Punished for Lying Ch. 02

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Ch. 02- The S and S Treatment

By PDeanMurphy ©

Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. If you are not a fan of spanking, anal punishment, anal sex, implied or actual incest then please go look for something that is more to your liking. Thanks, Dean

As soon as Dean walked in the door and saw his Aunt [actually his 2nd cousin] he knew that he was probably in trouble and her words just kept going through his mind as he stared at her.

“It took you long enough to get down here young man and yes I knew you were in the closet watching the entire time. Let’s have a little talk.”

“It took you long enough to get down here young man and yes I knew you were in the closet watching the entire time. Let’s have a little talk.”

“It took you long enough to get down here young man and yes I knew you were in the closet watching the entire time. Let’s have a little talk.”

Dean could just keep hearing Aunt Ginny say those words. Finally he heard “Dean” “Dean”

“Dean.” Finally on the third “Dean” he looked at Aunt Ginny and walked towards her slowly.

“Did you want to talk to me Aunt Ginny?”

“You can drop the aunt Ginny and just call me Ginny, we are past that point don’t you think?” Ginny said to him as he sat across from her. “I know you were in the closet watching the entire time. While I know you did not plan on seeing what happened you did nevertheless.” She said with a smirk on her face.

How could you possibly know that I did not plan on watching what happened Ginny?” Dean inquired?”

I was going to take Cindy into her bedroom when I saw you dash into the spare room so I decided to play out what was going to happen to Cindy in front of you to see how you would react.” Ginny replied.

“You wanted to see my reaction?” Dean asked confused.

“Yes I wanted to know how it would affect you and judging from what I see in your trousers my hunch was right on the mark. It turned you on and you are still thinking about it as we sit here right now.” Ginny said to him again grinning at his discomfort. Dean only blushed when he realized that he had a huge erection and it was clearly showing through his trousers.

“Knowing that you were clearly turned on by the scene you witnessed I have a job for you and you will enjoy it I hope as much as I will.” Ginny said to Dean

“What kind of job do you have for me that I am going to enjoy? Most jobs are boring and don’t pay well either.” Dean offered in response.

“This job does not pay anything but you will accept it I assure you.” Ginny said with a laugh as she got up to get herself another drink.

“Okay, so what is this job that I am going to enjoy so much?” Dean asked.

“You are going to punish me just like I punished Cindy only you are going to be more severe than I was with Cindy” Ginny replied.

“I am going to punish you? What did you do that requires you being punished and why me? Dean quickly asked of Ginny.

“You heard me say it twice during Cindy’s punishment that I would have to make amends for not being strict enough with Cindy and the only way I can think of to remind me of that is for you to punish me so that I do not forget it anytime soon.” Ginny said looking him straight in the eyes.

“Just how am I to punish you?”

“You saw what I did to Cindy and you are going to punish me in the exact same fashion but I expect that you will find a way to impress upon me that I should not have waited so long to punish Cindy.” Ginny told him as she sat back down in front of him.

Ginny looked at him and said, “Do you have any questions?”

Dean said, “Oh I have a few.”

“First, what am I to spank you with?”

“Second, Am I to punish your asshole like you did to Cindy?”

“And third what am I to do to make it more severe than what Cindy received?” Dean asked rather quickly without letting Ginny answer.

Ginny smirked at Dean’s questions and just told him that she expected him to improve on what she had done in both aspects. She would not deny whatever punishment he came up with.

Dean Said, “I have a couple of things in mind for both of those issues and I think I can take care of this if that is what you really want me to do. So when are we going to take care of this without Cindy being around?”

Ginny told Dean that they would take care of it tomorrow because Cindy would be gone in the morning and would not return until later in the evening. She did give him a questioning look and then said, “What do you mean by both issues?”

Dean started laughing at Ginny and then said,” Why your ass and your asshole of course.

“Well I am going to bed and I will see you in the morning.” Ginny offered as she got up to go upstairs.

Dean sat downstairs for a bit thinking of what he could use on Ginny the following morning and he already knew that he would use the same paddle and the dildo that Ginny had used on Cindy. He was going to have to come up with something but thought he should go to bed and think about it there. It was not long and gaziantep ucuz escort he was asleep.

