Please Brother Please Pt. 03

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Part 3


Panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) are both classified as anxiety disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; the manual mental health professionals use to guide them as they make a diagnosis. It’s not uncommon for a person to be diagnosed with both of these disorders, which are each marked by excessive worry and fear. However, OCD is a distinct disorder with its own set of criteria, symptoms, and treatment.


I watched my brother fucking again through my video cam. For some reason he hadn’t removed it and I was free to watch all his conquests at will. I was happy to see Louise was back and she had lost weight. I watched as my brother took her roughly as she lay flat on her back. Her skin was taut and her boobs didn’t roll around as much as when I first viewed her. Her loss of weight had no effect on her sexual enjoyment as she was on the way to screaming the house down as I had my hand up my skirt rubbing my panties against my pussy in time to her cries. I had become so used to her noises approaching climax that I was able to time my wanking so we would cum together.

Louise screamed out her orgasm as I fingered my wet panties, biting my hand to stifle my cries as we simultaneously cum.

Another pair of soiled panties for Jamie I thought to myself as I smiled in the afterglow of my orgasm and slipped them off.

I held the panties sodden with my love juice up to the light. He’ll like these I said to myself, smirking as I put them in a box with a collection of my pussy stained panties. I pulled back the carpet, lifted two floorboards and hid the box there in my bedroom.

Later we were all around the kitchen table drinking tea with Jamie and Louise both in their post-coitus robes fumigating the air with the aroma of sex.

“Did you enjoy the show?” asked Louise with a twinkle in her eye. Surprising me, as I didn’t know for sure if they knew I watched.

“She doesn’t watch anymore,” Interjected Jamie. “Too busy dreaming of her meter reading friend of hers,” he said dejectedly.

“Oh, and how do you know that?” asked Louise.

“Her panties are drier than the Sahara’s ever since she found out she could face a cock without puking.”

“Jamie!” I cried, “Do you mind.”

“Its all right Maria love, he tells me everything,” informed Louise.

I looked at Jamie startled, Louise was a good friend but not so good to know that I once had Jamie’s cock in my mouth.

“That’s curious,” mused Louise, “I would have thought her panties would have been dripping wet with her meter reading dream on her mind.”

I tried to bluff it out and carried on talking, “Anyway, I don’t know where he lives, so I will have to wait for a few months until the next reading is due.”

“I can help you with that,” informed Louise.


“Maria, I’m a policewoman, it’s one of the perks of the job, do you still have his coat?”

The thought of finding my meter reader made me burst with joy.

“Oh, thank you, Louise!” I blurted, instantly standing up to give her a hug.

“We’ll take a trip to the water board tomorrow afternoon,” informed Louise with a wicked smile on her face.

“Great, what time?”

“After I’ve had my legs around your neck and you’ve made me cum twice my dear,” she saucily teased.

“Lou, you’re insatiable!”

“Well?” She insisted.

“Deal!” I hastily bid and gave her a big kiss.

Getting Louise to cum a second time took an age. I lapped at her post cum moistened pussy with an aching jaw as my fingers pumped her internally. She demanded I be naked when I gave her demanded oral sex and of course I obeyed. She gave a reason for once and said, “I may wish to taste your nectar if I feel like it.”

I worked away at her coalface; my face covered in her pussy juice and began to hear her recognisable pre-orgasm sounds. I pumped her harder and lapped away with more vigour and eventually took her over the edge. She yelled out her pleasure as she cum and I lapped at her cunt. I kept going until her body jerked and she pushed me away as I made her over sensitive.

I fell to the floor exhausted; my naked body taking a slight carpet grazes as I fell.

“Fucking hell Lou, that was hard work, I didn’t think you’d ever cum!” I joked.

“Was it? It was really relaxing from where I was laying,” she giggled, “come on let’s go.”

“Oh, let me get my breath back,” I begged, “And get some feeling back in my jaw!”

I watched Louise put on her uniform as I slipped into my jeans and jumper. She looked a sexy, formidable, dominant policewoman. Who wouldn’t obey her every word I sighed in admiration.

I was confused as to why she wanted me naked, as she didn’t show any sign of wanting to return my oral favour and then ordering me to wear a pair of jeans and a jumper with no bra or panties.

“You’ll see,” was all Louise would say as I watched her pull up the zip on her skirt.

We set off in Louise’s police car, and it was very evident that all gaziantep suriyeli escort the other motorists were obeying her just by her very presence. The way they carefully gave way to her somehow made me feel uneasy, and I hoped the water board headquarters wasn’t too far away.

