Pat, Jim, , Carol Ch. 08

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Jim was surprised by exactly how normal things were between them in the days following their fuck. They didn’t even talk about it much, but then again the more Jim thought about it the less he was surprised. After all, they had regularly fucked Carol at the same time and several times lately they had touched each other sexually. Considering that their introduction to sex had come with Pat’s mom and that they had engaged in a series of incestuous threesomes over the past summer the fact that they had now fucked each other probably shouldn’t be considered that big of a deal.

Things remained very normal between them as the school year continued. They both settled into the routine of classes and homework and made many new friends. Pat started dating a girl from one of his classes and happily found that he was having much better luck with sex than in high school. They hadn’t fucked yet but she made a habit of jerking him off and letting him finger fuck her or play with her clit until she came.

Jim hadn’t yet had much luck dating but he had recently started talking to a girl from his Spanish class named Sara. Sara was a “bad girl” who had gotten into some trouble during high school with shoplifting and some other things. She wasn’t at all the type of girl that he would have dated in high school, but that only made her more appealing now. Jim decided that since he was now in college he should expand his horizons and try new things and Sara seemed a perfect girl to start with.

About the only thing that most likely set Pat and Jim apart from the thousands of other freshman guys on campus was the fact that they carried on an increasingly wild and adventurous affair behind the closed door of their dorm room. Whenever they found themselves alone in their dorm room and felt a little horny they would fool around together. Many times they stripped naked and slowly jerked each other off. They often did this while watching porn movies or surfing the internet for porn sites.

They also now regularly gave each other blowjobs. Jim had become very familiar and comfortable licking and sucking Pat’s cock and had even become comfortable with the taste and feel of Pat’s cum in his mouth. Jim often took Pat’s strong jets of cum in his mouth and had gotten good at keeping Pat’s pulsing cock in his mouth while swallowing. Pat had become similarly skilled at sucking Jim. Jim sometimes felt a little embarrassed by how much he enjoyed and savored Pat’s blowjobs.

Despite this Jim still yearned for Carol and the tender, wonderful softness of her body. He anxiously looked forward to being with her again. He also hoped to soon have the chance to fuck Sara, but in the meantime Jim happily satisfied Pat and let Pat satisfy him whenever they felt horny. Compared to the sensations of being with Pat masturbation now didn’t do much for Jim. Fortunately Pat was in the same state of constant arousal as Jim so they made a regular habit of stroking and sucking each other.

The first chance they had to go home gaziantep minyon escort was the Thanksgiving holiday. Jim very much looked forward to getting together with Carol, but between his own family plans and Pat’s family plans they never had the chance. Instead Jim had to be content with the stories Pat told him once they returned to school. Pat told how he had fucked his mom late at night after his dad passed out. Pat described the fucks in vivid detail as he and Jim stroked and sucked each other. Jim closed his eyes and felt pangs of jealousy for his friend.

Pat and his mom had fucked twice, once on Thanksgiving night and once on Saturday night. The time on Thanksgiving had been a total surprise to Pat as his mom had been completely appropriate and wholesome from the moment he arrived home. He tried to kiss her and greet her as one would greet a lover when he first arrived home, but she just laughed and pushed him away. She continued that way until it was almost midnight on Thanksgiving night. After their guests finally left his mom and dad had gone to their bedroom.

Pat was sitting in his room reading when he heard his bedroom door creak. He turned and saw Carol standing in the doorway looking at him with a wicked grin on her face. Pat started to say something but Carol put her finger to her lips and moved gracefully across the floor to him. As she moved she pulled off her oversized T-shirt to reveal herself completely to him. Pat stood up from his chair and his mom quickly and easily stripped him naked.

Pat’s cock had already grown to nearly its full size before Carol dropped to her knees in front of him. She engulfed his cock in her hungry mouth and sucked him with a wanton lust.

The truth was that she had purposefully kept Pat at an arm’s length after he arrived home to keep herself in control. She wanted to fuck him so badly she could almost taste it and it was all she could do not to steal away with him as soon as he got home and fuck him silly. However, she forced herself to stay in control until after the formal gathering of family on Thanksgiving. She was worried that if she gave in to her taboo lust right away that Thanksgiving might be too awkward or that she might do something inappropriate if she spent the whole family dinner secretly lusting for her son. She knew she would still be lusting for him, but somehow if she didn’t allow herself a taste of him and his body before the gathering she felt she would be able to control it better.

She wanted to suck him until he came in her mouth, she wanted to feel his cock inside her, and she wanted to do about a hundred other things to and with him right now. Unfortunately, she knew she didn’t have time right now. Surprisingly, Pat’s dad hadn’t been as drunk as usual when he went to bed so Carol couldn’t count on the fact that he would sleep through the night without waking up. She knew the smart thing would have been to skip sneaking down to Pat’s nizip escort room at all, but she was so horny she couldn’t stop herself. Still, she knew this fuck had to be quick or else they would risk getting caught.

