Playing at the waterhole

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Hey guys this is my first ever story so please tell me what you think.


‘Ok lets get a picture of the costumes before we change out of them’. Everyone gathered together in their masks, hats and what have you. Matt felt safe to dart his eyes from under the monster face down and over to where Ashley was waiting impatiently trying to tolerate little Monica talking away at her. He smiled when he saw Ashley in her red hat and dress look around for him until she finally, ‘’right, now smile’’ everyone looked and waited for the flash before disintegrating into small groups and heading of. Matt caught Ashley escaping from her costume and Monica and joined her in walking towards the bedroom block after he did the same. He gave her a grin,
‘’you looked like a good little American wife or something back there’’
‘’oh ha ha , god Monica’s annoying’’.
‘’lol you seemed to be having fun’’
‘’Shut up’’ she hit him ‘’now help me hide from her’’
‘’we could go down to the field, she’s not allowed to go by herself’’
‘’ok but lets hurry’’.
She had been flirting with him all camp, at least that’s what the guys were saying. Matt hoped that he would be able to sneak a few more looks at her body while they were by themselves at least before the other kids started turning up and demanding attention, epically Monica, she was cute but she was demanding and often demanding Ashley’s time away from him. As they got down onto the flat of the field Matt had a brainwave.
‘’Hey do you wana go over to the waterhole? No one goes there except on events and stuff.’’
‘’Um I guess, yeah lets go, but don’t we have to ask an adult first?’’
‘’I’m 16, I’m an adult’’
When they got to the gate the side part was jammed so they had to climb the gate itself, Matt quickly jumped over and watched Ashley slowly climb up and swing her smooth legs over, her white light skirt riding up just a little bit.
They walked around to the other side and sat down on the warm stones.
Matt decided to make his move.
‘’Hey you wana go swimming? The water will be real warm.’’
‘’Ooo no my hair will get wet’’
‘’It’ll go curly’’
‘’It looks nice curly’’. That stoped her, she blushed then recovered
‘’Well we don’t have togs anyway’’ Luckily Matt had thought of this before.
‘’That’s the thing I don’t get about girls, you’re happy to wear bikinis but you get embarrassed if seen in your underwear’’ Ashley didn’t seem to have a response and kept quiet.
‘’Tell you what, You look away, ill strip to bayan escort gaziantep my underwear then go into the water. Then ill look away while you do the same’’
‘’But you’ll still see me’’
‘’We’ll be in the water’’
‘’Ok’’ Ashley said, she got up and faced away from the water
Matt quickly pulled of his t-shirt then started with his shorts, he watched Ashley the whole time and noticed every now and then she started to turn her head trying to get a peek. Matt leaped into the water before twisting back around in case he missed something.
“ok your turn’’
“ok but remember no looking’’
‘’wouldn’t dream of it’’ Of course he was lying.
She was still looking away from him so he didn’t have to worry about being caught as she slowly pulled her shirt up and over exposing her polka dot bra before undoing the clasp on her skirt. Matt felt something of his rise while her skirt fell gently to the ground revealing her perfect butt under her panties with Pink love hearts stamped over them, making him glad that he was invisible under the water. He loved her smooth young body standing there so innocently. Ashley sat down and flicked her legs up as she pulled of her socks and shoes, Matt could almost swear she was performing just for him. Unfortunately she had run of clothes to take of so he had to quickly spin around and miss the front on view.
“You done yet?’’
“Yeah but let me get in’’ As soon as he heard the splash he twisted around again and grinned at her. She nervously smiled back and as if to relieve the tension splashed him. Matt laughed and returned fire. They played for 5 minutes or so with Matt noting every time Ashley’s breasts rose above the water. They settled and Matt noticed the rope swing a few metres away, Ashley followed his eyes and grinned.
“Dare you to swing of there”, Matt feigned innocence.
“Oh but then you’ll see my underwear, tell you what, ill do it if you do’’ Ashley stopped and thought for a moment before nodding.
Making sure not to reveal his still stretched underwear Matt climbed up the side of the bank then walked around to the swing while desperately thinking of anything but the young girl in nothing but underwear just 5 metres away, luckily the cold air helped cool both my heads down. Grabbing the rope he looked at Ashley who was paying avid attention to his body. Matt smiled an inside smile proud at his abs which he had recently been creating. He walked back a little then jumped up and let the swing carry him as close as it could to young Ashley bobbing up and down in her underwear. Looking down from the angle he was at he could clearly see her medium sized chest.
