Pleasure in Denial Ch. 06

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A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this chapter, Julia and Felicity push each other closer to the edge


“We’re here,” I announced as we arrived at the small but very classy restaurant I knew well.

I led my young, pretty, and delectable new companion inside and the lady who I knew to be the proprietor showed us to a beautifully presented table. It was near the entrance, where we would be seen, which suited my purposes admirably. We settled in and the wine and conversation began to flow freely, but I was struggling to keep my eyes off Felicity’s boobs. That lace-up dress barely covered her areole and her nipples poked prominently through the taut fabric.

“Horny?” I enquired.

“Always when I’m with you.” Felicity confirmed.

“Well at the moment that’s actually all the time, isn’t it?”

“Yep, but this dress is defo making me hornier. I love it. I’m sure you’ve worked out what an exhibitionist I am.” she continued, adjusting the opening at the front for maximum effect.

“You’re just my type sweetie, but I have that streak in me too, as you may have noticed.”

No doubt she had, but she continued more thoughtfully.

“Julia, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Go ahead.”

“Well, normally I don’t like being told what to do. I resent authority and I’ve got a reputation at college for being a bit of a rebel. And when my mother tries to tell me what to do, well, instinctively I’m, like, ‘no way’ and I’ll go do the exact opposite.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. It’s typical of your personality type. But why mention it now?”

She leaned forward. “I’ve realised something. When you tell me what to do, you have a way of being very, like, persuasive. You don’t give me any choices.”


“I like it.”

“You do?”

“Yes. It excites me. Turns me on. I think that’s one big reason why I’ve been so horny all day.”

I took a moment to take in what she’d said, but there was more:

“And this, erm, self-denial thing. Not always having an orgasm whenever you want one …”

“What about it?”

“I want to try it. I think I could like that too.”

“Good girl!” I exclaimed, a little too exuberantly – loud enough to be overheard above the clatter of cutlery on plates and the lively chatter of the sophisticated clientele around us. Just then a pretty young waitress arrived to take our order; she’d probably overheard too because she gave me a knowing smile.

Once the food was organised and we’d passed some fun time people-watching the other diners close by, trying to guess their relationships, I suggested to Felicity: “Let’s start now. Here’s the new rule. Neither of us is allowed to come until midnight tomorrow, OK?”

“Wow, yes, let’s do it! But that sounds a bit unfair on you Julia. I already came earlier today but you haven’t come for several days, or so you told me. Can you really hold out another day?”

“11 actually, but who’s counting”

“Eleven?! That’s freaking incredible. I’d die before then, from frustration!”

“Well it takes a lot of willpower, and you have all those teen hormones rushing around inside you. But do we have a deal?”

Felicity nodded: “Sounds wonderful, but … I hope we can still do sexy things together until then? I mean, isn’t the idea that we fuck like a pair of bonkers nympho lesbos, just that, we, we, don’t come until midnight?”

“Like Cinderella’s coach?”


“Never mind. You’ve understood correctly. The more we arouse each other, the bigger the challenge to hold back and not to climax.”

“And that makes it all the more exciting?”

I was going to say more but our food arrived just then.

“Enjoy your meal Felicity. You’re going to need the energy.”

“Midnight tomorrow – this could be interesting,” she mused as we ate.

Felicity’s dress, and her erect nipples no doubt, were attracting a lot of attention and elicited a few knowing winks from other women. I was enjoying the evening very much and when my sexy companion had finished her meal, I thought I’d put her to the test.

“So you like me telling you what to do, yeah?

She looked slightly concerned, maybe wondering if she’d given too much away, but she nodded in confirmation.

Saying nothing, I took out a small notebook and wrote on 3 pages, tearing them out and handing them to her one at a time. She read the first one back to me: ‘Go to the bathroom. Don’t read the second note until you get there.’

She looked at me intently but I wasn’t giving away any clues. I gestured to the very back of the restaurant; she had to pass most of the other diners on her way there. She was gone a while, but eventually reappeared and slalomed back through the crowded room to our table, tottering uncertainly on her three-inch heels.

Her face looked noticeably flushed and she started to sit down, but I stopped her. “Did I tell you to sit down, Flix?”

“No Julia you didn’t. Sorry.”

“Such a lovely word. bağcılar escort Now, what did the second note say?”

