Poolside Pleasures

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Big Tits

This is a collab piece written between AlexaWriter and myself involving her character Sue Hynes… and her 18 yr old daughter… and her friends…


It’s Friday, and Sue is just getting home from the usual long work week. She puts the laptop on the table before walking out back to see what her daughter and her friends are up to.

It’s a beautiful hot sunny day as Stephanie and the girls are lounging around, bikini clad, on the deck by the above ground pool.

Stephanie is sprawled out on a lounge chair, catching some rays beside her friend Kayla, while Jennifer and Tiffany dive in the pool to cool off. Stephanie turns her head around hearing the sound of the sliding glass door.

“Mom!” she cries out excitedly, hopping up from her chair and rushing over to give her mom a hug. The other girls wave greeting Sue as well before Stepie asks her “Gonna join us out here to unwind?”

Taking a moment, Sue peels off her jacket, tossing it on the chair behind her. Running her hands through her long hair, scratching her head as she lets loose the long locks with a shake. The girls take notice of how the loose blouse highlights her breasts in the knee length skirt.

“Hey girls. Sure I’ll be along soon.”

Stephanie stretches up on her tippy-toes to kiss her mom’s cheek, “Mmmm, okay mom,” before running back to sit on the edge of the pool with her friends, dangling her feet in the water. Jennifer and Tiffany swim up to the edge, resting their heads on their arms on the side before they start whispering to each other, peeking up at Sue and giggling, then turning back to Stephanie. She tries to hush them quietly “Sssshh!! You guys!” pressing her hands down in the air trying to gesture to them to keep it down as they all giggle more.

Sue smiles at the girls silliness, trying not to make anything of it, she shakes her head and walks back inside to get changed. A nice dip in the pool would be absolutely perfect after a week like this, so she goes to her room, peeling off her shirt and bra, then rummages in her dresser for a swim suit.

With all the swimming they’d been doing, all her 1 piece suits are in the wash. But she does find a sweet bikini she got last year. Holding it to her chest and looking in the mirror, she can’t help but admire her DD chest and brushes her nipples playfully for a moment before putting it on. Then stripping out of her skirt, she does up the ties for the side of the bottoms and heads off to join the girls outside.

The sound of the sliding door opening again draws the girls attention as they watch Sue emerge into the sunshine. Stephanie’s friend’s gasp, covering their mouths giggling behind their surprised eyes. Their expressions saying it all.

Stephanie pipes up, “Wow mom… I didn’t think it was THAT warm out here! And I thought, didn’t you sent that one back?” she asks curiously, trying to mask her budding excitement. Now her friend’s comments about when her mom first got home started to resonate more in her.

Blushing, Sue looks down. The top is a bit smaller than she had remembered and while it does cover her chest, the underboob peeking out was a dead giveaway. And speaking of excitement, she notices her nipples are clearly poking out as she feels another wave of flush hit her cheeks with the looks the girls are giving her. Feeling a bit brave she cups both and lifts them saying, “What’s wrong with it? To big?”

Shaking her head snickering, starting to feel her cheeks flush as well, Stephanie replies “Mmmm no no, it’s perfect!” before slipping into the pool, trying to hide and cool off with the rest of her friends, grabbing the blow-up beach ball floating in the water she yells out to her mom “Heads up!” and serves it up knocking it high over Sue’s head. The other girls stop splashing about, eagerly watching şanlıurfa escort with anticipation as the ball floats towards the bikini clad mom.

Instinctively she reaches up and to the side to grab the ball, her breasts bouncing in the tight top. Laughing, she tosses the ball back to the girls in the pool and walks over. Sitting down on the edge she dips her feet in the water, then up to her knees, lightly kicking the water. Her cleavage was tantalizingly emphasized in this position, as she secretly relishes knowing their eyes were on her. Kicking some water towards Jennifer playfully she says. “So what are you little trouble makers up to tonight? Going out anywhere?”

Trying not to seem like a deer caught in the headlights, as she oogles Sue’s headlights, she looks to the other girls quickly for support and nervously chuckles “Hehe.. uhmm… no? I think we’ve got a few movies lined up…”

Tiffany then cups her hands near the top of the water and pushes them creating a splash wave that douses Jennifer who yells out surprised, “HEY!!”

“What? You looked like you were starting to overheat there, was just lending a hand to cool you down” Tiffany says snickering with a wink.

Immediately the others start to join in as a splash fest erupts with innocent giggling and shrieking ensuing. Stephanie swims over to her mom, hiding on the other side of her legs, when all 3 girls take aim and launch a splash wave assault in their direction.

