Paul, Sophie and the Sexy Neighbour

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Paul and Sophie rented the top floor of a huge Victorian house in a very nice part of London. The house was split into a ground floor, first floor and attic flats and they enjoyed living there.

They’d been married for 2 years and had moved to London from their home in the North straight after their honeymoon. Their jobs were going well and they were pretty happy. They’d still not got totally used to living together and Louise worked away a fair bit, which helped to keep their sex life pretty good. ‘Going away’ sex and especially ‘coming home after being away’ sex were very good.

They were sat in their flat one Friday evening when there was a knock at the door, not the bell for the outside door but their actual flat, which meant it could only be one of the other 2 residents. It was Ingrid, who lived directly below them on the first floor.

She was perhaps 30, a similar age to them. She was very pretty but studious, and with a good figure.

‘Oh hello’, said Ingrid, ‘Could I ask you a favour please? I’m going away for a couple of weeks and wondered if you wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on my flat and feeding my fish?’

‘Of course’ said Paul. ‘Not an issue, when are you going?’

She gave him the details of her trip and asked if they wanted to pop down so she could show them where things were, so an hour later they did. She showed them around the flat, how to set and unset the alarm and the pin code for it. Although the flat was the same shape as theirs, was very different in appearance, very spartan. As they were shown the fish, Paul glanced through the partially open bedroom door and saw the large bed, it’s black bedding, which looked like silk, neatly made up.

Three days later Ingrid had gone away and it was their first night of fish sitting. They both went down to Ingrid’s flat in the evening, both keen to have a bit of a nosey.

They fed the fish and had their bit of nosiness. They ended up in the bedroom and noticed the black silk sheets had been replaced with a deep purple set. The bed seemed huge.

‘Fucking hell you could have a foursome on here’ said Paul.

‘Keep your fantasies to yourself’ Sophie replied, but she too had found the size of the bed quite interesting.

‘I’ve never heard her shagging’ said Paul. ‘Have you?’

Sophie pondered and said ‘No I don’t think so. I was walking downstairs one morning going to work and I bumped into a guy leaving hers. He looked pretty knackered’ she laughed.

‘I’d not mind fucking on a bed this size, you could have a right old workout’ Paul said, looking Sophie in the eye as she sat down on the bed.

‘I know what you’re thinking’, Sophie said. As she said it, she felt her pussy tingle.

‘Do you?’ said Paul.

Sophie looked him in the eye. In truth she’d been a bit horny all day. She shared an office with 3 others but 2 had been off today so it had just been her and Laura and that basically meant sex talk all day. Sophie knew that she was pretty sexually liberated and experienced but Laura took experience to another level, and she’d been sharing some of her recent adventures with Sophie. Hearing of Laura’s escapades with her new boyfriend; giving him a blow job in his office, him making her cum with his fingers in the cinema and so on, had made Sophie tingle and she had allowed her mind to wander a few times during the day. She had decided that she’d be making it clear to Paul that she fancied sex tonight but doing it in Ingrid’s flat wasn’t part of the plan.

‘How would you feel if we asked her to look after our flat and she ended up shagging in our bed?’ Sophie asked, partially predicting the answer.

‘Pretty happy’ said Paul.

‘I knew you’d say that’ she said, walking towards him and then kissing him on the lips. ‘Well we’re not shagging here, but don’t worry because I want a proper seeing to off you later’.

They carried on looking around, and Paul asked Sophie ‘Do you think opening drawers is a bit too much?’

‘What are you hoping to find?’

Paul pondered and then replied ‘An insight to her life, or possibly a set of pictures of me she’s taken secretly because she fancies me’ he joked.

‘I wouldn’t hold your Demetevler Rus Escort breath’ Sophie replied, also joking.

They carried on looking around and then Paul heard Sophie exclaim ‘Bloody hell’ over his shoulder. He looked around

Sophie was stood in front of the bedside cabinet, its bottom drawer open. She was holding up a black dildo, at least 10 inches long and with a huge cock end.

‘Fucking hell’ was all Paul could say.

‘Come and look at the rest of them!’ Sophie said and so Paul did. The draw contained a very neat selection of around 9 or 10 sex toys.

Each was in its box, though the boxes showed signs of wear and tear.

‘That is fucking hot’ Sophie whispered. She couldn’t help but imagine Ingrid with that dildo, and the thought really turned her on. She wondered if she used it inside herself or just to stimulate her clit. Sophie had never been with a woman but loved watching women masturbate in porn films. She’d once shared a room with a friend who had told her months previously that she played every night, and Sophie had pretended to be asleep so she could listen if the friend played. She was disappointed that she didn’t.

‘She must fucking love a good play’ Paul replied.

‘Don’t we all…?’ Sophie said. She wondered about having sex here, in someone else’s flat, in someone else’s bed, she thought about Ingrid lying in this bed with that dildo working its magic.

