Psych Ch. 02

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Thanks to everyone for the great feedback regarding the first installment. Please read “Psych” before attempting Psych — Chapter 2, otherwise the characters won’t make much sense to you! While the thermostat has been turned up ever so slightly in this chapter, the integrity of the characters hopefully still remains the same. The story continues at the exact point the first installment left off.

Hope you enjoy!



Eva moved her hands up and lightly caressed Chloe’s arms with her fingertips. She couldn’t believe how soft her skin was. She felt Chloe shiver against her and the very light downy hairs on her arms stood to attention under Eva’s fingers. She became aware of two very hard points pressing into her back which seemed to be moving in slight circles with each (progressively deeper and deeper) breath Chloe took. ‘Oh for Gods’ sake,’ she thought to herself, ‘that’s the most ridiculously sexy thing I’ve ever felt!’

She felt an overwhelming desire to turn around and look at this woman who had turned her life upside down. “Chloe, I’m going to turn around now…” She heard a sniff and realized that Chloe was crying quietly into the space between her shoulder-blades. “Baby…let me see you! What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t know if I’d ever see you again.”

“Oh, Chloe…I’m sorry, baby, more than you will ever know. How can you still respect me after everything that’s happened?”

That stopped the tears. Chloe was dumbfounded. “Well, of course I respect you! Why wouldn’t I? I respect the hell out of you…” her eyes glinted naughtily “In fact I would like to be given the opportunity to show you just how much I respect you…all night long if possible…”

Eva started laughing and Chloe grinned back at her. “I love your laugh,” she said, moving her body against Eva. She shifted her leg slightly between Eva’s and rocked her leg upwards in a seemingly innocuous gesture, making contact with Eva’s mound. Eva felt something liquefy within her. Chloe sidled up her body until she was as close to her lips as she could get without actually kissing her. “And I love these lips. I’ve been dreaming about these lips since I last touched them…”

Eva could feel her breathing change as she felt the whispered words against her slightly parted, full lips. “Chlo…” she said with a groan “I’m not sure I can…”

“What, Eva, what is it you don’t think you can do?”

Eva’s eyes fluttered closed. Before she had time to think it through, Chloe’s lips were on hers, claiming hers with a tenderness and sweet passion she could scarcely believe. Almost as if in a dream, she felt a silky tongue press softly at her partially closed lips. Her will to fight left her the second that tongue touched her lips. She felt her lips part to accept Chloe’s soft probing and their tongues danced against each other. Eva felt Chloe moan against her mouth rather than heard her. It was utterly, beautifully, softly sensual and she did not want it to end.

Eventually Chloe pulled back. “Was that it Eva? Was that what you couldn’t do?” She smiled at her dreamily. “If that’s the case I’m sure glad we got it out the way…”

Eva stared at her. “You’re kind of impossible, did you know that?” Despite her mock indignation, Eva was drawn to the softest lips she had ever tasted, felt them pulling her in despite wanting and needing to take her time to get used to everything that was happening. Eva leaned forward, pressing her forehead to Chloe, resisting the younger woman’s attempts to claim her mouth again and stayed a hair’s-breadth away from the plump pink lips she was craving. She oh-so- gently leaned in, pressing her lips to Chloe’s, Chloe finally realizing through the haze of heat she was feeling that Eva felt the need to set the pace. They kissed for a long while, tongues caressing and exploring, tenderly holding each other while Eva’s comfort level increased slowly.

The last time they separated, Chloe mumbled “Fuck me sideways that was hot…” and her demeanor changed slightly. She rubbed Eva’s back, ran her short nails down her arms, raising goosebumps in their wake, then slid her hands slightly under Eva’s fitted black T-shirt so that her fingers caressed her bare skin in the hollow of her back just above the ass that she had watched undulate across the room for months. At the feel of the satiny skin, Chloe felt a physical wave of craving wash over her so strong she actually felt dizzy. She tried to pull away from Eva, but found the feel of her skin too intoxicating to release. She wanted to inhale the scent coming off Eva like a drug — it was sweet and unmercifully sensual with musky undertones that could only indicate her arousal. Chloe felt she could quite happily do nothing but smell this woman’s skin and be content.

“Eva…” Chloe said against her lips, “Eva, Eva, Eva…I’m so crazy about you…” She ran her hands down a little further, feeling the swell of Eva’s buttocks in her low-rise jeans. It was taking merter escort everything she had not to rip off Eva’s clothes, push her back onto the counter and make her cum like a volcano. She shook her head to get rid of the image, but found it stuck. She very reluctantly pulled back and sighed heavily and regretfully. “Evie, if I don’t stop now, you’re going to be naked and on top of that counter in about five seconds flat.”