Sue shrieks laughing and lifts her arms to cover her head from the waves. She feels Stephanie holding her thigh then pulling her off the edge into the pool. As she slides in the warm water she feels Stephanie’s fingers slide along her mound through the thin material, surprised by the sudden jolt it gives her.

Bouncing in the pool she starts splashing back as all three girls close in. Stephanie still hiding behind her, Sue then feels a couple sets of fingers tickle her ribs and jumps back with a shriek. As she does this though she doesn’t realize right away that her top has untied and her boobs are free. Stephanie’s fingers got accidently caught in the strings as she was hiding. With all the commotion going on nobody was even looking, all their heads turned keeping their faces from getting splashed straight on.

As they closed in, their hands randomly flailing about, it ended up in a free for all tickle fest, reaching for any skin they could get their hands on. Blindly grabbing, their soft little hands finding their way to Sue’s supple flesh.

It wasn’t till Stephanie felt the unmistakable feel of the swimsuit fabric float by and brush her arm did she open her eyes to see it was her mom’s top. Her jaw dropped as she turned around to see her mom’s bare back. Instantly she dug her fingers into her mom’s ribs from behind, wiggling them frantically.

Sue starts jumping about trying to get away from the tickling fingers. Not even noticing her top was missing she feels Stephanie start on her ribs and jumps forward into Jennifer’s and Tiffany’s hands. They start on her belly but Jennifer accidently starts tickling a bare breast. Sue still doesn’t realize she is topless as Jennifer holds the boob, loving the feel of the heavy softness before brushing a nipple. Torn between trying to get away but feeling even more turned on, Sue tries for the edge of the pool to get away. Distantly she notices the hands on her sensitive chest and just hugs the edge as the girls close around her.

Kayla and Jennifer close the gap quickly as they dive under the water and each grab an ankle bringing Sue’s bare feet to the surface, wrapping their arms around her calves..

“You can’t get away from us that easily!”

“Hey Stephanie! How ticklish are your mom’s feet?!”

Giggling gaziantep sarışın escort she teasingly replies “I dunno! Maybe we should find out? Hmmm? Wadda-ya-say?” As she gives her mom a wink.

All the girls have now seen the top floating in the water, but pretend not to notice, just letting their eyes feast innocently they being the devilish tickle assault on Sue. The girls start to rake their fingers across her arches causing her to burst out in a fit of laughter while trying to kick them off. Feeling herself being flipping up, Sue holds the side of the pool. The intense foot tickling is driving her insane and turning her on at the same time. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Tiffany are support Sue’s torso up, as Tiffany grabs a free boob under the water. Stephanie sees this and moves in a bit closer, rubbing her mom’s nipple against her belly.

“Gosh! Look-it her go!”

“Aaawe, she IS ticklish there. Like, EXTREMELY”

“Coochie coochie COOoooo!!”

The girls sweet teasing voices blending together, barely distinguishable from one another, ringing out with them giggling along with Sue. Their soft little fingers tantalizing tickling away at the soaking wet skin.

Not to be out done, Stephanie and Tiffany start grabbing Sue’s upper rib cage, nonchalantly brushing the back of their fingers against the sides of her bare breasts. The nipple brushing sends fire straight to Sues clit and feels excited despite herself. The girls hands on her, the tickling and subtle groping driving her wild. As she tries to hang on, she flails an arm at a time trying to swat the girls away from her chest, and her hand brushes Tiffany’s breast giving it a slight squeeze.

Aided by the buoyancy of the water, Sue can’t kick the girls off, totally stuck and helpless no matter what as Jennifer and Kayla keep working her feet over. The size and weight different doesn’t matter in the pool. Those beautiful bare feet with their soles facing up out of the water, the girls are easily able to dig their fingers in under her toes to drive her wild.

Tiffany lets out a yelp at the feel of Sue’s hand on her, squealing and giggling she cries out “Hey now, CAREFUL Miss. Sue!” The other girls pause momentarily, freezing like statues as they all look at her and ask “Huh? What happened?!”

Sue’s relieved in the pause from the tickling, taking a moment to look around. She realizes now her top is gone and feels a bit more excited being half naked in the pool with these girls before replying “What do you mean careful?” laughing it up.

“You totally just grabbed a full handful of my chest!” Tiffany confessed. All the girls looking onward in total shock. Added to it now they see Sue realizes her top’s missing and it’s written all over her face. Kayla decides to be the one to point it out “Uhmm… Miss Hynes? What happened to your top? And why do you look like you need a cold shower?” causing the other girls to burst into snickering giggles.

