Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 3 – The Naughty List – edited

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Don’t start here! Start at chapter 1!

Just reuploading this old series with some edits.

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In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don’t agree with his choices, and you’re not supposed to either. We’re all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That’s the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


-Rape / Non-con

-Torture / Pain / Violence / Crying / Sadism



-Gross tastes / smells (bodily fluids, piss, asshole, sweat)




Chapter 3 – The Naughty List

I stand by the bedpost, zip-tied, completely helpless. Still possessing Grace’s body, I start to shift around. The waiting is getting me so turned on. I kind of have to pee from the anxiety. Little Ella is strapped on the bed next to me, spread-eagle on her back, wrists and ankles bound to the bed. She whimpers, and I keep trying to soothe her with Grace’s motherly voice. We had quite a good time since her daddy has been gone. And now we patiently wait for his return.

I hear a door opening downstairs. Finally, Kadir is back. God I can’t wait. My pussy is so wet with anticipation.

Footsteps. I wait. The bedroom door opens. He enters, about to open his mouth to say something, then stops dead in his tracks. His eyes go wide as he sees his wife and 18 year old daughter bound to his bed.

I pounce, quickly leaving Grace’s body and racing toward Kadir. Behind me, I start to hear confused mumbling from Grace. I feel a sudden rush of warmth as I enter Kadir’s firm, athletic body again.

And before me I get to see the amazing sight he walked in on. Grace is standing next to the bed, near the pulled-back curtains hanging from the beams above. Looking around, bewildered. Zip-tied to one of the vertical posts of the big, king-sized four-poster-bed. Straps and restraints hang from the horizontal beams connecting the tops of the four posts near the ceiling. And in the center of the big comfy mattress lays the helpless Ella, spread out in her light pink and white snowflake pajamas. My dick twitches.

Muffled voice comes from Grace as she starts to get frantic, looking around, pulling at the zip ties, looking at me and mumbling something into her gagged mouth.

A sour look on her face then. “Ah does it taste good?” I say. She must have noticed the dirty panties in her mouth, her saliva soaking with the foul taste of a full day of sweat, crusty discharge, and ass. I smile. And the look in her eyes. She yells something into her gag, confused. Mumbling at me, demanding things. Demanding to untie her, demanding I tell her what’s going on.

“You’re so noisy. That needs to stop right now.” Her eyebrows furrow in shocked anger. She yells more. I walk over to her and slap her right in the face. Hard. The strength I have in this body. I like it. She buckles and falls, held up only by zip ties.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.” I grab her hair and lift her up. At first she doesn’t try to stand, her hair pulls hard, she squeals, then follows my pulling and stands.

“Do exactly what I say and I won’t kill you. Do what I say, and I won’t kill Ella.” I look over at the precious girl, who stares back at me with wide teary eyes. I look back at Grace, who goes completely still, staring into my eyes in horror, unable to comprehend.

“Do what I say, and nothing happens… to the baby.” At the reference to her newborn sleeping in the other room, Grace screams and thrashes against my hand, vicious, fighting me with everything she has. I shake my head in disappointment, letting go of her hair.

I climb onto the bed and straddle kneeling over Ella’s belly. “Every time you complain, or fight, or anything I don’t like, I’ll do something you don’t like.” I grab one of Ella’s tiny tits through her pajama top and twist hard. There’s not much there at all, just a small mound and little nipple. But she squeals in agony.

A few seconds of muffled screaming from Ella, and Grace starts to change from anger to pleading. Her tone changes, now mumbling something repeatedly over and over. It sounds like she’s saying ‘OK OK OK’. Both girls are crying. I raise my eyebrow, staring at Grace. Then continue to torture Ella’s nipple.

Grace is still pleading and squealing. “You’re both still loud. Still annoying. Your choice ladies, naughty or nice?” I continue. She continues begging, shaking her head and sobbing hysterically. I crank on the girl’s breast more, Ella keeps screaming in pain.

This continues for a few full minutes. They finally start to get the idea. That if they annoy me, for any reason, they regret it. A few minutes more, and they start to break. Ella seems to go numb to the pain, barely whimpering, just breathing heavily. Grace just looks away, silent and still, lifeless eyes.

“That’s better,” I say, finally letting go. Now I can finally have some fun.

