Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 02

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She heard the key turning in the door and his masculine laugh followed by a higher pitched giggle. He was home and he wasn’t alone. She trembled, excitement and anxiety speeding up her heart.

She was curled up in her soft dog bed which sat on the floor beside his bed. She hadn’t known where he was but it wasn’t her place to worry about such things so she had cleaned up his uneaten dinner and gone to bed obediently at 9pm. She lay still knowing he preferred she feign sleep when he brought In company.

“Ok, shhh,” she heard him whisper, “Let me show you something.”

She lay still breathing deeply, listening to their footsteps enter the bedroom. The light clicked on and she heard a sharp intake of breath.

” What the hell?” The unknown woman hissed catching sight of her. He apparently hadn’t prepared this one that he had a naked girl sleeping in a dog bed in his bedroom.

“My pet.” He said proudly, she pretended to stir a little at the sound of his voice.”Would you like to meet her?”

“Uh, I guess?” She sounded unsure but curious.

She felt the warmth from his body as he crouched next to her bed.

“Wake up pet.” He said softly, touching her shoulder. She blinked and looked up at him bleary eyed.

“Master!” She exclaimed. She stretched and sat up on her knees. “Welcome home!”

“I’ve brought a new friend little one, I’d like you to come meet her.”

She peered around him and saw a stunning blonde standing at the end of the bed. The woman was probably 5’11” at least, with a deep tan and long legs. She was dressed impeccably, a little black dress and stilettos that added to her imposing height.

He chuckled as his pet blushed and dropped her eyes shyly.

“Come now.” He stood and held out his hand, pulling her to her feet. He pulled her to stand in front of his date, making their height difference starkly obvious.

“Veronica, this is my little girl. Pet, this is the lovely Veronica. What do you say?”

“It’s nice too meet you ma’am.” She said softly, peering up through her lashes.

Veronica looked shocked, her eyes going back and forth between them.

“Is this for real?”

“Very real.” He replied matter of factly, “Now you get to choose my dear. My little pet can stay and watch, participate in any way you’d like, or I can send her to sleep in her crate in the guest room. It’s completely up to you.”

Veronica looked at her a moment, then walked a slow circle around her.

“Is she full grown?” She asked with a laugh in her voice.

“She’s as big as she’ll get.” He laughed in return.

“Seriously though, she’s over 18?”

“Oh yes, I know she looks young but she’s 35.”

Veronica looked at her skeptically, “If sleeping in a dog bed does that I’ll sign up. Do you fuck her?”

He snorted, “No, no, of course not. Why don’t I fuck you little girl?”

Her soft blush flared brighter and she trembled a little.

“Because Master’s cock is for f-fucking women.” She stumbled over the swear word, “Not for little girls and pets.”

“Good girl.” He cooed, patting her head.

“So what does she do?” Veronica was hooked, obviously getting in to this.

“Whatever I tell her to do. Right sweetness?”

“Yes Master.” She answered without hesitation.

“Well. . .” Veronica stood beside him, peering down at her, “Maybe she could watch. This is wild, I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Of course.” He slid his arm around her slender waist and pulled her against him, kissing her passionately. Veronica responded hesitantly at first but was soon kissing him back and rubbing against him.

“Pet,” he snapped his fingers and pointed to the corner without taking his eyes off the statuesque woman in his arms.

She quietly slipped to her knees in the corner, watching as her Master began to undress Veronica, kissing her soft skin as it was revealed. Veronica would occasionally glance her way, but was clearly enjoying her Master’s attention.

He pretended to ignore her, but he would steal a look now and then. manisa escort The woman in his arms was enough to get any man excited, but it was the naked girl squirming in the corner that got him rock hard.

She moaned quietly as he finished undressing, she could never get enough of his body. He lay Veronica back on the bed and admired her long, lean body and firm breasts. He spread her legs, one hand stroking her inner thigh.

“I’d love to watch my pet worship this perfect pussy. Would you allow her to get you ready for me?”

“I don’t know. . .” Her eyes flicked to the girl in the corner who was clearly excited at the prospect of getting to participate, “I’m not into girls.”

“You don’t need to be into girls, you don’t have to do anything at all to her, she’s merely a tool I’m using to make love to you.” He punctuated his explanation with kisses from her ankle to knee, raising goosebumps on her skin.

“Well, I guess I’ll try, if I don’t like it she’ll stop?”

“Of course my dear.”

He continued kissing up her thigh, across her hip, over her stomach, sliding his body along hers until he was laying beside her. He kissed her lips softly, then snapped his fingers.

“I know you are listening little one, crawl over here.”

She crawled across the room, aware they were watching as she approached. She came to the side of the bed, her eyes level with Veronica’s naked pussy.