Eva quirked an eyebrow at her in a bit of a challenge, being taller and more filled out than the woman in her arms.

“Oh don’t tempt me, woman! I have deceptive upper-body strength!” Chloe said half-jokingly.

“Part of me really wants to tempt you, the bigger part of me is scared to death, Chlo. I think we need to talk.” Eva grabbed her hand and dragged her to the sofa, sitting down next to her.

Chloe suddenly looked terrified, her mask of bravado deserting her. “You’re not sending me away again!”

“No,” Eva said simply, “I’m not doing that. I don’t think I have it in me to do that again. But I do have to tell you some things.” She was quiet for a while, then began hesitantly: “I know you know about David. What you wouldn’t know is that he was my first. My first everything. In the eight years since he died and I lost our baby, I’ve slept with two other men, both of them were old friends who I had an agreement with. They were unsatisfying, purely physical encounters which happened after I felt I would go crazy from loneliness and just needing someone to touch me. There has been no-one else.” Eva realized she was shaking.

Chloe gave Eva one of her deep-penetrating looks and held both her hands. “I’m here now.” She reached for Eva, pulling her head towards her chest.

“I think you’re part witch!” Eva moaned. “How do you always know exactly what to say to make me come apart at the seams?” Eva wrapped her arms around Chloe, lay her head between her breasts and closed her eyes. Within a few minutes, Eva was fast asleep, the reunion having taken too much out of her.

From Chloe’s vantage point, she could see Eva’s glossy, dark hair fanned out over her body, but more enticingly, she had a perfect view down the ‘V’ of Eva’s T-shirt to the soft swell of her breasts. She sighed happily and feasted on the view. Easing her way onto the sofa under Eva’s body, Chloe closed her eyes and eased into a deep, satisfying sleep.


Chloe started to come around first and found her body assaulted by sweet sensations, all of which seemed to emanate from one point on her body. She looked down at her chest and saw that Eva was still asleep, but her mouth was slightly open and every out breath danced over an incredibly erect nipple. She groaned to herself and wondered how she was supposed to take it slow and be rational when the woman she was crazy about practically had her nipple in her mouth?

Eva must have felt her stirring or heard her groan, because she slowly woke up. As she opened her gorgeous eyes, she saw the prominent, hard nipple right in front of her and her eyes widened. “Holy crap, Chlo! You could put my eye out with that!” she said sleepily and smiled up at Chloe, disarmed by sleep and delicious surprise.

Chloe’s heart melted at the playful tone, so she bantered back: “I had nothing to do with it! You were the one panting all over it. Nipples’ just doin’ what nipples do!”

Suddenly, the mood changed as she saw Eva swallow, look up at her with a hesitant expression on her face, then look at the nipple in front of her again. It seems she made a decision, because the tip of her tongue extended from her mouth and lightly touched Chloe’s nipple through the sheer fabric of her shirt. She tongued it hesitantly, then, as if making up her mind, her hand came up, cupping Chloe’s breast and bringing her nipple to her waiting mouth. Chloe’s breath hissed through her teeth in surprise as Eva tongued her like she was born to. She couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful woman and what she was doing to her. Her breathing was short and rasped in her throat and she could feel her hips starting to move of their own volition. As suddenly as the onslaught began it ended as Eva let Chloe’s nipple pop out of her mouth. She looked up at Chloe shyly, looking a bit shocked at herself.

“Umm…” said Chloe, “looks like you enjoyed the whole nipple-sucking thing there?” she asked her with a cheeky grin.

“Apparently,” Eva said. “But now you’ve got this big old damp spot on your top. It looks a little uneven.”

“Well, I can think of two options here — either you even it out, or the top comes off so as to prevent any further mess.”

They stared at each other for a few seconds, eyes wide. With a sudden flurry of activity, Chloe’s shirt was whipped off her body and Eva found herself confronted by one of the most beautiful sights she’d ever seen. Perky and perfect, Chloe’s braless breasts rose and fell with her rapid breathing, round and rose-tipped. As if hypnotized, escort şişli Evas head fell forward and she placed her lips over the neglected nipple which was already achingly tight and hard. Chloe’s breath sucked in again as Eva’s soft, warm tongue flicked out and encircled the nipple lightly, dancing across it.