Sue looks down and blushes furiously, embarrassed that she misread the whole situation. Covering herself she moves away from the girls and hops up on the side of the pool and grabs one of the girls towels.

“Sorry Tiffany, I really am, with all the tickling I didn’t even realize I did it.” Sue’s voice filled with a slight panicked remorse.

The four swim over apologetically, it wasn’t their intention to end the fun. Climbing out of the water, Tiffany took up a seat behind Sue. Leaning in, she starts gently massaging Sue’s shoulders, “Awe, hey, it’s all in good fun. We’re all girls here, right?” The other girls nod their head murmuring in agreement. Tiffany starts walking her hands down her shoulder blades before she slides her hands under Sue’s arms and cups her bare breasts from behind, şehitkamil escort pulling on her chest to press her own chest into Sue’s back “But fair’s fair Miss Hynes. If you get to, then I do too!”

Her hands dwarfed by the sheer size of Sue’s bust. Delicately kneading away, the other girls grin as they watch Sue’s reaction, and Stephanie gets an idea. She whispers to Kayla and Jennifer who then swim up beside Sue’s knees and pull her legs open. Stephanie then saunters up, eyeing Sue’s bikini bottoms.

“So, mom,” she says tauntingly, “anything else you didn’t realize?” as the three all start snickering.

Sue is shocked. She had to admit she was incredibly turned on by the tickling and the attention they gave her. Knowing Tiffany and Stephanie were caressing her nipples in the water made the tickling even more intense.

But this? The feel of Tiffanys hands reaching around from behind her, massaging her chest like this, was a dream come true. As her legs are spread she feels such a wave of passion she almost cums just from Tiffany playing with her nipples. Seeing the two young girls swim beside her legs, their faces peering over her thighs at her aching pussy, leaves her breathless.

She hears Stephanie ask a question and distractedly, quietly says “What?”

The girls peer at the bikini bottoms, despite being wet from the water, there’s a darker, much more distinct wetness following the line of Sue’s slit. Stephanie giggles as she has to repeat herself “I said, is there anything ELSE that you didn’t realize? Hmmmm? Maybe you were enjoying it much?” as she reached forward and ran the tip of her index finger from the bottom of Sue’s slit to the top, over the fabric.

Tiffany felt the jolt of Sue’s chest in her hands, the feel of those nipples rolling between her fingers, stiff as boards. These girls knew what kind of opportunity they had, and they weren’t about to let it go that easily.

Sue felt breathless and afraid to speak. Tiffany playing with her nipples was bringing her closer to an orgasm than she ever thought possible. She looked at the two young girls hanging off her legs, tongues almost hanging out like panting dogs.

“What? No, NO! Sorry girls, I thought we were just playing around, I’m sorry.” When Stephanie ran her finger along her slit though Sue had to jump. Not only was it so what she needed, but the fact that her daughter did that and it felt so so good!

Her mouth hanging slightly open as she looked at Stephanie, Tiffany gave her nipples a extra pull and twist. Sue lets out a visceral moan as her hips start bucking forward into Stephanie’s finger in time with the treatment she’s receiving from Tiffany..

Stephanie looks over at Kayla and Jennifer, giving them both a wink and a nod. They both reach for the strings on the side of Sue’s hips and pull the knots out, letting it fall, exposing Sue’s throbbing mound to the open air. Stephanie licked her lips, they all did, salivating at the sight.

“Just playing around huh?” as Stephanie ran her finger again along her mom’s now bare slit, coating her finger in a bit of hunny that was seeping out from inside her. “Well, we like playing around too.” Her words were inviting, sounding so alluring.

Kayla and Jennifer became mesmerized by Tiffany playing with those nipples in front of them that they swam up and latched onto them with their lips they began sucking on the protruding tips from between Tiffany’s fingers. Flicking their tongues playfully with soft little puppy licks as their lips enveloped the rest.

Sue rests her head back and just takes in the attention from the girls. The feel of their tongues on her nipples along with Tiffany massaging brings her right to the edge. Stephanie rubbing her slit though is finally enough to send her over the edge. With a cry she grabs the girls by the back of the head, fistful of hair clenched in her fingers as she cums, letting out a beautiful chorus of orgasmic cries. Stephanie seeing her mom get off like this starts rubbing Sue’s clit in circles before sliding her own hand down the front of her bottoms, eager to join in her mom in ecstasy.

This is going to be a fun weekend.

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