The following morning Dean was up early and he found the other two items he wanted to use to spank Ginny with and he found two other items to use to anally punish her with as well. He was ready to go when Ginny told him it was time. Cindy was up early as well and asked Ginny and Dean what they were going to do today and Ginny just told her that she was going to spend the day showing Dean around the farm and other points of interest. Dean just smirked at the point of interest comment and sat down for breakfast. When they were all finished they cleaned up and a car pulled up in the driveway signaling Cindy to leave.

As soon as Cindy was gone Ginny looked at Dean and said, “I saw the smirk at the points of interest comment. Meet me in the barn in 15 minutes and we will begin.”

Dean just nodded and went towards his room to get the items that he had gathered to use today and with that completed he headed towards the barn.

When Dean entered the barn he looked around for a bit and then noticed Ginny standing at the far end. He walked towards her and then realized that Ginny had a saw horse type of apparatus set up to use for her spanking. Dean looked at her and said “What are you waiting for get rid of the clothes and let’s begin.”

Ginny immediately started to take off her clothes and Dean stood and watched her as she slowly took off each item. Ginny took off her blouse and then took off her bra showing Dean two very nice breasts that did not sag near as much as he thought they might. She had long nipples that stood straight out at him and he marveled at how lovely they were. Ginny unsnapped her pants and took them off and he was shocked to see that she was not wearing panties. She was almost devoid of hair with only a landing strip remaining. Dean loved the bald look and he hoped he would get the opportunity to explore her further than just a spanking.

He asked Ginny to turn around and was greeted with a very well-proportioned ass that looked like she was still in her teens since it was taught and smooth. Dean told Ginny that she should get ready to begin her punishment and she started towards the saw horse. Dean stopped her quickly and said, “You are forgetting you are the one being punished and I am the one who decides what happens. I want you over here in front of me on your knees.”

Ginny looked at him with some concern since this is not what she was expecting. “I want you to undress me and then I expect you to take my cock as far down your throat as you can take it.”

Ginny complied with Dean’s command and once she had him undressed she took his cock into her mouth and she began to slowly suck on Dean’s cock and balls until she could tell that he was getting close.

Dean looked down at her and said, “I want you to take it all and when you are finished you are to clean me up and then go over and bend over the sawhorse.”

Ginny continued to run her tongue over the head of Dean’s cock and made long deep strokes into her mouth as far as she could go. Ginny had never been forced to suck a man’s cock before and she had only taken the head in her mouth on one previous occasion. This was all knew to her but she wanted to complete whatever Dean told her she had to do as part of her punishment. In her mind she felt what she was doing was what she deserved for not being stricter with Cindy when she was younger.

It was not long and she could feel Dean’s cock getting bigger in her mouth and she knew that he was getting close. A few minutes passed and then Dean erupted into her mouth with several strong ropes of come. Ginny swallowed it as fast as she could and a small amount went down the sides of her mouth. She eagerly cleaned it up and then proceeded to clean Dean as he had instructed her to do. When that was finished she got up and went over to the sawhorse and spread her legs wide revealing herself to Dean as she leaned over waiting for Dean to start.

Dean walked over to Ginny and placed his hands on her very wet pussy. She was obviously aroused at what she had done and her wetness was flowing down the insides of her thighs. Dean placed his fingers at the entrance of her pussy and shoved a finger into her causing her to thrust forward. Dean continued for a bit and then shoved two fingers into her and they went in easily so he added another. Dean then quickly pulled his hand out of her pussy leaving her pussy gaping and wanting more.

Dean quickly started to spank her ass with his hand with fast even moderate strokes covering her entire ass. Dean noticed the hand prints that he was leaving on her ass but was sure they would leave once he started using the paddles. Dean gave Ginny at least 100 smacks to her ass and then abruptly stopped what he was doing.

Dean walked around in front of Ginny and simply said, “Open.”

Ginny opened her mouth and he started to fuck her mouth again. Dean looked down at Ginny and gaziantep ukraynalı escort said, “I need you to get me hard so that we can continue with your punishment. And with that he grabbed Ginny by the head and fucked her mouth until he was hard.