Louise stopped one motorist for using his mobile phone while driving and gave him a severe dressing down. He bowed his head in shame to my bitch mistress in a uniform, and I couldn’t help getting turned on.

We arrived at the water companies head offices and found the department that dealt with the reading of meters.

“How can I help?” nervously asked the supervisor doing his best to keep professional.

“We’re looking for the meter reader for the Newlands estate,” said Louise with a distinguished air of authority.

“Do you mind if I asked why?”

“Nothing official we would just like to return his coat,” she explained.

“Oh, for a minute I thought we had done something wrong,” he sighed in relief.

“No, no, no I’m just returning it in turn for a favour.”

The supervisor twitched with uncertainty.

“If you leave the coat with me I’ll make sure Garth gets it,” the supervisor suggested.

My mind lit up with excitement, Garth, so that’s his name, I thought, in my fantasy’s I always had him as a David or Martin.

“I’d like to return it in person if you don’t mind, I’ve a few personal things I’d like to discuss with him,” Louise pressed.

“I don’t know, its not strictly company policy,” said the supervisor uneasily

“If in future, I can do anything for you I’ll make sure I’ll do everything in my power to help, and remember the police have long memories.

I read the address as we sped away, “Thank you, Lou,” I gushed feeling elated at the possibilities knowing where Garth lived, “He only lives about five miles from my house,” I swooned getting more delirious holding the note to my breast. I looked up and realised we were travelling in the direction of Garth’s house, and I suddenly became nervous. “We’re not going to his house now are we?” I restlessly asked not ready to face my unrequited love wearing only old jeans and bra-less.

Louise looked at me and grinned, “No we’re not going to see him, but I haven’t finished having fun with you yet!”

“Oh, Lou!” I squealed in despair, “I’ve already got you off twice today.”

Louise laughed, “No this is for your own good, I have an idea after the little fun I had with you outdoors. Do as I say and I’ve a feeling you’ll be thanking me for it later.”

“Yes, mistress!” I replied with a smile.

“There’s a good girl!”

We turned into the same avenue Garth lived, and I began to get nervous thinking I had been duped. I saw a pretty young blonde girl casually dressed on the side of the road, and Louise stopped the car to pick her up. She jumped into the car without care all brightness and bonhomie, and it was easy to see she had done this before.

“Hi, Lou!” She brightly chirped.

“Hello Sylvia, let me introduce you to Maria.”


Louise then took us out into the country, and I came down from my romantic reverie into a pit of turbulence. We went deep into a country estate along a dirt track road until we were met by a group of twenty or so men and women, all with expensive cameras around their necks.

The main man, dressed all in black sporting a big grey beard and a bald shiny pate, stepped up to greet Louise.

Sylvia jumped out of the car enthusiastically with me nervously stepping behind.

“So these are the two girls,” he greeted as he shook hands with Louise, “my names Jim, nice to meet you.”

I shook Jim’s hand with a jelly-like hand.

“So there’s a hut for you to change and when you’ve finished come out and I’ll introduce you to the rest,” he jovially instructed.

The rest? Get changed into what? I thought while looking around at the hut we were supposed to change in. Louise could see my face was a slideshow of anxiety and fear and gently whispered, “Go on you can do it.”

“Is this your first time?” asked Sylvia.

“Yes, it is,” I deftly understated although the first time for what I didn’t know.

“It’s my first time as well,” said Sylvia trying to comfort me, “Well my first time outdoors and only my second time with a girl.”

The words hit me like a spade in the face.

“Sorry!” I blurted in a daze, “I’ve been roped in at the last moment, what’s happening?”

“Gosh!” exclaimed Sylvia Lou said she’d get a replacement at the last moment but I’d have thought she’d have told you something.”

“Well, that’s our Lou for you,” doing my best to break into a smile.

Sylvia laughed, “Quite, well let’s get out of our clothes and I’ll fill in the details from there.”

We entered the hut and Sylvia pulled her sweater off over her head.

She revealed two smallish pert breasts with small rock hard looking nipples as she was also braless.

Sylvia noticed me watching but gaziantep türbanlı escort didn’t stop undressing as she quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans to slip them off.

“Oh, you should never wear a bra for these things because they leave strap marks on your body. In the magazines, the girls dress up from naked to panties bras and corsets if they’re doing a series of shots.”