“Look at that pretty pussy. Isn’t it delicious looking?”

“Yes Master.” She said breathlessly.

“I’m looking forward to sliding my cock into it. There’s nothing I like more than a nice warm cunt around my cock.”

She trembled, her pussy was always so empty and craved his cock, but she was too little he said.

“I want you to show me how important my pleasure is to you. Make sure this pussy is wet and ready for me.”

“Yes Master.” She climbed between Veronica’s legs, careful not to touch with her hands, lowering her face and extending her tongue. Veronica had a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair and bald labia.

“I love pubic hair,” he mused, running his fingers through the patch, petting it,”Lets me know I’m fucking a woman.”

She watched his fingers rubbing through the woman’s pubic hair and felt the air on her own bald pussy. He’d had her pubic hair permanently removed, saying she was too much of a baby for hair between her legs. It further illustrated the difference between the two of them.

“What are you waiting for pet?” He asked, knowing exactly what he was doing to her. He imagined her little clit was hard and throbbing, juices rubbing down her legs. His cock throbbed where it was pressed against Veronica’s hip.

She leaned in, her tongue expertly exploring the pussy in front of her. He’d made sure she had lots of practice and she’d learned well.

They were kissing noisily, his hands exploring Veronica as she warmed to the attention.

“Oh god.” Veronica moaned, looking down at the petite brunette between her legs, “She is good.”

“Mmmnn” he reached down and petted her head, “She’s very well trained. I’m very proud of her.”

He saw her ass wiggle, delighted by his praise. It took so like to keep her happy, she was so devoted and fed on his approval. He marvelled that his ego still fit through doors with this perfect little creature worshipping him.

She was on the razor’s edge between heaven and hell. Giddy with excitement at his attention and praise, throbbing with arousal from the task at hand and desperate because she knew she wouldn’t get an orgasm tonight. It had only been two weeks since her last climax and no amount of begging would get one again so soon.

She shivered, her arousal peaking as she thought about the control he had over her, the long weeks of teasing and denial.

He saw the trembling and tension in her body and knew she was hitting the edge. She could get there without any kind of touching these days, her poor needy little cunt always wet and empty and craving some kind of relief.

“Pet?” He asked kütahya escort gently and she looked up at him, Veronica’s juices smeared from nose to chin.

“Yes Sir?” Her voice was shaky.

“Are you on the edge?”

“Mmmnn yes Sir.”

Veronica propped herself up on her elbow and looked between them, “What does that mean?”

“It means she is very close to an orgasm. But she’s not allowed to cum.” He looked at her sternly and she nodded, trembling even harder as he humiliated her in from of this blonde Amazon. “How long since you had an orgasm little one?”

“Two weeks Sir.” She blushed at Veronica’s shocked expression.

“Two weeks! No fucking way! I would die.”

He kissed Veronica sweetly, “Fortunately you are a beautiful and independent woman who can cum any time and as much as you want. She,” he gestured to the girl, “is a little girl who makes terrible decisions if left to her own devices. She’s much better behaved and happier when I control her orgasms strictly.”

Veronica studied her thoughtfully, taking in the humiliated blush, the trembling, the big puppy eyes. “I think I get it. I read some stuff on Tumblr once when I got lost looking at porn. Can she keep licking me?”

“Oh yes, of course.” He snapped his fingers and pointed, not that she needed much encouragement. Veronica gasped as her talented tongue dove in.

“Mmmm yes, just like that.” She looked down at the girl, “So do you tease her, bring her close but don’t let her cum? I always thought that sounded like torture.”

“Oh it is torture. Especially for her, She’s such a sensitive and responsive little thing. Are you getting close my dear?” He caressed her breast, gently rolling her nipple between his fingers, watching as her thighs started to shake.

“Yes, oh yes, I’m going to cum.” Veronica was discovering a whole new fetish. When she’d read about teasing and orgasm denial it had turned her on, but she hadn’t understood why. She certainly didn’t want to be denied. Now she realized what was hot about it, knowing she could cum while another girl was being denied. She reached down and grabbed a handful of soft hair, grinding the girl’s face into her pussy.

“Make me cum little girl. Get your tongue in there and feel my orgasm, it sounds like it’s the closest you’ll be getting to one any time soon.”

He smiled, God he’d picked well, Veronica was exactly what he needed to torment his pet tonight. He leaned over and licked and sucked at her nipples, eager for her to explode on the girl’s face.

Veronica threw her head back, her thighs clamping around the head between them, she twitched and shuddered.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” She moaned, falling back, “That is one well trained pet. Where can I get one?”

He laughed, “You can come visit and borrow mine.”

