Product Tester Required Ch. 06-07

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Chapter 6.

Raymond appeared through the door of the canteen, he maintained a low profile as he sauntered to a table near to the food counter and watched the antics with the pride of a well-run ship.

Raymond just sat quietly on a spare chair at a table occupied by members of his sales staff. His company was a good place to work, the workers all knew him well and he was well respected because of and not despite his well-known homosexuality.

He carried himself well as a man and even the homophobic workers could not help liking him in the way that some racists make exceptions.

He knew that even Jane was enjoying the banter and none of it caused any offense, his staff knew that he loved a joke but had no tolerance of bullying. He had negotiated that fine line between being a kill joy and political correctness, if I am still allowed to use such and outdated term.

Geraldine arrived with nothing less the than the entrance of an Extinction Level Event. “What is all this noise, how am I supposed to concentrate of the cash flow forecasts with this… What are all these pictures around the walls? who the..?, what has she..?, They’re disgusting, who’s put these up? You it’s you.” She bellowed with the finesse of a hippopotamus moments before it kills another curious tourist and pointed at Jane.

Raymond buried his head in his hands and shook his head. He fucking hated, no I mean really, really fucking hated his sister. They had jointly inherited the business from their dad and as second generation business owners the only thing that had held it all together was Raymond. He decided to remain quiet and take strategic advantage of his sister’s fucking lack of personality.

“Come here you, what’s your name, not that it matters, Human Resources will have you escorted off the premises in the next 10 minutes.” She bellowed in front of a silent audience who despised the bitch, not quite as much as Raymond did, but if witch burning was still legal in Britain, she would have a life expectancy which could be measured in the time it takes to build a bonfire.

Raymond had seen enough, he had briefly formed a plan, the details he would work out with Joanne and Jane, but he needed them both off site for a while. “Geraldine,” he called out, from the quiet spot he had been occupying, “Shut the fuck up you fucking fuck wit.”

Geraldine, stood motionless, despite her poor man management in the past, this was a public display of bullying beyond anything that had gone before.

“Right, Geraldine, Joanne, Jane, my office now and no one’s been fired,” he said in a firm, commanding voice which was loud, but not shouted. With that he left the canteen and was briskly followed by Jane and Joanne who had their heads down in utter terror and embarrassment.

The three of them sat in Raymond’s office waiting for Geraldine, who made a point of defying her brother and boss, when she arrived 15 minutes after everyone else she breezed in with a mug of coffee and scoffed at Jane and Joanne.

Before Geraldine could launch into a self-righteous defense of her outrageous behavior and vilify Jane, Raymond stated flatly, “I’m going to suspend Jane and Joanne on full pay for 2 weeks, while this situation is investigated, any essential testing will have to be conducted by management.”

Geraldine smirked as though she had managed to get her way by bullying again, “well Raymond I’m glad that the directors of the company have shown unity.”

Raymond returned the smirk, “I will get Yvonne to escort Jane and Joanne off site, but I’m going to ask you to refrain from leaving the accounts department ever again, unless I give you permission,” he finished without a hint of emotion, the way people who hate each other do.

Geraldine turned on her heel and stormed out, knowing that her temper had cost her, she resented Raymond’s more senior position in the business, but he wasn’t a liar and he meant what he said.

With that, Raymond rose and shut the office door, he picked the phone up and was dialing when Yvonne knocked on the door and peered in, “are you telepathic?” He asked looking at the phone.

“I just waited till she’d gone” she said quietly, resisting the urge to look round to see if Geraldine was listening at the door.

“Right I need a meeting,” Raymond said then pressing the intercom button spoke to his secretary, “get me Darren in here and a pot of coffee as soon as possible and I want you to contact John at the micro motor manufactures and have them available for a tel-conference in 30 minutes.”

“Don’t worry girls, I like you both a lot, which is more than I can say for my sister, your future here is as solid as a cock. Geraldine is going to get some comeuppance for her outburst this time and you’re going to help me.”

Darren was sat in the office bewildered by what he was being asked to do, “No, 5 inches, 125mm girth is the maximum we still have tooling for and 330mm is the longest that can accommodate any kind of vibration into it.”

The phone rang, it was the gaziantep zenci escort teleconference call, “Hi Raymond, we’ll be able to supply the 32 watt digital motors in the numbers you require, in two weeks if that fits in with your testing schedule.”

