Pixie Pt. 02 Ch. 04: Selling Emm

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The evening had been erotic, but disturbing. The usually ebullient and confident Ekaterina was subdued, and her mood communicated itself.

Emm, the only one of us unaffected by the events of the day, was happily letting her Mistress run her hands over her superb body, but contributed little beyond her undoubted sexiness. She had clearly been attracted by the Vampire Countess, Anna, and the way in which she had aided her in taking Ekaterina’s head servant, Ivana, had about almost the air of an act of rebellion. Ekaterina had, effectively, bribed Anna with three girls, but my intuition told me it would not end there. Emm seemed to have become a trophy, and the contest for her would be intense.

But Ekaterina was nothing if not the perfect hostess, and putting her own anxieties aside, exquisitely mannered as ever, she asked us about our tour of the area in the afternoon. Sarah told her how much we had enjoyed it, and we talked about the beauty of the area and of the dacha. Ivana sat silently. We did our best to speed the conversation along, but nothing really worked; the elephant in the room was too large. Well before midnight, Ivana asked for permission to retire, and Emm took the same opportunity. I had talked with Sarah about what we should do, and when Ekaterina offered a night-cap, Sarah declined, and I accepted.

With the others gone, Ekaterina dropped her act and looked serious.

Offering me some fine old Russian brandy, she asked me what I had made of Anna and the night’s events?

I chose my words with care.

‘I was disturbed, and won’t insult your intelligence by pretending I was not. I will risk asking you what is going on. Who is Countess Anna Moxy Meszaros, and what is she up to?’

Ekaterina chose her words equally carefully.

‘She has connections with the Mafia here, and she supplies them with girls, drugs and provides a money-laundering service; she needs handling with care. She is reputed to be a vampire, and as you saw this evening, not without reason. I supply her with girls, and she provides some protection for some of my more, shall we say, risky activities. She is highly competitive, and much as I should like her eliminated, she has friends in Moscow who would object to my taking such a gaziosmanpaşa escort course of action.’

That began to make sense of the tension. As Ekaterina had been so open, I thought I would follow suite.

‘Let’s not beat about the bush, although she took Ivana, she was effectively declaring her interest in Emm. I know you have feelings towards Emm, and we both know she reciprocates. But Emm’s weakness is her libido, and left to herself she could get herself into danger. What do you intend to do?’

‘I have never yet,’ she explained, ‘let feelings get in the way of business, but Emm is special, and I do not want to give her up.’

I took a sip of the brandy, with a little ginger added to ease the fire. Philistine, I know, but I needed to keep a clear head.

‘So, what are your options?’ I asked, quietly and seriously.

‘In reality? I could give her Emm and get a good price, or she will steal her, and then there will be a war, from which none of us will profit. I would be honour-bound to respond to the insult of Emm being stolen; she would be honour-bound to owe me a huge debt if I let Emm go. What would you do, Pixie?’

‘Put like that,’ I smiled, ‘it is a no-brainer. The only doubt would be if Emm did not want to go, but I suspect she does. The problem is that Emm is seldom a good judge of what would be best for her. But I think she wants Anna.’

‘I do, too,’ said Ekaterina, ‘and that being so, I might as well cash in rather than crash out. But I should miss Emm.’

I expressed my agreement and declined a top-up to my barely touched brandy. Ekaterina looked sad; logic and business were driving her in a direction which would hurt her emotionally. She loved Emm enough to worry about her fate.

‘If I might,’ I ventured, ‘maybe there could be an exploratory visit, or at least an “on approval” period in any deal?’

Ekatrina seemed lost in thought, and the silence deepened before she replied.

‘How would you and Sarah feel about an all-expenses trip to Transylvania, with, shall we say, a bonus for the safe delivery of the produce? I don’t much like the idea of Emm being taken from here, and I don’t trust a conventional airline. I’d be happier if you and Sarah ümraniye escort felt you could help me. Would a fee of £25k each compensate you for the inconvenience? If things did not work out, you could bring her back.’