“Hmmmmmmm….are you sure you’ve never done this before? ‘Cos that feels so…fucking…good…”

Eva’s reply of “Uh-uh” around Chloe’s nipple caused it to buzz and she squirmed and giggled. In response, Eva nipped lightly and Chloe jumped and yelped. Eva looked up at her in concern, but when she took in Chloe’s flushed face, heavy-lidded eyes and half-open mouth, she smiled at her around the bud in her mouth. She sucked in as much as she could, swirling her tongue around before allowing it to pop out with an audible sound, moving over to the other nipple and repeating. As soon as she was released, Chloe bent over and pulled Eva up to her, kissing her hungrily with an open mouth, sucking her tongue in and moaning into her mouth. She eventually let her go, lying back and gasping.

She stared at her until Eva started to feel uncomfortable. “I take it that was OK?” she asked.

“Yes, I think you can safely assume that it was…” gasped Chloe. “If that’s how talented your tongue is, I can’t wait to feel…” Chloe stopped herself, suddenly realizing she may have gone too far, but Eva looked up at her and Chloe just knew she had been thinking about it. She flashed her a mile-wide grin. “Well, now, I wouldn’t want to push the issue in the slightest, but if you HAPPENED to feel that it would be a good idea, I don’t think I could bring myself to stop you!”

“What exactly are you talking about, Chlo? I didn’t say anything!” Eva gasped.

“Eva, Eva…haven’t you realized by now that whatever this is,” she motioned up and down Eva’s body, “this façade that you have for other people doesn’t work on me? I know you. I get you. You’re an open book to me…” She said it in a teasing tone, but was deadly serious. She could see Eva try to swallow as her throat went suddenly dry.

“You have no idea how much that terrifies me.” She said quietly, looking away. “I’ve spent my entire life hiding who I am.”

Chloe placed her hand on the side of Eva’s face and caressed her cheek gently before taking her chin in her hand and turned her to meet her gaze. “I know.” She said simply. “And that’s why I’m right for you.”

Still holding her chin, Chloe leant in to kiss Eva again, aware that she would never grow tired of the feel of her soft lips, tasting salt and feeling the wetness on Eva’s cheeks before she realized she was crying. Eva didn’t make a sound, the tears just brimmed over, falling down her cheeks. “Oh, baby,” Chloe said, her voice breaking, “it’s OK, it’s OK…” she held the woman who had come to mean so much to her and once again cradled her head to her bare breasts.

Eva sighed in resignation, realizing she was where she wanted to be, then reaching out a hand she palmed Chloe’s nipple, rubbing it gently and feeling the bud of her nipple becoming turgid against her hand. Chloe moaned softly, trying desperately to hold back, but feeling the deepest ache running from the nipple in Eva’s hand to the juncture of her thighs and realizing that if things were going to continue at this pace, she may have to escape for a few minutes to take care of herself. Her moans seemed to act as a catalyst, because Eva suddenly raised herself slightly and there was a determined fiery look in her deep-blue eyes. Chloe was taken aback by her mercurial change of mood, but she could see by the look in Eva’s eyes that she would like where this was going, so she went with it.

Eva’s hands moved to her breasts and massaged them gently, then still staring into Chloe’s tawny eyes, Eva moved her hands over Chloe’s belly, caressing her hot skin and drawing gasps from the young woman beneath her. “That feels really good…” Chloe mumbled.

Eva straddled Chloe and for the briefest moment, she pressed herself into Chloe’s mound, drawing a gasp from her mouth, before slipping over to her other side. Chloe opened her mouth to object when Eva slithered down next to her and covered her mouth with her own, effectively smothering any objections. The reason for the shift became clear when Eva started moving her right hand down Chloe’s brown stomach to the top of her jeans.

“Right-handed, huh?” Chloe smiled up at her.

The only answer she got was a quick “Uh-huh…” before the hand busied itself undoing the top button then yanking at the side so that the other buttons all popped open. Still looking her in the eyes, Eva slid her hand underneath the cotton of Chloe’s panties, hesitated slightly when her hand came into contact with the small patch of soft fuzz she found there, then slid over her mound, cupping her. Chloe breathed heavily, then feeling a strong desire to watch that beautiful hand with its’ long, brown fingers, esenler escort she finally broke eye contact with Eva and gazed down, transfixed by the sight of Eva’s hand tucked into her jeans, under her panties. Everything started to take on a slightly surreal quality for Chloe. Five minutes ago she was trying to rein herself in and now the person she was trying to be so considerate towards had apparently decided that ‘taking things slowly’ included gliding a hand under her panties and perhaps, God-willing, to finger her into oblivion. Chloe knew there was absolutely no way she had the willpower or remotest desire to stop her now.

