Predicament Ch. 03

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Jacking off Felt from horseback was really hard, considering Em had to rein his own horse with only one hand. But he kept at it, relieving his friend twice – sometimes thrice – every hour. Felt had a dazed look about him. He didn’t speak much, only tapped his friend when he needed relief, and generally just avoided responsibility. He was thick before, but now he just seemed like a traveling circus all on his own. Not in the way he acted; but in the way he looked as if he wanted to fuck whatever he was staring at the moment. That particular moment, he was staring at Em, mouth slightly open. His large cock, veiny in appearance, was still erect and throbbing. It would never let down, that much Em knew. He sighed and got to work again.

They stopped in a natural alcove forming from several large rocks. Tomorrow, they would find the stream and refreshing, refreshing water.

That also meant, that tonight they didn’t have water at all.

The only water they didhave was inside her brother and she still didn’t know how to feel about that.

She was still really thirsty and didn’t know if she would make the night. She had drank very little, mostly because she didn’t want to get entangled in the spell’s effect.

Em, once he got the fire going, dropped down and immediately went to sleep. She tried to awaken him, with little success. He had complained about his arms being sore from the constant jerking. The fact that he had even set up their camp was a testament to his strength, which was the reason she had decided to bring him in the first place. But even that had failed him tonight.

Perfect. Just perfect. This leaves me alone with that fool.

The “fool” was puffing from exhaustion on his bedroll. They hadn’t set up the tent because of the natural alcove. And of course, because of how exhausted they were, the fire was also measly. It was just enough for her to warm up. She watched Felt carefully. The reason he was exhausted wasn’t because of the travels. Ever since he’d gotten up, the boy had masturbated more than two dozen times and was stillnot satisfied. He was far too exhausted to finish himself right now, meaning Em had to do it, or Felt might risk hurting himself.

Or I could do it.

She banished that thought immediately. She wasthirsty, there was no denying that. Her throat was parched, her lips cracked, and most importantly she couldn’t focus on weaving a spell without seks hikayeleri it smothering her concentration. If they were attacked, she would be a liability, not a weapon as she used to be. Surely this was enough reason for her to get something to drink?

She decided she wouldn’t let down so easily. I can handle this thirst.

She waited one hour. Felt had gone to sleep. That would only hold the process. As soon as he was awake, his lust would strengthen, as if making up for the time lost in sleep. Her head was pounding, and her dry lips would soon crack and bleed. The days were really hot, but the nights were cold. It was a surreal climate that didn’t help a bit. She stood up and sat down next to Felt. As always, his trousers were slightly down, exposing his erect cock. It had irked her in the morning, but traveling with it out all day had taken away that strangeness. She stared at it, watching it throb slowly, as if yearning for someone to touch it. It was large, she realized. Somehow it hadn’t looked this gigantic from afar, but it was nearly as long as her forearm. She would barely be able to wrap her fingers around it.

I should wake Em up. She wanted to, but the traitorous part of her argued that he was too tired and she should start lending him a hand instead. She calmed her breathing, and slowly wrapped her fingers around his cock. It twitched in response and leaked out precum. She used her other hand and massaged the head, to spread out the precum. And then, she started stroking with both. Slowly at first, trying to test how far she could take it. His dick kept twitching in response, and then he started moving his hips in rhythm with her strokes. *He’s enjoying this far too much for his own good.*

She kept at it for a minute, and then held it more firmly and began doing it in earnest. The only thing she knew was that he would grow tense just before finishing. At least, that was what-

The first spurt hit Alice square in her left eye. And it stung.

She stopped stroking and tried to get the semen off, but it stung even more harshly. She gave up when the second spurt hit her on the nose. I’m wasting water!.

Opening her mouth and with one eye and a hand, she directed her brother’s dick so the shots would land closer to her mouth. From what Em had told her, his orgasm would last longer than a whole minute, and she intended gaziantep şişman escort to make full use of it. The trouble was, it wasn’t as straightforward considering that it spurted all over her face, barely making its way into her open mouth. She gulped down the few drops that made their way in, but there was no way it would quench her thirst completely. There was only one way to do that, and her thirst made her daring enough to do it.