It was obvious I was to be in a photo shoot and so I reluctantly stripped as an already naked Sylvia put on her robe and watched.

“There’s always one pervert amongst them, you know more interested in getting off on our bodies rather than snapping anything arty,” Informed Sylvia while studying my body with her hands deep in her robe pockets.

“But don’t worry about that, there are too many other cameramen around for them to try anything. Nice tits,” she suddenly praised.

“Oh thanks,” I replied not sure how I was to take the compliment.

“Hey they’re going to love you,” she enthused as I stood before her naked before I went for my robe.

“Nice bush as well,” she added nonchalantly, “They prefer that to my shaved twat,” opening her robe to demonstrate her closely shaven bush. You can’t please all the people,” she lamented.

“You do a lot of this?”

“Yeah, money for old rope, you’ll see, you’ll do fine.”

With that, she stood and took me by the hand and led me out before the photographers. Jim came to meet us and warmly introduced us to a group of middle-aged cameramen who were all friendly smiles with a slight touch of nerves. Straight away I could see who the troublemaker was going to be, there was something perverted about his face and his huge erection bulging forward in his trousers. I looked at him as he smiled at me licking his lips through his remaining green teeth.

“Right then the shot is, ‘Eve and Eve in the Garden of Eden,’ two Eves and no Adam, so use your imagination girls,” loosely directed Jim.

I stripped off my robe and felt my body light up to all the elements. I could feel the cold air mainly under my arms, around my breasts and of course in and around my pussy.

“Come on, I’ll show you,” whispered Sylvia taking me by the hand and leading me out into a clearing in the grass.

“Okay, you see each other for the first time,” Instructed Jim.

Sylvia turned me around and held both my hands. “Try to relax, just look into my eyes,” whispered Sylvia.

I forced a smile and looked into Sylvia’s deep blue mesmeric eyes.

“That’s fine,” encouraged Jim as I strained to hear the clicks of digital photography. Some were filming and one of those was the pervert who I could imagine taking very close shots of my assets.

“Right now you hug each other,” directed Jim. “Get together and find a pose you’re both happy with and then hold it.”

Sylvia pulled me in by the shoulders making us go breast to breast, her small hard nipples almost pricking my soft flattened tits. Sylvia giggled as we were too close to focus on each other, “Don’t forget to smile,” she encouraged.

Again we kept the pose and I became aware of the warmth between our bodies and the cold on my back, bottom and legs.

We kept the pose and suddenly Sylvia gave me a light kiss on the mouth. I felt a tremor through my body and then a wave of calm as I sighed deeply.

“Right, lean back and admire each other, both of you with your hands on your partners bottom,” came Jim’s voice.

We immediately got the direction and placed our hands on each other’s asses and leant back slightly, forcing us to go bush to bush.

“Smile,” chirpily said Sylvia as we looked into each other’s eyes.

She suddenly kneaded my buttocks and giggled, “nice firm ass!”

I laughed and retaliated by spreading her ass cheeks, “Yours isn’t so bad either!” I grinned pushing my forefinger onto her starfish.

Sylvia’s face lit up in a delighted shock. “Hey, you’re a dark horse!” she laughed.

If only she knew, I thought to myself. We held our positions dimly aware of the cameramen around us.

“Right, I want you to hold that position when you’re just about to kiss,” instructed Jim.

We both moved in and looked intensely into each other’s eyes.

I had a strong desire to kiss her full on the lips, such was the beauty of her stoical face and then Sylvia whispered, “I love the feel of your bush.”

We both fell into a fit of giggles breaking our dream.

“Come on girls,” Jim rebuked and we quickly regained our composure.

I wanted to kiss her, but the pose demanded I couldn’t so I slightly grinded my pussy into hers. I noticed her eyes pop slightly, as she let out an involuntary sigh.

“That’s great girls, hold that,” directed Jim.

I rubbed my pussy into hers again, “How do you like my bush now?” I teased.

“Oh, do that again and my finger is going right up your ass!” She retaliated in a low voice.

“Anytime!” I invited rubbing my pussy into hers again, making sure I brushed gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort her from bottom to top.

“Oh!” she sighed as I felt her finger moving for my buttonhole, only to be stopped by Jim’s command to kiss.

I immediately plunged into her mouth and kissed her hard, while I held her head, all the time trying to force my tongue between her lips.

I was up on my toes, kissing down and eventually I let Sylvia up for air.