Almost imperceptibly, Eva’s hand began to move. Her index finger dipped, finding the top of Chloe’s slit and making her gasp, loudly, her breath starting to rasp. So slowly Chloe thought she might be imagining it, the finger made inexorable progress down, down until… Eva’s eyes widened. “Umm…”Chloe said, smiling sheepishly, “I think I may be a little wet…”

Eva dropped her head to Chloe’s ear and whispered “No, love, that’s not wet, that’s soaking…” Chloe shuddered, not knowing if it was being called ‘love’, the feeling of Eva’s breath in her ear or her finger teasing her pussy. The finger dipped down further, finding the source of the wetness, then pulling up again, gently rubbing the fluid into the top of Chloe’s slit, sliding across the shaft she found there, over and over again.

“Oh…my…Gooooooddd!!” Chloe groaned. “You don’t know what you’re doing to me! I’ve wanted this, imagined this for so long I can’t hold back…I can’t…”

Again, the voice whispered softly into Chloe’s ear: “Then don’t…Cum for me…I want to watch you cum…I want to feel your hot juice gushing all over my hand…Cum for me, Chloe…”

Chloe’s response was a garbled “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….Evieeeeeeeeeeeee….” Chloe’s eyes clamped shut as she felt the tension building up, then as the pad of Eva’s finger made a last swipe over her clit shaft, she felt Eva move her finger down and she came into contact with Chloe’s aching clit for the first time. Chloe felt the slow, static hang that happened just before her pussy spasmed over Eva’s hand and she came convulsively, grabbing Eva’s hand with her own. She lay there, trying to catch her breath, then looked over at Eva who was still staring at her own hand down the front of Chloe’s jeans as if she couldn’t quite believe what she had just done. Her mouth was slightly open and she was deeply flushed. Chloe felt a rush of disquiet, then panic when she saw Eva’s expression. She knew that look and she could feel her brain beginning to shut down. She knew she had to act quickly.

Eva was shocked. She couldn’t help it. She had just masturbated a patient to orgasm. OK, so maybe they weren’t seeing each other anymore, but just the acknowledgement of that taboo sobered her instantly. She could feel herself pulling back, but was so very aware of how Chloe would interpret that, so she tried her best not to make it obvious. She slowly pulled her fingers out of Chloe’s wetness, hyper-aware of the fact that she could feel a deep, heavenly pulse in the soaked flesh. Part of her wanted to pull Chloe’s jeans off and immerse herself in her throbbing wet warmth, while the rest of her wanted to run as fast as she could.

She looked at her hand and saw the glistening juices on her fingers for the first time. She couldn’t help herself — she raised her hand to her face, forgetting Chloe completely in the sudden rush of pounding desire she was experiencing, and she inhaled Chloe’s smell. Her jeans and panties had trapped the essence of her, but the smell coming from her fingers was unmistakable. She realized her hand was trembling and almost before she knew what she was doing, she took her fingers into her mouth and tasted another woman’s arousal for the first time.

When she heard Chloe gasp, she looked up and saw the naked lust on Chloe’s face at witnessing the intensely intimate gesture and she froze. Now she felt like back-pedaling in earnest, feeling so naked she couldn’t meet Chloe’s eyes. The expression on Chloe’s face changed to one of understanding, and Eva felt her hands being grasped.

“Look at me.”


“I said look at me, Eva!”

Eva raised her eyes and found herself captured by Chloe’s loving gaze. “That was really brave and you really didn’t have to do it, but I am so very glad you did. Now you know you can. I think, though, that you maybe pushed yourself too hard and that just maybe, you need to forget about seducing me and let the experienced gay in the village take control, huh?”

Eva flushed again, but held Chloe’s gaze. “Hmmm…it’s the control thing, isn’t it?” She stared at Eva thoughtfully, then it morphed into an expression Eva didn’t recognize, but made her entire body tingle. Chloe just looked at her with a slight frown crinkling her forehead and chewing slightly on her lip for the longest time.

“What, Chlo? You’re making me really uncomfortable here…”

“Are you good at everything you do?” Chloe asked.

“Probably not, but I’m usually good at anything I really put my mind to. Why?”

“You’re a serious over-achiever, aren’t you?”

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