Paul too was thinking about Ingrid and the dildo. He was seeing her in a new light. He’d peeked in her underwear drawers and everything in there looked expensive and small. She was clearly a thong wearer and now he was wondering if she left her thong on sometimes when she played and he was getting hard.

Is that shag still on offer?’ asked Sophie.

They dropped on to the big bed, kissing passionately and clawing at each other’s clothes. Sophie removed her tshirt, Paul pulling her bra down to get his mouth on her small breasts and their erect nipples. They didn’t bother to fully undress, in a moment he was inside her, thrusting against her bucking hips. She grabbed him and pulled him against her, urging him on, moaning into his ear.

His thrusts, deep and quick, brought them both to the point of orgasm quickly and he was soon shooting a stream of cum inside her.

Afterward they lay together then thought they should tidy up. As Paul put the black dildo back in the drawer he noticed a mobile phone, an older IPhone amongst the toys. He said to Sophie ‘There’s a phone here.’

‘Switched on?’

‘Not yet… it is now’ he replied.

‘Paul!’ Sophie exclaimed, ‘for fuck sake!’

‘It’s got a pin code, never mind’ he said, switching it back off. They left the flat and locked up.

The next night Paul was out so Sophie went downstairs alone. She’d had a busy day and not thought about the previous night or the toy drawer, but as she walked in and put the code in the alarm unit, she couldn’t help but giggle to herself and had to have another look. She looked at the array of toys, noticing the double ended one which looked like an off-centre ‘U’ and was clearly for pussy and ass. She felt a tingle.

She saw the phone, sat on the bed and thought about it. What could be on there other than sexual stuff? She kept it in a draw with her sex toys for God’s sake!. She remembered it was locked, but switched it on. She had an idea. As it reached the lock screen she could hardly breathe.

She put in the 4 digit alarm code, which Ingrid had given them, and the phone… immediately… said ‘Incorrect pin’.

She was about to power it off when she had another thought. She got her own phone out and looked up Ingrid’s home number. She entered the last 4 digits onto the iphone, which unlocked immediately.

Sophie panicked, feeling like a naughty child, and immediately powered the phone off, then fed the fish and got out of the flat as quickly as possible.

Back in her own flat she immediately sent Paul a text saying that she’d unlocked ‘THE phone!’. He replied asking what she’d found and she said ‘nothing yet. Hurry up!!’.

Paul left the work Otele Gelen Rus Escort event earlier than planned, and as soon as he was home they were straight downstairs to Ingrid’s flat. They sat on the bed, waiting for the phone to power up.

‘What are we going to look at first?’ said Sophie, excitement clear in her voice.

‘Pictures I think?’ said Paul.

Sophie entered the pin and opened the photo storage app.

And gasped.

As did Paul.

The first picture showed Ingrid, relatively close up. Her face, smiling happily, was covered in what was clearly cum. A cock was visible, the final few drops falling from its thick end.

‘Jesus’ was all Sophie could say, and she started to scroll.

Next was a video, taken just before the previous pic, of the same cock deep in Ingrid’s mouth. She took most of its length into her throat and gagged on the length of it. The owner, moaning loudly, pulled it out and started to wank as he moaned that he was coming.

There followed a set of photos and videos, from the same session, showing Ingrid and the man, whose face was unseen, fucking in a variety of ways. It became clear that the phone was mainly stationary apart from the last few pics, clearly on a stand of some sort. The couple watched Ingrid fucking in a range of positions, sucking the long length of cock, having her pussy licked, her arse fingered and coming repeatedly. It was incredibly sexy. They were both silent as they flicked through the pics.

The next set was Ingrid with a man and a woman. Again the majority of filming appeared to be with the phone on a stand with some parts being filmed with one or the other participants holding the phone. It was a different guy, his cock not as large and circumcised, and the woman was slim and very attractive. Paul and Sophie noticed that the location was the bed that they sat on.

The set this time was only videos, and they were filmed in 2 to 3 minute chunks. They watched as Ingrid and the woman kissed each other, their fingers active between the others legs, they moved to licking each other’s pussies, then the guy started to fuck Ingrid while she was having her clit licked, bringing her to a loud orgasm. They watched Ingrid suck his cock before pushing it onto the other woman’s soaking wet pussy.

By this time Sophie was horny as could be, and told Paul ‘I’m going to finger myself. Get ready to fuck me.’ She slid her hand inside her leggings and moaned as her fingers found her clit. ‘Oh I’m so fucking wet’ she said.

Paul stood and undid his trousers, showing her his hard cock. He wanked it slowly for a moment before starting to pull Sophie’s leggings and knickers off as she lay back on the bed. She spread her legs wide, her fingers gently running over her clit and pussy.

‘Come here and fuck me’ she said.

‘Oh I’m gonna’ Paul replied.

‘I want it hard. Don’t mess about just get that dick in me’.

