Panty Log

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This is kind of a writing experiment for me. I’m an older, kinda bisexual, and seriously perverted guy. I’m going to keep a panty log of sorts. The woman I’m seeing has an eighteen year old daughter that is nothing but a little whore. She lives in the basement with her boyfriend and spends her days fucking and getting stoned. She also seems to like to leave her dirty panties laying around for me to find. But more likely the truth is that she’s just a sloppy little stoned cunt who doesn’t have a clue of what I’m up to. The following is an account of what I find and what I do with them. But I must warn you I’m seriously perverted so if you’re not into some really depraved stuff you might not want to read any farther.

And I should probably tell you a little bit about me. I’m a widower. My wife was an amazing sex partner who was will to try almost anything. We had lots of sex in public places over the years, on the beach in southern California, the backs of several of cars we owned, in a boat on a lake, in the backyard, the city park. Lots of blow-jobs and masturbation while driving down the interstate at sixty five mph, and when I got the nerve up to ask her to give me a golden shower it turned out she had just watched something about doing that on T.V. and was excited to try it. I got to get several of those showers over the years. The two that probably stand out the most in my memory were one in a motel room on vacation. She really drenched me that time and only thing I had to clean the tile floor up with was the motels very white towels. It had to be oblivious to the maids that they were soaked with piss. And the other time she sat on the edge of the bed and peed into a red solo cup as I held for her. Then she drank some of it for me! Watching her taste her own pee was so hot I still masturbate to that memory.

She so wanted to try anal sex for me because she knew I wanted to but the pain was always just too much and we had to stop every time before I could get my cock inside her. It’s not that I’ve got a real long cock or anything but it is a little thicker than normal. At least that’s what I’ve been told. The last couple years we would often start our mornings by her straddling my face and letting me lick her asshole and pussy while she sucked me a little and jacked me off.

All that pretty much kept me in check for many of the years we were married. I did stray a little bit but not too much. When we were first married and her adult sister still lived at home with her parents and I always enjoyed sniffing her sister’s panties that I would find in the laundry basket when we would visit. For awhile I had a pretty good collection of the dark black pubic hairs I found in them. But then sis got married and moved so I went on quite a panty dry spell. Occasionally we might be visiting someone’s home and I would get an opportunity to check out some dirty laundry but this was rare.

As I said earlier I’m a bit of a bisexual and by that I mean a few years ago I did give into my desires and fool around a little bit with a gay buddy of mine. Actually it was the wife’s idea but she didn’t know it. One time after failing to get my cock into her ass she joked that I would just have to get Steve to come over and let me fuck him in the ass. That kind of gave me the idea and eventually when she was out of town he and I got together.

After sucking each other’s cocks samsun escort for awhile he fucked me in my ass. It was a bit painful but I enjoyed it only he came too fast. As luck would have it he had made me cum when he was sucking me and I was a bit nervous being my first time with another man so I couldn’t get hard a second time and didn’t get the chance to fuck him that day. We never have got together again so still to this day I’ve never been able to get my cock in anyone’s ass. Not even with my current girlfriend and she’s has had anal sex before with a few other guys. I will say this, the sex with my buddy was fun but he’s too militant about being a homosexual for me. I just want to enjoy making another person orgasm, man or woman. Maybe someday if the right opportunity pops up with a cool guy I would enjoy experimenting further but if not I still really enjoy pussy.

And I’m not really a cross dresser but I do enjoy pictures of it sometimes and once my wife and I switched underwear for the day, that was kinda fun but I’m not into wearing women’s clothing myself. Although as you read further I do play around a little bit with some panties.

So that’s a little explanation of my past sexual perversions. Now that I’m unexpectedly single again I’ve found some new ways to get off. The woman I’ve met is a widow herself. She’s very good in bed and maybe not quite I’m used to but given time I think we are going to have lots of fun. And she is quite good in other areas. She’s a bigger gal and that has always been a turn on for me, and she’s very willing to let me play with her butt, in fact we almost always finish up with her bent over and me coming in from behind my cock in her pussy and my finger buried in her asshole. Its fun I can actually feel my cock thrusting in and out.

But let’s start the log entries.


I love sneaking and playing with the whores soiled panties. My woman lives a couple hours away from my place so when I work overtime on the weekends I pack a bag and stay at my place because the weekend traffic is just too much.

On my way out this Friday morning I detoured thru the laundry room and snagged a pair of the little whore’s dirty panties. They are a cutie little pair of black and pink with zebra stripes I think they are called boy cut. After work I got to my place and had some stuff to do, I mowed the grass and did a few other things around the house. Then I put a steak on the grill and went into the bedroom. I stripped nude and put just the panties on and went back outside.

Its nice living out in the country I could see a car coming from miles away and get behind something if I needed to but I don’t think anyone ever looked my way anyway. So I played around taking some pictures with my cock hanging out of her dirty little panties. Then took my dinner inside and ate while wearing just them.

When I was done I went back out in the yard and lay down under a tree and used my phone to make a video of me masturbating while still wearing the whore’s dirty panties. After a good cum I went back inside and showered and got ready for bed putting just the panties back on. I put a porn DVD in and tried to dose off but after while I was unable to sleep so I rolled over and jacked off again. This time when I came I made sure I rubbed some of my load into the panties real good.

When I woke up I got urfa escort dressed for work and stuffed them now very dirty panties into my backpack. When I get home I’ll slip them back into the laundry. I just hope some day I’ll get a glimpse of the little whore wearing them again.

