Punishment for Piggy Ch. 03

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Punishment for Piggy Chapter 3– conclusion

A kinky professor disciplines his submissive wife.

*** The Spiral Staircase ***

“Spread your ass!” Frank snarled, now with a lusty anger to his voice. His fat 8 inch cock was angry, too.

“Oh, Frank.” Piggy said as she looked back over her shoulder. She reached back with both arms and grabbed her cheeks. She pulled her big round butt wide apart.

“Yeah, that’s it.” Frank said. Miss piggy had a cute little backdoor, a darker brown than the rest of her charms. Frank dipped a finger in the greasy thick lube and jabbed it right up her little brown butt hole.

“Ummm,” piggy squirmed. He worked the greased finger deep up her ass. Then slowly back out again.

“Yes, just what naughty piggies deserve— a good old fashioned butt fuck!”

Ralph and I looked at each other. His eyes were fixings to bug out’ his head. He passed the pipe and lighter.

“Oooo!”she flinched. Her big butt jiggled, perched delightfully over the small ottoman. We could see her red face in the mirror, her eyes were cast to the floor. Her mouth hung open, and her pigs nose was in place. He sawed back and forth.

“Relax for me, sweetheart! You know how to do it!” He seemed to take pleasure in driving his fingers in and out of her tight little butt, he had a satisfied, smug grin on his face.


But Frank’s anal foreplay only lasted so long. I guess he was impatient to cram his complaining dick up his wifey’s ass. He quickly rubbed the thick lube up and down his long shaft, then took his place behind her wide butt. He pressed his fat dick head firmly against her cute little ass hole. “Hold still, Miss Piggy. Here it comes the hard part!”

“Oh, no, FRANK!!'” she protested, and squirmed.

“C’mon, sweetheart. You know you can take it!” He took aim again. “You always do.” Frank pressed harder.

The big cock found the mark. The mushroomed dickhead overcame her resistance, and disappeared up the woman’s shapely butt. “Ummm, yeah,” he grunted.

“OWWWW,” Piggy protested, with a loud groan, as Frank buried a few more inches up her butt. “IT HURTS, FRANK!!” she cried.

“UMM, yeah, me too, baby, me too.” Frank lied as he pushed in a little deeper.

“EEEE!” Piggy shrieked and gritted her teeth. He eyebrows were wrinkled on her pretty pouting face.

Frank grabbed her hips. He worked a few more inches up her butt, then out a few inches, then another steady thrust forward, At least Frank was being patient about corking his fat dick up her ass.

“We might have to cram your new dido back in, sweetheart!” Frank mused.

“Oooh, Frank!”

For some reason, a Barry White song kept pounding in my brain.




Frank grunted the pushed forward again with more force.



“OH, YEAH!” Frank held her hips tight and steamed in again, right up her butt. “That’s it, that’s good.”

“IIIIIIIEEE,” the butt fucked little lady cried.


She gritted her teeth and looked up, “Owww, Frank!”

“AHHH!” he began a steady butt fuck, in and out of the lady’s tender backdoor.


“EEEEEE!!” she screeched. The long cock disappeared up the lady’s tight butt hole. Like a train leaving the station, the big prick began to pick up speed.

“EEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!” The blonde screamed. Big Frank got a bit carried away with his stroking, and his dick popped out of her ass.

“Shit!” he said. He wasn’t ready for such an early exit. I watched the lady squirm, and Frank’s determined efforts to repack her ass with his cock.

“OOOOH,” she squealed.

A different version of Barry’s song jumped into my mind.




Eventually Frank found pay dirt and sunk in deep. “Yeah,” the grizzly bear grunted. He began a steady in and out as Miss Piggy grunted wiggled her butt.



“Not SO HARD, FRANK,” Piggy complained.


“Sorry, babe,” Frank said lustfully, “My COCK’s gotta MIND of its own” Her cute face scrunched up again.

“OoooooH!” Piggy looked back at her husband, with her teeth clinched, taking her rough ride.”AAAHHHHHHH,” she screeched, xslot as Frank busted up her ass.

“AHH-YEEEE,” the lady’s butt hole took his hot cock.



“Ralphie!,” Frank suddenly looked to Ralph, “It looks like you’re fixing to split your pants over there, maybe Miss Piggy could help you out with that.”

“WHAT?” Ralph asked, surprised.