Felicity hesitated and cleared her throat then continued: “It said: ‘Take your knickers off …’ .” I assumed she’d obeyed my instructions, as her left hand was clenched tightly shut. “Carry on,” I insisted, and speak up.”

She continued: “… and when you get back to our table, read the third note.”

With her free hand she unfolded the third note and read it out loud. She looked at me aghast and, looking around, she stage-whispered to me “I can’t do that. People will notice!”

“I know. That’s the point. I thought you liked getting all the attention. And in any case, I have a lot more blank pages left in this little book still, so don’t chicken out on me sweetie.”

Felicity looked stunning standing there. Ravishing yet vulnerable, her cute nipples even more pokey than before. Slowly she unfurled her left hand and placed a small scrunched-up ball of purple lace in the middle of the table, clearly visible, exactly as instructed.

“Well done Flix,” I said encouragingly, and scribbled a fourth note, which she dutifully read out:

“Lift up your dress and sit down”.

She looked mortified. “Can’t I sit on my dress? I’ll make the seat wet.”

“Do as I say.”

“Yes, Miss Julia,” Felicity replied as she lifted the hem of her dress at the back and sat down. She shuddered; was it the feel of the cold plastic? Or a realisation of where this might lead.

Just then the waitress arrived to clear away the plates and when there was nothing left on the table except Felicity’s knickers she asked me (not Felicity) “Will she be needing these any more this evening or shall I take them?”

I told her we still needed them; she winked and left. I wrote Felicity another note and handed it to her. Inside I knew just what she meant when she’d said that I give her no choice when I tell her what to do. My pussy responded to the increasingly sensual atmosphere between us but I managed to supress the ever-present ache I felt in my groin and my nipples.

“Read it aloud Flix,” I said.

She looked down at the note, then at me. “Go on. Nice clear voice,” I insisted.

She read: “Pick up your thong and use it to tie your hair back.”

“No, sorry, I can’t …”

“Yes you can.”

“This has gone too far.”

“I’ve only just begun.”

“No, sorry, I … what are you doing Julia?”

“Taking a photo of you with your knickers on the table. It’s to send to your mother.”

“Fuck you Julia. You wouldn’t.”


“No, no, don’t send it. Please don’t.” Her voice was panicked. I put my phone down.

Felicity picked up the thong and straightened it out It was tiny, just like the black one she wore earlier. She reached behind her head, gathered her long blonde hair into a rough and ready ponytail and tied the purple thong round it in a knot. Then she looked at me with an intensity I’d not seen before.

“Can we go now please?”

“Yes Flix, in a moment. Let’s just get you ready for the walk back shall we?”

Felicity looked a little concerned when I told her to turn and face the big mirror on the wall by the entrance. I stood behind her and reached around, loosening the lacing all the way down the front of her dress. She saw in the mirror what was happening. The deep vee at the front had opened wider and quite a bit more her cute little titties was now visible, although the hard buds of her nipples stayed only just hidden.

“Is this how you want me, looking like your proper little slut? Showing me off like your prize?” Felicity asked, somewhat rhetorically. Looking in the mirror still, she adjusted the fabric as best she could, trying unsuccessfully to conceal her dark areole. She put her hands on her hips and turned both ways, as if admiring herself and the look I’d created. “Don’t ask me to run, Julia, or I’ll fall out” she mused, with a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth.

I paid the bill, took her hand and led her out into the warm night air.

After only a few hundred metres, during which we certainly attracted a lot of attention, Felicity grabbed my arm and pulled me into a side alley. I expected her to tell me she was going to the police and report me for emotional coercive abuse.

“Julia, damn you, you make me so fucking horny. I would never have believed a woman like you existed in this world and here I am, weak, vulnerable and totally at your mercy. Yours to humiliate and use for your pleasure … and I’m loving it.” She then threw her arms around me, pressed her pussy against my thigh and kissed me with an unmistakably deep desire. I felt my leg getting wet, confirming everything she’d said.

I pushed her back against the opposite wall. “Hands above your head.” She obeyed instantly. Holding them there with one hand, I reached down with my other and lifted the hem of her dress. That’s when she realised what I was going to do and her mood suddenly changed.

“Oh no, Julia no, you can’t merter escort do this here, in public. This really is going too far. No please don’t touch me, not outside. I’ll scream.”

I slid my fingers between her legs anyway, and told he what she already knew: “You’re dripping wet, Felicity.”

“I know. That’s what you do to me,” she admitted, “but please don’t call me Felicity.”

