Persephone Pt. 01

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“I’m not normal. I get that.” Persephone wasn’t looking for a fight but she felt one coming on. It pissed her off because she wasn’t done. If they fought they would get out of bed and put clothes on and then eventually Kirstyn would leave. She didn’t expect she would get the woman back into her bedroom. There was nothing gay or lesbian about the pretty blonde she was just curious. Percy wouldn’t be upset that the affair was nothing more than one night, two bottles of wine and half a joint but she had kind of hoped to make the most of it.

“I just, I feel used.” Said the woman. It left her three options. This wasn’t the first time this had happened and she had tried all three approaches before. None was better than the others. She wished she was better at people. It would help her in these situations. Percy was coming to the conclusion that she was borderline autistic in some way. She didn’t understand other people. She always tried to impose her view of the world onto them but other people seldom looked at things the way she did.

Option one was to react the way Percy would prefer someone react to her. She could tell the girl that hey, this was just about the sex and really, wasn’t the sex pretty good? This worked well with men but had failed miserably with girls.

Option two was to go full Lesbian on her. In Persephone’s experience, lesbians were some cold bitchy women when you came down to it. Whether they were butch, the more bruised indigo variety that were gay mostly because they hated men, or the gay to graduation lipstick types, real lesbians who liked fucking women were a bunch of dicks. She suspected telling the girl to get a set of balls or get the hell out would send her crying down the stairs.

Option three was to be the boy. It was how she had picked her up in the first place. She had come on strong but vulnerable with a pickup line delivered with an air of trepidation. Adopting the bruised puppy dog look of a boy who wanted another chance she rolled over to the woman and laid her cheek on the soft flesh of her belly. “You are just so pretty. I guess I just have trouble believing someone like me has a chance with someone like you.”

It took a moment but the girl began to stroke her hair. Percy took it as a sign and kissed the girl just below the belly button. It had taken an hour of kissing and touching to get the woman’s clothes off and get her into bed. For a short time she had humped the pretty little thing rubbing her thigh between long soft legs. She had with some Beşevler Rus Escort effort gotten the woman relaxed enough to touch the hairless folds of her luscious little twat but when she had moved beyond kissing her breasts and tried to please her further the girl had gotten scared and pushed her away. She wanted to try again. As Kirstyn stroked Percy’s short black hair she moved just a little further down her body.

“Oh my god, you are beautiful.” Percy whispered. She ran her hand up her thigh. Whether it was her softer approach and he compliments or if it was just the expensive weed taking hold she couldn’t know but this time, when her lips reached the woman’s soft pale mound Kirstyn separated her legs just barely. With her tongue Persephone traced the bikini shaped tan line. She felt a tremble in the woman’s belly. She would have to risk moving. It was when she had tried to position herself between the long tan thighs that Kirstyn had pushed her away. She wanted it though. She craved it. These were the moments that had led Percy to insist that she was a bisexual man in a woman’s body. Women, at least the ones she knew, didn’t hunger like this. They didn’t obsess about sex the way Percy did. They didn’t get to this point in the night and feel like a coyote wandering the desert at night, starving, seeking out a fuzzy little critter to devour. She wanted to whisper another compliment but all she could think of was that the woman’s sweet little cunt tasted like strawberries so she stifled it by pressing her tongue to the little nub of a clit that had poked out its little head.

Finally the blonde laced her fingers through Percy’s hair and moaned a sweet little tentative song of delight. Her earlier resistance was gone. As Percy sucked and licked and nibbled and kissed at the girl’s soft flesh she moaned and sighed. As she came she writhed, her back arched. Percy expected her to pull away but having felt what was most likely the first orgasm another person had ever given her she lifted her hips off the thin hard mattress and grasped for Percy in desperation. Her heart raced with the excitement. She slipped a lone finger between her own legs and continued in a fury to deliver orgasm after orgasm to the girl until finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She squealed and thrashed until she had freed herself to roll into a fetal ball where, panting and still moaning, she recovered her senses. Persephone moved up the bed behind her and pressed Cebeci Rus Escort her own naked body against the woman’s back holding her.