“In Miss Piggy’s mouth,” Frank said, “she’d love another dick to suck.”

“FRANK!” the woman exclaimed.

“Well, I, I,” The Ralphster was searching for just the right words, “FUCK, BRAH, OK!”

Ralph didn’t have to be asked twice , he stood up, dropped his pants, and yanked down his boxer shorts. A hard sausage was already present.

“Well, fuck me.” Just as I suspected. I’ll be damned if he didn’t have a whopper sized PRONG waving between his legs. The collegiate duffus was hung like a pony. His naughty nine incher stood up at attention. His big bone sprang out of his shorts and Ralph took a seat. Ralph didn’t fuck around. Before the lady barely had time to look up, he had packed her mouth with fat cock.

Once again, the woman started her delightful dick sucking, this time on Ralphie’s throbbing tumescent hose. I watched the little pigs nose on her pretty face and her full lips, spread in a wide O around Ralph’s fat dick, as she went up and down the hard shaft with her cock sucking mouth. I couldn’t believe it when she went all deep throat on the Ralphster’s full major Jones.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” The Ralphenhoffer crooned. “Suck it, biziatch!”

“Ahhhh,” Ralph’s eyes got wide as the woman attacked his cock with her mouth. The aroused young man seemed to have an effect on the sucking woman. She groaned and ate his dick with a fervor.

“WHOA!” The Ralphster responded.

Frank picked up the big blue dildo, and turned in on full blast. He reached down and worked it up his wifey’s tender cunt. “There’s my good little three hole slut!”

“OOHH,” she protested, but it didn’t matter. The woman was soon triple stuffed.

The humming sound had returned to the room, accompanied by the grunts and groans of what had become a most lascivious affair. “Cram it in nice and DEEP!”

“UuuMMM,” she moaned as she worked her lips up and down Ralph’s stiff member. Frank however, had emergency backdoor plans now. His urgent cock was feeling insistent. He had a hard, steady butt fuck going. He could feel the vibrations, as he fucked her ass. Her little butt hole was really taking it now.

Frank slapped her butt with hands. SLAP. “Suck the Ralphster good, Miss Piggy!”

Ralph sat in the the wooden chair with his legs well spread. His eye were about half closed and his breathing was deep and heavy. His fat log poked out at the woman. She had her face down at his balls and was licking the hairy sac and sucking his nuts with her hot mouth. Her mouth returned to the head of his dick and she took him in her mouth. She began a quick bob of her mouth up and down the fat cock head.

Ralph reached down and grabbed two handfuls of juggs. He worried the hard nipples with his fingers, pulling, pinching, and playing with the heavy tits, like they were his personal play toys.

“Let’s hear ya Piggy!” SLAP. Frank said, and bought an open hand down on her big ass cheeks with a SMACK.

The lady raised her mouth off the wet dick. “OINK! OINK! OINK!” She said, then immediately filled her mouth with the wet dick again.

Frank chucked, “Yeah, that’s my good little Piggy!”

Frank kept up his steady ass fucking, slapping his wife’s sore butt with his bare hand here and there, soliciting squeals and oinks from her stuffed piggy mouth. The suckling and butt fucking continued on, while the dildo hummed incessantly. The two horny men used the little piggy like a rag doll, fucking her ass and mouth at the same time.

I suddenly concluded that I had the smallest dick of the bunch. “FUCK,” I thought, “that ain’t no good!” I looked down at my once proud porker. Not that I’m small, per se, “but next to these two log jammers. . .”

“AWWW, YEAH!” Ralph gave a groan. He was panting now, and sweat dripped off his forehead. The lady held Ralph’s heavy balls in her hand, and fondled, stroked and massaged the wrinkled nut sack. Her mouth rolled over the head of cock before bobbing up and down.

Frank was butt fucking his wife like it was nobodies business. His fat dick was a blur as it sawed in and out of his wife’s red butt. Her straight blonde hair swayed back and forth as she sucked and got pounded from behind. To and fro, forward and aft, front and rear.



The Ralphsters’s xslot Giriş mouth hung open. He was panting like a dog now. “Uuh, Uuh, Uuh, Uuh,” He gritted his teeth. “OH YEAH!” Sweat poured down his face. “AHHHH!!” Ralph let out the war cry and screamed, with grimace not unlike pain, painted on his face. I heard the wet slurping sounds Ralph exploded in her mouth. Piggy kept her lips rolling over the panting dick as it spurted its load.