“Feel free to scream if you want to … Felicity. But I don’t think you will. We have an agreement, don’t we?”

Felicity nodded.

“What is it?”

She looked down. “I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Good girl!”

“Am I really? Good girls don’t expect ‘anything’ to include willingly being masturbated in a public place by a woman 3 times her age.”

“Well in that case this ‘Good Girl’ is in for a few more surprises” I suggested, and in the half-light I pressed my middle finger between the soft warm folds of her welcoming pussy. It slipped in easily; she was engorged. Felicity gasped then let out a long, beautiful moan followed by: “Oh fuck yes Julia you’re going to make me come.”

“Not allowed,” I reminded her as I settled into a rhythm, sliding back and forth between her lips and probing the entrance to her open vagina with each stroke. She whimpered: “But I have to. I need to.”

“No,” I insisted as I pushed a finger inside her. “We made another promise, remember?”

“Can’t we start tomorrow?”

I wasn’t going to argue and I removed my hand, but not before sliding it up and over her clit, just the once. Felicity shook and her legs almost buckled under her. I let go of her wrists and she fell into my arms. I kissed her and asked: “How was that?”

“So close. So close …” she explained, paused, then continued: “but I’m glad you stopped. It feels, well, amazing really.”

“In what way? Tell me, Flix.”

“Because I’m even hornier now and, just, feeling like I’m on a high, like I’m floating. I’ve never felt like this before. It feels so different to when a boy touches me there, and I want more. More of this, Julia. More of your … your … control.”

Hearing those words. it felt like my body was alive with desire and my pussy ached for release, for just a touch. A finger, maybe a tongue. But I took a few deep breaths and drove the feelings deeper inside, for a while at least.

“Flix my lovely. I have a lot to give, so just keep enjoying it, OK?” She put her arm round my waist and her body moulded into my side.

As we walked back to my rented apartment, she shared more about her home life. Her weak, insignificant father who rarely featured in her life, and her domineering heartless mother who was omni-present except when she could escape.

“Like now?”

“Yes,” she confirmed. “This is the best escape I’ve ever experienced. She has no idea where I am and she cannot interfere, or spoil my fun.”

“Nor mine.” I added.

We arrived back about 1 am and I made some coffee. Felicity stretched out full length on one of the soft leather sofas and suggested: “Let’s do it here.”

“Do what?” I asked

“Fuck,” she replied, in her usual shamelessly direct manner, as she lifted up her dress and spread her legs wide. Her pussy looked beautiful and she was obviously still very aroused. She pulled her outer lips further apart with her fingers and her inner labia looked deliciously pink, wet and swollen. And very inviting.

“No, we’re not,” I informed her.

Felicity looked disappointed. “Aww, but these sofas feel so mmmm so sexy. In your bedroom then?”



“No-where. we’re just going to go to our separate rooms, getting some much-needed sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“What???” she exclaimed. “I just assumed when we got back you’d want to fuck my brains out until dawn and we’d have amazing orgasms all night.” Then she saw the expression on my face. “Oh no, no Julia, surely not. You mean, you’re serious about this edging thing?”

I nodded.

Felicity sat up, pulled her knees to her chest and looked at me. “So we actually aren’t supposed to come, at all, not now, not in the night, and not all day tomorrow?”

“That’s what we agreed.”

“I can’t do it. I just can’t Julia. I won’t sleep tonight and I’ll be a wreck in the morning, That’s assuming I don’t give in and simply frig myself off and you wouldn’t know anyway.”

“You could do that, or you could just leave now. The door’s over there. You’re free to go at any time. But you can’t take anything with you that I’ve bought for you and I wouldn’t recommend walking the streets at night in just your purple bikini and trainers.

“You’re such a controlling bitch Julia.”

“I know. And you’re loving it, aren’t you, Flix.”

She looked away, clutching her coffee mug, then stood up and turned her back to me as though she had a plan.

“Can you unlace me please?”

I did, making sure I stroked her bare skin with my fingertips. Felicity wriggled out of the dress, dropped it on the floor and stood facing me. Naked.

“Look eskort at me. Do you want me, Auntie Julia?”

“Yes, my beauty, I want you very much.”

Tears welled up in her eyes. “I want you too, and I think you know that. I was looking forward to showing you how much. Can’t I tempt you?” she purred and ran her hands over her little boobs and over her perfect body. My pussy throbbed and I felt a wave of intense desire wash over me.