Paul did as she said, placing the end of his engorged cock against her pussy lips then pushing in firmly. She moaned loudly, loving the feeling of being full of him. He started to thrust in and out of her as she wrapped her legs around his back.

Her moaning increased, matched by his own moans, and she felt his cock slamming into her.

‘Oh yes do me like that, give it me hard’ she said, her nails raking his back.

In response he pushed harder into her and lifted her legs over his shoulders, every inch of his cock in her. He fucked her like that for what seemed like ages and Sophie felt herself closing in on a massive orgasm.

‘Let me watch the vids while you fuck me, do me from behind!’ she demanded.

He pulled out of her and knelt up, looking at her soaking fuck hole. He couldn’t resist bowing his head and putting his mouth on her, his tongue firm on her clit.

‘Oh fucking hell, fucking hell!’ she moaned. ‘That’s so fucking good’.

He pulled his mouth away for a moment, ‘You’re fucking soaking. I love the taste of you’.

She pulled his face against her pussy again, and then loudly cried out ‘Oh Jesus that’s so fucking good. Do that more do it do Balgat Rus Escort it’.

He gave her a minute or so more of his tongue, her moans getting louder, then pulled away again

‘On your knees, get that fucking sexy arse in the air’.

She complied, and pushed her hand back between her legs, opening her lips to welcome his throbbing cock back inside. She grabbed the phone and placed it in front of her. Coincidentally, on screen, Ingrid was also being fucked from behind, the camera held by the other woman who had Ingrid’s face between her thighs. They could hear the woman talking

‘Oh that’s it, yes yes yes just like that. Do you like his dick in your arse? You love it, c’mon eat my cunt’.

Ingrid moaned and responded, and this was too much for both Sophie and Paul. She cried out as a massive orgasm sent spasms through her body and Paul felt his cock flex and then released a torrent of warm cum into his wife’s pulsating pussy.

As they lay together afterwards they looked through the rest of the phone, and on the web browsing app they found a bookmark to a private video hosting site. They soon realised that Ingrid was uploading videos for others to see. These videos were edited versions of the ones they’d watched, with faces obscured or pixelated. They noticed, simultaneously, that the most recent one had been uploaded that day. They clicked the link and saw a woman sitting in a sun lounger on a balcony. She was naked, apart from a wide brimmed hat which covered her face. They’d seen enough of Ingrid to recognise her naked body, and they watched her bringing herself off with her fingers. At the end, they heard her say ‘I’ll have a special upload for you later’.

‘Shall we keep an eye out for it?’ said Paul

‘Yeah we should, I’m intrigued, and I’m pretty sure I’ll want you in me again later’ replied Sophie.

They copied the website login details and put everything back as it should be.

Later that evening Sophie and Paul went to bed and logged into the site. They were pleased to see that another video had been uploaded, which they started to watch.

They saw Ingrid in the video, laying on the bed in what they’d learned was her hotel room. She was sucking the cock of a handsome guy, and then she stopped and reached for the tablet next to her. She spoke to the camera: ‘This next upload isn’t me, but it’s very hot. Charles and I watched it earlier and it certainly got us in the mood. I’ll switch it on stream for you now’.

The screen went blank then reappeared, showing Ingrid’s room from the usual high camera angle. It was empty.

‘She must have uploaded an old one’ said Paul.

Just as he said that, a figure appeared in the video. Seen from behind, her face was obscured, but Paul thought for a moment that he recognised her clothes.

A moment later another figure appeared. This time Paul recognised the person easily. It was him.

‘Oh my fucking God’ said Sophie, realising who the people were at the same time as Paul. ‘Shit shit shit’.

‘I don’t understand’ said Paul. ‘How the fuck?’

They watched themselves taking the phone out of the drawer and unlocking it. They watched themselves watching the videos on Ingrid’s phone, and for the first few minutes they faced away from the camera. They heard themselves speaking, then they watched as Sophie pushed her hand inside her leggings and as Paul stood to release his hard cock from his jeans.

On screen Paul turned towards the camera, at which point his face pixilated. They both breathed a huge sigh of relief, at least they weren’t going to face public exposure, though what on Earth they’d say to Ingrid was another matter.

‘She must have a camera on top of the wardrobe’ Paul said.

‘Yeah but how is it recording? She must have set it up. She’s set us up! She fucking wanted this to happen.’ said Sophie.

‘Are you bothered? We can’t be seen after all’ Paul said.

‘No, not by the video, but I wonder what she’s going to say?’ Sophie said.

The next night Paul went down and fed the fish, coming straight back upstairs. He did the same the next two nights.

The next morning Sophie had a Facebook message from Ingrid, the main message of which was that she LOVED that she and Paul had been fucking in her bed and she hoped that they didn’t mind the video of them, and it was pixelated so they were anonymous.

It finished with ‘I’ve noticed you’ve stopped since you saw the video. There’s no need, you can carry on. Why don’t you watch what I’ve just released it may inspire you…’.

To be continued…

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