“YEEESSSS!!!” Ralph grunted and creamed hard in the lady’s warm mouth. I watched a big roll of thick jism escape Piggy’s mouth and drool down the Ralphster’s fat dick, as she sucked him off.

“UMMMMM!!” the lady seemed to be cumming, yet again. She jammed the big humming dildo deep up her pussy, and shook and groaned.

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Frank yelled so loud, one would have thought HE was the one getting butt fucked. He lunged forward, and blasted her well fucked anus with his horny cum load. He stabbed into her butt hole, over and over, while he unloaded his heavy balls. The little lady got it on both ends as the men creamed, with a raucous roar of pleasure.

The three exhausted fuckers groaned and panted. Ralph sat back in his chair, huffing and puffing, his big dick finally retreating, while Miss Piggy and Frank collapsed on the floor. All three rested in the after glow of their exhausting cums. I noticed the lady’s hands had come to rest on her husband’s spent dick.

“Brendan, I guess you feel a little left out, huh?” Frank asked. Suddenly all three eyes were on me, and I became very self conscience. “Drop your drawers, now Brendan, and get in the suck off seat!”

“Well, I, I’m not really used to, you know, an audience, Frank, it’s a little weird, ya know what I mean?” I said. “You know, with everyone watching and shit. I mean—what the fuck!”

“He’s shy, Frank,” Piggy said, “I think it’s sweet.”

Frank nodded to his wife, and she got up and stood in front of me. She held her hand out.

“Go with Miss Piggy now, Brendan. She ‘ll take you upstairs, ya fuckin’ pussy!” Frank laughed.

“GO FOR IT, DUDE!” The Ralphster yelled. I followed.

“And Piggy, see to it he’s well PUSSY WHIPPED!” Frank said, and he and Ralph laughed again.

The woman took my hand and led me to the corner of the room. A red spiral staircase ascended to the upstairs. Piggy led the way. Her long legs slowly climbed the staircase. I followed up the circling steps, her butt just inches in front of my face. Her ass twitched from side to side, like the swinging charm of the hypnotist, and I quickly fell under its spell. I would have followed that butt anywhere.

“Have fun!” I vaguely heard Frank say. My pulse raced.

We walked a darken hallway, with a Picasso painting on the wall, then turned into a large room, with a feather bed. I quickly stripped off my clothes, and she pushed me onto my back. She straddled on top of me and pressed her mouth to mine. Our lips played together, as her hand reached down and played with my swollen cock.

Suddenly she came forward, and sat on my chest, with her long legs well spread. She grabbed a handful of my hair.

“Lick my pussy, Brendan,” she said, a breathless whisper, then pressed her hairy wet lips to my mouth.

***** A Collegiate Farewell *****

I’m not going to go into detail about everything that happened upstairs. It’s just too personal. Suffice it to say, I descended the spiral staircase drained and satiated, my mighty man sausage, shriveled, and content.

I came back to the living room to find Ralph and Frank smoking their cigars, and drinking heavily.

“FUCK, that’s good whiskey!” The Ralphster said, and raised his glass high, to get the very last drop. He noticed my standing there, and a big sloppy grin came to his face.

“WHOO HOO!!!” Ralph drunkenly said, when he saw me. Ralph seemed to be having the time of his life. He held a hand in the air. “HIGH FIVE!” he said, and puffed on the fat stogie. I slapped his hand. “HOW WAS IT?”

“I think we’d better be going, Ralph,” I said, “it’s getting late.” I suddenly remembered, I had a effin intramural rugby match the next morning, at 7am. I had forgotten all about it. “What a pain in the ass,” I thought to myself, imagining the way I would feel in the morning, some 7 scant hours from then.

When it was time to leave, Frank shook our hands, and asked us to respect their privacy—and never return again to their house.

“OK, Frank,” I said, though I was a little hurt—I thought we had become friends, we could at least, get a sandwich sometime, or— “no problem,” I said. We stood outside his front door and looked back one more time at the kinky couple. They stood in the doorway. Frank had his golden robe on, and his arm around his xslot Güncel Giriş wife.

“Say good night to the nice men, now, sweetheart,” he said. “Then we’ll see about fucking that sweet pussy of yours.” Piggy shot me a quick glance.