I could not speak for Sarah, but I doubted she’d protest. Although to be honest, we would have done it for free. It seemed as decent a compromise position as the circumstances allowed.

We agreed that Ekaterina’s ‘people’ would open discussions with Anna’s ‘people’ about the terms on which Emm would be purchased. It was clear from the look on Ekaterina’s face that the price would be a high one. There would also be some discussion about an “on approval” period.

I asked whether she was not in danger of demanding too much, but she explained that once negotiations opened, the onus would be on Anna, just as, if Anna had stolen Emm, then Ekaterina would have been forced to act. The “approval” clause might well oil the wheels.

There was some strange code of honour going on here, and as long as those involved were happy, then I was not going to question it.

Sarah was in bed when I got back to our room.

Stripping my dress and knickers off, I climbed in next to her.

I nuzzled against her smooth, naked bottom, running my fingers down her ass crack until it reached her perineum. From there I slid it into the wetness between her thighs. She gave a little moan. Encouraged, I slipped my index finger into her cunt, feeling her petals part, as my finger probed her most private parts. Instinctively, she pushed back, and my finger slid in and out, I felt her warmth, her softness, her vulnerability. I drank in her scent, thinking how lucky I was to have this gorgeous woman as my wife.

She pushed herself back onto me. My tiny tits pressed against her naked back; my hard nipples ached as they pushed into her. My other hand snaked round and touched her luscious breast. I loved the way that her nipple expanded under my fingering. My tongue ran along her shoulders, and I felt her shiver, and then move closer to me.

Given her responses, I slid down her back, tracing my tongue down her spine to her arse-crack, and then, teasing the entrance to her anus, I pulled her legs apart eskort bayan and inserted a finger as I kissed her cheeks. A small moan came from above, as she pushed herself onto my questing finger. Her cunt was so slick that I slid in and out with no difficulty. Her nectar ran onto my tongue, and I sucked greedily, taking each of her labia into my mouth and nibbling.

At that point, she ceased all pretence that she was asleep.

‘Pixie, you are such a little slut. Come here, you gorgeous pint-sized sexpot!’

She levered herself to sitting, straddling my face with her wetness, rubbing it all over my face, before settling it against my mouth. My tongue searched upwards until it found her folds, which it parted before entering her. My nose rubbed against her clit, and she moaned all the more loudly. She ground her cunt down on my face, even as I pushed up, wanting to be utterly coated with her cream. She was thick and gooey there, and as she pulled away, I could see strands of her juice adhering to her lips. That was it.

I drove two fingers firmly into her, with my thumb curling round to touch her asshole.

‘You horror!’

She gasped, falling forward to where she could lick my wetness. As I felt her tongue connect, I shuddered, biting her clit. She bit mine. Already hot from watching what had occurred with Ivana and the Countess, I felt my orgasm coming rapidly. Thrusting my fingers deep in her, I concentrated on her clit with my tongue, licking rapidly, with swift strokes.

And then the world exploded.

Sometimes the quick orgasm is, because it is the delayed reaction to a huge build up, more intense; so it was now.

I swear I lost consciousness. I remember moaning into her cunt, and my own feeling as though a flood had been released. My face was drenched, her juices flooding me. But beyond that, nada, nothing.

‘You okay, Pix?’

It was Sarah’s voice, but I was far away.

‘Oh, my, God, you passed out, didn’t you?’

She giggled.

As I came round, her face came into view. She looked worried but was beginning to break into a smile.

‘Kiss me, Hardy,’ I said, ‘It is a far, far better thing I do now.’

‘Pix, do you ever stop talking?’

She giggled.

‘Well, from what you said there has been a period of radio silence of at least a few minutes!’

We both laughed.

And, so relaxed were we that despite all there was to think about, we drifted off into that deep post-coital sleep which only lovers know. The morrow could take care of itself.

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