Part 44: Queen of the Highway

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Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 44: Queen of the Highway

“I can hardly believe this” I said. “I know it’s so weird.” Holly said. We both stood in the living room, blue gowns hanging down to the floor. “How did all this time pass” I said “It seems like high school was a year ago.” I stared at Holly in her gown. I was amazed at how she looked. I was just amazed at her, what she was, what she meant to me, and I to her, and how she would feel in a few hours. I imagined her face when I did it, the glow she would exude. “You know what else seems like only yesterday?” Holly asked me. “What?” I asked. “The trip to Texas” She said. “Oh yeah” I said “that was what…a year… no two years ago…jeez time flys.” “Jizz time?” Holly said teasing me.

I heard the honking from outside. They were here. “You ready?” I asked Holly. “Yea” she said as she came out of our bedroom with her bag over her shoulder. I stood from the couch and walked to the front door where my bag was laying. Holly went out the door, and I stopped to lock the door. Brad and Sarah were in the front seats of Brad’s van. Holly opened the sliding door of the van, tossing her bag in back and sitting in the captain’s seat behind the driver’s seat occupied by Brad. I tossed my bag in back and sat next to Holly. “You guys ready” Brad asked. “Yeah let’s go” I said. We were all going to see a concert in Texas, this particular band wasn’t coming anywhere near us, and we decided to take matters into our own hands. Brad and Sarah arranged the whole thing and invited us. “Where are you going?” I asked Brad. “Oh we have another person to pick up” Brad explained. This puzzled me a bit, Brad and Sarah were a couple, and Me and Holly, another person would kind of feel left out… “Who is it?” Holly asked. “Jenny” Sarah said. Sarah was about five eight, with short curly brown hair. She was wearing a gray sweatshirt that covered her smallish tits. “Jenny from our floor?” Holly asked. Technically it was Holly’s former floor. “Yeah” Sarah said. Holly slapped my shoulder, and looked at me with wide eyes. “What?” I asked her. Holly was wearing black sweat pants and a loose white t-shirt. “You don’t remember?” Holly said. “What?” I said. “The girl who you blasted in the face” Holly said. “Oh yeah” I said laughing “Why is it you keep bringing these things up?”

Once we picked up Jenny we got on the highway, with a ten hour drive ahead of us, followed by a cheap motel for the night. After a half an hour we got into a discussion about movies. “I think Gladiator is one of the best movies of all time” I said. “Oh it wasn’t that good” Brad said. All three girls chimed in backing me up. “Oh you girls just like Russel Crowe” Brad said. “Oh come on, his role as Maximus, he’ll never top that, it’s a great movie” I said. “You know what else is a great movie” Holly said. “What?” Brad asked. “John and Holly’s Fun Times” She said. “Never heard of it” Brad said. “That has to be in the top ten” I said sarcastically. “Speaking of Jizz splattering, how you doing back there Jenny” I said turning in my seat to look back at her. “I’m fine thanks” she said, glaring at me. “Oh come on, admit it, you liked it” I said. “Yeah you did” Holly said. “I’ll never hear the end of it” Jenny said. “What are you guys talking about?” Brad asked. “Maybe we should recreate it” I said. “I like that idea” Holly said. “No, no, no” Jenny said.

Jenny had straight blonde hair, small tits constrained in her black t-shirt. “Oh you know you want to” Holly said. Holly got up and moved to the back seat with Jenny. Holly took off her shirt, tossing it to me. She didn’t have a bra on underneath. Her round tits were exposed to the air. Holly started kissing Jenny’s neck. Holly ran one hand under Jenny’s shirt feeling her tits. Jenny resisted at first, but gave into Holly’s touch. Holly ran her mouth up to Jenny’s, licking her cheek over to her lips. Jenny allowed her tongue to slip out of her mouth, meeting Holly’s. Holly wrapped both her arms around Jenny, and the two of them slid onto their sides making out in the back seat. Sarah got out of her seat and sat down where Holly had been. “I’m missing out” Brad said. Holly was on bottom now, Jenny on top. Jenny sat up, and Holly Sex hikayeleri helped her bring her t-shirt up over her head. Jenny’s tits now hung out in the air, with her blonde hair falling to them. Holly’s hands were all over Jenny’s tits. “Well I guess I should join the club” Sarah said. Sarah pulled her sweater up over her arms tossing it into the front seat. A car beside us honked its horn. We all looked to the right side of the van, to see a black truck with a guy looking over into the van. “Uhhh he can see us!” Jenny said. Sarah moved over to my side, pressing her tits against the window, and leaning over me to do it. Holly was laughing. The car honked a few more time, before speeding off ahead of us.

Sarah was bent over, her nice round ass right by my face. Sarah took her opportunity and swung one leg around, sitting on my lap, face to face. Sarah had her legs on either side of me, and she was facing the back of the van, watching Holly and Jenny make out some more. I reached my hands up and squeezed Sarah’s breasts. My growing cock was poking Sarah’s ass through my jeans. “Someone decided to join the party” Sarah said provocatively.