She waved at us. “Oink Oink Oink,” was all she said. I saw one last grin on Frank’s face before he pushed the front door shut.

We made our way down the driveway without saying much. It was a pleasant pacific night, quiet and cool. A quarter sliver of yellow moon hung in the sky. Ralph stopped. I looked back at him. He was bent over and holding his knees.

“UUUHH. Dude, I don’t feel so good. I think I’m gonna get sick.” Yep, the good ship McRalphster was in peril. His face was a sickly pale white. His eyes were bloodshot as hell, and his mouth hung open.

“Yeah, you look like shit,” I said.

“I think it was the cigar,” he groaned, “or maybe that last whiskey.”

The hour was late and the neighborhood was quiet. Everyone was safely in their suburban castles for the night. I looked over to Frank’s next door neighbor’s yard. The yard was an exquisitely manicured lawn of perfect green grass. A red brick walkway led to the front door of the idyllic home. Just outside the front door was a large bed of big yellow flowers. Tulips, maybe, how the fuck did I know.

“I think I’m gonna hurl, brah.”

“Well, fuck dude, go over there, and be quiet!” I pointed Ralph towards the neighbor’s yard. I watched the Ralphinator stumble into the pristine yard. The night was so still, it sounded like you could hear a pine needle drop.

“Dude, that’s good,” I whispered, “right there.”

The Fuckwit kept stumbling further, and further, towards the front door.

“Dude, what the fuck? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”

The Ralphster stumbled all the way up to the people’s prized flower bed. He bent over the pretty yellow flowers, with his hands on his knees. I heard him start to bletch and burble. He grabbed his stomach, then he became an explosion of hurl. He hurled. And hurled. Then hurled again. He spewed the entire flower bed with his putrid hurl. He was loud, too. In the quiet night, it sounded like he was puking into a cheerleader’s megaphone. And he was right outside their fucking door. Fucking Ralphenator. The pretty flowers drooped, and now were a pathetic sight.

I high tailed it down to the street and got in my car. He stumbled back, wiping his mouth.

“OK, I feel better now,” he walked down the driveway.

Suddenly the lights on the neighbor’s porch came on!

“GET IN!” I yelled. Ralphatonious saw the light come on, and quickened his pace to my car. As Ralph jumped in the passenger seat, I looked up to see a man glaring at us from his front porch. He didn’t look real happy.

“HEY!” he yelled, and started walking towards us. “HEY, YOU!” I fumbled with the car keys. “WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING OUT HERE?!”

“Ummm—soiling your flower bed?” I thought, as I struggled to get the key in the ignition.

He got a whiff of something foul, and looked around.

“WHAT THE HELL!!??” the man exclaimed.

I started the Toy, dropped it in gear, FLOORED IT, then released the clutch.


My tires screeched on the pavement— the loud, shrill noise shattered the quiet, suburban night. If Ralph’s hurling hadn’t woken up the entire street, my peel out surely did. We fled the crime scene. We hauled ass down the street, around the corner, and past the guard’s booth.

“SARINARA, MUTHAFUCKAS!” I shouted out the window, as the security dweeb looked up from his desk. Then, we left the plush, sterile suburban community behind.

We found our way back onto the Pacific Highway. I looked at Ralph. He snickered. It was a contagious disease. We started laughing. And LAUGHING. We laughed until we cried. We laughed our asses off. And we never stopped laughing—all the way back to campus. . . . As we neared the university area, I spied a cute, dark haired coed, walking the sidewalk, in front of our old dive bar, Sharkies. It was good to be back.

I never did tell Ralph about my time upstairs, at the top of the spiral staircase. I never told him about my time alone with the hot MILF, though he wouldn’t stop pestering me about it. We lost touch after college. I haven’t seen him since graduation day. Sometimes I wonder, whatever happened to ol’ Ralph? Does he still think about that night?

I’ll never forget the kinky college professor, and his cute submissive wife, even though it was so many years ago. Many nights I’ve lay in bed, my wife sleeping soundly beside me, and jacked off to the memory of Piggy’s pouting lips, rolling up and down my swollen cock. I can still see the rubber pig’s nose on her pretty face. I can still imagine her big tits swaying, while she rocked on top of me, my dick crammed up her velvet vagina. I can still feel the leather belt in my hand. I can still hear her little piggy voice in my dreams. . .

“I’ve been a naughty little piggy, oink oink oink. . .”


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