Prison Island Ch. 34

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Karl had eventually allowed him more freedom and even let him wore clothes, just so, as he said, that they would get Leon off their backs. The belt from his neck was gone, too, and although he had worn it only for a little while, Francesco still touched the skin once in a while, surprised that his fingers no longer met the leather. For a while after removing it, Karl had examined his neck and decided that he disliked seeing him marked like that.

He shuddered as he remembered Karl’s lips brushing dryly over the chafed skin. If that was a way for the fucker to apologize, he should work harder for it. But he wasn’t mad, not in the least. As long as Karl was a man of his word, and Mouse would come back home and be free, he didn’t care about small things like that.

It was a funny thing how his world had turned up on its head during the last months. It was hard to believe that not a lot was left of their sentence time, and it left him wondering if he could ever function in the real world like he used to.

He looked around, at the sky, the tall trees, and the new grass grown after the rainy days, as his mind wandered. The cut on his forearm where Mouse’s spear had sliced the skin was a scar now, and he didn’t mind it. Karl was still angry over it, so Francesco had worked his ass off to make him forget about how it got there. Ever since, he hadn’t exchanged two words with Mouse, making sure that their paths didn’t cross. It wasn’t hard since Mouse was still away every day, but the tug on his heart made it difficult once the sun set, and he knew Mouse had to be back, as he could hear him talking to the others.

He heard twigs cracking and the bushes moving before seeing who it was. Right away, he turned his back and started to walk away.

“Kekko,” Mouse called softly.

“Don’t talk to me,” Francesco said through his teeth. He started walking fast, but Mouse was light on his feet and fast, and soon, he was forcefully dragged back and forced to face him.

He couldn’t bear to look at him. If he risked one look, his resolve would go down the drain, and he couldn’t have that. It was all for a good cause, he repeated to himself over and over, while his hands closed into fists, and he kept his head stubbornly down.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. Anya told me… that you healed well.”

“Yeah. It’s fine,” Francesco said quickly. “Now, please, let go.”

“No, I cannot,” Mouse protested and squeezed his arm harder.

“Karl might come at any moment.” Francesco tried to free his arm.

Mouse was surprisingly strong for his lean frame, and getting away from him wasn’t so easy to do.

“Is it because he fucks you? I can fuck you,” Mouse said.

“Stop it,” Francesco said through his teeth. “Karl –“

“Fuck Karl.” Mouse pulled him close and kissed him hard on the lips.

Francesco wanted to fight. He truly wanted, but the soonest Mouse’s sweet lips were on his, and his tongue was in his mouth, all the memories came rushing back. The memories of those now harsh arms holding him, wrapped around him, holding him like their owner didn’t want to let go ever.

He keened into the kiss, his longing and love rushing through him like a tide. Mouse pushed him down and they were all over each other. A hand was soon in Francesco’s hair, grabbing at the sweaty strands and pulling not with anger, but with desire.

“Mouse, we cannot,” he whispered just as his hands were busy undressing the other and touching the smooth tanned skin everywhere.

Mouse was deaf to his half-hearted pleas. “I’m going to fuck you, Kekko, and you’ll forget about that asshole.”

“No, no,” Francesco protested eryaman escort meekly. He shuddered as Mouse nibbled his neck, making his body soft and pliant, save for one part.

The redhead wrapped his hand around Francesco’s hard and leaking cock. “I’ll make you feel so good, baby. I’ll fuck you so good.”

Francesco jolted as a shadow fell over them. His eyes grew wide. “Karl, no!”

Mouse didn’t have time to react at first. Karl grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up. Francesco struggled to his feet, but Mouse was not some weakling. He turned quickly and elbowed Karl in the stomach, making the other double over. It didn’t take long, and the two were rolling on the grass, wrestling and trying to get on top and hurt each other.

“Stop it,” he yelled at them.

Karl’s superior strength put him on top. Francesco hurried to hold him, but Karl shook him off. What he said took both he and Mouse by surprise. “I want to see you fuck Cesco, you fucker.”


Karl got up, not without pushing against Mouse hard. “Yeah, let’s see,” he said, a cruel and strange smile on his face.

Francesco hurried by his side. “He didn’t mean anything by that,” he said. He grabbed Karl by the arm, but he was shaken off like he had the plague.

“Get his cock hard and ride him,” Karl ordered.