Sarah slipped down to her knees, unzipping my jeans in the process. I semi stood up and shoved my jeans and boxers down past my knees. My cock now free reached out into the air. Sarah took my cock into her hand, and gave it a few quick strokes. She licked me from balls to tip. Sarah took the very tip of my cock and held it in her lips, kissing it, and licking it at the end. I closed my eyes, and put my hands in her hair. Sarah started a series of quick shallow thrusts with her neck down on my cock. Her wet mouth was watering on my cock. I moaned in pleasure. Sarah stood up, and turned around, provocatively pulling her pants down, leaving a red thong that hugged her hips. She slowly pulled her thong down, revealing her glistening pussy and round ass. Sarah sat on my lap, my cock pinned between her ass and my stomach. She raised herself a little bit. I reached down, holding my cock steady under her pussy. Sarah lowered herself slowly down on my cock.

Her warm wet pussy took hold, pulling me in. I reached my hands around, holding her tits. Sarah slowly moved up and down, and rotating her hips at the bottom, grinding into me. Sarah kept a slow steady pace as I heard increased sounds of pleasure coming from the back seat. I glanced back and saw that Holly and Jenny were in a sixty nine. “Man I am getting screwed here” Brad said. Sarah started to thrust faster and harder on top of me. Jenny was screaming in the back seat. Sarah was saying “yes oh yes” repeatedly in her heavy breathing. I felt her tensing up as her pussy convulsed and drowned my cock in juices, before constricting around my throbbing member. Sarah screamed out in pleasure. I helped Sarah to stand enough for me to get up, and allowing her to sit in my place. I stood next to Holly, she was sitting in my chair now, with Jenny laid out on her back in the back seat, catching her breath. Holly took my cock deep in her mouth, sucking and licking. She reached around grabbing my ass, anchoring herself to me to help her stroke her mouth back and forth. I felt I was close to cumming, so I pulled back from Holly, and she pulled away sitting back in the chair. Holly kept stroking my wet cock. I turned, facing Jenny, I stepped forward. Jenny had her eyes closed as she regained her composure. I stood with my cock less than a foot above her. I stroked my cock, aimed at her face. My cock exploded forth stream after stream of thick white jizz, landing on her cheek neck and the top of her chest. Jenny didn’t even bother opening her eyes. I turned around, and bent over kissing Holly deeply, tasting Jenny’s juices.

Brad stopped at a rest stop to let us stretch, once we put our clothes on, and to switch places with me. He didn’t want to miss out on the ‘festivities’ and who could blame him. So I took over driving. I was in the driver’s seat, and Brad was in the seat behind me as we waited for the girls to return from the restroom. All three girls were laughing as they entered the van. “You wouldn’t believe the looks we got” Holly said in her laughter. “What? Hasn’t everyone seen a person cleaning jizz of their face Sikiş hikayeleri at a highway rest stop” I said. Holly sat in the front passenger’s seat, Sarah behind her, and Jenny in the back. All of us in the van I took us back onto the highway. “Are we there yet?” Holly asked after two minutes on the highway. “I’ll turn this car around” I feigned anger. I heard moans of pleasure from the backseat. Holly turned to look behind us. “That didn’t take long” Holly said to me. Soon enough the van was filled with orgasmic screams. “I’m going to have to go and see what’s going on back there” Holly said, getting up and walking back. I drove on, whilst listening to the sounds of sex behind me. I wasn’t sure who was doing what. I did however know when Holly came, from what I don’t know.

After several minutes and a lull in the action, Holly returned to her seat in the front, completely naked, juices dripping down her thighs. “When are they gonna invent autopilot for cars?” I said. “Feeling left out?” Holly said empathically “I’ll make it up to you”. Holly, nude, her round tits hanging off her chest, hard nipples poking out, got out of her chair, kneeling down in between the chairs, putting her face in my crotch. My cock immediately began to grow, as she reached for my zipper. I tried to keep my eyes up on the road, but it was hard. Holly pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees, freeing my cock as it leapt into the air. Holly grabbed my cock with her right hand, gripping me as she bobbed her head on the end of my cock. Her hot wet mouth slurping on my cock. I placed my right hand on the top of her head as it maintained a constant undulation. I slowly ran my right hand down her back to her ass, caressing her round mound of flesh lovingly.

Brad came to the front, sitting down in the passenger’s seat. Holly knelt between us, she sat upright, her right hand still on my cock, as she faced the back of the van. “Those two are wearing each other out” Brad said. “Feeling left out?” Holly said to Brad. Brad was naked, his cock erect. If you girls don’t know, guys pretend not to, but do compare themselves to other guys, it’s hard to get us to admit it though. Brad did, unfortunately for me, have a bigger dick than I did. His cock was probably less than eight inches, but bigger than my just over six inches. Holly reached her left hand over gripping Brad’s cock at the base. She was now holding both of us by the shaft. Holly leaned over sucking on the tip of Brad’s cock, purposely drooling all over his cock. She sat back, and stroked both of us in unison, with her saliva as a lubricant.