“You’re not supposed to be getting off on this,” she argued unconvincingly with a low husky voice.

“Tough!” I declared and clamped my lips onto hers making her lips give way to my probing tongue.

In time we were on the ground. I was on top of Sylvia, her golden hair flayed out on the grass as we kissed. We were lips to lips, breasts to breasts and pussy to pussy. I ground my hips into her while our moist tongues danced around each other. I came up and studied her beautiful face; her breathing was deep and raspy.

“You bastard!” she whispered to me with a smile as her breasts heaved up to mine.

My hand went down to her bald pussy and felt her wetness. She sighed heavily on my touch and closed her eyes. I knew I could make her cum with a few well-placed strokes and caresses, such was her wetness, but I preferred to keep her on the edge, at my command.

“My this is hot stuff Lou,” gushed Jim very pleased with the display we were putting on, “you didn’t tell me your models were gay.”

We smiled and giggled, and looked to Jim, “We’re not,” and then fell upon each other giggling and rolling in the grass.

“You’ve certainly fooled us,” laughed Jim. “Now only if you’re comfortable, I would you do a sixty-nine shot for us?”

I smiled at Sylvia and then looked at Jim, “Of course, we can.”

“Oh no,” sighed Sylvia, who was bursting for orgasmic relief but not in front of the cameraman.

I twisted around on top of her, spread her legs and studied Sylvia’s moist pussy. I smiled seeing I had really got to her, my tongue went out and lightly touched her hood. Her body jerked, her ass bounced, and she tried to pull her legs together. I stopped her by holding her legs apart at the thighs. I giggled letting her know I had her right on the edge.

I caressed Sylvia’s thighs, keeping her on the boil. The cameramen could sense her loss of control as they saw her body shaking, her head

rocking from side to side with her eyes closed firmly.

She was at my mercy as I felt the heaving of her body beneath me. I put my head down and slowly licked from her anus up over her pussy and lightly circled her clit. Sylvia exploded with her orgasm and pushed her trembling crying face into my pussy to muffle her sounds.

She bounced her head on my pussy almost nose fucking me, with wave after wave of ecstasy obviously coursing through her body.

“This is fucking hot,” declared the pervert with his camera closer than everyone else, “I wish I could join in.”

He said it as a request more than a wish. I stared at him in disgust with Sylvia’s body still trembling beneath me, “No chance mate,” I hissed.

When the shoot finished, Sylvia and I returned to the hut to change. Surprisingly we were both naked when she decided to make her protest.

“You bastard, you made me cum, and in front of all those photographers!”

“You loved it,” I teased taking a sneaky pinch of her bottom.

“Hey enough,” she laughed, it’s hard enough knowing I’ve become a lesbian without all that.”

“You’re not a lesbian,” I laughed, “well not yet.”

“Not in your league, fuck, fuck, fuck, what’s happening to me?”

The sound of the door opening made us jump and hold each other.

The pervert stepped in, “I was wondering if I could join you?”

“Get lost!” I shouted as he lowered his trousers, revealing his angry erection.

“What are we supposed to do with that?” scorned Sylvia.

“A blow job,” he meekly suggested.

“Just fuck off out of here and take your maggot dick with you!” shouted Sylvia.

“No, wait!” I interjected as he began to pull his trousers back up, causing Sylvia to frown.

“We’ll put on a show for you if you wank off for us,” I offered.

“We will?” gasped a shocked Sylvia.

I looked at her and whispered, “Please.”

“Oh, yes” joyfully exalted the pervert, letting his trousers drop to the floor and grabbing his cock.

I turned to look at Sylvia and pulled her tense body in close. I then brought my hand in and slowly worked her pussy. She sighed as I lightly kissed her on the lips, her face softening as her body relaxed. I continued to caress her pussy as she whispered, “I don’t know if I want this.”

“Relax, it doesn’t mean anything,” I reassured.

We gyrated our bodies together as we kissed each other feeling the fullness of our youthful taunt bodies.

“Is this what lesbians do?” softly asked Sylvia her mind still in a quandary.

“I don’t know, honestly you’re my first,” I lied. I looked to our pervert masturbating, “come on, and let’s finish him off.”

I turned arm in arm with Sylvia to display our bodies as our worshiper defiled himself before us.

“Right now before you go any further, on your knees.”


“You heard me, wanker, on your knees or go!”

He stopped flexing his cock and then fell to his knees in resignation.

“That’s right you little wanker stroke that cock off for us,” I demanded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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