I look down between Ella’s legs. Her crotch has a little wet spot, the light pink fabric turned dark. A bit of pee trickled out in all her pain. I swoop down into 69 position on top of her. I bury my face in and inhale. My nose touching the little wet spot. Warm. The scent is sharp, sour. I lick my tongue out at it. Salty. Gross, but my dick swells in my shorts.

Her little face is turned away from her daddy’s crotch straddling her head. I hump down and slide my growing cock across her cheek through my pants. My balls sliding across her little ear and temple. I breathe in that scent again. My daughter’s pussy, her piss.

I hear a mumbling complaint from my left as Grace forgot the rules. I lift up and sit down a bit on the side of Ella’s head. I grip nipple again and crank hard. She squeals at first, then remembers it only stops if she stops. Grace remembers too. I smile. Such good girls.

I crawl off the bed and get completely naked. Damn, Kadir’s body is so tight and manly. He’s on the smaller side, lean. A very gifted soccer player throughout school. He moves with such energy. It’s fun to control him. Almost like controlling a video game character. You press a button and he just keeps going without really getting tired.

I go grab some restraints from the supplies. I walk over to Grace again. She knows not to resist. I put detachable cuffs on her wrists and ankles, then cut off the zip ties. I move her onto the bed so she’s kneeling straddled over Ella’s chest, facing the girl’s feet.

Grace lets out a sob and I stop moving and stare at her, which wordlessly tells her I’m considering punishment for the noise. She lowers her head submissively, going silent. I continue moving again, buckling her wrists together behind her back, and her ankles to the same straps where Ella’s wrists are bound.

With Grace still kneeling upright, I move behind her. I bend down to kiss Ella gently on the cheek, “Shh! It’s ok baby.” She smells a bit like pussy. I lick at her face, smell her hair. Grace’s squirt, dried but still noticeable, a bit sour. Fuck, this is great.

I kneel down low, sitting on my heels, straddling the girl’s face, and playfully slap my hard cock on her forehead a few times. Grace kneels right in front of me, facing away from me. I sit my cock and balls down on Ella’s helpless face and reach forward and grab Grace’s ass, which is about eye level with me now. I feel her up, squeezing her juicy, motherly cheeks. She’s shaking, but otherwise silently allows it.

I press my face forward straight into Grace’s butt, my nose digging in her ass crack. Her gray shorts so soft, the sweatpants material fuzzy and warm on my nose and mouth. I motorboat and rub my face around. Then breathe in her scent. That musk. A hint of stinky asshole. But mostly sweet and feminine. I sigh in pleasure, my cock pulsating, splayed across Ella’s gagged mouth and chin.

I lift off Ella’s face, kneeling upright and hugging Grace from behind. My cock pokes against her ass cheek. I grab her soft hair and pull her head back, like a rough lover. I nuzzle in her neck, behind her ear, breathing in her hair and skin. I hold her around the belly with my other arm, squeezing her tight, feeling her motherly Sex hikayeleri warmth. I move my arm up and grab her tits over her white tank top. So fleshy and soft. God I could live here forever.

I move my hand down her front, over the top of her shorts, feeling the wet spot in her crotch. “Do you remember what you did, babe?” I whisper in her ear. I rub my fingers around, getting them damp. “Just a little while ago? You came. You squirted right on your daughter’s face. Do you remember?” Grace’s breathing goes unsteady, I can tell she’s confused. She doesn’t remember. They must totally black out when I take over.

“It’s true. Here, smell.” I raise my hand from her pussy to her nose. She goes to resist, but stops herself for fear of punishment. I rub the wet fingers around her nose aggressively. Dig into nostrils, coating her with her own juice. I feel her holding her breath, then she convulses slightly, almost gagging.

Tears run down her cheeks. I lick at them. Salty. Then I lick at her nose. It’s a bit runny from crying. Nasty with snot and now a bit of pussy juice. My cock swells tight against her ass cheek over her shorts. The feeling of being able to do anything, to be as weird as I want. This is amazing.

I push Grace down, so she’s kneeling in doggie position, crook of her knees under Ella’s armpits, calves tucked under her daughter’s arms. With her hands bound behind her back, her upper body falls down flat, unable to support itself with anything, laying belly to belly on top of Ella. From tits up, Grace lays facedown directly on the mattress between Ella’s spread legs.