She wrapped her lips around his dick and felt her mouth get blasted with ropes and ropes of cum, and she kept gulping it down, with no other care in the world. The fires of her thirst were finally being extinguished, so she didn’t notice her brother’s hand on her head, slightly holding her hair.

She did notice when he pushed her head down and started fucking her throat.

It happened so suddenly that she thought they were being attacked. But then realization hit. Her brother was far too horny. Grabbing her hair with both hands, he fucked her relentlessly, his dick hitting the back of her throat over and over. Alice thought of using a spell to make him stop, but decided against it. Part of the reason was because she thought it would hurt him.

The other, major reason was because Alice was actually enjoying it.

True, her throat hurt and she couldn’t even breath, save for a few precious moments when he would relent, before pushing her in again. Her gagging caused tears, and her left eye pained and stung so, so much. Her face was a complete mess of cum, spit, tears and dick. Each time his dick hit the back of her throat, she emitted an involuntary squak sound. That was the only sound in the cave, apart from Felt’s moans. It almost seemed comical.

Despite all of that, her sheer helplessness; the fact that she was being held and used as a toy for her brother’s pleasure with little care for said toy, drove her mad with lust. Instead of pushing away, she slipped a hand inside her sleep gown, and started rubbing her clitoris. She moaned around Felt’s cock and pleasured herself as intensely as she was getting impaled on her brother’s dick. His dick only made it halfway inside her mouth. The other half was still slick with her drooling saliva, but it was far too large to go all the way in. That small voice inside Alice’s head told her that her horniness just a side effect of drinking the spelled gaziantep sınırsız escort semen. That small voice, however was small for a reason.

A few minutes of merciless facefucking later, Felt yelled with pleasure and pushed her head. At first, he hit the block again, but slowly, it started sliding in more and more, and eventually, his dick was buried inside her throat. Her nose tickled with the small public hair he had, and worst of all, Alice couldn’t breath. She gagged and gagged over his cock, but he held her firmly. In fact, her gagging seemed to increase his pleasure. He was shooting cum straight inside her, and she couldn’t even feel its passage through her throat. Her oxygen was running out, and she saw blackness at the edges of her eyes. So ends the great mage Alice. Death by suffocation. On her brother’s cock.

She nearly passed out, but another set of strong hands held her hair and pulled her out of Felt’s cock. Sweet, sweet air filled her lungs, but some semen made its way into them too, and she started coughing. Coughing, taking in enough air to keep her alive. She had wanted to slump and lie down, but the hand still held her hair. One hand. She should’ve guessed where the other was.

She looked up, squinting with her good eye and sure enough, Em jacked off to her face, and just as she started to glare at him with her one good eye, he began cumming over her face. It was a healthy load, obviously not as large as Felt’s but still remarkable.

She tried turning away, but he held her hair too hard. She instead pinched her lips and refused to take any of his semen inside of her. She could’ve stopped him at any time, but she was enjoying it far too much to listen to logic. So ironic that I would refuse his, but take my brother’s semen.

He finally stopped, and rubbed his dick all over her face. Both his and Felt’s semen covered her completely. He smirked, rubbed his dick over her face even harder, and said “You’re enjoying this far too much for that glare.”

Which was the truth. She hadn’t stopped masturbating, and just as he said that, her orgasm came. It was the strongest Alice had ever had, and despite her strong resolution, she closed her eye, opened her mouth and started moaning. Not missing the open invitation, Em’s soft dick entered her mouth and she moved her tongue around it. His cock twitched, but it didn’t go hard again. As her orgasm subsided, she spat Em’s cock out; prompting him to laugh, and stood, wobbly making her way to the supplies. She wanted to get clean. They had no water, but she would try her best.

Alice had wanted to keepp the boys under control precisely because of this. For if she didn’t control them, they controlled her. She still wasn’t sure if that was a bad thing.

Post orgasm clarity sucked.

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