine poured over the edge of her glass spilling onto the warehouse floor. Sallie laughed, “Oh Roger, are you looking at my open blouse?”

Roger stammered but the wine gave him away and he couldn’t respond with anything but the truth. “Yes, I ah, guess I was. He started to apologize, but stopped. Something in Sallie’s eyes and smile told him it wasn’t necessary.

Sallie was excited by her nephew’s obvious arousal. She liked the feeling of being desired by him. She really wasn’t his aunt anymore anyway. She had thought about him many times since the night she let him take pictures of her exposed panties while pretending to be asleep. She had always wondered what would have happened if she had woken up and caught him.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Yes. Oh yes, very much” Roger eagerly replied.

“Would you like to see more?”

“Yes.” Roger’s voice could barely whisper back.

Sallie slowly sat her glass on the worktable. She started to unbutton the next button on her blouse. Then she stopped unbuttoning. “Would you like to do this for me Roger?” she seductively asked.

Roger could only again whisper back “Yes”. It was the answer Sallie wanted to hear. She wanted to be undressed. She wanted to be undressed by Roger. She stepped forward to him and felt his hands reach up and his fingers unfasten her buttons. She ran her eyes down his firm chest and over his belt. She could see his swollen erection ready to burst through his pants. His cock had grown so hard so quickly that it was crooked and she wanted to straighten it for him. She knew it must be terribly curled crooked and uncomfortable. She wanted to feel his erection straighten in her hand. Roger undid the last visible button on her blouse. She lifted it from her jeans and her hands undid the bottom button on the tail. She did this not just to help Roger, but because it let the back of her hand graze over his bulging hard-on. Roger felt her touch and his hands slid Sallies blouse up, pulling it over her shoulders and helping it fall to the floor. Now he could fully appreciate the soft green lacy cradle holding her generous breasts.

Their eyes met and they both moved forward leaning into each other’s warm lips. A soft tender kiss continued as Sallie parted her lips wider and Roger eased the tip of his tongue along her lips. Their tongues began playfully touching back and forth. Their lips rubbed gaziantep masöz escort and stroked each other. Their passion grew stronger and stronger as Roger’s hands drifted up her chest to take a breast in each hand. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and let her suck his into hers. His hands found her taunt nipples. Her hands tugged at his belt, then undid his button and lowered his zipper. She drew back for a breath. “Roger, take my bra off please”.

Only too eager to please, Roger pulled the thin straps down each shoulder and reached around unhooking her bra. “Ooh, that’s much better,” Sallie, cooed.

He could feel Sallies hand sliding down inside the waistband of his underwear. “Let me feel that big cock Roger,” she moaned.

Her fingers hooded the head of his cock then slid all the way inside his underwear until her wrist disappeared and her fingers wrapped around his hard excited shaft. “Oh Roger, you’re so hard for me.”

The feeling of her hand sliding up and down his shaft drove him wild. It felt incredibly erotic. His kisses trailed down her neck. She felt that wonderful scratchiness of his slight beard as he kissed down her chest and over the top of her breast. “Lower Roger. Lower baby.” His carousing lips made her ache for more.

Sallie leaned her head to the side and closed her eyes disappearing into the ecstasy his kisses were bringing her. She felt his lips gently kissing, then purposely nibbling, and finally pinching her tight as his tongue explored her breast. The tiny pinpricks of pleasure felt wonderful as his slight beard aroused and lightly penetrated her nipple awhile sliding over it. “Suck my nipple Roger. Please suck my nipple baby.” She pleaded.

Finally, she felt his tongue pushing against her erect sensitive nipple. She wanted her nipple in his mouth. “Yes baby. Yes. Suck it baby. Suck it. It’s been so long.”

Roger loved her nipples. He wanted to make love to her nipples. They made his mouth water and his tongue dance. He circled the darker concentric areola. They both heard her bra fall to the floor. The licking sounds his tongue made excited her senses. He let his bottom lip stay in contact with her nipple as he moved his top lip over the crest. Slowly, his lips enclosed tightly around her nipple. It was tender the thin skin stretched as far as possible from her arousal. Roger worked his lips back and forth in a seesaw motion with her nipple trapped between them. “Oh BABY! YES!!” Sallie’s approval burst from her lips.

Roger had a slight space between his two front teeth. He guided her nipple into his mouth and softly brought the two teeth down on it. As he sucked her nipple in and out of his mouth, the space created an added feeling of her nipple being stroked on all sides. “OH God, Oh God, Oh,” was all she could say to describe the feeling and put it in words.

Sallie felt Roger’s mouth open wide and it seemed as if her whole sexually charged breast was being sucked into his mouth and caressed. It was an incredible feeling. She had never imagined her nipple could be so lovingly attended to. Her panties were soaking wet. Just the way Roger sucked and kissed her nipple made her pussy throb. The throbbing and wetness kept growing stronger. She couldn’t stop moans from escaping from her lips. “Mmm Roger. MMM..Baby, I’m so wet.”

Roger’s cock was hard and sensitive to the touch of her hand. She could hear his breathing speeding like hers. She felt his tongue tip begin to flicker back and forth like a hummingbird’s wings on her hard swollen nipple. The delightful sounds of wetness sung to her, as he sucked her nipple in and out. Again and again he sucked. Roger was merciless with his hunger for her. The sucking and licking sounds grew louder in her ears.

“Oh Roger. You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.” She mimicked his rhythm with her hand on his cock. She felt his hips moving into her hand. She felt the deep throbbing between her legs beginning to crest. She had never cum like this before. She had never had an orgasm from someone just sucking her nipple.

“Ooh Roger. Darling, Make me cum. Make me cum.” She begged him. It felt so wonderful. She wanted to cum. She knew she would. She was so close.

She wanted Roger to cum with her. “Cum with me Roger. Cum With me.” She implored him.

She stroked him harder. She focused her palm on the sensitive head and vein at the top of his shaft.

“OOOOOH GOD!!!I’mmm CUMMMMINNNNGGGGG!!!!” She shouted as the first wave of her orgasm quaked through her body.

“OH AUNT SALLIE…I’M CUMM…” was all Roger could get out as she felt his cock erupt into her hand. His cock forcefully shot a cockfull of hot cum out then continued to pump more over her hand and fingers.

“Ooh baby. ” She moaned as her hand coaxed the last drops of cum from his exploded cock. Her pussy pulsed and she felt her whole body tremor from her sweet flooding orgasm like she had never had before. It felt so good. She had never imagined it could feel this good. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes relishing the lusty release of her orgasm, while she pulled her cum covered hand out of his pants. She rubbed his cum over her tender nipple. She wanted to rub it over her entire body.

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