Francesco didn’t understand. “What?”

Karl grabbed him by one arm. “Get there,” he pointed at Mouse who still lay on the ground, panting. “Give him a nice suck and ride his cock. Are you stupid or deaf?”

“What’s the meaning… what the fuck do you want?” Francesco protested.

“Go suck his dick,” Karl said through his teeth.

Francesco shook his head. “No. You’ll do something to us.”

Karl’s smile was crooked. “Yeah. Maybe. To you, at least.” His eyes were narrow and mean. “This is your only chance. Take it or leave it. I want to see his dick in your ass.” He barked a humorless laugh. “Don’t worry, Mouse. Cesco has a perfect whore’s ass. Still tight, even after having my cock in him every day.”

Francesco hesitated still. He couldn’t read Karl; he had no idea what the fucker wanted now. It couldn’t be good.

“Well, it’s either that, or I’ll use Mouse as my personal punching bag all afternoon. How does that sound?” Karl added.

“Like I’d let you,” Mouse said with a snort.

Francesco looked at him. His green eyes were wide, and he was licking his lips. And his cock was hard, even with all that exchange between them.

“You’re not going to hurt him,” he told Karl, as they faced each other. “If I do as you say.”

“You heard me,” Karl said. “Now show Mouse what I taught you.”

Was it a way for Karl to assert dominance once more? But he was the jealous type, Francesco tried to make some sense of the whole situation.

“Not interested,” Mouse said and made a move to get up.

“I bet his cock will go limp the moment he’s near your hole,” Karl added, still locking eyes with Francesco.

“No shit,” Mouse took the bait. “I can fuck Kekko much better than you.”

There was an unveiled threat in the dark blue eyes. Francesco didn’t care to find out more about it. He simply walked over to Mouse and pushed him down. The redhead smiled and gave him a short kiss. Then he bit Francesco’s bottom lip and pulled it into his mouth, only to release it with a loud pop. “Let’s show this bastard how it’s done.”

Francesco nodded, all the while conscious of Karl’s eyes on him. They left burning trails in their wake, or so he imagined as he knelt between Mouse’s legs and took him gently in his mouth. A warm hand sincan escort rested on his head.

“Kekko likes it gently,” Mouse said. “You’re the one who could use a lesson or two.”

Karl laughed. “You know nothing about him.”

Francesco wanted to scream at them both. They did know and didn’t know him at the same time. Why did he have to be in love with the biggest fuckheads in the universe? Mouse knew the truth, about him liking it rough, about him being a bitch on the inside. Yet, he chose not to see it.

“It’s okay, babe,” Mouse whispered. “You got that nice and slick. Let me show this asshole how you really like getting fucked.”

Having Mouse’s familiar taste on his tongue was enough to get him going. He pushed two fingers in his mouth and wetted them; then, he prepared his backside slowly, while Mouse moved his cock around and helped with some precum.

He was held gently by the back of the head and helped to get the long nice cock inside him. Mouse kissed him and teased him, using his other hand to grab his ass. Had he thought about something like that before? When Mouse had fucked Anya, Francesco had felt something strange and unfamiliar in his gut, like he couldn’t recognize the person in front of him. Yet, at the same time, the way Mouse had slammed into Anya’s bubble butt over and over had only managed to arouse him against his better judgement.

But this wasn’t the type of dicking Mouse was giving him now. No, he was so gentle that he was making Francesco’s heart split into pieces. A bold finger circled around his hole even as he was fucked.

“See, Karl? Kekko loves it.”

He did. He was letting out small breaths and moans, while Mouse guided him slowly to move his hips.

“The fuck you’re doing?”

Mouse’s harsh voice snapped him back to reality. He looked over his shoulder to see Karl opening his fly and kneeling behind him.

“If it’s a fucking competition, let’s see who the fuck wins. If any of you dares to move away, I’ll cut your fucking balls and feed them to wild dogs.”

Francesco had heard empty threats before, but a shiver of fear coursed down his back nonetheless.

“No, what the fuck?” Mouse protested.

Francesco’s breath hitched as he felt Karl trying to push in, but he pushed Mouse down, pressing against his shoulders. “Let him,” he said, the tremble in his voice a proof of what he felt inside.

“There’s no way –” Mouse grunted as Karl slid right inside Francesco.