“Hi John, how’s the fishing been this week?”

John sounded a bit deflated, “I didn’t get to go, wife told me to clear the garage out.”

“Sorry to hear that John,” John always launched straight into business when he had been harangued into domestic chores and missed out on his fishing, Raymond knew him from old and whenever they spoke John would start by talking of his weekends fishing if he had managed to do any.

“There’s been some upset here that’s set back the testing,” explained Raymond.

“What’s Geraldine done now?” Whenever Raymond led with the subject of upset, Geraldine was always at the root.

“Same shit, different day, the reason I wanted to speak was to ask if the digital micro motors come in larger sizes.”

“They sure do, how big were you thinking of?” asked a now interested John. He knew Raymond’s tone, he was up to something.

“I’m going to ask you to discuss that with Darren, basically they’re to go into the 125mm girth 330mm long vibrating dildo.” Said Raymond with an angry edge, “don’t worry about power supply we can have an external transformer for this, I’ll just need to know the power rating in total.”

When Jane and Joanne emerged from the meeting, they had witnessed a man plot revenge for years of utterly wanton shit behavior, because she had been given a directorship and had never had to work for it.

Jane and Joanne were asked to leave the premises and promised that they would be reinstated as soon as Geraldine had been brought down a peg.

Chapter 7.

With both the product testers suspended from duty, day to day life at the company was subdued, it appeared that Geraldine had won. Raymond was busily working behind the scenes however, he had got a leading high street chain of adult shops who had done business with them periodically, but had difficulty resolving small accounts errors as Geraldine had insisted on calling them, to return a favor.

Their purchasing manager had suddenly shown interest in a new huge dildo which she had seen a prototype of and wanted to order. It was a really good order too if they could make the deadline.

Raymond was telling Geraldine about the amount of money it could generate if they could get it tested in time and push it into production. But it wasn’t going to happen, they had no one to test it.

“Surely there must be some one?” snapped Geraldine.

“No one will work in that department. You keep sacking them, why don’t you test it, but please don’t fucking sack yourself.” Said an exasperated Raymond.

Geraldine for once was speechless, Raymond was never unnecessarily rude and Geraldine had taken advantage of his good nature all his life, she was most likely borderline Sociopath.

“We would have made 120% Gross profit on the order as well, it would have made us a fortune,” Raymond finished almost feeling the resignation he was feigning.

Geraldine took the bait, the idea of losing money was too much for her to bear.

“OK I’ll test it, what’s involved?” Geraldine said, knowing that nothing was beyond her capability.

“We don’t have to worry too much about the technical tests, they’ve all been done previously on similar models. It’s the 4 minute full power test which is unavoidable.”

“What I just have to use it on myself for 4 minutes and that’s it?” scoffed Geraldine.

“That’s it.” Summed up Raymond.

“Why do we employ people to do this then?” wondered Geraldine.

“I really wonder why some people here keep their jobs,” agreed Raymond pointedly.

Geraldine entered the human test room a week later with a small suitcase, packed with enough essentials for a short weekend break. Raymond was waiting, with a cup of coffee.

“What are you doing here?” Demanded Geraldine.

“You need to have someone here, working alone regulations and it’s in our health and safety procedures that testing is done accompanied,” replied a downcast looking Raymond.

“Does it have to be you, I know you’re not a man, but I would prefer a woman,” she sniped.

Raymond let it go, “I was going to spare your feelings, but I’m not sure you have any, I asked every woman in the company, if they would take my place, please,” Raymond looked directly at his sister as he lied to her and began to have regrets, she couldn’t help the way she was, “no one would to do it.”

Geraldine didn’t look surprised.

Raymond held a very simple view about the differences in people, which is no one can help the genetic deck they’re shuffled. Since sex, skin color and sexuality are all caused by our genes it’d be wrong to dislike someone on that basis.

He took this view further, odd people with autism, even horrible people with sociopathic gaziantep escort disorders like Donald Trump really could not help it. Sure sociopaths could be unpleasant, often dangerous and often held extreme views. But to be intolerant of Donald Trump would bring us closer to his level of insanity.

He was going ahead with this because Geraldine needed to be punished, at least sociopaths understood the threat of consequences. “Have you brought a bath robe, I don’t have to see anything, just be here?”