“God, that’s fucking hot,” I mutter. My little daughter lies faceup with arms and legs spread wide toward the four corners of the bed. Pale pink pajamas with snowflakes all over, almond skin, long black hair splayed out. Her face trying to turn away from her mother’s ass hovering in 69 position over her head.

Grace lies flat on her daughter, except her ass propped high in the air, on her knees, blonde and brown hair down between the girl’s legs, gray shorts, white tank top.

I grab at Grace’s ass, playing around with it, kneading and spreading her cheeks over her shorts. I slap a few times, hard. She shifts but knows better than to resist. I bend in and put my face straight into her crotch, jiggling her ass cheeks, rubbing my face up and down against ass crack and down into the wet spot of her crotch. Inhaling her incredible scent. Slight smell of sweat I realize, probably from the intense dildo fucking. I kiss gently on crotch, on cheeks. I slap again. I press her cheeks in around my face as I have my way with her.

I look straight down and see little Ella, staring back up at me in utter shock. She simply can’t comprehend why her daddy is doing this. Those bold eyebrows furrowed, little hazel eyes teary and bloodshot. “Hi baby girl, you want some too?”

I press down hard on Grace’s ass to lower her, but she doesn’t move much. Maybe resisting, maybe just not understanding. So I slap as hard as I can down on her ass, cheeks rippling. She lets out a squeal and lowers down a bit toward Ella’s face. “More! All the way down!” I slap again.

She spreads her knees farther apart, squatting all the way down, kind of like frog legs. Her crotch sitting down on poor Ella’s head.

The little girl turns away from it, her mother’s pussy pressed down on the side of her face. The girl’s arms are spread wide above her head, poking out from under Grace’s thighs, and her little head of black hair is half smothered, just peeking out from under Grace’s ass. Such a great sight, the girl so pathetically small, squished under her mommy.

I go get some scissors and then return. I lay down on my side at the head of the bed, getting my face as close as I can to the top of Ella’s head, laying in close with her, my face pressed to her head, smelling her sweet hair. Mango. I caress her face and try to sooth her a bit.

Grace’s ass pressed down on the side of her daughter’s head, inches away from mine. I reach up and grab those beautiful ass cheeks, massaging them over the gray shorts. I press them down a bit, smushing onto Ella’s head. I slap the ass, watching it ripple a bit onto Ella’s face. The girl underneath whimpers softly.

I pull up the shorts a bit, riding them up Grace’s ass, revealing a bit more upper thigh, a bit of the bottom of her cheeks exposed over Ella. I play around with the crease, rubbing and tickling at pussy, taint, and asshole beneath. Breathing in Ella’s sweet shampoo. “Mmm baby, isn’t mommy so sexy? Look at that ass.”

I take the scissors and slowly slide them up under the gray fabric of her shorts, starting at inner thigh. “Now both of you need to hold still. We don’t want anyone getting cut, ok?” I have them so well-trained at this point. They both know to stay silent and still.

I cut the thin sweatpants fabric, running from leg hole to leg hole, horizontally straight across Grace’s ass, snipping slowly and revealing more and more bare skin underneath. Leaving the waistband intact, she now appears to wear more of a skirt, or loin cloth. I yank it up out of the way, both front and back, revealing full ass and pussy, pressed down on Ella’s cheek and head.

The smell hits me, a strong musk of woman. Sweat and pussy, yet still mostly overpowered by sweet soapy scents. Vanilla and cinnamon.

I grab and play around with Grace’s ass cheeks, still leisurely laying on my side, my face inches from her crotch, pressed up close to Ella’s head underneath her. I squeeze and spread and smush with one hand, laying comfortably on my other arm.

I take in the moment, a father just laying in bed with his wife and daughter, keeping warm on a cold winter night.

I take my time inspecting the mother’s naked ass and crotch. So beautiful, such a natural look to her, yet well-kept and pampered. Her skin all over is pretty fair, but clearly this area never sees the light of day. Her ass cheeks and thighs are pale white, but the skin further in around pussy and asshole is a bit darker, lewd. Her skin has goosebumps from her being so scared, so exposed.

A tiny dark mole on her inner buttcheek, right next to her asshole. A little hair here and there, missed in her shaving. Quite a few around her anus, that area not messed with very much. The dark brown wrinkled hole, a bit crude and gross. I spread her cheek again and watch the hole pucker and wink at me slightly. A bump of flesh leading out of it down toward her taint. Little flaws like this are so interesting on this mostly perfect woman.