Her tits vibrated with her arm motions, her nipples moving up and down. Holly leaned over sucking deeply on my cock, while she maintained the stroking of Brad’s cock. Holly repeatedly alternated blowing cocks, while stroking the other. She really seemed to enjoy this. It was clear she wasn’t just giving us head, she knew how far along we both were, and was keeping us both highly aroused, but not letting us cum. We stayed in the elevated state as she worked her magic, giving us both pleasure, and I know she was enjoying this. Again screams of orgasmic pleasure reverberated through the van. Holly was sucking my cock at the time. She seemed to take the cue of the girls, their orgasm lead her to suck me harder and faster, leading to my orgasm. Holly pulled away, keeping her mouth open a few inches from the head of my cock, as I shot my cum on her face, in her mouth, and on her neck. She stroked my as I came. Once I was finished, she finished Brad off, taking most of his cock down her throat, before she pulled back, taking his load on her face just as she took mine. Holly now had cum dripping down her neck to her tits, and on her face. “Thanks guys” Holly said. She stood and went back in the van. “Holy fuck” Brad said. “I agree” I said.

Once we got to the motel in Texas we all got into the room. Since we were only staying overnight, we just got a single room, with two beds. We all got inside, with our luggage, situating ourselves. We were all inside, watching tv and preparing to sleep. Sarah forgot to bring contact solution, so she had to run to the store, Holly and Jenny decided to go with her. So it was just me and brad Erotik hikaye left in the motel as the girls left. We were both just watching Sportscenter. “I’m going to take a shower” I said to Brad. I got up from the bed and grabbed my bag and headed for the bathroom. The motel had a relatively small shower, with just a cheap white shower curtain. I turned on the water, waiting for it to heat up before stepping into the shower. I washed myself with the little soap and tiny shampoo bottle. I thought I heard the door open, but after a second I brushed the notion aside, resuming the cleaning process. Then the shower curtain pushed up and someone jumped in the shower behind me as I faced the shower head. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, hugging my back.

I could feel very hard nipples poking my back. “Holly?” I asked, trying to turn around to see the culprit. Then small hands reached up, covering my eyes. The girl didn’t want me to know which of the three she was, so I played along. She kept her hands over my eyes, turning me around. She kept her hands over my eyes as she knelt down, with her arms extended up. She took my limp cock into her mouth, making sure to lick all around my shaft. She kissed the head, and sucked on the tip. My cock came to full attention as she tried to take the whole length down her throat, unsuccessfully. That ruled out Holly as the culprit. The hot water still cascading down my back, this girl continued sucking my cock, giving me sweet head. Suddenly I heard the shower curtain pull back. “Bitch” Holly said, in a falsely angry playful voice. I moved the hands away from my eyes, with no resistance. I looked down to see Jenny with half of my cock in her mouth. She stopped her sucking, “What?” she barely managed to say, muffled by my cock in her mouth. “Okay you can suck his cock, but you have to give me head later” Holly said. “Deal” another muffled cockfilled response from Jenny.

Holly turned around and walked out of the bathroom, winking at me as she turned. Jenny resumed the blowjob, jamming my cock deeper down her throat, and stopping every once in a while to suck on my balls. Jenny started to swirl her tongue all around my head, as she stroked my cock with both hands. Then she put her hands down to my balls, and resumed her efforts to shove my cock down her throat. Her sloppy wet blowjob threw me over the edge. I decided to warn her. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, but kept stroking my cock in front of her face, as she closed her eyes. I sprayed cum in her already wet blonde hair, and some on her face. She continued to stroke my cock, looking up at me, and giggling. I stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Jenny stayed in the shower, to clean up I presume.

I walked out of the bathroom naked. Turning the corner into the room, I was surprised at what I saw. Brad and Sarah were locked in a sixty nine on their bed and Holly was sitting on the edge of our bed masturbating. I sat down next to Holly, her hand buried in her pussy. “Having fun” I asked, to no response. Holly turned, laying on her back on the bed. I leaned down, to lick her pussy. “No” Holly stopped me. “Jenny is going to eat me out” Holly said. “Oh right” I said, sitting back. After a few minutes of watching Brad and Sarah in a sixty nine, Jenny walked into the room, still wet from the shower. Jenny immediately hopped onto our bed, diving right into Holly’s pussy. Jenny was lapping up and down on Holly’s wet slit. I was laying down next to Holly. I leaned over and kissed Holly, but she was a bit preoccupied. I played with her nipples for a little bit. I got up and went to the end of the bed. Jenny was face down on the bed, her legs split just slightly. I got behind her, and nudged her legs, and she split her legs out wide. I put my face between behind her ass, reaching with my tongue to her slit. Sarah was in the middle of an orgasm, and it seemed contagious as it wasn’t long before Holly was screaming out nearing her own. I took the opportunity to try and drive Jenny into her orgasm. The juices were flowing in the room, and I sucked and licked Jenny’s clit as fast and furious as I could. As Holly reached her orgasm, screaming out, Jenny’s body exploded in pleasure, her whole body gyrating, and her pussy squirting juices. It was late, and had been a long day. It didn’t take long before we all fell into sleep, Holly in my arms, Jenny in Holly’s arms. Needless to say the trip home was much more subdued.

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