6-26 Today’s pair is a white pair I think they are also boy cut. Whores should never wear white because they are just too messy. The gusset on this pair is full of stains. That are old ones and new, they have a nice odor to them of both her pussy and ass. I didn’t get much time to play with them much so I just inhaled her fragrance for awhile and took some pictures then put them back.


I found a really cutie Pink and black thong in the laundry room this morning on my way out the door. It’s got a nice little patch of discharge on it and it smells amazing, a mixture of pussy, pee and a whiff of her ass. When I got to work I took some good pictures of it. Sniffed it a lot then I put it on and jacked off. After that I wore it around work for about an hour then took it back off. Doing that really released the fragrances and thinking about the thong rubbing up my ass crack just like it does on the little whore makes me so hard. I love thinking about my balls rubbing the dirty fabric where her slutty little cunt lips rubbed.


Today’s pair is a cutie little turquoise shear number they have a very nice little patch of her discharge and a good sweet smell to them. I put them on and they are tight but I got some good pictures of my cock in them. Then I sucked on the discharge while I got dressed again. I’ll carry them around in my pocket the rest of the day and sniff them every chance I get and them dump them back where I found them when I get home. Her little cunt has to be shaved because there are never any pubes in them. And I know from playing with my sister-in-laws panties back in the eighties that there should be a few hairs now and then.


This pair is pretty worn. They are a faded purple color with faded yellow lace trim. Across the ass is the word fabulous (and I bet her little ass does look fabulous in just these panties. They were in the bathroom she uses (and I check it every day) so I know they are fresh. No real discharge or good stains today. They have just a faint pussy smell but a pretty decent odor from her asshole. The tag says size small but I put them on for some pictures and then took them off and masturbated while smelling them. When I was ready to cum I held them against the head of my cock and shot my load of cum right into the gusset. Next time the little whore wears them her twat will rub against the spot where a load of my spunk landed.

7-6 The little whore finally started wearing panties again. She went quite a stretch not wearing any. On my way out this morning I found her jeans laying in the basement floor with her panties still in them. She must have stripped down in the middle of the living room and to get in the shower and left her mess for me to find. This pair I’ve actually played with before. I’ve got some pictures of me wearing them and masturbating in them. Today they had a nice little patch of discharge in the gusset. They smelled really good. I started masturbating by sniffing them then as I got hard I switched to sucking on the discharge. When I could feel the cum building I draped the crotch over sinop escort the head of my cock and watching in the mirror I could see as my sperm both soaked and shot thru them as I had my orgasm. Just think next time they rub against her cunt lips my cock and spunk rubbed the same place.

7-7 When I got home last night I found a pair of her yoga pants in the bathroom with a wet crotch. The whore must have pissed herself. They had a nice odor. But there were no panties for me to find this morning because the cunt and her boyfriend didn’t come home last night.

7-9 The whore has been on her period so no good panties for awhile. But I guess that’s good because it means her worthless boyfriend hasn’t got her knocked up yet. I think she’s done with her flow now so maybe I’ll start finding some again if she wears them. Saturday night she was running around in a skimpy little pair of shorts at one point I snuck a couple of good pictures when she was sitting on a swing with her legs up and spread open, real nice crotch shots. Then later that night she was messing around and her ass cheeks were hanging out to the point that her sister kept yelling at her to fix her shorts. I think the sister knew that her husband was checking out her little sister’s ass.

At one point her mom and I did go in the house and I bent her over the bed for a quick fuck. The whole time I could look out the window and see the whore out in the yard. It was fun watching her as I blew a good load into the pussy she came from.

7-10 I had the house to myself this afternoon so I went exploring in the cunt’s bedroom. The first thing I found were shorts she had been wearing yesterday. She must have been going commando because it looked like they had a few ass stains in them. Not a whole lot of smell but if she just finished her period there probably won’t be. I lay on her bed and jacked off while I smelled and sucked on the crotch of them. When I was done I wiped my load cum on her bed sheets.

Then on my way out I looked thru she dresser drawers and bingo I found her vibrator! It’s a little white and purple Durex one that had good batteries in it and was covered in dried up girl cum. So I licked it clean for her and put it back.

7-13 The whore must have quit wearing panties again. Last night she had a pair of white shorts on. I found them today they had some skid marks from her dirty little ass hole but not much cunt smell. Then I checked the drawer for the vibrator and it was gone! I hope she shoved it way up her fuck hole with my dried spit in it. I dug around it the drawer and found her KY lube. She has expensive tastes for a little twat who hardly ever works.

7-14 Got home today and no one else was there so first thing I did was check the whore’s bathroom but nothing new for me. So then I went in her bedroom and checked the drawer but the vibrator is still missing. Lying on the floor wadded up in the shorts she was wearing last night was a pair of purple panties that I had never seen before. They were a little worn and had just a slight trace of a white discharge in the gusset. But the smell was awesome! A very strong pissy smell, I’m guessing that more that once she had relieved herself during the day but didn’t bother to wipe her cunt like the dirty little twat that she is. I enjoyed sniffing them for a bit then put them back. (Her pussy actually smells quite a bit like her mom’s). I would have enjoyed hanging on to them for awhile but I don’t think it’s a good idea to borrow stuff from her room. Still as dumb as she is she would probably never catch on but why risk ruining a good thing?

To be continued…

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