Her taint is a bit damp, sweat and pussy juice. I spread her cheeks apart over and over. A loose pube stuck to her taint. I pull it off, and caress my finger, feeling her slick crotch up and down.

She trembles as I touch her. Clearly this woman is not used to being looked at here, inspected like a piece of meat. For the first time in her life, a man lies inches from her pussy and asshole, just staring, feeling at his own leisure. Her humiliation radiates off her. But this is what she’s meant for, a wife like this needs to be used for her husband’s pleasure.

Farther down, her pretty pussy. This is more closely scrutinized and groomed. They must have a very vanilla sex life, this area being the only spot paid very close attention. Her inner lips fold out like a nice little flower, pink and fleshy, hanging out just a bit. I pull on her cheek and her pussy opens a bit, a slight sticky sound as the lips part. Dark pubes, trimmed and groomed perfectly, giving enough hair to make her look womanly and natural. But clean-shaven further out, tidy. The hair a bit more dense across her pubic mound.

And the smell wafting from her. God damn, so sensual. A heat radiates from her crotch. My dick swells painfully, but I’m in no rush tonight.

I slap her ass cheeks a few times, enjoying watching them ripple onto Ella’s face beneath. I press down on Grace’s hips to smush her pussy down onto Ella’s cheek, rubbing back and forth a bit.

Roughly, without warning, I stick my dry index finger into Grace’s sticky pussy hole. She has dried up quite a bit since earlier. Her lips fold in on themselves instead of sliding, my finger blocked by insane tightness, clearly rejected by her vagina. I pull out, then flick my middle finger hard against her asshole, Smack! Grace yelps. I flick into pussy lips, Smack! She tries to stay silent, only letting out a heavy breath.

I stick my finger in pussy again, wiggling hard until I force a knuckle in. For the first time ever, I don’t care about the woman, about what she feels or wants. I enter her for Sikiş hikayeleri my pleasure alone. Still dry and sticky, not waiting to lube up at all, I jab in deeper without remorse.

Grace lets out a muffled groan of shocked protest into her gag. I hold still, two knuckles deep inside her. “What was that?” I ask her. She goes silent, so I continue. I drive deeper, against the tight walls of her pussy trying to instinctively push out the intruder.

I jab in and out slightly, feeling around, exploring her insides. Then pull out as sudden as I entered. A bit of sticky slime coats my finger. I wipe it nonchalantly across Ella’s temple and cheek. Then I suck on it, god the flavor is so lewd. Sour and thick. A mother’s fluids.

“Come on Ellie-baby, you gotta get in here too.” I push up a bit on Grace’s ass, making a bit of room, and then I grab Ella by the chin and force her face up, staring directly up between her mother’s ass crack, her nose forced right into the pussy folds. Gagged, she can’t breathe out her mouth, so she inhales Grace’s cunt through her nose.

I slap Grace’s ass, watch it bounce on the girl’s face. I smush her down, rubbing her hips back and forth, really getting the girl up in there. She whimpers and struggles a bit.

I clamp my fingers down on her little button nose, cutting off her breathing. “Was that a complaint? You don’t like your mommy’s pussy? You don’t like the place you came from?” She struggles more, panicking from lack of air.

“When your father tells you something, you obey. Stop struggling, and stop making noise.” A few moments later, she gets the idea and stops. I let go, and she breathes in deeply, getting lungfuls of her mother’s scent again.

I shift myself around, getting my head alongside Ella’s, up under Grace. I’m upside down, cheek to cheek with the little girl, both of us looking up, both of our noses pressed into Grace’s pussy. “It’s so warm under here, Ella. It’s like a pillow fort, isn’t it?”

I inhale and lick at the pussy folds. A bit of salty sweat, a bit of sour juices. I turn my head and spread those same juices, mixed with my spit, all over Ella’s sweet face next to me. Then back up to pussy, then back to share the slobber with Ella, turning the girl’s face toward me and making out all over her gagged mouth and nose. Her little eyes are shut tight, just trying to endure, so confused. I slobber all over her eyelids and eyebrows.

“There’s daddy’s girl. Share your mommy with me.” The heat of breath and crotch is so thick in the enclosed area.