They kissed for a long moment before he looked down at his pet, gently lapping at Veronica’s pussy lips. “That’s enough pet, you’ve done a very good job. Would you like to watch me fuck this gorgeous woman?”

“Yes Sir.” She agreed eagerly.

“I think Veronica likes the idea of you being teased and tormented and not getting any relief.” Veronica nodded in confirmation, her eyes heavy with lust. “Bring that chair over beside the bed.” He gestured to a wooden chair near the dresser. She hopped up and grabbed the chair, placing it where he directed.

He had her sit and place her feet on the seat of the chair, knees falling open so that her pussy was perfectly on display.

“Oh! Look at that little bald cunt, isn’t it adorable?” Veronica laughed, making her blush, dropping her eyes to her hairless and swollen pussy. “It’s so pink and plump, and wet it looks like. Can I touch it?” Veronica asked him, having grasped the dynamic, knowing permission came from him alone.

“You are a wicked woman, that’s going to drive her crazy. Yes you can touch all you’d like. Just remember she’s little and can’t take much in her tiny little pussy. One finger only.” He had a condescending tone that made his pet flush and her clit throb.

It malatya escort was ridiculous of course, he used to make love to her, she’d easily taken his cock over and over again. But at some point he’d decided that little girls like her couldn’t handle cocks in their pussys and that had been the end of it. She knew why, it was one more way he kept her desperate and needy, always feeling empty. Knowing that just turned her on more.

Veronica scooted to the edge of the bed, laying in her stomach and reached out, tracing her fingers along the girl’s warm, wet slit. She slipped a finger between the lips making her jump as she found her swollen clit.

“Watch this!” Veronica giggled, flicking the girl’s clit and making her twitch violently. She started to pant, her hands clutching the chair as Veronica delighted in the power she’d discovered.

He slid his body over Veronica’s, spreading her legs. She raised her butt to accommodate him and he slid his cock inside her with a sigh. ” Oh yes.” He moaned as he began pumping in and out, long deep strokes.

Veronica looked his pet in the eye and moaned with him, “Oh your cock feels so good inside me, mmmnn, yes, oh fuck me.”

Big tears sprung up in the girl’s eyes as she watched him enjoying the other woman. He opened his eyes a slit, recognized that she was right at the edge of too much.

“Pet?” He panted, getting her to meet his eyes, “Play with that pretty little pussy for me. Tell me when you get close.”

That brought her back to him, reminded her that he was paying attention to her. Her expression changed and she reached between her legs to press her fingers against her clit.

“Watch me pet, watch my cock, stroke your little clitty while I make her cum.” His voice was deep and rough, commanding. She watched his cock as it stroked in and out of Veronica.

Veronica for her part, was more turned on than she ever had been. It occurred to her as she watched the exchange between Master and pet that she was the third wheel. Anyone could be where she was, it was the dynamic between the two of them that was really getting him off. As it occurred to her she realized she didn’t care. This was a random fling and she was getting the fucking of her life. She pushed back against him and watched the girl’s fingers as the stroked herself.

“I’m gonna cum again,” Veronica gasped, the orgasm rising up in her as she watched the girl stroke herself in vain. She wouldn’t be getting relief tonight and the thought sent her over the edge, milking the cock inside her.

“God that feels good, your cunt clenching my cock.” He growled, speeding up his thrusts, pushing her quickly toward another climax.

“Master,” the girl looked up at him, “I’m close.”

“Good girl,” he punctuated each word with a deep thrust in to Veronica, “Hands down, grab the side of the chair again.”

Her hands shook as she gripped the side of the seat, her legs shivered.

“God damn that’s beautiful.” Veronica marveled, watching the bright pink pussy pulse and leak onto the chair. She reached out again, slipping her index finger just inside the girl’s hole. She whined pitifully.

He watched Veronica teasing his pet, his orgasm swelling as she clenched her eyes shut and whimpered. Veronica was entranced, watching the girls thighs shake, feeling her internal muscles flutter and clench as she slid her finger slowly in and out, barely penetrating.

“That’s the most she’s had inside her for a good month.” He grunted, his thrusts becoming erratic.

“Poor little thing.” Veronica cooed condescendingly and he came, watching the blush bloom over her face and chest.

They collapsed together, breathing heavily.

“Come here pet.” He waved her over and she crawled on to the bed between them. He pulled her against his chest, her head nestled under his chin and after a moment’s hesitation Veronica spooned against her back, kissing him over the silky little head between them.

“I don’t know what this is but that was amazing.”

“I think what this is,” he grinned, “is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

His pet giggled between them, muffled against his chest. He smacked her rump lightly, “Cheeky slut.”

“So,” Veronica yawned and got more comfortable, “Tell me more about how this all works.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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