Matt landed with a big splash and swum up in time to see Ashley fending of the spray giggling at the same time.
“Your turn’’
“Fine’’. She swum over to the side and pulled herself up with water dripping from her like a goddess. Ashley quickly trotted over to the swing and Matt finally got his front view. It was the best sight of his life. Her breasts perfectly round filling her bra nice and smooth except for two of the blue polka dots pointing out as though looking for some warmth. Her panties were also nice and full with something he badly wanted to see. She hopped from foot to foot in the cold air and Matt knew exactly what he planned to do that night.
“Are you ready’’. Matt snapped out from his daydream.
“Yep hurry up’’. She pulled back the swing and squealed as she swung into the air and down into the water.
She resurfaced wiping the water and hair away from her face giving Matt another glimpse at her perfect breasts. He decided then and there, he was gona do it. He swum over to her and held her close.
“Are you getting cold? Ready to get out?’’ She nodded and they walked up back onto the stones.
“Ready for your dare?’’. She looked at him surprisingly then nodded.
“I dare you to strip naked with me’’.
“strip naked, there’s only the two of us, and we’ve already seen each other in underwear’’
“Well I suppose so, but you go first’’. Hardly able to believe his luck Matt pulled down his underwear exposing his again hard member. Ashley eyes widened as she saw it.
“I didn’t know they could get that big, is that normal?’’
‘’Sure is, tell you what, why don’t you undress and ill teach you some things’’
Never taking her eyes of his dick Ashley gingerly unclipped her bra letting it fall to the ground and her breasts show their true glory. Next she grabbed the elastic sides of her panties and pulled them down showing her hairless cunt. She walked over to Matt and let him lay her down on the pile of clothes. He tickled her feet making her giggle and kick playfully. Grinning Matt moved straight to her lips and engaged her in her first kiss, leaving her breathless and blushing.
“Aha”. He moved down her body kissing each part before reaching her nipples. He tenderly sucked on them smiling up at Ashley’s gasp. Matt moved on down her stomach while at the same time beginning to move one of his hands up her thigh. She was gasping more now and gave her first moan as Matt reached the jackpot.
He stopped for a moment and just admired this fresh virgin cunt offered up to him and already beginning to leak juices. Matt quickly placed his head back down and lapped up the sweet honey drawing further moans from Ashley. Matt decided it was time he had some fun as well and so got ready to take it a step further.
“I’m going to put something in your cunt now ok?’’
“YES yes go”. Matt positioned himself in what seemed the right way then directed his rigid member into her small hole parting her legs as he did so. Luckily the water provided enough lubricant and he was able to slowly slide up into Ashley giving his own moan as her tight cunt squeezed his dick. Ashley was moaning non stop now and latched her legs around him. Matt had heard it was different for a girl and that there was some sort of barrier. Probing around he found it and gently pushed. If it hurt Ashley showed no sign and Matt pushed himself in until he could go no further. He started stroking in and out slowly picking up in speed with both him and Ashley moaning at each push. Ashley was in ecstasy and her cries just added to Matts own feelings as he felt the climax coming. He started pushing in and out even faster turning Ashley’s cries into screams.
“I’M! I’M! IM GONA BURST!”. Mat was to and thrust in as hard as he could.
Matt and Ashley both yelled out as Matt shot load after load of cum into Ashley’s cunt while she started shuddering as orgasms hit her one after the other. Mat collapsed on top of her panting heavily. After a few minutes he disengaged himself and rolled over beside her. He smiled at her.
“Enjoy that?’’
Matt looked down at her soaking cunt with their mixture of juices flowing out of it. He moved down and kissed it
“We better wash off ae?’’
He moved into position again and leaned forward letting her grasp his shoulders. Leaning back he cupped her nice round ass and lifted her up carrying her towards the water. Laughing they had fun washing each other, Matt made Ashley giggle as her washing of his member caused it to spring up again. He picked her up again and was starting to lay her on his lap when the camp speakers went of.

“Dam’’ Matt thought and turned to face Ashley.
“Why don’t I teach you some more tonight?’’

They started putting each others clothes on and quickly hurried up to the camp kitchen making sure to enter through different entrances.

The end

Thanks for reading. Please post what you think of it and if you like it ill write a sequal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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