I pull Grace’s ass down tight onto us, smothering both of us a bit. My face sliding around, feeling all the amazing flesh and warmth on all sides. Ella’s soft cheeks on one side. Silky black hair getting all bunched up under our heads. Grace’s wetness above. Sticky, musky. Tiny little pubes brushing and tickling. Inner thigh on the other side, so smooth and squishy and thick.

I lick and kiss and inhale all over. All these feminine smells from both girls. Some sweet, some musty and sour. God I’m in heaven.

I find the tender part of Grace’s inner thigh, the soft little divot between pussy and thigh. I kiss and nibble around this area. Then over to puffy pussy, covered in little pubes. I kiss and bite at it. Then lips and clit. I suck it all in my mouth, hard, aggressively. Saltiness filling my mouth as, like it or not, Grace can’t help but give off a bit of lubrication from all the sensual stimulation.

I tug at clit with my teeth, just enough to feel her sharply intake a breath, trying desperately to stay quiet, despite the pain and sensitivity. I try to push her to her limit, sucking and biting harder, to see how much she can endure before crying out in pain. I feel her shifting around, trying to hold it in. She buries her face in the sheets to muffle a bit of a yelp.

“Was that a complaint, babe?” Silence. I smile.

I slide out from under her, glancing at Ella still smushed under there, face wet with nasty slobber and juices. My cock is rock solid, dripping precum.

I kneel behind Grace, doggy position, lifting her up higher onto her knees, off Ella, my knees on either side of Ella’s head. I look down to see the poor girl staring up at her mother’s pussy above her. Little face so flushed and flustered.

Grace goes to lift her upper body up, but I press her back down, only allowing her ass to lift up, keeping her back arched down. Her entire upper body pressed down into the bed, her hands still bound behind her back.

I grab one of Grace’s ass cheeks with my left hand, roughly spreading. Her pussy opens slightly, and I guide my cock with my right hand. Before she even knows what’s happening I plunge mercilessly into her pussy. She’s wetter than before, mostly from my spit, but she’s also been forced to produce a bit of fluid herself. Still, she’s not ready for it, not really aroused.

I thrust forward anyway.

I slam my tip into her, my precum and her wetness just enough to allow entry. But she immediately bucks and lunges away, yelping a muffled cry into her gag. The tip falls out, and I get angry. I spank her ass hard several times, then pull her hips back to me. I lunge in again, my tip plunging into her intensely tight hole, which tries desperately to clamp shut and deny entry. I still can’t get in, and she bucks again in pain.

“Fine, get punished, I don’t care!” I lean back and reach down for Ella’s head. I grab a fistful of her silky black hair and pull, hard, digging into her little scalp and making a brutal fist with a handful of hair. She starts screaming into her gag, shaking her head back and forth, flailing against her restraints.

Grace frantically mumbles her compliance, quickly moving back into doggy, bringing her ass closer to me, wiggling, begging me to enter her again. My wife begging me to use her instead of hurting her baby girl. I grip the girl’s hair a few moments longer to make a point, then let go.

My cock so hard still, I get back into position and shove hard.

Grace queefs.

A disgusting yet hilarious fart escaping her tight pussy, air being forced out so quickly. I hear a whimper of embarrassment from her face buried in the sheets.

I laugh out loud. “You gross bitch. What the fuck?” I’m not even grossed out, but I act like I am. Trying to savor her humiliation. I smack her ass hard, pull back and shove in hard again. A tiny little squeak of air, but her pussy is allowing me, being forced to mold to my shape.

God the feeling is incredible. The warmth of plunging into a woman’s pussy. Enveloped on all sides by tight, wet walls. Rippling, sliding, gripping warmth. This cock has clearly been in this pussy countless times. She’s the perfect fit, a glove. I sink into her like I’m meant to be here. This little housewife’s cunt was built for this.

I dig my fingers into her fleshy ass cheeks and start pumping fast, without hesitation. Without letting her get used to me anymore. I look up and see her hands, bound together behind her back, making tight fists, knuckles white. She’s in pain, but trying to stay silent. Her fingernails are painted platinum white, giving her a nice classy look.

I grab her bound wrists with both hands and use them as handles to aggressively pound into her. Her face and shoulders lift off the sheets an inch each time I pull her into me, thumping back down into the bed each time I thrust into her.