“Yes I brought my silky robe and my toweling shower robe, now if you don’t mind I’d like to get changed.” said Geraldine ushering Raymond out of the room.

It took Geraldine 20 minutes to get prepared, she was reclined on the chaise lounge wearing the silky robe when Raymond was beckoned to return.

His sister was not completely ugly, when he had seen her relaxed or asleep she was quite pretty, but she held her face in an uncomfortable grimace or scowl for the majority of her waking hours.

Her body was hidden by the silk which clung to her skin, but she looked in great shape, a thought that Raymond did dwell occasionally because of their history. She was not a slim woman, but not massively overweight. Curvaceous may have been stretching the point, but the bulges were very womanly.

Raymond looked away and tried to banish the thoughts of her breasts to the hidden recesses of his mind.

He offered his sister a large bottle of lube and plugged the power supply in, concentrating on the task in hand which was to teach this woman with a personality disorder a lesson.

The dildo had two wires protruding from it’s base, one was the power lead, the other a controller with a simple rotary switch. This switched the dildo on and controlled its speed. For a rapidly bodged prototype it looked very professional.

The main shaft had thick veins, the bulbous crown slanted and tapered in that distinctive way everyone is familiar with. Its size was impressive, not the maximum size permitted by the standards, but very challenging.

Raymond stepped away and sat on the fucking machine with his back to Geraldine, have you ever wanted to have ago on any of this equipment sis?” He asked cautiously.

“Never mind want to, I’ve tried most of it already. I’ve got keys and the security code remember. I’ve spent quite a few lonely nights being fucked on that very machine,” she boasted, “I’m surprised that you haven’t.”

Raymond cautiously removed himself from the fucking machine and found a stool to perch on. He took a quick peek at his sister to determine whether she had started. To his complete horror Geraldine was lying with her legs wide open and had introduced a third or so of the massive dildo into her cunt.

He quickly remembered the timer, “the timer” he blurted, and set it up as Joanne had showed him when he had visited Jane’s flat keeping his back to his masturbating sister.

“Ohh fuck, Ohhh that’s good, look at me brother,” Geraldine said with lust dripping off every word.

“I’ve forgotten about the timer,” Raymond stated as flatly and as disinterested he could manage, fumbling to set the countdown to 4 minutes.

“Arrggh Oooh, fuck the timer, look how deep I’ve pushed this dildo,” Geraldine urged.

“That’s it, the timers ready when you’re ready to start the vibrator,” pleaded Raymond.

“I’m just, OOOooohh, Arrrghh, Ooooh, Aaaarrrgghhh, getting, OOOoooohhh, warmed upPPOOOoohh,” replied Geraldine from a better place than Raymond was in.

Raymond looked finally, his curiosity of why Geraldine was making all this noise was annoying him and he had never considered she would actually enjoy fucking such a big cock.

The sight that met Raymond was astonishing. Geraldine looked beautiful, for a woman. Her robe was wide open and the dildo was slowly being pushed in to her snatch nearly all the way before being more rapidly withdrawn and pushed in again.

Geraldine had both hands on the dildo and was staring wide eyed at Raymond staring wide eyed at her impaled cunt, “that’s it brother, OOooohh, watch your sister, Aaargghhh, wank.”

Their eyes met and all the scowling malevolence had left Geraldine’s face, replaced by lust and physical exertion, she looked stunning and memories of their more carefree childhood were rekindled.

Raymond had thought that he had hated his sister all his adult life, but the memories of adolescence were the strongest that he had, all of us hold strong passionate memories of adolescence. It’s the time of our first love and why those memories are so cherished in all of us.

Geraldine still held Raymond in awe despite her resentment, he was reliable and had never let her down and her reasons for her behavior to him were her jealousy. His sister was only 20 months older than Raymond and had taken his virginity when he was only 13.

He had been terrified of the emotions he had experienced as a growing young man and had failed to hide his sexuality in the later years of his schooling. It had been hell. Here he was, about to take revenge on someone he would once have died for. His first love. He could not carry on with this diabolical plan, this wasn’t him.

Geraldine’s eyes were glassy and unfocused she was building to an orgasm. Raymond had decided to stop his plan and just wished things back the way they were 15 years previously. He went and sat on the chaise lounge and massaged his sister’s tits through her silky robe.