Once Dean was hard he walked up behind Ginny and again started playing with her pussy. This time he drew the moisture from her pussy up and over her anus until he had it good and wet. He then proceeded to shove his middle finger up her ass and watched to see her reaction. He did not see much reaction so he inserted another finger as well. He then began pumping then into her ass in slow even strokes for about 5 minutes. Dean then said, “Since I am going to punish you in much the same manner as you did Cindy I decided to work you up in steps until we reach the final toy that I have selected for your ass. I hope that you enjoy all of them.”

Ginny looked back over her shoulder at Dean when he said all of them and said, “I only used one dildo to punish Cindy.”

“I realize that you only used one to punish Cindy and I will use that one as well. I have one to use before that and two that are slightly larger than it as well so your ass will never again forget.” Dean answered with an air of superiority.

Dean then walked over to a shelf and grabbed a tube of KY and began to rub it into Ginny’s ass. After it was ready to go and Ginny was lying with her face turned Dean applied the KY to his hardened cock. Dean walked up to her and in one thrust ran his cock up Ginny’s ass. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting fast and hard as he listened to Ginny’s grunts and ooh’s and aah’s as he continued to punish her asshole. Dean pounded Ginny until he could take it no more and with his still hard cock in her ass he began to spank her again with his hand while he listened to her moans. “You really have a nice ass cousin you know that and I am going to enjoy fucking it off and on today.”

Dean again continued you thrust into Ginny’s ass until he finally came with a loud grunt and then a well-placed smack across Ginny’s ass cheeks after he pulled out. “I am so glad you gave me that blowjob earlier this morning. I knew that I could last much longer that way.” Dean said with a bit of a laugh in his voice.

Dean decided it was time to up the ante a bit so he picked up the child’s plastic whiffle ball bat that he found in the closet. It was only about an inch in diameter but he was sure that it would leave some nice marks and the sting should be felt without a problem. Dean stood behind Ginny and then began to swing the bat and listened to the snap, snap, snap sound as it landed repeatedly on Ginny’s ass. “What the hell is that thing?” Ginny cried out to Dean.

“Oh it’s only a child’s bat that I found in the closet last night after you went to bed. You told me I was to make it more severe than what Cindy received and that is exactly what I am doing.” Dean replied.

Dean continued to give Ginny about 50 smacks across her ass with the bat and then he stopped to look at his handiwork. He could see lines across her ass where the bat had struck. Much like belt marks just not as wide. “I think it’s time for a little change and since you were so fond of this dildo last night I am going to use it on you just so you know how Cindy felt. Remember it’s only the second item and I have two others left that will definitely enlarge your asshole.” Dean laughed.

Dean lubed the dildo and then slowly shoved it up into Ginny’s ass. He then proceeded to give her stroke after stroke with the dildo into her upturned ass. Dean continued to thrust the dildo into her ass for about 20 minutes never stopping for a break and his arm was getting tired. He was sure however that his arm felt better than Ginny’s ass. Dean finally pulled the dildo from her ass and then picked up the paddle that Ginny had used on Cindy the night before.

“I am not going to count the strokes that I am going to give you I am simply just going to paddle you until I get tired of each implement.” Dean said and with that he began to paddle Ginny.

Ginny was able to hold on for a time but the repeated almost constant swats finally took their toll and she started to move her hips side to side trying to avoid them and her oohs and aahs became almost constant after each repeated blow to her already reddened ass. Dean took delight in making her acknowledge each and every blow. Dean also noticed that the wetness along her thighs was much heavier than it was when he started. He knew that what he was doing was turning Ginny on.

Dean also knew that this was supposed to be a punishment spanking and he wanted to make sure that she was satisfied in that account as well. Dean had finally tired of the paddle and decided that since his cock was as hard as steel again that he would again take Ginny’s ass. He walked behind her and then with a quick thought he shoved his raging cock into her pussy on one full stroke. Ginny quickly turned around and looked at gaziantep üniversiteli escort him glaring and said, “What the hell do you think you are doing I am not on birth control.”