Her expensively pampered brown and blonde hair flops around as I manhandle her. A wet smacking sound of thighs hitting ass cheeks, pubes hitting damp pubes. I pound as hard as I can, testing out Kadir’s body. I don’t tire, and I’m nowhere near cumming. Wow.

I slam faster and faster, really testing Kadir out, seeing what it takes to get him close to cumming. Grace can’t help but moan, trying to muffle it into the sheets, her head thumping up and down with each thrust. I allow the noise, but I get on my feet in a crouching position behind her and really let loose. SmackSmackSmackSmackSmack into her sloppy cunt, as fast as possible.

She yells continuously in pain. Kadir is athletic and durable, his stamina exceptional, but Grace isn’t. Her body is weak, breaking under the brutal pummeling from her husband. I bet she’s never been treated like this in her life.

I continue for several minutes. There, finally I feel like I could cum. Wow, this body. I stop suddenly, letting myself back off of the feeling.

I kneel back down and slide myself out of her wet hole, a slight Plop sound as the dick so suddenly drops out. She stays a bit gaped open, breathing heavily with her head on the bed. There’s Erotik hikaye an awkwardness to how she takes the cock, to how her voice sounds as she gets rammed. An air of inexperience, as if they don’t really ever do this, never go hard, never get wild. And she clearly hates every second. I’m torturing this mother on top of her own daughter. A prudish bitch being used like a piece of flesh.

I sit on my heels over Ella, grab her little head, and start smearing and sliding my cock and balls all over her face. She whimpers and clamps her teary eyes shut tight, but allows it. So much slime, a bit of foamy white cream from both her parents’ sex fluids smearing across her little face. I slap my cock up and down on her chin, cheeks, forehead. She’s 18, but she acts like a helpless little girl, no idea what’s happening or why her daddy is doing this.

I lean in and dive mouth first into Grace’s slightly gaping cunthole in front of me. Nasty smell and taste. Almost a bit fishy from the sex. I gag a bit, but love it anyway, driving my tongue deep into her hole, wiggling around, smacking my lips as I pull out, and then making out with her pussy folds as if they were a mouth.

Sitting up again, I reach out and pull Grace up by her arms, wrists still bound behind her back. She’s completely limp, exhausted, starting to give up all hope probably.

Her ripped gray shorts drape down over part of her ass and pubes when she’s upright like this, hanging on only by the waistband pushed up above her bellybutton.

I hug her from behind, her bound hands pressed against my pubes. My cock going between her legs, twitching up to pat her on the pussy from below. I feel her tits and breathe in the scent of her neck and hair. A slow, sensual change of pace. Her breathing is labored, she’s damp with a bit more sweat now. I lick up the side of her neck, behind her warm ear, so salty.

I grab the neckline, the cleavage of her white tank top… and rip with both hands. She inhales sharply from surprise. The fabric such a thin soft material, satisfying to shred apart. It makes me feel like I’m destroying, ravaging, pulling her apart. Her tits flop out, hanging loosely. I leave most of the shirt intact, clinging on everywhere except the chest.

I grab her loose breasts with both hands, groping and squeezing aggressively. She tenses up, they must be sensitive, tender. I grip harder and she yelps a bit, then stifles herself and grits her teeth.

I fondle her breasts for a few more minutes. So perfectly soft, more than a handful, so full and natural. Her nipples a bit big, from breastfeeding, sticking up, slightly hard and puffy. Her skin is a bit slick with sweat. I slide my hands around. Between the cleavage. Then underneath, the crease under her boobs so damp and warm. I enjoy her discomfort, her embarrassment. All while little Ella helplessly looks up at her parents’ genitals kneeling above her head.

I shove Grace forward suddenly, letting her drop forward onto her face again, face down in the sheets between Ella’s legs. I quickly reposition a few things, reattaching Ella’s hands to be bound down tightly at her sides, so they’re more out of the way. Then I pull at Grace’s thighs and reposition her legs a bit, forcing her into 69 on top of her daughter again. This time in a lower position, thighs out more in the splits, closer to the mattress, pussy close to Ella’s face. I just see those little helpless eyes under there, peeking up at me from under her mother, so worried about what’s happening on top of her. I shove pillows tight in between Grace’s inner thighs and the sides of Ella’s head, clamping the little girl there, unable to move her head, forced to stare directly up at her mommy’s cunt.