Percy thought the girl had fallen to sleep when she heard the delicate whisper. She couldn’t tell what she said at first. “My sweet, sweet princess.” She whispered back. No, she hadn’t gotten off, not in the clinical orgasmic way, but she was delighted to have had the girl. She was after all, genuinely beautiful. She realized it was un-womanly of her but she thought of it as a notch on her bedpost and sexist as it was she liked it.

“I want to get you off.” The girl whispered again, this time loud enough to hear.

Percy didn’t dare suggest the girl go down on her but she did roll onto her back. The girl rolled over as well. After a few minutes of teasing Percy’s nipples she took the girls hand and moved it to her lips. Kirstyn watched as she licked them in her best fake blowjob and then held her breath when the quirky brunette placed her hand between her thighs.

“Just touch me like you touch yourself.” Percy whispered.

For what seemed like a long time the young blonde moved her two fingers in and out of Percy’s vagina and though awkward at first eventually they found a gentle rhythm that if not capable of bringing her to climax was good in its own right. Daringly the girl began to lick and kiss Percy’s nipple.

It was close. The girl was giving it her best effort. Later, at the coffee shop, Peter would tease her. “You need to learn to enjoy that part too.” He told her. “It’s not always about the cum.” He would grin at her in his overly fabulous gay way. For Percy though, close didn’t count and she instead coached the girl on getting her off.

“Harder. Yes. With your teeth.” She suggested. With one hand she pulled the woman’s mouth to her tit. “Yes. There you go. Yes!” she encouraged her when the girl figured out that it was okay to bite. Better than okay to bite. When they had figured out the whole tit thing she used her hand to guide the woman’s fingers.

“There! Rub it! Oh… Yes. Harder. Yess!” she moaned when the woman got her fingers out of her hole and found her clit. She gripped the girl holding her close when it finally hit. It was small but effective. You don’t need a .45 if you hit what you are aiming at with a .22. Percy liked guns. It was sharp and on point and showing just a little creativity the girl bit at her nipple and pulled back at just the right Kolej Rus Escort time.

The two women stayed in bed for another hour. Percy tried once more but only got as far as making out again before the girl insisted she had to go. She had been struck with a note of panic when she saw that it was already 10:30.

“We have to be back in the house by 11:00. I wish I could stay.” The girl said. Even Percy knew it was a lie.

“Oh Jesus. So, this might be a little late. Oh Jesus. You are 18, right? I mean. You say house, you mean, like Sorority house, right?”

The girl smiled at her. “Yes. I’m 18. I’m 19 actually, twenty next month. You are safe.” Percy watched as she pulled herself back together. She hated to see her put her perfect little breasts away but she liked the girl’s yoga pants, or rather the way her ass filled her yoga pants.

Before Kirstyn left she asked Percy if they were going to hang out again. Being a girl herself Percy knew she didn’t mind if it was just a one-night thing but she didn’t want to admit that it was. Not yet anyway. “Sure.” She said encouragingly. We should totally “hang-out.”

Laying in bed trying to decide if she was going to masturbate or not she thought about how 6 years didn’t seem like a big age difference unless you took 6 years off the 19 and were left with a middle-schooler. She was a little irritated with herself and that was when she called peter and asked if he wanted to come over. Peter had to work in the morning and he drove a truck so he didn’t want to come over and get high. They decided to have coffee instead.

She started her story proud of having picked up such a hottie at dinner, wandered through her questionable drug laced seduction, bemoaned the awkward sex, and finished with the same little sense of pride she had felt when the girl had come for her. Peter decided he would break it to her quickly rather than enjoy tormenting her.

“You know, as much as I want to fuck with you, I’m not going to.” He said.

“What do you mean?”

“Tall, stupid hot, blonde, with a little tattoo on her calf?”

“Yeah. You know her.”

“Yup.” He said, letting it hang there. He had to fuck with her a little.”


“And have you thought about how you are going to tell Chase?”

“Tell Chase what? Chase isn’t dating her. Chase is all hot for the little Spanish thing that works at health services.”

“Oh, Chase isn’t dating her.” Peter wasn’t grinning anymore.

“Oh shit.”



“Oh, shit.” Percy said. She had, off and on, fallen in love with Chase Whitmore. She wasn’t currently in love with him, at least that was what she was telling herself but even Peter knew that it was a bad idea to mention the Spanish girl from health Services by her name.

“He might think it’s funny.” Peter suggested.

“You think?”


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