He would help get her off as he had done years before when they were kids and tell her the truth.

“Geraldine listen to me for once,” he said looking down into her unfocused eyes, “we haven’t been close in years and I’ve tricked you.”

“How?” asked Geraldine focusing her eyes on Raymond, but still masturbating and breathing rapidly, gasping harshly, she was close.

“Please listen and try to understand,” he implored, still massaging her tits and twirling her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, “I know you’re going to cross but I think you might be have a sociopathic disorder.”

“I know I’m a sociopath,” moaned Geraldine, “I don’t want to be disliked, especially by you, but I can’t help the way I behave sometimes,” her explanation was heart felt, she slowed the pace with the dildo.

“Don’t turn the dido on, it’s been fitted with ridiculously over powered motors to punish you,” confessed Raymond still massaging his sisters tits and looking into her initially disbelieving eyes.

“Have I been that bad you’d punish me?” she implored, Raymond saw the beginnings of human understanding.

“Yes, you’ve upset a lot of people and I don’t think you’ve gained from it much,” he truthfully told her as he gently pinched her nipples, “I just want the Geraldine back who loved me as a teenager.”

“Do I deserve it,” she asked firmly, looking Raymond directly in the eye, her hands had stilled.

“Raymond, hold me, hug me,” she whispered.

Raymond lent down and held his sister for the first time in years. They pressed their cheeks together, Geraldine’s arms still held the vibrator. “Don’t let me go Raymond,” Geraldine whispered.

Raymond heard an electrical switch click and he felt slow powerful vibrations through Geraldine’s breasts, the frequency of the vibrating increased, Geraldine gasped and cried out somewhere between pain and ecstasy.

The frequency increased further, most of surface of Geraldine’s body was rippling. The closer to her cunt the greater the ripples. The parts of Geraldine that was in contact with Raymond buzzed against him or transferred the ripples to his body where the contact was firmer.

A long inarticulate gasp approaching a scream, constantly flowed from Geraldine’s lungs and her hips pounded up and down as involuntary spasms seized her. Her head moved up and sideways and down randomly.

“eehhhgg hollldd mee ttiiiggghtt,” she pleaded as even her voice vibrated.

The vibrations became even more intense, then a second later impossibly intense as Geraldine turned the remote all the way up.

She screamed and gasped and wet herself, a stream of piss showered the base of the dildo, there was the strong sweet smell of human shit as she evacuated her bowels.

Waves of vibrations traveled down her thighs and up her torso making her tits and even Raymond’s skin ripple. If Raymond had been able to see his sister’s pussy now, he would have been able to see down the edge of the dildo deep inside Geraldine’s cunt as its edges buzzed and pushed her opening wider than was imaginable. There appeared to be a half inch gap all around the dildo before Geraldine’s cunt started.

The screams became hoarse, Geraldine dropped the remote and concentrated both hands at holding the dildo deep inside her. Apart from the ripples and the rapid involuntary pounding of her hips, Geraldine remained remarkably still. After around 40 seconds of full power, Raymond broke his hold of his sister and quickly lent down, turning the remote control off.

He then withdrew the dildo from his sisters cunt, almost crying “enough, oh god Geraldine enough, you’ll do yourself permanent harm.”

Geraldine looked brain dead when he looked into her face, she was breathing hard and sweat or piss covered her entire body. He lent close to her face and kissed his sister for the first time in at least ten years.

He kissed her lips again and again then lifting his head looking into his sisters still glassy eyes asked, “Why Geraldine, I told you it was too powerful?”

“I never stopped wanting you,” she croaked seemingly on the edge of consciousness, “Why did you have to be gay? You’re the only one who ever loved me.”

“Same reason you had to be a psychopath, honey.” replied a relieved Raymond.

“We can’t sell this toy, even a psycho would think it’s too extreme, have I shit myself?”

“Sorry yes, I’ll get some toilet paper,” with that Raymond got up and cleaned up the worst of the mess, flushing it down the toilet. He returned and helped his sister up, stripped off her robe and helped her into the shower.

She had difficulty standing and Raymond stripped off and helped to shower her. When Geraldine was clean and mainly recovered, being held in her brother’s arms, she inclined her head and sought his lips with hers.

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