She greedily sucked and licked his cock for a short while before she stood up and met him in a deep kiss. She could feel the lust radiating off his body and hoped he could feel hers as their tongues danced and they wildly fondled each other.

She pulled him down on top of her on the floor. The floor wasn’t nearly as comfortable as Pat’s little bed, but Carol knew from experience that Pat’s bed could make a lot of noise during a stiff fuck and she didn’t want to worry about being quiet right now. She spread her legs widely and he immediately drove his full length deeply inside her waiting pussy. Carol happily gave herself over to the sensations of his wild fuck. The fuck they shared that night was raw and primal. They fucked like two sex starved animals and didn’t stop until both had long, powerful orgasms. Pat was the first to loose control and he hadn’t fully finished filling her with his cum before Carol exploded into her own orgasm. She pulled him down over top of her and held him closely as the waves of her orgasm passed over her.

When she finished cumming Carol gave him a long, deep kiss before whispering, “I missed you.” She wished she could stay with him, get his cock hard again, and share a slower fuck, but she knew she couldn’t risk that right now. Instead she kissed him goodnight and crept back to her room to find Pat’s dad sleeping in the exact same position as when she had left him.

The fuck they shared on Saturday was very different. Pat’s dad left right after dinner to go out with his friends and said he wouldn’t be back until very late. Carol and Pat immediately went to his room and spent the next several hours fucking and sucking each other in a variety of positions.

This time they slowly teased and explored each other and slowly stripped off each other’s clothes. Carol was fascinated by how much Pat had seemed to have changed in the few months he had been at college. Maybe it was just the time apart, but he suddenly seemed like much more of a man than she remembered. She took her time getting reacquainted with his body as she let her hands, lips, and tongue slowly tease and explore him. Pat returned the favor and spent many long minutes licking and caressing each of her tits in addition to touching and teasing her entire body.

Finally Carol couldn’t wait any longer and she crawled over Pat before lowering her pussy onto his rock hard cock. She rode him like an expert for a deliciously long time and had Pat teetering on the brink of his control for many long minutes before she finally let him cum. The power of the first few jets of his cum sent chills straight up her spine and caused her to explode into her own orgasm at the same moment. She continued riding him throughout their long mutual orgasm nurdağı escort and once both had fully finished they melted into each other’s arms.

They exchanged long, sensual kisses for a long time with Pat’s cock still inside her dripping wet pussy. Eventually it grew soft enough that it slipped out with a small slurping noise. Not long afterward Carol parted their kiss and spun around in the 69 position over Pat. Pat didn’t hesitate and quickly slurped his tongue around through the heavy wetness of her pussy. Carol grasped his mostly soft cock and sucked it all inside her mouth to fully savor the taste of him coated in her juices and his own cum. Almost immediately it sprang to life and started to grow as she expertly sucked and licked him.

They remained in this lazy, slow 69 position for a long time as both enjoyed the chance to taste and explore the other after so many months apart. Carol gave herself over to the moment first and came with a loud cry as she rubbed her dripping wet pussy all over her son’s face and mouth. After she finished cumming she concentrated on his cock and the anticipation of tasting his cum. Pat held out for a surprisingly long time before he finally came and filled her waiting mouth with cum.

Carol swallowed most of it but held some in her mouth as she turned around to face Pat. They met in a long, deep tongue kiss and traded his cum back and forth between their mouths several times before they each swallowed some of it.

They fucked two more times before that night ended. The next time Pat fucked Carol slowly and teasingly in the missionary position. He wanted to show her how he could control himself and draw out the fuck and succeeded in making her so horny that she literally begged him to make her cum and to let her feel his cum. Their final fuck came with Carol standing and leaning over Pat’s bed. Pat stood behind her and held her hips firmly as he fucked her from behind. By the time this final fuck ended both were fully exhausted and knew they were done for the night. Carol had just managed to pry herself out of his arms and take a quick shower before Pat’s dad returned home.

As Pat recounted the tales of these fucks Jim was so jealous he could almost taste how much he wanted Carol. The night after they returned to campus Pat told Jim all about these fucks with Carol and they both grew very excited. They soon stripped each other naked and fondled each other’s cocks as Pat graphically described what had happened.

As Jim was on his knees in front of Pat sucking Pat’s cock Pat mentioned that Carol was really looking forward to being with Jim. Hearing this made Jim very excited. He looked up from Pat’s cock as Pat admitted that he had told Carol about Jim and Pat becoming lovers since starting college. Pat said Carol became visibly excited by the very idea of the two guys together and said she couldn’t wait to see them together at Christmas break.

Jim felt a little nervous that Pat had told Carol about them, but he was very turned on knowing that it had made Carol excited. He took Pat’s cock back into this mouth and eagerly sucked it as he imagined what types of things the three of them could do together in a few weeks. Before long Pat groaned and filled Jim’s mouth with his cum before switching positions and sucking Jim’s cock until Jim came.

To be continued…

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