Dean just looked at her and continued to pump in and out over and over and then pulled his cock free from her pussy and shoved it into her ass. He continued to stroke into her ass, holding her hips until he came. Once Dean had finished he walked around to Ginny and said “Clean it.”

Ginny just looked at him but did as he asked. She licked and sucked on Dean’s cock until it was clean. Dean then pulled from her mouth and walked back behind her and told her it was time to up the ante so to speak. He walked to the bench and opened a bag that had a summer squash in it. It was long and yellow with a neck on it that had to be about three inches in diameter. He had shaped the end of it so that it was smooth.

Dean walked the squash up in front of Ginny and said this dear cousin is what is going up your ass next. I hope you enjoy it. Remember you told me to be more severe and that is what I am doing right now.

Dean walked up behind Ginny and picked up the KY tube and squirted a large amount into her awaiting asshole. He then covered the end of the squash with a good dose as well and then placed the end of the squash against her asshole. He started to slowly push and he told Ginny to push as well. It took some time but her tight anal ring finally allowed it to pass and Dean carefully pushed the squash up her rectum until it would go no farther.

Dean left the squash up her ass for a few minutes and then he proceeded to use long slow strokes taking the squash out and in, out and in. Ginny was almost beside herself. Her hips were gyrating and she came from the repeated thrusting in her ass. The fluid ran down her legs in a stream. Dean continued to ream out her ass with the vegetable for about 15 minutes and then pulled it out again with one strong pull leaving her anus gaping. Ginny let out a large breath of air and her chest and head went down as she waited for what Dean would do to her next.

Dean gave her a few minutes and then walked up to her and with his hands behind his back he told her that the last implement he would use on her ass today was one that he found in the house. He looked at her and said, “I thought it fit the moment and the words on it were inspiring.” With that he pulled a paddle made of wood out in front of her and read the inscription, “Spare the Rod and use this Paddle.”

“Quite fitting for the moment don’t you think cousin?” Dean said with a smirk.

“Are you crazy that’s an old fraternity paddle. It was made for each and every pledge in the fraternity. I had to work very hard to steal it away from them and it is not made to be used. It is a decoration for my room.” Ginny said with a real sense of concern on her face.

“Well this little decoration will have a lot more meaning when we are through with it today. You should not have stolen it and today I will make sure that you know the error of your ways.” Dean said as he walked behind her.

Dean lifted the heavy paddle and began to blister her ass with it. He gave her stroke after stroke after stroke with it. Her bottom had gone from light red to red to crimson and now was approaching purple. Ginny was howling with each and every stroke that Dean gave her. She was crying and sobbing and begging him to stop to no avail. Dean continued to spank her with it until he decided she had enough and his arm was tired.

Dean glanced down at his watch and noticed that it was after 5 p.m. and that he had been at this for over 6 hours already today. He knew that Ginny had to be exhausted and he was willing to give her the last item on his list for her punishment. Dean asked her if she was comfortable and she just shook her head yes.

Dean told her he was going to complete her little punishment with one last item and then he would let her rest. Dean walked over and got another Squash that was over three inches in diameter and he lubed it up and began to shove it up Ginny’s ass. Ginny screamed at him when it finally gave way and went in passed her sphincter. Ginny had never been stretched so far in her life. She thought that she would never be able to walk again after Dean shoved it up her ass and then he began to pull it and shove it in again fucking her ass with the huge vegetable. Dean fucked her ass with it for over fifteen minutes and then he stopped with it completely up her ass. Dean again walked over to the table and took an electrical dildo that was about two inches around out of the bag. He placed the head of the dildo at Ginny’s pussy and shoved it in as far as it would go.

Dean plugged in the vibrator and then took tape out and taped it firmly around her thigh so that it would not come out. He also made a loop of tape or two around the squash and around her thighs so that it would not slide out easily. Once he was finished he switched on the dildo and the humming began. Ginny immediately went crazy. Having a huge vegetable up her ass and the large dildo in her pussy was driving her crazy. Dean walked over to her and said, “You just lay here and rest and whatever you do make sure that the squash stays in your ass until morning. If I come back in the morning and find it is not there I will have to repeat this little sequence all over again. It looks like this indeed might be the best S and S session you have ever had.”

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