Their cocks must be rubbing against each other inside his ass. Francesco could barely breathe. He felt so full, but most of all, he felt impossibly hard at the thought of having both of them there.

“What do you say? There’s no way?” Karl sneered. He rested his chin on Francesco’s shoulder as he used his hands to grab his hips and work him over his cock. “Looks like Cesco loves having two cocks in his ass.”

“Kekko, you okay?” Mouse murmured.

Francesco could read everything in Mouse’s eyes. No matter how fucked up the situation, Mouse was just as aroused as he was. He wondered idly how having a cock slide over must feel for the redhead.

He was stretched to his limit, and he gasped in disbelief as both his lovers began to move. He was hit over his most sensitive spot over and over, the rhythm wrong and different, as when there wasn’t one cock, there was the other hitting it. There was no reprieve. His ass was getting a real hammering.

He tilted his head back and let out a loud cry. He was coming all over Mouse’s belly.

Karl laughed. “See? A fucking whore for cock. One’s never enough.”

He etlik escort wanted to protest to that, but what was the point? The way he moved to get the most out of both of the hot rods in his ass, so shortly after coming, was the only true answer.

“So what?” Mouse breathed out.

Francesco blinked to chase away the tears hanging from his eyelids. He had come, and as his prostate was pounded like there was no tomorrow, the chances were he would head over to another climax soon. But those two, they were really in a race.

“I don’t mind Kekko getting dick from others.”

Please, don’t mention Morgan, Francesco prayed.

“I only mind you giving it to him because you don’t love him.”

Karl dug his fingers deep into Francesco’s hips, and he could swear he could hear the asshole grinding his teeth. “I love him,” Karl hissed. “You have no idea how much.”

“I love him,” Mouse said back heatedly. “I would never stop him from having what he wants.”

“Well, looks like it’s me who’s giving him that right now.” Karl was making his entire body shake with each thrust. The two heads were brushing against that perfect spot over and over.

Francesco was sure he was crying as he came a second time. It was too much.

“He loves me,” Mouse said through his teeth, “and you’re nothing to him.”

“He loves me, too,” Karl retorted.

How long were they going to take? Francesco panted as the two fuckers in his life continued to penetrate him wildly, like he was a fucking sex doll.

“Tell him, Cesco,” Karl ordered, his voice a hiss in his ear. “Tell him what you told me.”

Francesco kept his eyes closed, while the tears flew freely. “I love you both,” he whispered.

Mouse grunted. He didn’t say a word, but any trace of gentleness from before disappeared. He grabbed Francesco by the back of the head and made their lips crash. He began moving his hips faster, but in short, punitive strokes, and it was clear what he was thinking.

There was a bit of hate in that, too. Karl didn’t slow down, either.

No, you’re splitting me in half, Francesco thought, as his consciousness began to drift. Another climax hit him, and this time, he blacked out, but not before sensing hot spurts being shot deep inside his ass. Who was it?


He woke up to the sound of quarrelling.

“What was the point of this?” He heard Mouse asking.

“None of your fucking business,” Karl replied. “Cesco’s mine. Get it through your thick skull. This was a one-time thing.”

“He loves me. If you love him, let him have me, too.”

“No, no way. Be thankful I’m not breaking all the fucking bones in your body.”

Francesco groaned and struggled to get to his feet. Mouse and Karl were still naked, and their cocks were pointing down, while there was cum hanging from the tips. So both of them must have come in his ass. He could feel it pouring down the inside of his thighs.

Karl and Mouse were facing each other now, ready to fight.

“Could you, two, just… dunno, stop fighting?” he groaned as he grabbed his clothes.

“I’m in charge here,” Karl said. “Let it be clear. If this happens again, it will be bad. For the both of you. Upsy-daisy, Cesco. You need to wash that filth from your ass.”

“You mean, your nasty ass cum?” Mouse asked.

Francesco limped toward them. “Mouse, just –” he started.

Mouse batted his hand away. “Don’t worry. I get it. You have feelings for this asshole, and you think you can’t make up your mind. I think you just did.”

He grabbed his clothes and left in a hurry. Francesco made a move to rush after him, but Karl grabbed his shoulder hard. He turned toward him.

“Looks like I won,” Karl said with a smirk.

Francesco looked down and shook his head. From all the people on the face of the planet, he just had to be in love with two of the biggest idiots alive. Handling them would take everything he had.

But it was worth it.


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