“Not now Flix. No” I insisted, drawing on deep reserves of self-control.

She changed tack and asked me: “Do you realise I haven’t even seen your pussy properly yet?”

“Yes, I know. Would that help you sleep?”

“Probably not. Might make it worse.”

“Trust me, it’ll make it better when you do finally come.”

Confessing to myself that having Felicity bring me close to orgasm would be a lovely way to end a remarkable day, I stood facing her in all her naked beauty, reached down and brazenly lifted up the front of my bronze dress.

“Oh shit Julia,” she exclaimed. “I didn’t realise you’ve had no panties on all evening.”

I smiled.

“And I didn’t expect you’d be shaved. You’re so pretty.” I thanked her, then took her shaking hand and guided it between my legs. “Touch me Felicity. I’m thrilled to be your first, am I not? The first time you’ve touched a grown woman between the legs?”

Felicity smiled at me and nodded, then shuddered as her fingers slid effortlessly between my waiting lubricated labia. She stroked me for a few moments, a little clumsily at first, then squealed: “You’re so wet! And you’re going to just, go to sleep like this?”

I didn’t answer

Gaining confidence, Felicity explored my folds, whispering: “Yes, you’re right, I’ve not touched another pussy before, not properly. I’m so happy it’s yours and it feels amazing. It feels different to when I play with myself. More exciting. And, erm, bigger? Plumper? Fuller? More, erm, voluptuous.”

“That sounds nice,” I agreed, and instinctively began to gyrate my hips as we settled into something of a rhythm. Felicity may have been a novice but she was a fast learner.

“And how about something to help you sleep?” I suggested.

“Such as what?”

“Undo the halter of my dress, Felicity.”

Her eyes widened and with fumbling fingers she released the tied bow at the back of my neck. As though unwrapping a special gift, with her free hand she slowly peeled away the fabric clinging to my breasts. The cooler air hit them and my nipples grew even more erect, throbbing with each accelerating heartbeat. And that was even before Felicity had looked up at me, asked in a cute little-girl voice: “May I … Auntie Julia?” and without waiting for permission, had urgently clamped her lips around first one then the other. She sucked and I moaned in ecstasy.

I wriggled my hips and, getting the message, Felicity removed her hand from my vulva long enough to help me out of my dress. I stood facing her with my feet apart, naked now except my shoes, and for a while I allowed her to suckle on my nipples and caress my achingly-aroused body. She seemed mesmerised, like she was living a dream, and touched my breasts gently and sensually with her soft fingertips. It felt amazing and she was tuning me on wonderfully. I let her finger me between my lips a little longer, but I knew my limits. I could feel the nagging rise of an impending climax and didn’t want to push it too far tonight; that could wait. I focussed on the powerful sensations deep inside my throbbing gaping pussy. ‘Just a moment longer’, I told myself. Yes, so close. Dare I let her take me further? Yes. My muscles began to clench as I teetered on the brink of orgasm, every fraction of a second more precious than the one before.

At the last moment I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away.

Felicity looked surprised and crestfallen. I put my hands on my knees, crouching slightly, feet apart, and breathed deeply, eyes closed. I thought for a moment I’d gone too far but I dug deep into my reserves of self-control and successfully subdued the almost inevitable release I craved, yet denied myself.

“Are you OK?” Felicity asked, sounding worried and confused.

Panting, I replied: “Wonderful, thank you. But that was pretty close.”

“So you didn’t come.”

I shook my head.

“That’s frickin’ awesome. And you expect me to be able to do that?”

“I’ll teach you. But you were amazing.”

“You’ve got me dangling by a thread and you know it. I’m not sure I’m cut out for this. And now after getting me so turned on by all your emotional tightrope-walking, you expect me to go to just bed like this, horny as hell, and not allowed masturbate? Impossible!”

“You must.”


“Because it’s 2 am and Auntie Julia says so, that’s why.”

“I’ll try.”

Reluctantly Felicity picked up her dress and slowly walked to her room, sucking her fingers. She stopped for a moment and looked over her shoulder. “Tell me I’m your slut, Julia. I need to hear that.”

“You’re my beautiful sexy little slut, Flix. You’re mine, and you’re special, and I want you very much. Now go to bed”

I lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling as I tried to ignore the intrusive sensations in my groin whilst planning our Thursday. Eventually I fell asleep, very happy with the way things were working out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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