Pushing His Luck

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Her favorite wine was out of stock and, with just two stores in town, he felt the mounting tension. He had very little time left. The second store, mercifully, had two bottles.

With small towns, everybody knows everybody. Commerce is second to gossip. The shopkeeper was deep into her story and the person in front of him had lots of questions about so and so and who was on whose property line. His chances of being on time were slipping away with every syllable.

Another fact about small towns is that the local police have no sense of humor. 15 mph does not mean 16 mph. He was tempted to abandon the streets and run six blocks. The last 200 yards were about 75 too many.

He pulled into Her driveway one minute late. With a sense of dread, he rang the bell and let himself in, as was the protocol when presenting himself at Her home.

She was sitting in the great room with Her back to the door, never a good sign. He knew what was expected of him and got right to it.

Without a word, he opened the wine to let it breathe while he prepared himself for servitude.

First priority was to strip down and fold his clothes neatly before placing them out in the mudroom. Next order of business was unpacking the groceries.

He respectfully approached the Lady of the house. She reclined in Her favorite chair in front of the fire. With his head down, he kneeled in front of Her presenting Her wine. Without so much as a sideways glance, the Lady of the house took the offered wine and sampled it for proper vintage and vintner. She gazed at the dancing flame tips through the scorched window of Her vintage potbelly stove. The wine pleased Her sophisticated palate.

The stress and tension created by his tardiness began to ease as the minutes passed. Kneeling at Her feet was comforting.

Normally this was the time when the Lady of the house would collar him. She did not. Half a glass of wine later, he felt Her hand stroke the back of his head.

The Lady rose to Her feet and extended the wine glass. Knowing his place, he took the glass and followed Her. She made Her way across the room görükle escort toward the hallway. She passed the bathroom and tapped Her nails on the door. He followed Her into Her bedroom and returned Her glass.

She stood in the middle of the room and waited for him to carefully exchange the vintage dress for Her favorite robe. He backed out of the room, never turning his back to Her as protocol dictated.

He drew Her bath. When the water reached perfect temperature, he added the appropriate oils and salts. He returned to the bedroom to find an empty glass waiting for him on the night stand. Once again, he backed out of her presence. He returned with a fresh glass and found that She had moved to the bathroom.

He knelt at Her feet and held up the second glass of red. She accepted the wine and he gave the faucet a twist as the water level reached its target.

The Lady turned away from him allowing him to remove Her luxurious robe. His shaky hands removed Her bra as gently as he could manage. He took his time gently worshipping Her body the way She had trained him. A light scratch here, a gentile kiss there. He breathed in Her intoxicating scent. Back on his knees, he reached around Her and slipped his thumbs under Her panties near Her sculpted hip bones. Slowly he slid the lace down Her silky thighs to the plush bath mat. He tenderly kissed the dimples above Her tailbone. She stepped out of Her silk panties and snapped Her fingers.

This was another reminder of his failure to arrive on time. He knew what She wanted and he handed her the silk panties. She dropped them immediately and snapped her fingers even louder.

With a sharpness in his stomach, he realized She wanted something else to teach him the importance of being on time. Resigned to his fate, he headed for the mud room.

He made it back to the bathroom quickly with his own underwear in hand.

She had slipped into the tub while he was gone. Kneeling beside the tub, he presented his underwear. Grabbing the back of his hand, She pushed his underwear deep into his mouth without touching the offending bursa escort bayan garment.

Her control and power over him produced a smoldering glow that was unmatched. A rush not found any other way. He had tried in so many different ways to achieve the delicious rush, but could not find it. Nothing came close to the euphoria of deep sub space at the hand of a powerful woman.

He was confused by the paradox of how shame and humiliation forced upon him was such an addicting drug and yet feelings of shame and humiliation from his own thoughts were crippling to his self esteem.

He began the ritual of bathing Her in the perfumed waters. He loved bath time. Few opportunities allowed touching Her body without strict protocols in place. The Lady would often close Her eyes as the restorative liquid soaked into her beautiful reclining body. He took these opportunities to steel glances at Her gorgeous form.

The Lady knew of his selfish indulgence and would often catch him in the act, resulting in a few more red welts during his training sessions. She tugged the underwear from his mouth and waved Her hand. He was excused to prepare Her evening meal as She continued luxuriating.

When the Lady of the house put him under contract and collar, part of the contract stipulated he was to build and tend a vegetable garden for Her. Tonight’s menu was a light organic garden fresh salad and a high end cheese plate.

With Her evening meal plated, he returned to Her just in time for another of his favorite privileges. Helping Her out of the bath and toweling Her dry. His heart would race as he touched every part of Her without actually being able to feel Her skin on skin. It was such deliciously dreadful tease and denial.

The Lady selected a fragrance for the evening. He placed a cherished drop here and a cherished drop there. All the special places She had taught him to perfume her. The robe came next as well as the memory foam slippers.

He fell in step behind Her as She left the bathroom and unexpectedly turned towards Her bedroom rather than where Her dinner bursa escort waited.

As She lay back on the bed, his breath caught, hearing Her clear Her throat. This protocol indicated he was to make eye contact with Her.

Eyes locked, She slowly ran Her hand down, parting the robe and exposing Her breasts. Pulling at the belt, Her robe continued to part. He could see from the corner of his eye that She was bringing Her knees up. Her sex was surely exposed at this point, but he knew better than to break eye contact. He knew She was squeezing Her nipple with one hand as the other hand explored Her clean shaven pubis.

He was fighting for every lungful at this point, the sweat rolled down his temple.

With a spark in Her eye, the Lady of the house brought Her hand up from Her sex in a deliberate move. Slowly placing Her index finger on Her gifted tongue and wrapping Her lips around it. She pulled Her finger slowly from Her mouth and he could hear Her throaty moan.

She knew how to drive Her houseboy right to the edge. She used that finger to point to the floor with a little twirling motion. His punishment was about to get much worse.

Sitting on the rug with his back against the bed, it began. Her breath slowed and somewhere deep in Her chest, he heard her arousal growing. The mattress began to move behind him. Her body was rocking the bed as She pleasured herself. She made a real show of it. He was forbidden to watch.

He swore to himself he would never be late again. He would purchase a case of Her favorite wine and store it in his basement.

The bed continued to rock as Her moans grew louder. He was breathing just as hard as She was now. His cock straining in its little pink cage.

The Lady of the house spoke for the first time since he had arrived. With a husky voice on the ragged edge of Her own bliss. “You are excused. I want you out of this house before I finish. You don’t deserve to even hear me come. You have 30 seconds to leave. Get dressed outside in the driveway! now go!” She commanded.

He ran through her house nearly tripping twice. If he didn’t make it out of her house in time, Her punishment would be even worse. Grabbing his stack of clothes, he raced through the mud room and out into the cool night air. Nude with little cover from the passing traffic.

Then it hit him. “My underwear! Damn it, I’m screwed!”

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