In this position I can kneel down lower, with Grace down lower into a frog-legged squat over Ella. I move up close and slide my cock back into that warm pussy as quickly as I can. It’s like plunging into a warm bath, so relaxing, so right.

This is a more comfortable position, fewer limbs in the way, and as I slide in and out, my balls brush over Ella’s face. The feeling is so nice. I grind like this for a little while, front to back, slow and steady. Slick, sticky wet sounds from pussy below, sliding out onto the girl’s face and then back in.

I pull out, press down hard on Grace’s hips to force her pussy down onto her daughter’s nose, smothering her. Unable to breathe, Ella wiggles her head around, shifting her face just enough to inhale through her nose, out the side of her mother’s pussy. Then I shift Grace’s hips and smother the girl again. A few more times of this fun little game.

Then I just press the pussy down hard and shove my dick in the gap between pussy and face. Wet sticky sounds as I hump in between them, feeling nose and gagged mouth from underneath, pressed tight against slick pussy folds and ass crack from above.

I hump like this enthusiastically, surprised at how good it feels. I hear Ella snorting, her little nose gasping for breath between each thrust, sticky sounds from her mommy’s cunt pressed down on her. My balls lightly smacking the girl’s forehead and hairline.

I can’t hold back anymore. I need to go all out. I need to cum.

I slide out from between face and pussy and aim back up to Grace’s cunt. Grabbing her thick hips with both hands, I plunge into her depths again, her perfect hole swallowing me up, so warm and familiar.

Pulling her hips toward me with full force, I put all my strength, all my aggression into pummeling her motherly cunt as hard as I can.

She yelps in pain from each thrust, unable to control herself, a guttural inadvertent grunting yelp, over and over. I forgive her noises since I know it’s impossible to hold in. I’m penetrating too hard, violating her harder than she ever gets fucked. The noises escaping from her are lewd and embarrassing, nothing she would ever make during normal sex. It spurs me on harder, makes me try to get more out of her, make more animalistic sounds come out of that mouth. And I do. She starts wailing a nonstop muffled moan of agony into her gag, into the sheets below.

Little squelching queefs start escaping Grace’s cunt with each rapid thrust, as I pound her into oblivion, wrecking her, making her lose bodily function, her pussy going slack and sloppy under the punishment.

I slap down brutally hard with my hand, leaving a big red handprint on her ass cheek, and her wailing stops as the shock makes her catch in her throat. I feel her insides clench hard, I keep pounding, and she squirts! Drenching down all over her helpless daughter for the second time tonight. The pattering sounds of fluid splashing out onto face and sheets, it’s too much. I can feel myself about to cum.

Squirt still trickling out of her sloppy cunt, Grace finally breathes again, gasping in a huge raspy breath. She begins shaking violently, out of control, I’ve pushed her way beyond her limit, way beyond what she’s used to.

Grace is completely limp under me, on the verge of passing out, fucked completely senseless on top of her daughter, wet sloshing sounds from me continuing to pound as hard as I can without slowing. SplatSplatSplatSplatSplat!

Grace needs me to stop after her orgasm, groaning and weakly trying to wrench herself from me. But I hold her tight and continue to rape her. Ella’s face and hair completely soaked below.

I grunt and reach my climax. It’s so intense, so overwhelming. I seize up, barely able to move as my cock starts to pulse and shoot out load after load.

I pull back, just my tip inside Grace’s cunt as I shoot out thick streams of jizz. I hold still, just letting myself relax and release inside her. I pull out completely and aim down, letting the last few spurts shoot down across Ella’s little face below. White slime coating the girl’s cheek, a bit on her mouth gag, a bunch pooling up over one of her tightly shut little eyes.

Spent, I pat my cock down on Ella’s forehead, letting the last bit of jizz ooze out onto her face as I kneel there, letting my breathing slow, my heart rate come down.

Grace’s ass lays limp on Ella’s chest. I slap it, give it a jiggle, spread it to watch her pussy spread a bit too. I breathe in the scent of the room, taking in the sweet family moment. What better way does a man have to spend a Christmas evening, than raping his wife on top of his little daughter? That’s what their bodies are for. Flesh for the man of the house to use whenever he pleases.

Mother and daughter. I made them both mine. I use them however I want.

My energy is already coming back. I’m not as exhausted after sex as I used to be in my old body. This guy is incredible.


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